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How to Find your Focus – if you’re Confused & Lack Direction

teacher avatar Sharon Mary, Multi-Passionate Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Is this course really for you?

    • 2. You are not alone

    • 3. Accept yourself as a Renaissance Soul

    • 4. Accept the challenges of being a Renaissance Soul

    • 5. Know the transformation you will experience

    • 6. What is the Focus Funnel Framework?

    • 7. How to use the Focus Funnel Framework?

    • 8. Exercise 1: Pick your Core Life Values

    • 9. Exercise 2: Create your Life Goals

    • 10. Exercise 3: Align your interests with your Life Goals

    • 11. Exercise 4: Identify IMPORTANT Interests

    • 12. The Cupcake Sampler Analogy

    • 13. Exercise 5: Identify URGENT interests

    • 14. Focus & Priortize - Arrive at your Key Focus Areas

    • 15. Begin with the end in mind

    • 16. How to create SMART goals?

    • 17. Exercise 6: Create SMART goals for each Focus Area

    • 18. Exercise 7: Create SMART milestones for each SMART goal

    • 19. What next?

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About This Class

This Course is a Step-by-Step Guide for you to achieve Clarity & Confidence for Designing a Life of Purpose around your Passions

Is the world like a Candy Store for you - with so many beautiful and interesting things to know and learn about - at every nook, every corner and every turn.

When you read, see or hear about something interesting; you immediately have this spark in you that tells you, “I need to know more about this”.

But then another voice follows:

“You don’t have time for this.”

“You already have too many things on your platter.”

“When will you stop going after every new thing, and finally settle down?”

“This is exactly why you’re a Jack of All and Master of None. You’ll never have success like this.”


Does any of this resonate with you? Then possibly, you’re like me.

You are a Multi-Passionate Renaissance Soul. And you’re at the right place if you want to know HOW TO PURSUE MULTIPLE INTERESTS IN A MEANINGFUL WAY.

If you want to know how to make sense of your multiple interests, funnel into and focus on the ones that align with your core life values & life goals – you must take this course that I’ve designed specifically keeping you in mind.


This course is for you, if:

- you want a clear direction about what to do in life

- you struggle with managing multiple varied interests, which are often not related to your current job / your education

- you jump at the chance of learning something new, but fizzle out half way through due to lack of time and guidance

- you are / fear becoming a 'Jack of all trades, and Master in none'


In this course, you will:

  1. Identify the Multi-Passionate Renaissance Soul in You
  2. Recognize the challenges of being Multi-Passionate
  3. Transform yourself from being confused without a goal in life – to – being clear and confident about designing a meaningful life of purpose around your passions.

You will experience this transformation as you go through this course designed to guide you step-by-step using 7 simple thought exercises that ultimately lead to the NEW YOU.

The lessons in this course are broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can complete in 1-2 sittings, if you’d like. But I’d recommend that you do this course at your own pace, by putting enough thought into the exercises without which you wouldn’t gain much from the course.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

- discover your core values and create your life goals to be in line with them

- funnel into the key interests that align with your core values & life goals

- identify the interests you must pursue now and which you can postpone, using the Focus Funnel Framework,

- create a clear action plan with SMART goals and SMART milestones to pursue these interests effectively, so that they lead to a meaningful business/career/profession.


I’m excited to help you start your creative and exploratory journey with multiple interests and ultimately assist you in feeling more confident, clear and content in life.

P.S: I have also created a 'Journal' that will serve as your handy workbook to work through the exercises within this course. Make sure you download the journal from the Class Project Section, and use it as you take the course.

P.P.S: I would recommend that you take this Quiz to know if this course is really for you.

Once you're through with the course, I hope you'll take 2 minutes to share your valuable feedback by filling in this short survey Form

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sharon Mary

Multi-Passionate Online Instructor


Hello, I'm Sharon Mary. I am a Multi-Passionate Renaissance Soul and a Personal Development Nerd. Learning is like my breath, and I can't imagine a moment when I'm not learning or thinking up something. Being able to compress complex concepts into a smart, easy-to-understand and practically applicable package is one of my strengths, and that makes me an effective online instructor. 

I'd love to hear feedback / suggestions from you on my courses, or the topics which you'd like me to take in the future. You can connect with me at [email protected]

See full profile

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1. Is this course really for you?: Hi, I'm shattered and thank you for choosing to learn with me about how to find your focus. If you confused on large direction. I'm sure every living person in the university goes through a phase in life where they're confused about what to do with their life. If you are in such a situation today, at this point in your life, then this course could be your saving grace. I have designed the scores specifically for people like me who struggle with multiple passions, Onda, who often feel paralyzed on directionless as a multi passionate person. I know how liberated I felt when I realized that I could pursue all my passions with the clear sense of meaning and purpose. I know the salvation I experienced when I realized that I do not have to choose a niche and master it and just stick with it all my life. But this course I intend to share that liberation with you if you are like me. This course is definitely your step by step guide to clarity and confidence for designing a life of purpose around your passions. But first, let's check if this course is really for you. Let's begin with a few questions. If you don't mind. Are you someone who fosters multiple interests? Yes, and do you agree that that has some undesirable side effects? When someone says it was always clear about what I wanted to be in life, do you give them an envious look? And yet wish you could be like them? Did you have trouble picking a specific career, but or are you having trouble now sticking with your chosen career? Well, people might say you're confused, but I'd like to say maybe George's multi passionate. Maybe your renaissance. So So, who is a renaissance on a Rennes? Insole is someone who is naturally drawn to new and interesting pursuits, often at the same time. Now this dumb Renaissance soul was coined by the late Margaret Low Bernstein, and I'm really indebted to her for writing a book called The Renaissance. People who belong to this personality type. They often fear having to choose and pursue Onley one off their many interests, for like they feel choosing the wrong career part or being bored and trapped in the same career or activity all their life. They despise the possibility off having to give up so many other beautiful pursuit for the sake of conforming to the world's expectation, off niches, expertise and mastery. Well, I'd like to say that they are like butterflies. We'll find joy in kissing a flower only till it provides sweet nectar, and then we'll just let her off to the next lock. Similarly, Rennes insoles love new challenges and challenging pursuits. But once the pursuit fails to provide any challenge, or they feel that master this pursuit enough being quickly moved to the next one. If you can relate with any of this, you are a Rennes ing. So if this was convincing enough for you to acknowledge that you are one of us awesome, feel free to move to the next lesson where I assure you that you are not alone. But if you think you need some more proof, some more deep diving to really know if you belong to the multi passionate Rennes and struck tribe, click on the link below to download an elaborate questioning that will help you solve your doubts 2. You are not alone: when some off you might be excited about this newly found identity? A few a few could be wondering. I knew there was probably with. Now this just confirms it. I'm different. What would it take to just fit in? Well, then, here's your opportunity to fit in with some amazing swords. You've been in your shoes. I want to assure you that you are not alone. And I want you to take pride in your renaissance when I introduce you to the Rennes in salt off the past and the present, I'm confident that each one of us who belongs to this tribe re up list and gifted on 100 years later someone else will be delivering the scores with some off our pigeons in it. So who do we have you, forefathers and elders off Rennes and strike? Let's begin with your model. Duggan's The Mona Lisa Smile is the culmination off a lifetime spent studying art signs, optics and every other possible field that he could apply his curiosity to, including understanding the universe on how we fit into it. Then we have instant churches. There's Aristotle. We have Florence Nightingale, although most of us would know her only for her contributions to nothing. She's not just a nursing pioneer. She's a reformer of medical sanitation methods and also a writer and started Stich in. And then we have Elon Musk co founder and see you at Tesla, overseeing all product design, engineering and manufacturing on the company's electric Quakers, Patrick products and solar roofs, and is now working to revolutionize transportation. Narges on Earth but also in space on then we have you need shattered. How's that? I wanted to become a teacher when I was in the fourth grade. Later, as it was just about to pass out of school, I couldn't choose between becoming a fashion designer, all nutritionist or a physiotherapist. So I went by what my bed and suggested on. I ended up doing a bachelor's in microbiology and by technology. Then I went ahead and did my masters and by technology on, and I still couldn't decide I still going fit in and continue with biotechnology, so I pursued my masters in marketing. Then I worked in a marketing firm. I wrote in an FMC Gee company in a marketing rules for five years, and now I just teach. I teach because I've always loved it, and I just love doing That was my story. But during this journey I realized that I often silently subdued my multiple interest because I was sure I couldn't take all of my interests do a meaningful closure. So for me, meaning was defined by the world standard. The world expected me to choose a particular stream, specialize in it and then possibly create a career in it and live that career my entire life. But somehow I just couldn't do that. While being a butterfly might be a beautiful thing. It's definitely is beautiful and ingesting, but it comes with its own downsides, with young. Sure is what you're thinking, too, and we'll explore a lot about it and much more in detail about it in the upcoming lessons. 3. Accept yourself as a Renaissance Soul: accepting yourself as the Renaissance, so might be difficult for some off you. But like I said before, you are blessed and gifted, and I am confident that each one of us has a lot to offer to this world. And so I want you to take this as the first step. The first step is going to be accepting yourself as a renaissance or and to do that, it's important that you start by accepting and acknowledging your multiple interest. So that's what we're going to do now first. So the first thing that you need to do is take a sheet of paper and simply list, um, all your current interest or pursuits. What is it that fascinates you right now? What would you like to learn or pursue? Remember to just pour your heart out, but spend not more than five minutes on his exercise. Remember that this is just a list off your current interest and you can return to it any time to make additions or deletions. Now, since I know you, I'm sure you will not be able to come up with all your interest right away in five minutes . And that's why I just write down whatever comes to your mind right now and keep this list for additions or deletions later, then no. The next thing that you need to do is list down all the reasons or possible excuses that you've been giving yourself for not pursuing some or all off those interest that he just listed. You need to write down what is holding you back from the pursuit off your really interest. So some of the things that could be holding the back could be that maybe you fear giving up your job. I'm going after all of these very interests. Maybe you fear that you lose your financial security. Maybe you fear that they'll be lack of stability in your life if you just keep flipping around between your interest. Or maybe you fear judgment judgment from people around you people who might say that. Why don't you just stick to something? Why can't produces do just one thing and live a normal life? Or maybe you just don't have the time, or you don't know how to manage your dying between your multiple interest, or you don't know how to really pursue each of these different interests the reasons could be many reasons could be baiting. I wanted to just tell deeper and think deeply about it. Spend some time, maybe 15 20 minutes, or maybe half an hour, or do it in short spans of time over the day today. But Liston down whatever you list known as the reasons that you're giving yourself. These are the real challenges that you need to overcome in order to go from where you are today to bear, really want to be. If I had to summaries the real challenges that any Renaissance solar faces, I would summarize them into these three things. The 1st 1 is focused the second time on the old money. I'm sure maybe you're not getting the whole picture, but we'll delve deeper into each of these three challenges. We go into its state ings in the upcoming lessons 4. Accept the challenges of being a Renaissance Soul: So we're going to spend the next few minutes understanding What are the challenges that we face as a Renaissance soul? I want to spend some time doing this because it's only when we really identify, understand and acknowledge these challenges. It's only then that we will have the ball toe, overcome them and get to a better future. So let's begin with focus now. When it comes to focus, these are possibly some of the questions that are crossing our mind can really focus on multiple things at a time. How do I decide what to focus on at the moment? It's not really possible to multi task all the time, isn't it? How can I overcome the paralysis that experience when I have to choose among many parts, I am just always forced or all raise put in a position where I have to choose one thing over the others. How can I do that? Is there some way that I can get my interest toe coalesce into one meaningful pursuit? How great would that be? Well, I really want to be an expert at something. How can I achieve that without having to give up my other pursuits. They're also wonderful and interesting that do any of these questions resonate with you? Maybe they do. Let's move on to the next challenge, that be phase, and that is the challenge of time. How can I organize my time or how can I manage my time when I have so many things to do? How can I manage my day job along with my other batsmen? Persons? How can I avoid starting all over again each time I switch interest or each time us with jobs? Is it too late for me to start something new and the most important about learning new things is time consuming. We all know that if only I could learn faster, I could possibly pursue many more things in the same amount of thing, right? So how can I do that? And the last but not the least money, one of the biggest challenges that we have and also one of the biggest fears that we face. So the first and foremost thing that we all think about, it's possibly what people say. I can't really only living unless I stick to one thing. Fashions don't big. That's what people say. Learning something new every few months or years will require some investment. How am I going to afford that? How can I link my passions to a steady source of income? Isn't that something that we all want to do And will I ever be able to on as much as the others will stick toe wanting their whole life and reached the top of the ladder? In their profession, people stick to one thing and they possibly become CEOs of the companies that they started off with on the on a whole lot of money. Will I ever be able to do that if I just keep jumping around between multiple interests? Well, these are real, real challenges on. I completely understand them. I have faced all of these challenges in my own, pursued in in my own journey, but I wanted to take a break. I know you're possibly feeling overwhelmed, but I wanted to take a break and just think about how all these challenges make you feel or how you have been feeling all your life. Possibly that's where you are. Just lives down a few words, a few emotions that you feel when you think about all these challenges. Yeah. Now say, if I told you that there is a process toe, overcome these challenges and pursue all your interests, how would that make you feel? That's the you want to be? No. Again just lives down a few woods a few emotions that you can imagine yourself feeling if I could take you from where you are to the future where you want to be a future where you can pursue all your interest in a meaningful way. Yeah, So if both of us are on the same page where you are, you are possibly feeling confused, incomplete, sometimes incompetent also. And you are possibly feeling a lack of meaning and purpose in your life. On if you are someone like me. And if whatever I said so far makes sense to you where you want to be in the future is you want to be clear about what you want to do. You want to feel confident and content with your life, and I'm sure you want to feel fulfilled unaccomplished in your life, even as you pursue many, many different things. Now, if any of these feelings resonate with you, let me assure you. You are at the right place and I am committed to help you live a life of purpose. A life of contentment on a life in which you can do whatever you want in a meaningful and productively. Now, this is my purpose. I want to use my experiences from the past. All that I've learned all that I am still learning about this personality died. In fact, all that I'm learning about myself and I want to share that with you so that you can also live a meaningful and purposeful life. Now, how do I want to do that is what I want to share in the subsequent lessons. So I'll see you there. 5. Know the transformation you will experience: so coming down to the bare basics, what will you gain from this course? My objective. But this course is to help you gain the confidence to design a life of purpose and meaning around your passions and that by overcoming the dreaming challenges that we discussed the challenge of focus, time and money. This course that you're doing long is the first part off the three part course Siri's. In this part of the course, you will gain clarity to zero and on and focus on passions that adhere to your core life values. But to a country will deal with time and money on these, but are currently working progress at the end of the scores. I'd love to receive some feedback and suggestions from you that will help me make part 213 absolutely relevant and extremely valuable for you. Now let's see what you will learn in this part off the course. So in the scores you will learn how the multi passionate you can focus. So here you will learn how focused can free you from the paralysis and indecision that you often experience. And for that you don't really have to choose one passion and give up the rest. I will explain. And I will help you enjoy variety as well as clarity, using one of my tools, which is the focus found in strategy. By the end of this course, you will be clear on the passions that you need to pursue right now for maximum in that and fulfilment in your life. Sounds great. Well, I can't wait to begin this journey with you as you on the others. 6. What is the Focus Funnel Framework?: living in a world that's so beautiful with so many things to extremes. I know you're silent Model in Life is Please don't make Mitchell's. Why should I choose just one are the enormous number of things that I'd love to do if I choose one? How do I know that's the right one for me? Well, I have to stick to that one my whole life. What if I made the wrong decision? And most important, what if I get bored off the work I chose Now, personally speaking, I clearly remember thinking this exact same thing with his exact statement. What if I can't for the one I choose just before I was about to get? I've been a problematic for the last four years. I'm sure working was not going to strike me in this area. Anytime's my dear multi passionate butterfly, I know you love on want. I know that you try to keep all your options open and in the process very often, your vision for your own life is fuzzy. Without clarity. You often feel your life has no purpose for me. You are often paralyzed with indecision because of this lack of clarity and always. It seems like you must just give up on variety if you want clarity and it feels awful. I know how it I completely understand you here. But what if you could have clarity on variety vote? Wouldn't that be the best thing in the world? Wouldn't actions on the Lord of your life struggle, I'm sure, And I'm committed to help you achieve this. And here's how researched, studied, dry, destined. Andi then crafted this framework called Focus Family Framework. You had to explain this in very simple terms. What we do here is that we take all your interest and passed them finally, with some filters. What comes out off the funds are a few select interest that you must focus on. Right now. It's asking the suspect, and we'll tell deeper into this in the next lesson. 7. How to use the Focus Funnel Framework?: So let me explain how this family works to give you more clarity in your both. So what others filters that we're gonna apply within this bundle that will help you arrive at the interest that you must focus on at the moment. The first filter is that off your gold values and life course, know whether you have thought about it or no, We all live by certain core values in our life values which dominate our decision making knowingly or unknowingly. In this print book, you will learn how you can harness the part off those values toe arrive at a few interests that need your immediate attention. The second filter is that of urgency and importance. I'm sure that is not much explanation. This builder will help you find, you know, shortly is of interest further making sure that you are focusing on the best or the right ones. Now here's a clarification I must make at this point. This panel is not to make you choose a few interests for life. This panel is only a guide to help you focus on the few things on a few things. For now, delve deeper into them and then decide if you want to continue pursuing them, or you want to run this panel exercise again and come up with some replacements. Remember all your life. So far, you have been carrying a fetish for too many interests, either. You've always been an aspirational more that someday you will find the time to pursue them . Or you've been paralyzed by the wasp's nous off your interest, never being able to start with anything or you've been trying to perceive too many of them at the same time without reaching anywhere with any of them. The focus funding framework nudges ing, too. He was focused as a thinking skill that allows you to begin an activity without dealing on maintain your attention until you have achieved certain set objectives. Now does that sound? Make a plan. Trust me, this process books on a show you how in the upcoming lessons 8. Exercise 1: Pick your Core Life Values: So let's get started by applying the focus funnel to your list of interest. So the first thing that I want you to is I want you to choose five values from this list that you see here No chose five values that are most important to you at this moment for values that have been really very important to you all your life. These are the core values that you really live by, whether you realize it or not. So you're below you. You see a list off 40 plus values randomly begged and borrowed a lot of these values from the book The Renaissance Soul. So think about which are the five values that you would never give up under any circumstances. Take some time. You was the journal that have attached with the scores and think deeply which artists five use that you would never keep up under any circumstances. Now, while you pick your core bathrooms, just remember these two point you make sure that you choose only five. You don't have to really a sign in order to the values. Just pick fight shows the values that are most important to you right now. Don't worry about the correct meaning of the words your understanding of the words. The's word is important to choose them based on. You're understanding off the meaning off those values. Andi, In the list that you see, you might find two or more terms that seem very close and meaning on that's interest intentional. So the key here is to not over. Think on just think deeply as a dive deep into your own heart and just analyze, which are those values from this list that are very dear to you that you would not give up under any circumstance. So just to give you an example, here's mine list. So the values that are closest to my heart, our family learning freedom, recognition and generosity. So it didn't take me more than five minutes to come up with these my values from the list and I showed the first few minutes. So how I did it was that the first few minutes I just take some of the values that strike a chord with me, and then I eliminated. He is in the ones which I was okay giving up at the end. The result was this. All of these five values are very deal. If you ask me to explain why they're so important to me, I won't be able to. And I believe that's proof that these values stem from someplace deep within. And that is how it must be. I hope this example helps. So now it's your chance. You must do these exercises with me as you go along. This course use the journal that it attached in the project section, I'd suggest and I request. Please don't postpone or procrastinate these exercises. I guarantee you will get nothing from the scores if you escape or postpone lead exercises. So please do it with me and submit your exercises after each lesson so that you can also receive some feedback for me If you're going wrong something. Or maybe you've not really got understood the thing correctly. So help me help you by doing these exercises as you go alone in this course. So you're it is take some time. Look at the list ones again. Andi died deep into your own soul and fish out five core values that you live by values that you will not give up under any circumstances. 9. Exercise 2: Create your Life Goals: Now we come to a very important step. A lot of people feel directionless in their life because they do not have anything to work towards, nothing to look forward to. And this is not just truthful, US multi, passionate souls, but for a whole lot of people. So after years off, trying to figure it out, what I have realized is that why not just create some goals? They don't have to be engraved on stone. But at least by doing that, we can start moving in some direction rather than just standing out across food, waiting for divine intervention. Trust would divine intervention does happen, but you receive it as a reward for action. Some action, any action. If you don't move, nothing moves on. I figured that if my life goals are aligned to my core values, I can be sure that that's something I'll be happy about. So why not just start here? Remember, we're creating a vision for your life. A vision that will give you direction to move towards this is not set in stone. On the best part about us Rennes insoles is that we will keep exploring. We'll keep revisiting our vision and that's how it must be. So let's do this. Our core values are abstract. They mean something to us, but we might not really be able to explain what it is. This exercise is to help you turn the abstract values into concrete goals that you can walk toe. What this does is it immediately gives you a direction to work towards in life. We will definitely delve much deeper into the how off all of this. But for now, all we need to do is convert your core values into life calls on. You can do that by creating statements, starting with I want. So, for example, if the core values that you've chosen our health environment on money, you're I want statements or life goals could sound something like this. I want good health for myself and my family. I want to ensure that my actions help preserve the environment. I want to make enough money so that I can travel the wood getting an idea. Yeah, so here's what I have done you all regarding claims off the five core values that are very dear do now. Here's how I've converted those abstract values into concrete like owns but my I want statements. So when it comes to family, I want to be able to spend enough time with my family to create beautiful memories with them for, like learning. I want to learn all that I can possibly learn. I know it sounds unrealistic, but that's what my heart is. Always see freedom. I want to have the freedom to work when I want to and not work when I don't recognition. I want to be recognized and appreciated for my book. That's a very, very deep need. With generosity. I want to share my blessings and talent with the world. Now. These are some things that really, really resonate with my heart, soul, mind and body. And I'm telling you this. I'm sharing this with you so that you can get an idea off how you can convert your abstract core values that lie deep within you into something that's concrete, that you can take out into this world and we'll do it. So now you was your journal. Go into the deepest parts of your soul and look for what do these core values mean to you? What can you do to satisfy those cold desires with thinning. If you want, you can also revisit your core values. Change a few so that you have defy values at a truly most important for you. After you have done this, be ready to move to the next lesson. 10. Exercise 3: Align your interests with your Life Goals: Now that you have your first filter off core values and life calls ready, it's now time toe. Pass your interest through that router. So how do we do that? So what we're gonna do here is we're going to sort your interests on the basis of how closely they're aligned to your life. Course So you take all your interest and you put them into these two condoms. Column on the left belongs to those interests which are closely aligned to live coals on the column on your right is or those interests which are not closely aligned to your life court. Now, when I say closely around here, I mean that those interests are either relevant to your life goals or those interests will help you achieve those like old one off your life goals, maybe 12 like old or maybe all of them. So I think in that direction. Think which are those interests which will help you achieve your life calls or is closely related or relevant to your life? Cools. Put them in the first call. You and the others go in the second car. So here is my list of interest. And here's how I have classified them. So based on the Lycos that I have these interests teaching online, you're making psychology, learning strategies. All of these interests are in some way related to my life calls. Or they helped me achieve or will help me achieve my life. Put, for example, my life cold off, freedom off family, off recognition, off generosity. All of that can be achieved if I teach online. So teaching online will give me enough freedom to work when I want to not work when I don't want to. That will give me enough time to spend with my family. It also helped me share my learnings, my talent with the world. So that takes care off the generosity angle. If it on it will also help my efforts. My talents leader right now four teaching online, I will have to learn how to make videos. I will have to learn something about the psychology off learners. How do they learn better? Or what are the ways in which I can teach better similarly, for learning strategies? So all of these interests off mine are very, very closely aligned to my life, calls on core values, the other interests here on the others. And, like I want to learn more about alternative education. I want to learn basic photo shop. Now that is one of feed into a little bit off the video meat that I want to do. The craft is another interest interior decor because I want to get my husband awaited soon . I'm interested in learning about how to make terrariums. I am just very curious about the IRA hacks that I can do right now. All of this. Some of them do feed into the main interest, which I have listed in the column on the right. But a lot of them, they are like things that I would love to do. Maybe in my free time, right? They may or may not really take me closer to my life because they may or may not be very closely related to my life post. So they go in the other car. So after applying the first builder, do my interest, these poor interests and you see on your right has survived the test. Remember that the rest of the interest that didn't pass distant day, but they're the backbone of Don't worry, even a piece. Four interest. Or maybe you might come up with five or six or maybe 10 injuries. There are closing line to your life. Put. They might be very diverse for some off you. They might be close related, but really, it doesn't matter. Remember that it takes time for interest to coalesce and interesting these. I want to repeat that. I just love that it takes time for interests to coalesce in interesting these. So give it the purpose is to keep moving forward. The purpose is to pursue the interest that interest you the most in a purposeful and meaningful. This scream book is a tool that will help you achieve that. So feel free to keep using this panel maybe every six months or every year. Right? So now, to begin with, apply this first filter to your list of interest, do the exercise using the journal that ever touched. And then we can move to the next lesson. 11. Exercise 4: Identify IMPORTANT Interests: So now it's time to take those interests which came out of the first builder and pass them through the second filter, the filter off. Now the filter off, urgent and important. But I believe that you're during these exercises with me. I trust you, and I believe you can sense that we're moving towards gaining far more clarity in your adventurous pursuit, and we still haven't given up on the variety. Right, Let's go about up line the next filter to your interest. Now here, this exercise is extremely simple. There's actually nothing much to do, so I'll just raise through it. You have your two columns, one which has interested closely aligned vehicles and the other one shall not loosely like so the ones which are closely aligned. They are the important interest, and the other ones, they are less important. So actually, I had planned to turn them as not important. But then I realized that it really hurt to say that those interests and are important, so consider those interests to be less important. What we're gonna do is we're gonna give more priority toe those interests which are closely aligned to your goals and that makes them important. It's are simple as this. Just mark The interest on your left is important on the interest on your right, the ones which are not loosely Langi life pools as less important. So here we have completed applying the important Wilder. The next step is to apply the filter off urgency. That filter will help you to mind which all these builders important interests deserve your immediate attention. Right? But before that, I want you to have some cupcakes and also those cupcakes to you in the next lesson. 12. The Cupcake Sampler Analogy: who doesn't like cupcakes that if you don't just imagine something nice that you like in place of these cupcakes. Now imagine these cupcakes or whatever you've chosen as your interest and stay with me as I take you to some place. Let's see your hero show that has the most amazing variety off cupcakes. You stand there staring at the display that lists all the beautiful flavors. You keep pacing to one throat, looking at these amazing cupcakes, trying to decide which one to choose. And you're thinking to yourself, Why can't I have all of this? Well, I don't have enough money. And even if I have money, having all of them would definitely make me sick. Yeah, I shouldn't have all of them. But then why just one and just a. That moment, the guy at the store interrupts us high. Have you tried our cock? Example on your eyes light up and you ask what it is, he explains. Our cupcake sampler is a special offering for price customers like you who hate to choose. So with the sampler, you get to taste after four mini cupcakes at a time for the price of one copy then you can decide which one or two or more cupcakes you really want to have and you think, Wow And he adds, That's not it. Here on our tablet, you can also maintain a record of the ones you tasted along with your rating or feedback. So in your next wizard, you can decide based on that feedback. If you want to add one or two new flavors to your sampler or stick to the old ones for completely renew your sampler with four new flavors on your jaw drops. This is what you've always wanted, isn't it? Now think off all the exercises that you have been doing so far. What I'm preparing for you is a mini cupcake sample. By applying the filters, you get to decide the flavors or interest you want to try. Right now, if you really enjoy something, you can have more off it. Your journal will help you keep a record off your current choice on your thoughts about them in your next visit. That is, when you choose to revisit your German or revisit your interest, apply the focus panel framework again. Use your feedback from the past choices on decide what you want to do next. Not justice. Analogy. Help! I believe it. Death. So I'll meet you in the next lesson when we apply the last filter to your interest. 13. Exercise 5: Identify URGENT interests: time to apply the last filter, the filter off urgency which off? These important interests deserve your energy immediately. That's what we're going to do tomorrow. Now, how will you decide which of these important interests need your immediate focus? Well, you may just select randomly like you would select many cupcakes on the salmon based on how you feel about it or how it looks to you. Some other thoughts could be Which of these interests have you been post morning for a very long time. You could give them preference now or which of these interests haven't earning potential. If you could pursue and master it to a good dignity, maybe you could explore them first. These are just some ideas. The important thing to remember is don't think about whether you're making the right choices or not. Remember the cupcake sampler You're just trying out off you? Now you can assess your selection and keep making changes with every reason. So don't fall into analysis. Paralysis is just do it. So now, out of your list off important interest. She was 2 to 4 interests, which you really want to pursue immediately and mark them as urgent remember, you're only focusing on these 2 to 4 interests. For the moment, you can always add, remove or change the interest in your sample. So this is how I've done it for me. The urgent interest are teaching online, and we do make it. The reason why I've stuck with only two interest is because these are quite elaborate teaching online, and we do. Making will require a lot of time for me to learn for me to create courses and then put them online. There's a whole lot of work behind them. So that is why I start with only to interest, which I want to pursue immediately do the same thing with your important interest Now. The next step is to plot the results from your previous exercise on this clock to get a clearer picture off how you should go about pursuing your passion. This clock will remind you that you've given yourself 1/4. Take three months to explore the short list off Toto. Four Off your urgent and important interest. Revisit your choice at the end of the quarter. See if you want to change the flavors on your sample, you could add the interest that were important but not urgent. But then the less important interests which are to your left, I have further class by them as recreational, which I have marked in orange on non recreational. Once I feel more settled with my urgent and important interest, my plan is to start pursuing some off these less important recreation interests on weekends . Or maybe during my freedom, slowly, possibly after 2/4 of doing this. If I feel I must give any off thes recreationally interests or less important interests more off my time. Or maybe if I really want to pursue any off those interests that I have listed on the left , I moved them to go right on the clock as an important entranced and then decide if any off them is urgent or no. So is this helping you get an idea off how to go about placing all your interest on your clock with the limited time that you have? How is it that you can manage on meaningful Lee pursue all your buried interest? Yeah, so here we are, with two or maybe four mini cupcakes I have to on they are teaching online on we do meet. I've assigned the next three months for pursuing these two interest alone on all that goes into it. What about you? What passions will you pursue now? 14. Focus & Priortize - Arrive at your Key Focus Areas: So far, we've done five simple thought. Exercise is applied the focus on a framework to your interest on at the end of all of this . Here you have 2 to 4 interest to which you have decided to dedicate your energy immediately . And when I say energy, I mean your mental, physical, emotional and maybe monetary energy as well. So with these exercises, what we have successfully done is that we have prioritised in order to focus. Now, this is a mantra that I use for a lot off my day to day work husband when I feel overwhelmed. Too many things to do, I just tell myself, Just prioritize and focus, and everything gradually falls into place. I'm sure you can use it to. So what did you accomplish in this model? Using the focus Final strategy, you have successfully overcome your paralysis, and you have identified a few interest out off your ocean of interest a few interests that you will pursue now the other interests which you have remain on the back burner for you to consider whenever you'd like. While some off you might be all charged up and drawing to get started with your immediate interest. Some off. You are probably wondering. Ok, so now I know X. And why are the interest? I must post you right now. But how should I go about it? What should I be doing? And let me tell you. I hear you, my friend. I agree myself that it would be criminal on my bar to leave you hanging here. And so I want to offer you a bonus and I'll tell you more about it in the next lesson. 15. Begin with the end in mind: excited to know what the bonuses here it is, so be prioritized our interests on. We've decided to focus on a few, but it's also important to be smart. Let me explain. Smart stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant on time bound goals. We use smart as an acronym to remember how are goals should be on in the lessons that follow. You will learn how you can create smart goals for each off your focus areas so that you achieve measurable results in a given span off during and so that 3 to 4 months down the line, you are in a position to decide whether you want to continue pursuing this interest, forcibly learn more and on from it or chuck it and pick a new interest like Stephen Covey's is in. Anything that you attempt to do always begin with the end in mind. It is not important to have a crystal clear picture off what the end looks like. Just choose a target on a Imagine not having a target. It's like being on a ship with no destination in mind. You will get tossed around by the waves and you land up gardeners where but If you have a target, you can make sure you still back to the right direction. Even if stormy waves hit you once know what? So in the upcoming lessons, I'll explain how you can go from knowing what you need to focus on to actually doing and taking steps in the right direction towards your interest. 16. How to create SMART goals?: In this lesson, you will learn how you can create smart goals for your focus areas. From here forward, I will need offering to your current shortlist off 2 to 4 important and urgent interest that is, your mini cupcakes as focus cereals. So let's begin with S with stands for specific. The first thing you must remember while creating any goal, is to make it very specific. Whatever it is that you're trying to achieve, make it a concrete, doable task and not an abstract idea. Creating a specific goal means knowing and articulating exactly what you want to achieve in each off your current focus areas. So how do you do that? Ask yourself what's really important for me to achieve in this focus area to feel successful in my pursuit? For example, in my case, my focus area is online. Teaching my smart cold. My specific goal for online teaching cannot be something like I want to teach people online . This is not really specific. How do I make it more specific? I can say that I want to create an online course to guide other multi passion of people like me, so this makes it a very, very specific concrete, doable task that I will create an online course that serves a certain purpose. So this is my specific goal for my focus area. That's online teaching now, for example, if your focus area is possibly playing the guitar. So if you if your goal statement says that I want to play the guitar, it's just too big. You can make it more specific by saying that I want to learn to play this particular new song on the guitar. That's how specific you must make it. Now let's go to the next, making your coal measurable and time bone. Here, you need to tie your focus area with time bound, measurable outcomes again, Ask yourself by when do we want to achieve this? How can I make myself accountable with figures like how many ours, maybe the number of items to be created or the number of books to be read? Except again. Let me give you an example. My own example. Now I cannot just say that I want to teach people online soon again. That's two way. It's not a measurable goal. It's not time bound. How can I make it better? I can see that I want to create an online course to help other multi passion of people like me. By the end off September. Now that is there, I have added a time element into my goal to help me stay more accountable to help me stay more focused. Now suppose your focus area is playing the guitar. You're very specific. Measurable time bound goals can be something like I Want to learn toe play this particular new song by the end of this month, for which I will practice daily for 20 minutes. Do you see how you can add a few numbers? A few figures on time lines in order to make the goal even more effective? The next thing to do is to make sure that your goals are practically now. It's quite likely for most of us to go to one of two extremes when we set codes. He might set goals that are too easy to achieve, or we might become too optimistic and ambitious and set goals that are way too difficult for impractical. Too achy. Neither of these extremes are good for you. So after you've created a specific, time bound, measurable cold statement. It is important to do a reality check and make sure that your goals are also practical. Ask yourself, is my gold manageable along with my other commitments? So here, I want you to list down your other commitments and do a reality check. You can modify your smart goal accordingly based on the other commitments. For example, like how Afghan It ear for my focus. 80 off on land teaching, I realized that my other commitments are that I'm also doing freelance training. I have a kid, a two year old kid, to take care off during the day. So I think maybe creating a course by the end of September might be a little difficult. So what I have done here is I have modified this goal, and I have said that I want to create an online course to help other multi passionate people by the end off October, because I realize that still, in the month of September, my freelance training calendar is white, but I might not be able to give as much time to creating an online course, and therefore I'm giving myself a little bit more time, and I'm making this goal timeline till the end off October. The next thing to do is to make your goal relevant. This is the last thing but the most important one to make sure that your goal is relevant, that your goal is what? Why? And for this you need to be clear about your by ask yourself is my goal for this focus area in line with my life calls, write down the reasons why do you want to pursue this interest now? In my case, why I really want to pursue online teachings because pursuing this interest is in line with all my core values and it helps me get closer to my life. Cools off freedom of spending time with my family off being recognized off, sharing my talents with the world, all of it. I would consider this to be the most important step off all because knowing the deepest reasons for pursuing an interest will help you and sticking with their interest long enough till you achieve the set outcomes. Now, why is it important for you to stick with an interest long enough? It's because of this. Maybe you've started pursuing a new interest with a Lord off over and enthusiasm. But down the road it is possible that you lose that pile and maybe you will give up not realizing how close you were to a break. Maybe a few more days would have shown you how you can monetize this new interest or passion, or how you can turn this passion into a skill or a profession that can pay. That's why it's important to stick to an interest long enough on making sure that you are clear about your by. Why do you want to really pursue this interest will help you stick to it. In the next lesson, we'll do a quick exercise that will help you create smart goals for each off your focus areas. 17. Exercise 6: Create SMART goals for each Focus Area: so let's create smart goals for each of your focus ideas. This slide provides you a recap off all the questions you can ask yourself to come up with your smart coat, a goal that a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time Once you've done your bit off thinking on deep typing, you can use this structure to create your smart calls for each focus area, so your slot cool for your focus area can sound something like this. I want to do this by this time, keeping in mind my other commitments, like I really want to pursue this interest because of this. So here's how I've done it all. My focus area off online teaching My smart cool is I want to create an online course to guide other multi national people, likely by the end of October, keeping in mind my other commitments, like freelance training calendar, my baby household cores except tra. I really want to foresee this interest because it feeds into my core values for family learning, freedom, recognition and generosity, and it helps me get closer to my life court. Now, do you see this? This has made my interest off online teaching into something that very, very concrete. This statement will help me stay accountable to myself in a huge way. It will help me stay on track with my focus idea. So take some time and create smart calls for all of your current focus area, which could be maybe do or for creating a smart cool is the first step in the right direction to meaningfully person your interest. And then there's one last thing to keep you on track, which I'll tell you in the next lesson. 18. Exercise 7: Create SMART milestones for each SMART goal: so the last thing you need to do to stay on track with your pursuits is to set smart milestone. And here's how you do it, in my case again giving my own example. My smart goal for online teaching is that I want to create an online cause to guide at the multi passion people like me by the end of October. Now to help me stay on track. My first smart mind Stone, is that I want to complete reading two books X and Y on this topic in the next two weeks. That is, by the end of August, my second smart milestones. I want to create my course outline and discuss it with a few people for feedback by mid September on my third smart milestone is I want to explore the online tools available for creating and sharing my course online by the end of September. So essentially what you're doing here is you're breaking down your focus area into goals and then going father micro, creating smaller milestones leading to that court. This makes it easier for you to keep an account off how well you were doing and to keep track off whether you will achieve your set cones or no, let's take another example. Say the focus area is playing the guitar. The smart cool is that I want to play the guitar, this particular song on the guitar by the end of this month. So my first Mile store is I want to figure out basics like holding the guitar strumming notes exactly. By the end of this week, my second milestone is I want to download the cords off this song and practice exercises daily for 20 minutes till the end off next week. On my third milestone US. I want to play the 1st 2 stanzas of the song by the end of the third week. So this makes sure that if I achieved each of these milestones by the end of this month, I should comfortably be able to play that song, which I have in mind. So here's the structure on the layout for you. It's time for you to do this exercise in your journal. One key thing to remember is that while creating your milestone, make sure your timelines are not too short or not too long. Giving a week for every milestone achievement is ideal daily milestones usually don't work for us. Venice in Seoul and giving yourself more than a week for the mind. Stone is not really affected, so set week by week milestones that lead up to your goal, and you can use this layout to do that. So go back to your journal. Andi, use this structure to create smart milestones for each smart goal for each off your focus area. So essentially what you're doing here is you're dividing your goal into smaller, digestible chunks, each off which is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bomb. Create posted off your smart milestones and put them up where you can see them off. Track your progress and review your journal regularly. Keep making notes about how you're enjoying the person of this interest. Any new goals you want to set her for the next quarter Can dispassion turn into my profession someday, or is it not what you thought it would be? All of this is valuable feedback that will help you decide whether or not you want to keep this interest in your platter in the next quarter on. So here we are, my friends. Now I am at peace knowing that I have set you off in the right direction with a good head start. Now, just enjoy your visa and relish the flavors of your current person. I'll see you in the next lesson with no good byes. 19. What next?: remember right in the beginning of the scores, we outlined the three main challenges that we multi passionate. Vincent's souls based the challenges of focused time and money. At this point, I am confident that you're clear on focused out of the sea off multiple interest. You are now sure about what you're going to focus on now. And you have clear goals on what you want to achieve while you pursue them. And you also have clear milestones that will help you stay on track. But do you still feel scattered, worried or confused about time and money? A few possible questions that remain are how should I manage my time with these interests if I also have a Dangel that completely different or unrelated? And what about money? Can I make money from any of these pursuit of mine? Can I turn any of these interesting drew a profession that please? If yes, how do I do that? Not just that we're suing all of these different interests would require some investment, right? How do I manage that? These are some of the questions I intend to answer in buds two and three off this course if you enjoyed the meal. I served you in this course. And if you're hungry for more, I request you to fill in the survey home by clicking on the link here. The phone will help me capture your feet back about this course. And also you're suggestions on what you like me to include in parts 213 off the scores that deal with the challenge off time and money for multi passionate. I really hope you enjoyed taking the scores as much as I enjoyed making it. And I believe you've gained more than what you expected and that you're leaving this place with better clarity and focus than when you joined my fellow butterfly. I wish you all the very best for all your beautiful pursuit. Thank you very much.