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How to Film Super Engaging Videos On Your Smartphone 5 Days a Week

teacher avatar Dominic O'Neill, Broadcast TV Professional

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. What Will You Learn?

    • 2. Create TV Like Videos With Consumer Filming Tech

    • 3. How to Manage Your Equipment and Crew

    • 4. Broadcast TV Presenter Top Tips

    • 5. How Will Your Videos Make People Feel?

    • 6. How to Sound Like a pro in Your Videos

    • 7. Better Looking Videos With Professional Lighting Techniques

    • 8. How To Successfully Film 5 Days a Week

    • 9. The Pilot Video Challenge

    • 10. Thank You For Taking Part

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About This Class

Discover how to create super engaging videos your audience will love. Learn how to create videos 5 days a week, every week. It's simple.

Broadcast TV Professional Dom O'Neill will walk you through the hints and hacks of the Broadcast trade to ensure your videos look great even if you don't have Broadcast TV budgets.

Dom O'Neill has worked in TV, Radio, and Live Events for the past 15 years, specializing in live content. His background has given him a unique understanding of how to create quality content, quickly and regularly while ensuring it is entertaining and engaging for the audience. 

Dom has retrofit his 15 years of Broadcast Media knowledge and applied it to daily vlogging videos. Dom creates over 500 videos a year using this system.

In this course, you will discover how to use everyday filming technology to create videos people love to watch and engage with. Use Broadcast TV tips, hints, and hacks to enable your videos to stand out above the competition.

Let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dominic O'Neill

Broadcast TV Professional


Hello, I'm Dom. I'm a Freelance Broadcast TV professional. I've been working in the TV, radio, and Live Events industries for over 15 years. Working with  Superstars and Royalty to everyday people like you and me. I know how to get people looking and sounding their best on camera, on a microphone, and on stage. I'd love to help you get to where you need to be via video, podcasting, social media, and live event speaking.

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1. What Will You Learn?: Hey, I'm dominated. And for 15 years I worked for major broadcasters, creating amazing content for TV, radio and her live events. Everytime professionally Island that you need to give your audience what they want. The always leave them wanting more and you watch Netflix or BBC already, that's the gaps. They will always leave you on a cliffhanger end because you want to then come back for more. And that's what you need to do when you're visiting to find out who your audiences into, find out what their pain points are, need to give them nuggets of ideas. But the key is to keep them coming back for more. And keep on calling you and email you and keeping in contact. That is the key to video strategy. So in this course specifically, we will be looking at some broadcast television tricks, hints. Get your videos looking so much better than your competition. We will looking at what KGB Feldman ways, how to get better lighting, how to sound really good on a very low budget, goes to MCAT, the background, wear pants, you're filming her white up masses to your audience. So if you are looking to be seriously successful online, on video, this course will give you a really good grounding in what it is you need to succeed in online video. 2. Create TV Like Videos With Consumer Filming Tech: This is the exciting bit list is what we're all here for. We're talking about filming attack and tips. So what filming technology and what filming tag can we utilize to make our videos look better? To a number of different options? When it comes to video, you can do the A1c root. So what happens is the agency takes care of everything. They find all the freelance, it became rather crude together, they literally from start to finish, healthy, correct. And craft your videos is one chunk, the cash to the agency and they deal with F there. The second option, which is a slightly cheaper option, is hiring in a financer. Freelancers will often do the work much faster to lot higher quality. They were also a lot more kit analog, better quality of kids. And that is because there'll be spreading the cost of that kit against all of our clients. Philanthropy is a good middle ground option. The third option is to film content yourself. So this is the cheapest option. And these days video is so easy it's due generally. Having said that though, you need to have your videos are better quality than your competition, you want it to be more watchable, more relatable, more intelligible, and more visually exciting. Can drop thousands and thousands of dollars, euros, pounds in yen onto buying a camera. But you don't have to. Most smartphones are good enough for you to start making quality content with. Once you start making videos regularly, you could maybe upgrade to a DSLR camera. But for now I would definitely recommend using the camera on your smart, smart phones are not cheap of course, but it is good to have a new, a vision of a camera, eye camera over two years old will have much worse processes that have much worth graphics are much worse lenses, your quality will be less of a t year old camera. Tripod will help you get a steady shot when you're in the office or filming on location the tripod frizzy from the camera and allows you to concentrate on other things. You'll be safe in the knowledge at that time, a camera is safe, secure, and it's also in the right place. Roughly a 100 to a $150 is a reasonable price for a good quality tripod. If you're using a smartphone on irregular tripod, you'll need a tripod adapter. It's a device which connects the tripod to the smart phone and allows you to use your smart phone on a regular tripod is $20, is nice and cheap. They keep your smartphone and safe. It means there's no wobbles, no shakes, there's no transcript formula. Let's chat about the shot. Sarah medium close-up is a perfect framed for a vlog. A medium close-up is a subject from the shoulders to the chest area up to the top of the head. Best practice is not leave too much space above the head. And make sure with a frame out the eyes or the eyebrows because there's a lot of meaning and there's eyes, eyebrows, and the wrinkles above the head. Other shots you want to look out for is the establishing shot. So these are nice wide shot. If you're in a very impressive location. If there some, if the location is the story that an establishing shot is perfect for this. You've also got the long shot. So this is a shot, usually a closer shot over location and the people are full-frame, typically the whole of a person. So this is good for fashion bloggers and bloggers because he can see the full outfit. You also have a medium close-up has we talked about that's used a lot in flogging and also in news broadcasts. The close-up is another option. It gives you a lot more view of the person's face or a particular hand movements or POP doing product demonstrations. A close-up is really good for product demonstrations. You also have the extreme close-up. So if you are dealing with a very, very small item or you have a small product and extreme close-up might well be useful. Focus is the sharpness of an image. I pledge image will make configures look pretty poor quality can be very hard to watch. The beauty of filming on a smartphone. If you fill in good light, the autofocus on the smartphone will automatically keep focus for you. 3. How to Manage Your Equipment and Crew: So let's talk then about the equipment that the equipment needs to be stored correctly. If you want in your equipments that lacked all he needs to be stored in the right boxes at the right temperature until it was too cold, too wet, or too warm, the equipment could possibly walk or go rusty or moldy and it gets too cold, the equipment may well break. It needs a nice space to store our equipment in the original boxes. A possible that's always the best practice. And we need to make sure that it is cleaned and maintained regularly if we're wanting our equipment to lack the longest, The best way to ensure that equipment laugh is to how one piston have some kind of guarantee for this person, knows where all the equipment is, knows how to store the equipment safely, knows how to maintain the equipment. There's how to professionally clean the equipment and has a track of batteries. So many shoots will fail because stuff isn't charged. Population, you brought the wrong adapt his, you can't find the stuff you're looking for it. You have one person in charge of technology at means that pace knows where everything is and also how everything works. Okay, so having some kind of tet down tape is a really good option if you're professionally producing content. If you are filming on location 10K, fair, mom, but you'll equipment may well break up to four times faster. So when I worked in television, I did a lot of stuff on location and I'll speak to the guys who hired out that equipment because they were always giving us old equipment off. I gosh, why do you always give us the old stuff? And the people in the studio have all the nice stuff. And the guy said, well, DOM, stuff will break forth on Fox, on location then in a fixed studio, that's just the way life is. So you'll bring the equipment onto location it go travelling to the, your videos. You have to know these budgets, four things, breaking much quicker, but also for the maintenance and also budget time. Someone on your team or hobbies have. Take the time to maintain your equipment and look after your commitments on buy equipment for HIMSS factor, if you are on location along, safe transportation of equipment is very, very vital to meet to make sure that when you move around, it is transported safely without breaking it. But also think about the people on location. When I set up my, I had a traveling studio like tote that should be dear to the businesses that went on, planes, trains, automobiles. Okay. And it was me, I self off rated. And I know a lot of people and professionally entrepreneurs bring ANSYS, we'll be doing the same. There are this u one piston bringing out new equipment or your one designated tech gown t. My rule back in the day was that it had to fit into suitcases because it was me bringing it around the weld. I can only carry two suitcases at one go. Oh, we'll THE cases that long DO. I can never guarantee that they'll be someone to help me set up the fitment, take it down and take away the end of the day. So you have a lot of equipment, obviously, and it's more than two suitcases worth you potentially have too much. Now, if like me today, you'll just filming on location on the rows. We want all your equipment to film in one backpack. Yes, not passing around Cambridge equipment today I have a self-defense. I smart phone and a lapel microphone. Rallies or libro on colocation patterns are nice and safe and I'm not bringing too much equipment around with me. So in this video, I wanted it to be quite professional. And so I got a tripod to film me with my hands are free. And it means that it has a bit more of a news broadcast kinda feel to it. I find that kind of behind the scenes stuff does really well. So that's just a PC with me with the Southeast day walking around and it's behind the scenes. The whole pond is tick and it is actually supposed to look how made. Now when you get an H Ronnie, you start making more advertorials and start making more advocate style videos vanish when you start to use the tripod. But at the end of the day, if you don't feel happy using a selfie stick, which I know a lot of people don't, don't use it. Stick with a tripod. Always do what makes you feel happy. Because when you're happy, you make better videos. 4. Broadcast TV Presenter Top Tips: You had to be getting ADA gurney and less XYZ what your brand and your audience demand. Lots of people can get good enthusiasm while still speaking. Normally, you don't have to be repack. The thing is often people will become into videos called, Especially if you're on social media. People will do work. If you don't know, you don't know your products, don't know your brand and your refuse yardstick about what you're talking about. People can become enthusiastic themselves. Ari, Hi there. Kinda making a video, it's gay. People are like I'm already built by this guy. Next is so, so easy for people to go next. So enthusiasm makes you excited about what you're talking about. But it also helped make the audience excited to the Bible talks about if you want to excite you about what you're talking about, Why should they be? Confidence is key. So if you are not confident about what you're talking about, it will come across in the video. And people will buy from people who are. Because if you're not confident in your own products, why should anyone else treat? So it's good to make sure that you understand your product, you understand the benefits of the product, and you understand what the audiences want inform your products. If you are talking in a confident way, people will get confidence from me. If you are nervous, people may not understand why you are nervous, right? So they'll watch the video and blight quite right, that why is that kinda what is abolishing holiday? And what is the problem here? Within a video, smiling at x0 is one of the major things that if you're doing a sad video or a video about something very, very heart wrench of the smiling like an idiot. Well work, but genuinely smiling is good within videos to use online. People like smiling. If you're smiling, mature, open means you are engaging and people will smile back to DOB in a positive way. Mind. Humans do kind of mimic each other. So if you're smart, you know, the person watching the video, it properly smile back at you. It's normal human reaction that people smile means that they're happy and they will enjoy your content ball. Now when we communicate feelings and attitudes, only 7% of the meaning is contained in the wind threes, 38% of the meaning comes from the way the word they used, that the tone is the volume is speed at salons and facial expressions, including smiling, convey 50% of the meaning. People want to know your emotions. If you're monotone, if you're not engaging, you're not smiling people who find less engaging. And we'll also get less from the words that you're saying. The words themselves are only a tiny amount of the story, how it's being said, and the emotions from you. That is what really gets a good story across. Research by UCLA has found that 55 to 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. Nonverbal cues can be something like sitting with your own story of standing Reamde, or that it's quite confrontational, IVR and fall, but it needs your clothes that you'll closing yourself off Jordan's water. If you have your hands open, you are, opioids are engaging with your audience, your token to your audience, talking to your audience. And that's what it's all about. It's all about making sure that your body language doesn't put your audience are again, making eye contact integrate so that if you're kind of off screen or disengage or not looking at the camera properly is less engaging for the audience who are watching you having a worse relationship with the audience. And they will turn off quicker. 5. How Will Your Videos Make People Feel?: So within our videos, we've talked about audience January, but now lots of people asked me about language. So should we be using technical terms? Should we be going into lots and lots of detail? And the answer to that question is, if your audience understand the authentic attempt, if your customer understands your technical terms, use the technical term. If your customer or your audience doesn't necessarily understand other don't use there's ten or explain the terms to them. If you take the time to explain the terms to them, that's good. It builds trust, it builds rapport. It shows you in a good light. It shows that you understand what you're talking about. But they'll always just assume that your audience nervous. Obviously, if you're going to a networking event, a physical network event, you'll go into a seminar. Maybe you'll go into a business open day and you're speaking to someone about your business, do you use lots attempts to use lots and lots of technical jargon. If you do, and you find that your audience understands it fair enough? If you go to one of these events and the DOJ you find the audience has no idea about the technical terms. Your audience online probably will be the same. Okay, so look at the physical people you talk to each week. Look at how you speak the language and the jargon and what works in the real world will also work in the digital world as well. You can't just assume that people will have the time to Google what you're talking about. Energy, mass energy is so important. So when you are drafting your audience on camera, if you're like my video to the, that is, that is cell and engagement problem. It has so many videos on social media and so much else social media is so, so basically we really need to draw people into really grab attention. And the way we talk IN quite an open talk, I, I smile and I talk, that actually is very, very good. People liked smiles, people like people being a bit big life was saying earlier. You know, people are on teeny tiny phones and do a teeny tiny on the firms they've your mannerisms that teeny tiny. Your energy is teeny tiny yoga, even smaller on the mobile device, on smartphones. So you need decent energy. It doesn't mean you have to be a YouTubers, SIO2 YouTube. You don't necessarily need to be kind of obnoxiously loud. But being a little bit bigger, a little bit larger than life. Having good energy, having good pace to your videos, that makes a huge difference. That helps people to engage in you. It helps people to follow the video and it keeps people's interests that bit law gap. People don't necessarily expect you to wear a suit and tie. I HDMI video originally in a certain time, people always go the higher the sales guy and at some point, the creative boy recovering until all the crazy stuff. So I found that were a nice, trendy t-shirt. Does the trick of weakness back from a tech company. If you're a lawyer, if you are a good GPA or you're in professional services and usually where certain time then why not? Because that's what people expect from someone in your position. And actually have a particular brand where you are more casual in the professional services. Or if you didn't in a very relaxed kind of video, you are the lawyer who walls and as the Monroe. So you're the doctor who also does jogging. When you meet people in the real world, what do they expect you to wear? That will be your costume for your videos. And lots and lots of people come to consider what Brown did publish it. So proudly jackets, that kind of thing. Having the brand on the close is greatly tightened your brand within the video. It is also very, very good to make sure that your clothes are clean. So a lot of people are out yes, among told him psi or they don't always get and that's what it's all about. You know, you gotta get MCI and get things done. As I guys trip. And I was fine when you're on site, but actually when you making a video about your business, it is much better to be clean and to be tidy and to be well presented. For the, given your video, you are not entirely well-presented. People will think that point a bit sloppy when I still don't get sloppy. And say you want to be pushing the best, the best foot forward. You wanting to make sure that people are seeing you as someone who has a good attention to detail. So if you are nervous, I recommend film SIMD lungs for yourself. Film 101520, whatever amount of blogs for yourself watching back, you can proceed yourself as you want. You can show to others getting pointed out the good, as well as the pattern is focused on the bank. And then by the time you go through it properly, you've already done 20 or so videos and see you'll be less nervous about doing it for real. 6. How to Sound Like a pro in Your Videos: Sound is so, so vital. Getting your sound right will mean that people will watch for longer and are less likely to click next. Okay, so there's lots we can do for free to get, but I will sound and said we're going to look at this section of how we get better sound for free and what very, very reasonably priced technology we can buy, they'll get better sound in our videos. Audio is a massive part of this experience. Maybe your audience listening happened, but maybe not. You can't make assumptions to having good quasi sound will often forgive bad quality paging. Nobody should ever shoot by Qazi pitches, but sound really matters. So audio from your voice wasn't audio from music matters as well as to make sure you have the best quality audio you're going to be in a quiet room, did win a busy room with other people. All that noise will spill into microphone, interannual out. People want to hear you. Not the background noise. Having ie oh, microphone here. Sorry. The microphone is very close to my face, much closer to my mouth than anything else. And search on words that go into the microphone is already in the background noise. I see a lot people filming on their laptops. The problem with the laptop is that was a very poor quality microphone, usually sat right next to a fan. And so the fan is the closest thing to the microphone and all that fan Home comes into the microphone to what you do is you are recording on your laptop. I recommend you don't, but if you are, you get a laptop, you get a mike, right? This was plugged into the USB or plugs into your audio input. And that means that the microphone is much further away from your laptop, are much further away from the fan. Or you can also do is film on a Mac or some kind of matte product, or a product which uses a solid-state drive. Because often those products will not have a fan to removing anything that makes a wary noise, a washing noise, any kind of grinding noise, get them out the window. That's always perfect. I filming in a quiet room and also filling in a room that's filled with stuff. And so anti rooms, echo occurring, sounds strange and can be off putting to some audiences and manage your filming in a busy office. Sign on the door to the room you're filming in, same filming in progress. Quiet place. It's amazing how much that will help people outside remember what you're doing in here and keep quiet outside, closing doors great, and stops the noise filling in from the outside. So make sure you are in a quiet room, measure apron at site energy filament, and make sure that everything inside the room is quiet as well. 7. Better Looking Videos With Professional Lighting Techniques: We're going to talk now about lighting. So people lie. They say the camera will add 50 pounds. That is not true. Bad lighting will add 50 pounds, but lighting will add bags under the eyes and give you wrinkles. And so that's why we're going to talk in this section about how to get better lighting, what technology and what tips we can use to get better lighting at very reasonable or free price. If you have absolutely no money whatsoever to spend on tech, your options are natural light? Yes. Heading outside and fill me with natural light. The beauty of natural light is it's free, but it is very differing. Lots of contrasts. In the summer on a bright blue day around About lunchtime, you'd be bombarded by light and actually can't be a bit overpowering as potential have too much light in your face and you'll be squinting up through. What we don't wanna do is wear sunglasses, sunglasses, recovery rights, and the eyes are the edges. So the subconscious of people watching will trust Elastic cause your eyes are concealed because a lot of truth comes from your eyes. So you want to be avoiding wearing sunglasses. Therefore, it is best to avoid filming in the glaring noonday sun in summer. Now if you're filming in the winter, that's a different story. If it's a cloudy day, that's great, as good quality light even when it's cloudy, but it's consistent and the light, isn't it blaring in your face? If you do have some money to spend, your cheapest lighting kit is the fluorescent lighting kit. You need two lights, one fluid side of the camera. And that basically big energy saving bulbs. These packets data around about $50. There's large notes apart. There's lows to setup losi take down again. They can be pretty flimsy. And if you're in a rush, if you're filming on location, these are not particularly robust. However, they do create good quality of light and integrate a relatively good quantity of light as well. Be careful though, if you drop them, these bulbs will break. Yes, you will save quite a bit of money on these lights compared to the more expensive ones. But when you break them, how many times we need to repair them. A second option is LED lights. These lights are great, they're very powerful lights for very low energy. The beauties, even some of the cheaper ones, can be used with batteries, which is perfect, which means they're great on location. Towns were to lights and top one free, it's out of the camera. It is very, very good quality light air is very, very good quantity of light. They are robust. I wouldn't drop them. But if you do answer it dropping on knock him. They are much more robust than your fluorescent bulbs that just as easy to use as the fluorescence. I would even argue that they're easier to use than the fluorescent bulbs If you're a novice, This is a great option. He talked about a $100 to spend on this. The final option is the Hailar lights. This lie is used a lot with bloggers and fashion bloggers, especially it won big ring light which goes around the camera. I have one in my home studio and is absolutely fantastic. I use it most days. It's excellent quality light, and excellent quantity of lice. Mine is Demon Bull. Demon Bull is perfect. We've got white deniable and ham redeemable. So that's what you wanted to look for. Cost a little bit more money, but Demon Bull is always best. The beauty of this is unlike the other two options, your fluorescence in your LEDs, your Hailar lights, you only need the one light because it sits in the middle of the cameras. They've got the stand. The light is on top of the stand, and you can actually attach your camera. The trope of your standards when you don't need a separate tripod, if you have logical one system for lighting and for your camera, which is absolutely perfect, the more expensive ones are also battery-powered, which is perfect for, you know, having on-location. A good rule of thumb when we are filming is to make sure that you are lead from the front and from above. From the front and above people are wanting to see you. You are the focus. That means you need to be lit. And what I really wanted to say is your face and your expressions. Ok, so with lighting and sound from the front and above, it's very easy for people to do that. We're lighting cell shown below, and that is how they used to light monsters in horror movies back in the day. So we want to avoid that. That brings up the banks and the wrinkles and our skin. And don't film with the PSTN or light source behind you. Because what happened is you will turn into a silhouette and people will not be able to see you because the background is too bright. That also means don't film in front of windows because again, the window will be brighter than you are Euboea silhouette, it'll be hard to see you. 8. How To Successfully Film 5 Days a Week: So let's talk now about work flow. Ok, it is not the most sexy part of video production, but is extremely important. If we get this right, it means you become sustainably create excellent quality videos very reliably. Ok, if we get this BIT wrong, it will mean that we would probably fail in our video strategy. With web flow, we need to talk about how much time we are giving to production high and cost. A professional company crater, this is what I do for a living. So you are professional concentrated. You can create, you can spend hours every single week crazy. However, if you are a business and you're looking to create content to 30 old business, sell more products, that kinda thing. You don't want to be spending hours and hours on each bit of content in it. If you are on social media, you'll be wanting to put out a video every single day, at least one and alerted people who asked exactly with 345 videos every single day. If you're on YouTube, you want to be created at least one or two videos every single week. Okay, so that's quite a lot of content. And if you are spending hours and hours on the video, you're gonna run a time in the day that the social media. You are wanting to create videos that take around about 15 minutes to make like a selfie stick mock phone with an external microphone in a well-lit area. And, uh, you can create so much content in such a short amount of time. I'm not become somewhat beautiful like Haley's a fail. It is. It is such an amazing rich environment for filming. And I could maybe knock off 1020 videos in this one location. I can do a basic edit them on my smart phone, something like iMovie. So I'm filming, editing and distribution from the one device. It means I can create lots and lots of forcing quality content and not take too much time. He can create excellent quality videos with kind of equipment which you may already have in the office and you can easily buy from somewhere like cameras are another part of the person who's he needed equipment and you need processes which affect every creating quantity of video and wanting to still keep quality we're needing very robust and very simple systems with video production are very good way to create really good quality videos on a very quick turnaround very sustainably is to shoot them, is to edit them and distribute them from one device. The more devices you add and the more complexity you added, one more chance of failure and the slowest estimates, if you shoot it, you edited and he distributed on one device. That makes things a lot easier. The best device for that. Now people are gonna get arguably the best device for that is the iPhone. There is no one product, there is no one device. An ecosystem more geared up to regular blogging than iPhone and the Apple ecosystem. So it really is about logistics, is about knowing your lot. Knowing Heidegger transported what you can use it for, who? One person in charge of equipment is always the best option they know are ethnic minorities in scary and it needs to be stored correctly if you want it to last the longest. If you're filming a lot on location, it needs to be buying better quality equipment so as robust enough to last. 9. The Pilot Video Challenge: It is now challenge time during a better practical stuff here, don't worry, it's great fun is the pilot video challenge. And it head over to the resources sections around this video. See though tab same resources, you can download the pilot video challenge from the Resources section. Ok, when he did that post ready set, go to that and we're working on the pilot video challenge. So it's timed. Produce your first pilot video before any TV show hits the airwaves, any podcast, NHL, ADA, even radio shows. They do what's known as a pilot. The pilot videos, pilot films, ways of testing out the process, testing out the filming, testing out presenting style, testing out what kind of camera shots, camera angles where you want to fill. That's what the pilot is all about. That's what we did. We get any new used to fill me. We're getting you used to speaking on camera, but also you can look at different occasions when a film and you can look at what you want to have behind you or maybe what you want to weigh in your video. So it's a really good way of testing out what it is going to find it not like. So what we're starting with is a 30 to 42nd vlog. Okay? We're going to do three pilot videos. Not one, not two, but three pilot studies. Now don't worry, these are pilots didn't have to poach them if you don't want to believe they are ready. These for you, okay? These are for you to build up your competence. And they may well be very rough. But what we wanted to do is get a good idea of the star the videos were trying to make. Okay, so this is the process step number one, we film the first video and then we deleted, which Yep. Sounds that we fill in the first video. Then we deleted it. This is just for you, but actually it's not even for you to review it, just to sit in front of a camera and start saying, hey, that is the bit which gets people, so many people fail a video strategy because they never actually getting from a camera and start filming. The second part is film the same video, but this time reviewed. So the second part is filming the second video and then reviewing it. So pressing Stop, watching it back, noting what you like and 19 what you dislike. Don't just focus on what you dislike. Also notice what you like and doubled down on the bits you like. Help me film the video for the third time. You add in all the busy like, you take the bits that you didn't like, and you should start to see a video which is going to look a lot more like. And eventually what your flux and videos will be looking like. Now that has the video you may want to start putting onto Twitter using the hashtag glorify. Or you might want to just show it to your friends, family, colleagues and gets them opinions bank said basically, by the end of this, by the end of this Laoshi, you will have filmed three videos. If you never film before, this had the first girl filming and you have an idea of the equivalent in it, which spaces in your house, in your office, in your workplace? Who liked the film in those kinda things? He stands care a little bit of data. You even have some things to show people to get responses back from others. So what will you need when you need to do the 17th? A smartphone with a camera, potentially selfie stick a tripod somewhere to put the camera to keep it safe. If you're doing on our laptop, then just make sure that the laptop is propped up and away. She not staring down the barrel of a camera, looking down on the audience, your good eye level. And in the quiet room. And tension, 30 seconds with helpful advice, hints, tips, life hacks, that kind of thing. As far as literally all you need to get started. So just to recap, we are forming one video. And literally that's just really just to get your ion. Then we are filming a video and reviewing it. We are noting what we like, what we don't like. We're going to film the video once again for the third time, including doubling down on the stuff you lie, taken out the stuff we don't like. That video would then start showing people. We don't have to post the everyday wanted to book, maybe start showing people and getting actual user feedback on that idea. So fairly first free videos, and if you are brave enough to share, head over to Twitter and Blogger phi studios tag me and use the hashtag log of phi. And I'd love to see videos. Let me know how you can. 10. Thank You For Taking Part: Because students.