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How to Enhance Eyes in Snapseed Like a Pro - iPhone & Android Mobile

teacher avatar Uzeer Iqbal, Mobile Photographer & Retoucher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Overview

    • 3. Section 1 Eye Basic

    • 4. Section 2 Eyes Intermidiate

    • 5. Section 3 Eyes Advanced

    • 6. Bonus & Conclusion

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About This Class

Eyes are detailed,and often the main focal point of a portrait. In this tutorial, learn how to adjust the highlights and shadows, add and enhance colours, and apply sharpening to help any set of eyes look extraordinary.

Welcome to my class, Today we will be using a powerful, yet free tool that is available on both iPhone and android.

We will be learning how to fix edit and make eyes look amazing, we will be using three examples on how to edit eyes in different ways.

Section 1 - How to know how to work with the tools and make the eye look great.

Section 2 - How to know how to add light around the eyes.

Section 3 - How to know how to add light, fix, and sharpen eyes on a portrait.

Hope you Enjoy this FREE Course and you will learn how to become a great editor of the eyes using SNAP SEED.

Thank You.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Uzeer Iqbal

Mobile Photographer & Retoucher


Hello, I'm Uzeer!

I'm a Mobile and DSLR photographer, I love taking some great images lately with my phone. They say "The best camera is the one you carry" but i say the best camera is the one you master.

I'm originally from United Kingdom, Manchester, I love to travel around and capture some amazing images and edit them using my mobile phone and occasionally Photoshop.

I'm active on skill share now, so watch out for some more great tutorials on how to edit images just from you mobile phone. Also some Photoshop Tutorial as well.

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1. Introduction: today I'm going to show you how to enhance the eyes in snap seed. Hello and welcome to my free course. My name's usually bell on. My aim is to make this course has fun on except for you as possible. I'm country how to enhance the eyes in step seed for those of you guys who have always want to learn how to enhance eyes and make them pop than this is a cause for you. So let's get into the eyes now. Eyes. They are very complex, the full of p for colors on beautiful details and they really tell a story on an image. So in this course, we're gonna learn how we're gonna enhance them colors. We're gonna possibly change a little about the color of the eyes were gonna shop in the eyes and make them glow Resort to give really, really nice popular in effect. Okay, so I will see in the next section 2. Project Overview: Before we start this course, I'm setting up a project for this course. What I want you to do is to download the same images that I will be using in this course. Feel free to follow along. You can also use any of your own images. So if you do you have any images of your own that you would like to to test during this course. By all means, Fuel featured here that once you have completed this course, he can also upload the on work on the class project section for me to have a look on for others to see as well. So this could be the images that we'll be using in this closely condemn road from self or your own images as well. We can also come on each of those pictures on. Obviously we can mark them and see. You know what? We can improve what we can prove on way. Just take it from there. Okay, so let's get started 3. Section 1 Eye Basic: Okay, so we're going to start the course now. We're going to use three examples. The face example would be this example I'm using now where we're just going to be a planned effect on one. I The second example would be gonna be using this effect and t rise on getting used to the tools on the third example would be we're going to use a full portrait where we're going to be enhancing the eyes and you can see that is look before enough down the full face. So by the end of this course, you will know exactly how to play this fact. So let's get started. Okay? So in front of me, you can see here there is a I on G on the right. Inside. You can see there is different types off filters Now. These filters are great if you're going to be using them for on this occasion because they're only going to be focusing on the eyes. We're gonna do this manually because the best effects are achieved when they are Don't manually. OK, so on the right inside, you can see there's a pencil. I'm just gonna click this pencil. This will bring up the tills that we're going to be using Now. I know it looks like there's a lot of tools, but we're gonna be using some of the's where well I will be doing recall seeing where I'll be explained All of these tools Onda, you see. So keep eyes up for that in the future. So let's get started with the I OK, so first, what we're going to be using is we're going to use the tune image so it's gonna toughen the tune image, which of the top left inside? And now you can see on the top essays brightness. Now, if I keep my finger pushed onto the screen, you can see the valleys are changing. So if I read my finger to the left, the brightness is going down. If I bring my finger to the right there, badness is going up now. You can see that, obviously, but he said that no one to keep my finger tapped on here. If I gold right on, go left. That's the brightness. Now, if I just stick my finger going up, you'll see some more options. Now I can see contrast. Saturation ambience highlights shadows on walls on warm. Now we're not going to use All of these were just going to use some of these but very soul effects. So what we're going to start by doing is we're going to start bite the brightness. Okay, so let's just increase the brightness a little bit and you can see the colors in the eye straightaways popping out. Now, we're gonna go up a little bit on the contrast. We're just gonna play with this. So I'm gonna increase this to about 58. Obviously, depending on your image, it may be different if you're going to be used in this song. Like I said, if you go on the project class section you condone or the resource is ongoing situation. And I'm gonna increase this because it really want them called us to come out on. We're gonna I'm gonna leave ambience cause we don't need that for this section. I'm just gonna increase the highlights Really leaping this color on the shadows. I'm just gonna Now, when you see the shadows naturally, consider people is getting bigger, but go on. The right is getting smaller. That's just the way the eyes are However, I'm gonna just decrease the showed us a little bit about 25. But like I said, depending on your image, one thing we're going to bring up a little bit. I say about 14 now under top, right inside. You'll see this like before. Enough to symbol That looks like a book. So it's gonna top that and you could see before and after before on after just lock up them colors that we've achieved now on the bottom, right, you'll see a take sign so it's gonna tuck that. Now you see, the effect has been applied on off the image that this is something that's very, very obviously standard. With this up. Now, there is one way to fix it on its very simple. Today, the waiter fixes is you can see the layers on the top. There were the other going over. It was gonna top that. Under these options, you'll see different options. We need to go interview at its I was going to be edits institute image, which is the one that we used. There's a out there on the left. We're gonna top that on a C three options now. The first is dilly seconds to mask on. The third is to adjust what we've just done. Now I'm happy with what I've done. Obviously, if you wanna just things yourself free candy, that's not problem. Now I'm gonna must this end. So I'm gonna press the middle, want which of them asking, too. Now you'll say the image has gone back to normal, which is exactly what we want now under bomb, you'll see a few options. We're gonna click on the I because we click on the I. You'll say the red bit here, that's on the screen. Now that's basically indicating that the effect that we've done will only be applied in the area that's in the red. Okay, so I'm just going to go on zero brightness that just get rid of that. Get into that. I was gonna zoom into the eye on What I wanna do is because I don't want the effect to be too much. I'm just going to go about 75. I'm just gonna paint over the I with my finger just like that. Now, if I click on the I at the bottom right, you'll say his gun back to normal. Now, if his seem out, you can see the effects only been applied on the I. Now again, under tablet inside before enoughto before After before after. Gonna zoom in a bit before After before after. Just take a look are the coolest. It just pops them out so beautifully. So nice day. Look on. You know, the colors are just amazing on the eyes. So what? I'm going to get a pessimistic because I'm happy with that. And I'm gonna go back with the arrow of the back there. Someone back into our normal part. Now I'm going to go onto the pencil to again. I'm going to select details. I'm down here again. You can see structure now. Like I said, if you tuck, you can go up and down into the sharpening on structure down. The structure is going to increase it a little bit. So it's a about 50. Should be fine on the sharpness. I'm gonna being up to about see about 74 I've got before. Enoughto Look at that. Can you see? A bit blurry? Not going to say the difference Difference is like night and day, so I'm gonna quit the ticks assign. You know, unlike us, they were gonna go in the layers. You at it, details. Gonna click on the musk again. 75. I'm happy with Condi. I So you can see where the effect of being applied cook off the I Z m out and again before , after before, after It's a very little effect. But now we can see what we have done here. We started off with this. We ended up with this. Colors are fantastic. So this is the end off part one. We're going to go into the part to you. No way. We're gonna play this effect in two eyes on. We're also gonna apply the effect around the eyes. Teoh, make the eyes really pop out. So this is it for this section on. I will see you in the second section, so I shall see you there. 4. Section 2 Eyes Intermidiate: and welcome back, guys. This is our second section off this course on on this section we are going to learn how to apply this effect on both of the eyes and also how we convict around the ice in order to enhance them. Make them really, really pop or K. So let's get started right in here again. Obviously. Like in section when you can see all these options were not going to go on them going to this ALD manual. Eat. So what? We're gonna go on, enter the pencil at it, too, and I'm gonna go into to an image again. We're gonna Zemin on just again play with the brightness on Bring those colors are so for this one, I'm going to select 68. I never see if you have done on this image in the resource is you can follow along. If not, you can use your own. Just play with it. And obviously whatever you think is best for yourself or whether pops out, go ahead with that contrast I'm gonna make. Got to about 50 on this occasion situation. Russian. I'm gonna bring it a little bit, so we could really get those nice greens on oranges and the yellows out ambience. I'm actually gonna in case this on this section because we really want those Warnaco stick out highlights I'm gonna bring up to about 42 shadows. I'm gonna just stay so you decrease that because absurdism shadow in these eyes on Want I'm gonna bring up because, like, said, I really want those warm colors to come out. Okay, I'm happy with that. So again, click the tick on the bomb. Right on. As before, the effect husband applied on all of the image we're going to go on the latest top of the top again. With the arrow on this, we're going to go on to view at its on again. We're gonna click on this arrow. Don't go into the mask. Okay, so then let him mention the first section ball mentioned. The section is that when you zoom in and now you see these dotted lines zooming in and out Now that indicates the size of the brush. OK, so if I go in, that's what the side of the bush is gonna be. Now I'm gonna again go to 75 because I don't want this to be too harsh gonna be I I'm not gonna pain in that red mosque into the eye just like that. And I'm gonna cough the eye on gun going to before enough flex in the top right inside before after. Look at the difference straight away, you know, is there? I'm just gonna quickly me, Richard, although I again just paint in 75 I think t bone, this is best on this one on this one. Money enhanced in the eyes because you don't want the eyes to look too fickle. Sometimes you know, the the eyes can look like a ziff, the persons possessing. And we don't want anyone to go down that route because obviously it's like like a harder obviously, if you designed this for, like, ahora by all means do 200 Brighton even more if you like, But obviously, we don't do that. Sort 75 should be fine. Okay, So I'm gonna plastic Andi. I'm gonna go back, and I'm gonna seem out on Look at that. You can see the yellows, the oranges, the greens, the teal on. If I gone before nothing there after now. Look at that. The difference is just just just crazy on the fact they conduce. Um, free up is amazing. Okay, so how can we make this better? And this is what I won't talk about in this section. We're going to go at it again. We're gonna set, which you can see is 1/3 option, the top. And now you can see this lying on. Damn. Basically, just gonna top in the middle of that line and you can see we've just developed a circle. Now that circle we can just make you go down and up. If you bring it down, that will bring the brightness completely down and bring up Let me the highlights and brightness go up. So I'm gonna increase this to about. Say, uh well, that should be fine. We're gonna plastic Andi again. Obviously, the effect will be applied on all of the image which we don't want. So again, we're gonna win the layers, were gonna go interview at its they're gonna click on this little arrow again on we're gonna go on mask. Okay, Now for this, I'm gonna not press the I because I'm going to say exactly how harsh disaffected is gonna quickly just paint on there so you can see the white. There it is a bit harsh. So I've gone to zero with the arrows because basically, is thestreet off the effect someone's gonna paint out. I'm not gonna go into 50 now on yet. That's fine. So I'm gonna go in the eye so we can see our mask. Zemun, I was gonna pay in the those white areas just the white areas, but saw nothing else. Doesn't mind for going a bit into the eye. Not that harsh. So that's fine. I was gonna pain and again I'm going to go into this. I don't do the same here. Just paint those white areas. And if a seem out, looks like she's got cold. But you see, that's the master. We're going to the musk off. And now if you see the before enoughto you can see the difference There is that The eyes are so bright and popped out, but it just makes the people's look absolutely fantastic. So before, after before, after now, this is just incredible stuff. So we're going to go on the take on the bottom right again. We're gonna play that and Now what we're gonna do is because we did that. We're going to go back into the curves on the mask again. And now what I want to do is I want to select 25. Okay, So does the arrows. 25 on. We're gonna put the mask on again. I'm just gonna pain just ever so slowly. I'm just gonna pain on this side here. Just when the luscious are you see where the eyelashes are? You were. The eyelashes are just there. I tell you why I'm going to do this in second. So, just like that, it's blending annulment on the same for the other. I 25 is the best way to do this. On this side is so just a very so look. It's still a mask off now. Now, if a seaman going before and after, you can see utterson light around the eyes. Can you see dark? Yeah, because if a left it dog, what what happened is what it would look a bit fake like, You know, that the popping of the peoples on the actual eyes themselves, it would have looked really, really. But with this affect owned, I'll actually casino before after before after just brings that light in that Not sure light on. That's what we want. So I'm going Take again. I'm going back on If you look at this now, before and after before on after. So just little tweaks at this, you know, makes the eyes look so amazing, unlike city conditions on any image at all. So if you have done ordered this image follow along, if you haven't even trying a different image, by all means do that. That's fine. But the difference is in front of you guys. So this is what wanna show you in this section on the next last session of this cause we're gonna see how we can enhance the eyes on eight port rate moored awakens to the full face on play with the effect on. Take it from there. Okay, so that's it for this section on. I will see you on the other side on section three. 5. Section 3 Eyes Advanced: their guys. And welcome back to the final section off this course. I can't believe that we made it this far on. But I hope you've learned some things in this course on. Now for the final chapter, we are going to be learning how to apply the eye popping effect on the portrait. Okay, so here you can see a poetry obviously of somebody Now the eyes of any basic case. Or we're gonna make the ice pop unsure how to work on the face, you know, to get the lighting right on to make them eyes really, really shine. OK, so as you don't know our people sections, we're gonna click on the pencil edit, going to to an image I'm going to zoom into the eye again. And from here, as you know where I'm sure you know, But I know what you what we need to do. Bring under contrast, Brightness Part 63 saturation. I'm gonna bring the elements in this occasion in Libya high because we want to bring those colors out. Highlights Come, go up. Go up Shadows. We're gonna reduce. I won't. We're going to bring us all unprecedented IQ on. We're gonna obviously going to late again. Going to have you at it. We are going to go into the arrow and mask. Okay? Zoom in to the eyes. No, again. 75 should be fine. Cook on the I tell and we're just gonna pain in you and you can see before after before, after the details of their we're gonna tooken tick again. What? We're going to go back. And now we're gonna go into today, gonna go into curves, Quit them a doublet here and we're gonna just increase the brightness. Not with that on the tech come the layers. View edits. Thank God. We're gonna go on the arrow on musk Seaman a bet. We're gonna go like a Santos because of going to the white part. We're going to go on 50. It's gonna painted. It was aside the Andi we're gonna cook off on now again before after before. After you can see the difference again, we're gonna Kontic, we're going to go back into the curves musk 25 on. We're just gonna paint around those eyelashes. The ice there, Give it some light. See him out, Andi before, After before. After you can see the lighting street or in the eyes of colors on the brightness. Hard on the eyes Looks up, sort we fantastic going plastic. Andi, we're gonna go back. And now what we're gonna do is but in a Zemin Quinn again, details. We're gonna bring their start show. I'm gonna be the shopping up is well, about 54. Obviously likes that in all images is gonna be different. Mystic, we're going to go into the layers. You edits again. We're gonna go on the arrow Musk Zemun Andi, I want this to be about 50 again. We're just gonna paint in those libels there before after before after Really makes those ice pop. Take Buck C mo And now you can see the lighting in them. Eyes are just incredible before, after before after. So we've got the natural light. We've got the natural colors. Andi, it just looks absolutely fantastic on That's it for this chapter. Andi, I will see on the bonus site. Andi, I will explain to you ever gonna be on there, so I will see on the in the next section. 6. Bonus & Conclusion: Okay. Welcome to the bonus section, guys. On on this section, we are going to be discussing a couple of other things that we did not mention during the course. And this is very important. So you must be thinking by now. Okay, I have my images. What am I gonna do with them? Okay, now, obviously for myself on most of the most probably are going to be his knees for instagram. Okay, So what we need to know is about the export settings now before the export. What I do is because I want the size to be correct for Instagram. I'm going to put pencil to Andi. I will just select corrupt. Okay. No. Hey, you have some ratios Have some racial here. Onda under race yours. I'm just gonna go into square. Andi, I'm just gonna just gonna look, just get this in the middle. There should be. Should be fine on and I'm gonna be going on the tick. I know. Hey, you can see now. Obviously we have ascribed image, which is the perfect size for instagram Now, some images when you export them on ups under you, Zemun, they are very pixelated wise this because of the export settings. Now snap seed is such a powerful to under, it's free to download on the play store on Also the Appstore With Apple. Andi. It's just amazing Creek using tablets. IPhones Andre wanders off. Now, in order to slight your settings up, you click on this three dots here. Is he deceptions. You're gonna go into settings? Andi on here. What it said Exporting unsure ing I'm exercising. If you just click on there, it will give you some size options now, usually at default. This is around 800 which means that the image size is very, very low. I always live out for 1000 in from I am not 4000. I was still even 4000 because when it's exploit, the Kali is absolutely fantastic. It's going councils for now, obviously, for you just click on the 4000 on the former on Kali is usually low start with, but I like to put 100% because I want the full version before hates day. I want everything to be full on stuff we can do. So I get off this on. This was the bonus section off this course we are now finished on. As I said during this course on beginning result that we do have a project on resource sections on safe, you feel free to down or D pictures. I'm going to give you on. What I want you to do is upload your own onto the project section so I could mark them for you or the people to see on, you know, just played on the effects. You can use images, usable images. I love to see what you guys do. Onda. That's it. Really sold that say, for today Onda, My near my name's Eric. Well, Andi, hoping during this course I gave you as much information as according to enhance the ice. I will be new some more courses soon. This is a free cause. Other courses will be fuming courses. So if you sign up to school share, I will always explain all the tools and details. I'll give you full version, which would probably be, or an hour, but believe me, it's gonna be full of very, very good information on. I will be showing you how to include rain snow, whether often moss types things in images. But you can see in my other courses. So that's it for today. Underscores on I shall see you guys very, very soon. Onda hopping rolled If you haven't make sure you dio and I will see you guys later Take an hour.