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How to Edit Your Instagram Photos on PicsArt

Floor Giebels, Embroidery Artist

How to Edit Your Instagram Photos on PicsArt

Floor Giebels, Embroidery Artist

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6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. overview

    • 2. How to use Picsart

    • 3. overlay

    • 4. sketch tool

    • 5. Filters

    • 6. Class project

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About This Class

Take your Instagram account to the next level and create more interesting selfies, cool collages, and a new platform to shine on.

This course is for anyone who does not have photoshop, Ipad and is not so handy when it comes to line art. and while I focus on Instagram, Picsart also has it own social media network that you can discover. By the end of the course, you'll have a set of skills to make collages and line art on your pictures and know the basics of Picsart

  • How to use Picsart
  • Overlay
  • Sketch Tool
  • Filters

Meet Your Teacher

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Floor Giebels

Embroidery Artist


Hi, my name is Floor and I'm a Dutch embroidery artist living in The Netherlands.

Originally from a design background, I found my artistic freedom and expression through the more traditional art of embroidery. Entirely self-taught, I started my journey in 2016 and am continually learning new skills and applying them to my work. I also like to explore the boundaries of traditional hand embroidery by creating some pieces as mixed media, to contrast and compliment the thread itself. 

I have found that embroidery has led me to explore the textures present in the world around me - living on the coast, the beautiful beaches, scenery and animals constantly offer me inspiration for new projects. One of my favorite topics to explore in my pieces is the interplay b... See full profile

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1. overview: When looking at social media, you can always see a trend when it comes to collages and creative editing. This might look really difficult and something you probably need photo shop for, but I'm going to show you that you can do it all with just your phone in one app. My name is Floor, and I'm an embroidery artist from the Netherlands. Many of my embroidery pieces are collages, and I could asked on social Media about how I made them and if I use photo shop. But to be honest, I like to focus my time more on embroidery than on graphic design. So I found this app that makes it really easy for me to just get my phone out and create collages on the go. In this class, I'm going to show you Harrick radios, collages and Pixar. Pixar is an image editing college en drawing application and also a show Stroll Nets work. You can share your images with the Pixar community and auto networks like Facebook and Instagram 2. How to use Picsart: When you open up the APP, you will first see the home page and home pages filled with edited pictures. Because Bix art is not only just in editing app, but it is also a social network, you can see that some users are also verified. That means that they create popular, original art that uses can use to remix wit. A re makes me so you can take a picture and use it for your own edits. This is how it looks When you open up, your picks are pro fell. Well, let's start with editing and we're gonna tap on the plus sign and choose a picture that we run to use for editing. You also can go down on a page and pick one of the free images they have. But for now, I'm going to use a picture that I downloaded from unspool ash. What is useful to do first is to cut out the person in the image so we can use different effects on it. You can see underneath that you have a cutout Cymbal tap on that I use the person icon. If you click on the ice symbol, you can see what you have and haven't cut out. I can see that there is still some think and I want to remove Dad, so we're going to zoom in. I used a razor to remove it. When you are done, you can save it as a sticker and choose your own backgrounds. I'm going to use a white background with a sticker in the Discovery Field. I'm going to put in glitter and used it over my white background. I'm going to make it a bit transparent, so blends well with my other image that I just made. Now we go back to their stickers and go to my cutouts and user image that we cut out before I want to cut out to be a bit lighter, so I'm going to use a filter. If you want to go to filter, we go to effects and use the filter H B three. That is the filter that I want to use. We wanted to blend, so we use the screen Blanding option and use the option overly to make the picture in a circle. We're going to use this shape mess and have toe a pass ity. I'm duck. I don't know to England. I don't know how you say the English word, but I think opacity a thing that is right, all the way up and go to fits to make the circle nice in the middle. I also want to use it, fills air on this picture. You see some of them and I'm going to go for the galaxy, one that I will lights on for the finishing touch I want at a golden teardrop. When you have a sticker, you could move it all around anyway. Like now we have all that. It's done and we're ready to upload it to our big start and make it private or not. Make it private. You can use hash sex for your picture to make it more scene. If you use the hashtag free to edit, then people can use your collage to edit it for their own pictures. 3. overlay: So now it's on to the next edit where we takes original picture without getting it out. But we're gonna have more fun with the overlays. I'm just going to open a picture and go to stickers. I was browsing and I found this glittery, smoky, sicker at love. It's and I'm going to blow it up a use its to make it a little bit more sparkle. I'm going to use from rainbow Sparkles and step on overly because it has a little bit of this rainbow. Look, I want to have a more rainbow look, and I'm gonna use another sticker that is a rainbow and use it as an overly and as a finishing touch. I'm going to add bubbles as an overlay. If you want, you can use a filter. I'm going to show you all the filters they have. Shake and see how they look later to make your picture stand even out more 4. sketch tool: So this is a tool that I loved him most, and that is the sketch tal. We are again opening our picture and go to effects and tools. You can see that the image will look like an outline with just one touch. If we fade the picture, you can see that we have an outline going over the picture there. You can also want to have certain parts of show true, more than others. You can just simply use to brush and go over it with your fingers to make it more visible. 5. Filters: I'm using an embroider piece as the picture just so you can see how it will look. If you would like to use fields or on your art, I'm going to go through all the filters and speed it up a bit so you can see what effect they'll have on my embroidery, BCE. 6. Class project: I'm so excited about this class project because I know that so many people are crazy salads and on skill share, and it would be so much fun to see what you all can do with this into the class overview. I have all my links to my stickers that I used in picks art and that can use as an overly I love seeing what you could all do with those stickers and see where, but we can get out of this app. The APP is available on all mobile device says, and also to tablets. I would love to see what people can do with it who have an iPad, penso or other tattle pencil. I would love to see what you all can do it.