How to Find Your Perfect To-Do List App | Francesco D'Alessio | Skillshare

How to Find Your Perfect To-Do List App

Francesco D'Alessio, Freelancer & Creator

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10 Videos (60m)
    • Introduction | Finding the Perfect To-Do List App

    • Capturing Tasks Across Your Day

    • What does a Task Need?

    • The 4 Types of To-Do List Apps

    • What 3 Things Make a Great To-Do List App?

    • 12+ Most Popular To-Do List Apps to Choose From

    • 20+ More To-Do List Apps To Explore

    • How to Start Using Your New To-Do List App

    • Key Takeaways | Class Summary

    • Your Questions Answered! Omnifocus 2, Calendar Events


About This Class

Hunting for a to-do list application?! Look no further. 

To-do list applications are one of the trickiest resources for newbies to choose the first time. Due to the nature and range of choices that we have in today's world, to-do list applications can take some time to choose. As we know, once you've found the perfect match-up, everything becomes a lot easier. 

Whether you are looking for a to-do list application for household chores or intense freelance projects, we've created a short process in the form of this Skillshare course to help you find that ideal to-do list application. 

Created by Francesco D'Alessio, a reviewer of productivity apps over on YouTube. With over 20,000+ community members, Francesco has reviewed 100s of productivity applications and actively testing them in his day roles to help you find the perfect one for your everyday use. 

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Francesco D'Alessio

Freelancer & Creator

My name is Francesco. 

Thank you for joining me here on Skillshare.

I joined Skillshare in late 2017. And it's become a place to create all classes on software.

My main role is a freelance marketer. In my spare time, I run a channel on YouTube called Keep Productive, a friendly guide to productivity software with over 50,000 subscribers

From Evernote to Trello, over 1,000 people have enrolled in classes so far on Skillshare. There's more to...

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