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How to Edit Video & Photo Montages

teacher avatar Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

This Course goes through the basics of compiling a video editing montage. Whether you want to create YouTube videos to educate or you want to create promotional videos for your company, this Course will walk you through just how to achieve it.

You can tell much more in a 5-10 minute video than you ever could with thousands of pictures. Why not learn to leverage that?

After taking this course you'll be able to compile, piece together, and edit video montages that look professional. You'll also have the ability to use video to tell stories and reach a broader audience in both a fun and educational way.

Enroll today & start creating your own Edit Montages tomorrow!

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. 1: What's going on, guys? And welcome to the course. I got a great one for you today and really excited to bring this one to you. Now, today I'm basically gonna run you through how to create at its now. You could use this for multitude of different reasons, a multitude of different functions. But the majority of you I'm going to assume are going to be creating video at its for YouTube videos. Or maybe for marketing your business or something like that to bring content. Now, I'm gonna give you a couple different examples of this, but you could also use this first things like instagram stories. If you wanted to make, like, 15 2nd video clips, stuff like that, The only difference being you know, when we go through this later on in the course, you're gonna be using instagram post as a design tactic instead of you know, something along the lines. Like a YouTube thumbnail design tactic. That's the only difference. You can mold this and use this to whatever you want to dio. But we've all seen these types of things. These edits where it's like, you know, five things that you need to know tomorrow to make you rich. Four things that you're doing wrong in your day to day life that's holding you back from your goals. You know, three things that you cook used to cook every day. They're actually killing you. Now, I just completely made those things up, but you get the picture, and that's basically what it comes down to. So I'm gonna use this example of a Lux because this is one that I know of that has a huge channel on YouTube on the majority of you. I'm going to assume are doing this for YouTube purposes. This is exactly why I did it on how I learned it and why I want to bring it to you today. But like I said, you could use this across the board. So Alex is literally built their entire channel off. Over 100 are over. Sorry. A 1,000,000 subscribers. About a 1,000,000 once Miss cadres with creating edits like this, and I'm literally gonna teach you how to do this. You don't have to get in front of the computer. You know, physically you don't have to be seen on camera. You can just literally put picture edits together, which is what this course will focus on on do voiceovers on them. I'm gonna show you how to do all of that recording all that content and basically getting in it not actually didn't want on this too. It was called five things that successful people do that unsuccessful people don't dio put it out yesterday on my YouTube channel and I definitely got this down. And I want to bring that knowledge to you because you guys come use it for whatever you see fit and definitely come up with some great, great ideas. You know, as far as it comes to toward your channel or your business. Parks is so like, you see, you know, here's a bunch of different examples of this. Now what? I'm gonna first suggest that you dio you know, if you're just doing this for business purpose or you just want to do this, general, because you enjoy it where you want to bring some different type of contact to your channel or your followers or wherever, Then, you know, you don't have to go through this first step of potentially looking at videos that you can rank for, but I'm gonna suggest that you look at videos that you could potentially rank for. So, you know, if you have, if you understand anything on YouTube or you know anything it search told General, basically, what you're gonna do is you're gonna look for different signs that you can, you know that you could potentially rank for that video. And that's what I'm gonna go through. Because, like I said, I'm gonna assume that the majority of you want to basically do this for you to purposes. So bear with me. If you're doing this, rank scripts, the worries or, you know, your business reason You can pretty much just skip the rest of this step here. But stay tuned for the end of this video, someone walking through everything that you're gonna need in this in this course in its entirety before we literally jump into the editing process and lectures and someone and so forth. So for here, example if this is something that I saw that I liked on YouTube and I wanted to potentially mold my video around this instead of making you know, 15 sacrifices you need to make if you want to be rich I want to do like five sacrifices you need to make if you want to be rich and when I would do is I would go up to the search bar and I would type in sacrifices you need to make to be rich or something like that. And you'll notice here that it's important. Understand how many results you get because that's how much competition you have. The higher the results, the more people are trying to compete for those keywords potentially. So you're pretty much repeating for like, sacrifices. You sacrifices your need. Well, you need to make We'll be rich Saint. Same thing basically, and you'll see that the ranks second on their another one of their videos. We're sorry this one ranks second right there. There's this video right here. Ranks first. Now here's actually me that I put out yesterday. My video ranks fourth on that, so five things successful people do that unsuccessful people don't. So as the time goes by, my, my video will accumulate more and more of you reviews or not review. Sorry, I'm talking Amazon terms so he stands on but will accumulate more views. You know, obviously that bring me more subscribers in which will benefit my content. You know more on a lot of other different things, but that's basically how you're gonna see you. No, you don't wanna look to see. OK, this person put this video out a year ago with 1.9000 views. Definitely rank able to get mawr search results in a higher competitive keyword. You have to go a little bit more broad. So that was soon need, because it's such a long tail keywords and my long tell keyword, I mean, you no longer phrases. So the shorter the phrase, the harder it's going to be ranked for that so successful people. And then you'll start to see that YouTube suggests two different things. So successful people habits you could try to rank for successful people story successful people morning routine. So if you want this potentially rank and we use successful people morning routine because it's a little bit down the list here. If you wanted to potentially ran for successful people morning routine and mold your video at it. And like I said, we'll get into how to actually edit your video around that, find pictures and go through the process. I don't worry. But if you decided that you wanted to rank this next with you that you're gonna make it wise under successful people Morning routine. What you basically dio is you might come up with, you know, five things that successful people dio during their morning routine That are five things that successful people do throughout throughout their morning routine that make them You know who they are, something like that. That might be what you type of your video because it has that keyword in Basically, and you'll see here that this gets about 3900 results. So you could definitely rank for this as well. Probably, uh, this is a little bit more competitive, so actually, you might be able to rank here potentially. If you're just starting out, you'll see that this all the people above this have you know, pretty high traffic videos. 19 271 85,000. You know, probably a little bit high, you know, rankle. So this might not be a good example to try and rank for, but we'll try something else. Successful people who failed at first we could try to rank the video for that 10 successful people who fail that first. So four years ago, this person only has 66,000 views, UM, 14,000 views three years ago. That's pretty remarkable. And all this bankable and on rankle. It's pretty much, you know, subjective. You could make that decision and distinction on your own, This one right here two years ago, 361. So you could definitely start to rank that the higher your rank on a search term like this . Obviously, the more traffic that brings. But that just gives you a basic understanding of how that basically target different videos . If you didn't necessarily want to treat him, try to rank, so to speak, for videos. And I put Rankin airports right there. Then basically, what you just do is create content that you'd like. So let's say, for example, in the next video, because I'm sure you examples of video in a second that I did that was like a Locke's video and then that video that you saw that I ran 45 phase that successful people do that. Unsuccessful people don't. I'm gonna actually drop that. As the video in the next lecture. So you guys get in our understanding of what to actually look for. But basically, if you wanted to Do you know, let's just use an example of, you know will go through and say three things that, um, three things. Three things successful people, you know, do every day that you are overlooking, we'll come up with it. Something along the lines of creative video along the lines of that literally just made that up on the spot. So I'm gonna take you through an entire edit on how to actually create that three things that successful people do throughout their day that you're overlooking. And that will be the video and are literally put that on my YouTube channel that show you create that entire video at it. But that's basically how you gonna do that? So now, moving on, actually, what? You're going to meet and Granite. You could take one of the information I'm gonna show you in this video and then use it to your advantage to and mold it to whatever you want to make your videos on or your instagram stories on. So, first and foremost, we need something that you can basically edit photos or pictures on I suggest can. But it's 100 set free if you have. You know, Adobe, what's the dhobi one? I don't use the photo, but whatever the photo editors for, nobody could use that you want to use another photo editor. You could use that. I suggest Campbell because it's free. And quite frankly, it looks great. You can make free great designs on camera, and they have all of farm nails here for you to use. Basically, another thing that you're going to need to use is an editor. So I suggest that you shot cut. You'll see here. This is exactly where I edited five things on, and I'm gonna run you through this entire process. If I did that here in a second, I suggest that you shot cut because you could make great content on Shaq cut and it's 100% free. So just go to shop cut dot org's and I'll demonstrate that for you here in this second shop cut don't work, and you can literally down the software 100% free. I still use shock up to this day here in there because it still works great for free editing software, and you can actually do a lot of different things on it, as you see here. But that's those are my suggestions of canvas and Shaka or, you know, anything Adobe works great. The next thing you're gonna need is obviously you're going to need a potential microphone to record your content pretty much all you need. Like I said, you don't need. If you're already having my friend, you don't need to get done. If you do. If you don't have a microphone, you can literally get for 13 9 12 99 I believe. And that's your barrier to entry to start creating at its Because, like I said, you can use Campbell 1% free as well as Premier pro, 100% free. On with that being said, I'm excited to jump into this and show you how to start editing content so you can create these videos on the next lecture will actually be that five things that successful people do that unsuccessful people don't do to kind of show you what I mean and how I created it so that you get the final product before we start actually constructing how to do that. So I'll see in the next lecture 2. 2: today we're gonna go over five things that successful people dio that on successful people do not dio and we're just gonna jump right into them so you can implement them in your own life. So first and foremost, their learning inclined, successful people don't assume they know everything there constantly trying to improve their craft. As Confucius said, real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. Therefore, when you realize just how much you haven't mastered in a given subject, it really frees you to go out and protect and perfect aircraft. Also, to paraphrase Michel Angelo, if people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, they wouldn't think it was so amazing. So with that being said, I suggest that you read books, take courses, you know, watch informative YouTube. Videos like this are really informative videos across the board wherever the platform like the one you're watching right now, Uh, and never assume that there isn't a level above where you are right now, no matter how high on that totem pole you might feel. And as always, if you're looking for books that I recommend, they're always lengthen description, which will take you to my website to my recommended books. Tab number two. Successful people don't make excuses at the end of the day, and excuse is really just a well planned lie, isn't it? There's always going to be a reason not to do something in perfect action is better than no action at all, And successful people know that making mistakes are part of the path to success. Therefore, they understand that action is necessary to improve number three successful people understand that success is a marathon and not a sprint. Just like this YouTube game success, success does not happen overnight. You attract success by the person that you become becoming a person of high value, takes a lot of time and a lot of repetition. And only after you put in that time to become success minded will you be able to attract success and realize potential opportunities around you that other people that haven't set the time to do that are not seeing successful people take action towards their goals every single day, no matter how big or small that action might be. Number four successful people set clear goals without goals. You're just floating around with no purpose. Successful people understand the value of setting goals. And chasing them 67 goals is like setting the coordinates of your plane, so to speak. You know, if you have a destination, you might not be exactly 100% sure how you're gonna get there Were the different birds or potential wind patterns you might encounter along the way. But you know, you'll get there eventually. If you don't have any specific ALS, you could be on Air Force One where the best plane in the world. But you still may never, ever would reach a desirable destination because you weren't clear in your intentions. Number five successful people take care of their bodies. A strong body typically means a strong mind. The two are usually synonymous both working out and eating healthy are vital for overall health. But not only that when you see the out of benefits on top of that of more vitality, energy and happiness. And to be honest, nobody wants to be the rich guy in the graveyard. You could make a $1,000,000,000 you could make $100 billion but if you don't have any life left to enjoy it, at the end. What was it really? All four? Have you ever asked yourself that? So there you have it, guys. Five things shortened sweet that successful people do that unsuccessful people don't. What do you think about these? Are you practicing these five things? Or maybe there's one or two that you need to work on implementing in your own life. Let me know. Down in the comments section below on If you like this video, go ahead and hit that like bun it really really helps the channel grow. Also subscribe to this channel and hit that belt. You get notified when I put out more videos like this in the future and I will see you tomorrow. 3. 3: Okay, So now that you understand how the finished product actually looks at how it's bunch of pictures and mesh together with transitions and a voice over, you'll get the understanding how I actually compile that now. First and foremost Waas a voiceover. How did I do the voice over? Well, there's two separate ways that you can use, you know, used to record your voice overs. You can simply add audio, which you can record with your microphone and then obviously throw it on in into your your energy software. And I'll go over how to actually do that when we compile the audio file off that where you can simply do a voice over by recording your screen. That's why did suggest getting her cream up. Excuse me, ever a screen recording software, but you don't need one. So in this specific example, I'm gonna give you to that air free screen up about. Start cannot speak screen cast O Matic is 100% free, although it doesn't limit you to 15 minutes. Now you can upgrade version of ST Gas. Semantics of the paid version that's currently when I'm using right here is the paid version which does not have a watermark and does not limit you on the time that you can record now. The winner mark will be. If you use the free version of ST Gas somatic, it will be down here in the bottom. Ah, little cabbie out there, but it's hardly noticeable. Barely anybody's gonna notice it except for you want. But like I said, you can upgrade and it's like nine bucks nine months for the year, I think, or like, it might be like 12 bucks for the year. It's really, really cheap. It's not a big deal. But if you're looking for 100 sent free software, I also use O. B s, which is right here, and you'll see me pop up right there. And O. B s is 100 free as well. You don't need to upgrade. It stays 100 set free. I use it a lot, but I also use free gas somatic when I just want a simple recording of my screen. Because O Bs does a couple things that screen cat somatic doesn't and vice versa. Screen Cat somatic is literally civil. It's so beginner, friendly, hit, record hit pause had stopped and it pops up Is a video file an MP four, whereas O. B s, you have to set settings up. You have to do a bunch of different things on. It's easy to use for sure. It's beginner friendly, but screen systematic. So much more being. But now that we have that on the way, that's basically how you do the voice over. Now. I saved my outline of my voice over here. This is literally what I did when I recorded it. So my very first thing was, I wanted that I When we find the, uh hey, looks video going, Um, let's go to a lakhs. 15 things rich people do. I believe it. Waas. And let's find it. Here is 15 things rich people do that poor people don't. And I like this and I felt like I could rank for this and potentially model my video after it. So what I did is I took it and I said, I'm not gonna do 15 things, and you'll see why in this, uh, this course as I go through that this could be a a time consuming process. So what I did is I pushed it down to five things that successful people dio that unsuccessful. People don't dio because you're not. You're just trying to use their mold. You're not trying to actually steal their content or anything like that. So I did five things successful people do that unsuccessful People don't do like you just watch. And this is 15 things rich people do that poor people similar, but you know, same. Same with different. Not exactly the same. But, you know, pretty similar. And then what I did is I outlined those five things, so they're learning it. Climb. This is literally what you just heard that in that video, this literally me reading this Obviously practice this once or twice didn't take too long. Then I pretty much went down and read as that, you know, they're learning inclines, successful People don't assume that they know everything there constantly trying to improve their craft. You know, as Confucius said, that's literally what you heard me read. So that's basically what I did is I compiled one of these together, and then I just did a voice over until it sounded pretty good. And then what I did is I captured that voice over obviously, And I used it for the videos. So that's that's pretty self explanatory. So then we're gonna need is gonna need relevant pictures to mesh together. Now, this is something I'm gonna go into in its entirety. And when I find them in the next one and I switch it around a little bit, we're not gonna do what I said. Instead, we're gonna do three things rich people have that poor people don't. That's the video that we're gonna run through on this on this course to kind of show you and compile it together with you. And then, obviously, if you have any questions, feel free to ask either down, of course. You in a you can mess your message me on the platform, or you can simply email me to Brian. That's Bryan with a Y at BG meaty innovation dot com And as always, I'm willing to help but couple places that you're going to want to get, you know, photos. There's a couple great stock photo sites. Istock photo is a great one. You see that? Used it here. I stuck boto keeps with this period. Istock photo dot com is a great one. It's a great stock. The site and and pixels is a great one. Use that all the time. That's probably what we use for the majority of this course. Picks a bays, a great one, Um, another great stock photo site and literally just go to Google and take stock photos. And that would pop up with a bunch of different stock photo sites. You know, unspool ashes. Another good one. There's a bunch of, you know, so you can literally find stock photos anywhere. Shutter stock can be a good one, too. I'm to use picks. Obey, probably. And yet exhibit and textiles for the time being. During this course just kind of show you compile some relevant things together for you. I suggest using stock photo sites because that nobody has the rights of these pictures. Anybody can use these pictures. If you do use Google, are, you know, a search engine to find your pictures or take a picture off something else? It's 99.9% of the time. It's gonna be fine, to be honest, but you just don't want to run that risk of, you know, basically running into a problem where somebody claims ownership of that and then that video or, you know, your piece of content. It's taken down because that's not actually or you don't actually own the rights that that video on that photo in the video. It's just something that a lot of people overlook that can be avoided because you can find a lot of great pictures on stock photo sites. And believe it or not, a lot of these stock voters on these sites are taken by high quality photographers. They put them on these sites and you can use them. So out of these are really great, great quality, you know. And they could go really well in your video. So that's what you're gonna do. You don't want to stock photo site. And like I said, I'm sure you all this second and then I want to touch on how I actually compiled this together. So you'll see here. That right here is the video one file. We're gonna go over all this in a second when I show you on, and then that's basically the audio. So if I let it play, you'll hear the audio fast, and I don't actually think my this is my set up is not actually set up to record the audio here, so I wouldn't actually go. But basically, that's the audio file. And then what I did on top of that is I went ahead and I compiled all these pictures. So what are all these are is their pictures that I took all stop photo sites with simple transitions. And that's, you know, I'm show you how to actually do the transitions at second when we actually go through the process of creating the new video for you, which is three things that rich people don't have. Three things that rich people have that poor people don't. And we're gonna mile that tire video in this course for you. So you should. You see how I run through the process and you could learn by no demonstration and understand that. So just briefly, if I let this play really fast, you'll see what I mean by transitions, these little black things. And in here five kind of maximizes those air transitions to the next photo. You could do want both. I wanted to make a transition here. I'll show you that obviously, uh where you couldn't simply, you know, just put them on wise. I'm gonna be this because I don't know if you're hearing this, because I'm not sure if that's gonna record, but you'll see here as it goes to black here and there, transitions from photo, the photo. And that's basically you're doing. It's literally your spine compiling photos, dragging them to the how, how on that. How long on that piece of content essentially your photo is relevant for? And then you're transitioning from photo the photo. It's a really, really simple when I'm show you how to do all this in the next lecture. Actually, as we basically are sorry, it will be two lectures from now as we basically run through the entire process. But I'm gonna come up with this script for the three things that rich people have that poor people don't. So you can see and I'll compile a script just like this. And then I'll record that obviously off camera in between lectures in between the next lecture and lecture after that, and then we'll add that audio file on top so we could start compiling the editing. You know, to this 4. 4: Alright, guys. So in between lectures there to give you a good understanding of what I did, I outlined this entire thing and then I recorded it as audio. Now you can do this A number of different ways on Obviously, yours might not necessarily be motivational or things about rich people or things about successful people like these two examples. Obviously that's just what my YouTube channel is based around. It's pretty much it's called BG Media Innovation. I also have a personal one called My You know My name Brian. Vera. If you guys want, check me out, obviously go ahead and do that some great content on there. But basically what it is is it focuses on teaching people how to make morning online, you know, passive income, how to work from anywhere free yourself. And that's why I'm basically focusing on success and riches and stuff like that here with these edits. But like I said, years don't have to necessarily be these. They could be based around anything. That's just the examples that we're using here, you know, in the six, you know, this these two specific examples, but so what I did is I outlined these. Obviously, here's the three things that rich people do that poor people are that rich people have that poor people don't a believe that it's possible. We're sorry to one a belief that it's possible to they haven't run its mentality. Three They have a lease or, like focus. And then I literally just went through and recorded all this, you know, in the back. So what I did is I literally just recorded my screen on. Then I said it into the camera to get that, um, that audio and then upload that file so you could do that number of ways you not to see used o be. Yes, you can use screw CASS somatic and then just get the audio out of there where you can simply recorded with your mike as an audio file and then upload it. But then what you're gonna do is we're gonna wanna take it into the editor. So the very first thing they're gonna do is upload your audiophile or your video file for me. Specifically, it's gonna be a video file for you. It could be a video or an audio file. If you upload an audio file You don't really have to worry about. You know, let me just go through it and upload and I'll show you what real fast. So I put mine in YouTube and actually put this on YouTube, Channel three. Things that rich people have that poor people don't. And this is literally what I just recorded. You'll see that it's just me recording the screen. And if I don't meet this, I believe that it's possible, believe it or not, most people so you'll hear that I literally just recorded that. And that's what I basically use. But I don't want this video. So if you have audio, what you're gonna do is you're gonna wanna right click down here and at an audio track. You're also had a video track if you've put your audio in first, but for me specifically, I'm just gonna drag this down and it's gonna add a video track because it's a video, Then so what I'm gonna do on top of that and it's the same process for you. But if you drag it down first and audio might come toe a video track. So that's why I say, adding audio if you have audio, but the majority of you are probably just gonna record with your screen recording software . So what you're gonna do next is your gonna add a video track. So a video number to track and that's what we're actually going to use. And then you're gonna come down and you're gonna hide the visibility on this set on this first video so that nobody actually sees what's on it. But they still hear the audio greats and definitely give me good expensive. That's the simple first step. Now, the next thing that you're gonna wanna dio is I like to make sure that the beginning and the end of my clip is actually pretty good. So you don't want any like blank space there. So let's check the beginnings and the ends really fast and see if I need to call anything out. All right? I think that first ones all right, I don't worry about too much. Let's let's maximizes another little caveat to this bar right here. Were you minimize and maximize? We'll just move it over so you can see it a little bit better. I looked in moving around and you'll see how I can use that as we go on. But just use it. You know, if you wanted a little bit smarter, so you can see Thanks, fine. But it's just hard to work in the small spaces. You want a little bit bigger. You know, that's fine. But then you have to move the bar on the bottom over. As you kind of see on your timeline. I like to keep it in view here, and then I'll move it around as needed. So let's check the ending really fast and see if we need to cut anything out. Do you focus on education and improvement more than you focus on a team? It's important to do a genuine on it of yourself with these questions. And most importantly, are you ready to realize your potential and start transmitting into reality? Something to think about? So I'm gonna cut it right there because I actually going to put this on my YouTube channel on, and I have an out sure that I won't throw on at the end Red as that comes. So what? I'm gonna do that to cut that out and this goes for anything when you're cutting, is you're in a simply right click where that timeline bar is this top. This bar here is basically where you're at on your timeline and in your your, you know, on the editing process, and you're going to right click on that and split it at the play head. Now you're going to right, click on the right one and remove that match. Cut it toward the end so you'll see here that there's no more access blank space boots, Doc. So then what I'm gonna dio is I Then we need to figure out, compile some pictures. So if you scroll up and see that there's a video to that's blank video one that's muted so you can't see it the visibility wise. And then obviously we need to add pictures up here that mesh with what I'm saying. So where we gonna get these pictures? Like I said before, we're going to get them on our stock site, Correct. So I'm used Pecs was really fast, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna listen to what I actually say in the video and try to find pictures that match with that initially. So I'm gonna go all the way back to beginning in my timeline, and we're gonna listen to what I say. All right. Today we're talking about three things that rich people have that for people. Boom. So I stopped right there, and I'm actually going to go into Canada because that's our pen in there. And another little caveat here. Like I said initially, in the beginning of the course, if you're using instagram or you want to do this for INSTAGRAM stories, it's important. Use instrument posts for your design template, but for the majority of you, you're gonna be uploaded a video to, you know, whatever the case is and especially you tube, I always suggest using YouTube else. Now, when you get your pictures, you're gonna wanna always put them in Canada and resize onto YouTube thumbnails so that when you're in your actual editor, they're all the same size and name, and they blend well together as you do the transitions. If you have different sizes, the photos you might have a full screen photo and then as it transitions, that might be a smaller photo or a photo that cut on the edges. You want them all to be the same size. So I'll take you through that process as well. It's just something toe, remember, And something to think about. So I'm gonna get something, you know, success type in success and see what pops up. So, success, I'm gonna use this one and I'm free. Download it, right? Click Save the image as important success. Full people. Then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into YouTube are not YouTube to my thumbnail on candle, which is YouTube thumbnail. I'm gonna open that picture. So successful, people I'm dragging over and I'm gonna size it up. So it fits perfectly. I'm on the campus thumb now and you'll notice that it cuts it, cuts the rest of it out. That's why I suggest using those those templates cause they work well for you. Then I'm gonna add some text and you guys can actually play around with this. It's pretty self explanatory, But what? I want to get these three things like the title of this will be the first thing that they see. So I want three things that rich people have that poor people don't. So what I'm gonna type it is three things rich people. I have that or people don't. And then I always use this same color cause it works well for you to call ski, but it doesn't matter. You play around with colors as you want. I want to make this a little bit bigger. And like I said, all this self explanatory you can resize your images, use different tax, different sizes. It's up to you. Really. It's a bit too big, you know, use your judgment. You obviously understand what I'm saying, and I'm gonna put it right there. And then we're gonna use elements, and I always put like a shape is the background so you can see it a little bit better. You can take that and run with it if you want. I was using our money to channel, but you can You don't have to like you could make that that tax white make it black as long as you could see it's pretty much, you know, pretty so explanatory. And I trust the US kind of understand I'll do this. Most people have used camera, and if you haven't, you know, you don't understand it. Just drop me a question like we talked about before. I'd love to help you. So that's what it's gonna look like. And I'm to save it. Obviously, it's three things rich people have that poor people don't. If you want to change saying it has a different name, just click into this design title and then you could modify it. I'm gonna hit, Download? Yeah, as it downloads it will upload it into my shot guts. And now I'm gonna come in on file open file, and I'm gonna look for that picture that we saved. It might actually have been a download. Waas That was three things Rich people have the poor people upload this and see that it's a picture here. I'm gonna drag it down to the timeline and I'm gonna right click and remove the access in the beginning here. And I want it all the way to where we stopped it. Remember? Because that's when just to kind of go, you would go through and show you again. That's what where I want the That's where it stopped. Basically. All right, guys, today we're talking about three things that people have that poor people boom. And that was basically where I wanted to stop it because it resonates about photos from the drag it all the way over to that part of the timeline and then add a transition here slightly, which is basically all that is is this You wanna hover over the corner and you'll see that if you hover over the beginning, it comes up this little black dot that flashes. If you ever decide Comes with the little black Doctor flashes, just drag it out. Now you don't always drive it out too far. I like to mix and match. You could drive farther. You dragged out less. That's gonna put a little transition on this actual picture. 5. 5: Now let's listen to what I say next. They have a belief that it's possible, believe it or not, most people that Okay, so I'm gonna stop right there. I'm add another picture of belief. That's possible cause number one, Remember WAAS. They have a belief that's possible, so we'll go ahead and make belief that it's possible. So let's go back to pencils and we'll type in, and it's fine when that works. Well, make sure that you're up here on the free ones because they also try to sell. You sponsor photos, too. So I like to stick with the free because you don't necessarily need, uh, spend your money on the ones that cost money. So we'll check picks obey for belief. And I like to take a little bit of time fine lines that I like, because the photos air everything that there were. Well, you can't talk. They are what's going to capture your audiences Attention. Uh, not sure if this one's phenomenal or not, but we're gonna use it just for the sake of your show. So that was in levitation. And we're open levitation in Canada. Back in the canvas, find your feet you come there and I'm not gonna go through the entire editing thing with you because once I do it a couple times, I get it now finishes off screen and show you the finished product. But I think it's really important to show you a bunch of it as I go through. So I'm gonna go up loads. And I believe that was in downloads as levitation should be all the way down at the bottom Levitation open that. Like I said, it resize it. It's not very good. I'm actually gonna find a difference. That one's not very good photo quality. Let's go to try this one. Not, and that should download looking up and so get looking up. Drag that. That's a better quality photo. And then we're gonna put the text in like he said. So what was that? What was that? It waas a belief that it's possible. So number one, a belief that it's it's possible, and we're to make that same color as before. Just double 07 Resize that a little bit. So it's bigger and they can see it and drag it up here, actually humming, dragged down here and believe that it's possible. I'm also going to make these capitals that will make it look better. And then, like I showed you before and read it, you're not going to doing this for every single one you're just gonna be re sizing and re downloading them. But for me, specifically, I like to have that kind of like a title slide. When I first initially announced, you know, number one, I believe that's possible. So that's what I'm going through. Trouble U s, you couldn't take that run with it. If you want to do it, you know you can skip it if you want to do. It's really up to you and up to interpretation. But I'd like to do it personally, and that's why I'm going through that step with you. I think it's good. It kind of brings attention to the fact that you know, this is what you're coming over. You know, this is what they're here for. Number one Ah, belief that it's possible. That's what they came here to understand. So that's why I like to do that. I'm gonna go back in a shotgun. I am going to open it. Same as before, right, a belief that it's possible and I'm gonna put it in there. Remove that. And I believe that it was right here that we wanted to go to. But I'm not sure, so let's just check. Why does that look weird? Like it's not scale, but it's not just not all the way up and over. That's probably why. First inform us they have a belief that it's possible. Believe it or not, most people it desire in life are under the impression that, like this kind of game, I'm drank it too right about here because I think that that fits relatively well, maybe, maybe right about there. Then we're gonna add a transition on this side slightly and the transition on this side slightly. And then the next thing that you hear me say is life is like a game of cards kind of game of cards. They stopped up bed, hand, ultimately let them boom. So stop right there and then we're gonna find a hole. You know, cards. Life is like a game of cards. So back to pencils, cards, and we'll go with Yeah, I kind of like this one's going this three down the I see it as an image of this even discards go back into Canada. Now what we're gonna do is we're basically going to now You could do this multiple things at once and kind of, you know, shorten your your time, and that's what I do. But just for the sake of showing you guys, I want to kind of show you demonstrate how do this I'm gonna go in uploads, and we're gonna go through it here. So cards what you're looking for upload cards, resize it mass that update my resize it, download it and it was entitled, That's that's a title but will find it anyway. And once it's done, you guessed it. You're going right back into shock cut. And you are gonna open that file and you're gonna look for entitled, actually, about the title. It there is dragged down into the timeline and you want to speak fix, I believe let's find out where we wanted it are under the impression that, like this kind of game of cards, they stopped double bed and ultimately let them win the game very little about right there . And then we're gonna add, like I said. Transition transition. And this is basically what we have so far. All right, guys, today we're talking about three things that rich people have that for people. First and foremost, they have belief that it's possible. Believe it or not, most people that never see the richest a desire in life are under the impression that, like this kind of game of cards, they just got dealt bit and that ultimately let them with game. Therefore, they played, see, try to get the most out of set hand. In reality, life does feel it's all different hands. And, yes, some hands can be done. Could be a little bit more advantageous than others. Alright, I'll stop right there and get another card picture. And don't mind when you're watching this because it's just you can't see how it kind of looks like there's stuff like not filling the screen. It's because I'm not driving up and down on certain things on my computer screens a little bit bigger than then you. You know, most people's let's find another card is OK. I don't know if I like that morning. So what? This from this college gave cards, even though that person's finger early looks very, very strange to May. How about you guys card? And then we're gonna accept that. Go back here and now same process. Upload that, and this is like the most. This is the most difficult part of it. You know, it's not difficult. It's literally just, you know, that the trying process of continually re sizing photos, but it's pretty simplistic, and you asking, obviously do that. So received his own title again. Want not fun? And as soon as it's done loading, we are going to go through that again. Now I'm not gonna go through like I said, all this entire thing with you. I'll probably stop it after a couple more just to show you. And then I'll fill it all out myself. But I think it's important to kind of show you this process. Believe it or not, a lot of people think that this is difficult and that you know it's so hard to make these edits. But these picture at its are not that difficult to make. So let's do a couple more just to show it looks like this is done. Um, file file. I was entitled and tragedy. We track it down. So I remove that. Let's play it okay again or they played. See, try to get the most out of set. In reality, life does feel us all different hands And yes, some hands can meet up can be a little bit more advantageous than others. All right, that dragon all waited there. Boom, for a little transition on that, a little transition on that. And you can leave him like you don't need a transition on everything. Like you could leave like a transition off here just kind of makes it up to mix it up, but it's pretty self explanatory. So let's go through and do two more and then I'll obviously finish it off. I'll show you the final product of everything together, but that was pretty much It's literally that simple. And then, obviously, at the end of everything, once I get done, I'm gonna add my YouTube altro. But you are not gonna do that. Obviously you are. You know, unless you have an answer that by all means at it, I'm not gonna have my intro. He wanted to add your intro. You obviously would have added an intro before this, but, you know, pretty self explanatory 6. 6: So now let's go ahead and add two more before a jump off and you know, eventually the final product. When were they heading? To be quite honest, First step to becoming rich and successful is to believe that is possible. If you don't believe that these types of things are actually possible for you, you'll never begin to justify taking action. Need it to get you on the path or that. All right, so I'm gonna get a belief that it's possible and action things, too. So let's get another belief and then some action. Try to be this time hands high mountain track, mountain climbing. I think that climb ings because that's kind of conveys that. You know, this apartment is like looking up yesterday. A lot of people climbing mountains have like that good picture they're saving Now. I don't think I cite Mountain right. It definitely did spell that right. But oh, well, that's life offloads, and we'll go to mountain just go back because I know in type that right and then drag resize it, just like before downloaded as untitled. Let's go back and find one more off. All right, use this. I don't know if I like the quality that picture. So let's avoid that one. And maybe we'll go where this one Yeah, let's go down. And I want those except this arm one more. Who are you here? And I believe I see that as actions upload it, resize it, tracking over download it is entitled. And then we're gonna add the 1st 1 in there because the 1st 1 Waas Like I said, the mountain one which is right there, jack down. Remove that. Add a little bit of, ah, transition there contagious than others. But that doesn't mean you can't wait with the head. To be quite honest, the first step to becoming rich and successful is to believe that is possible if you don't that these times that things are actually that is possible, all right. I'm Dragon to believe that it's possible. So I think that that's a transition point. Now we're gonna add the other on which is the other entitled one which waas this one and let's figure out where that ends possible. If you don't believe that these types of things are actually possible for you, you'll never begin to justify taking action. It to get you for that. And as always, you guys want to better understand how to train your mind for success. Check that personal discretion. All right, so I'm gonna drag this a little bit further. Um, and hold on one more second. If you don't believe that these things that things are actually possible for you, you'll never begin to justify TV, actually, get you all right, stop right there. And I'm a drag because that's perfect. And then actually gonna add a slight transition. And it's bigger transition. Why not? And then what I am going to do is one more is the link in the description. So I'm gonna go ahead and actually make this real fast with you. Because why not then that would be the perfect transition point because they were on the number two, which is right about here. And I'm gonna bore you with doing two and three on the actual camera. You know, here with you waste more of your time. But I didn't want to show, you know, just one sequence of its Let's just finish this off once and for all. Right back into you to come now. Kind like this one right here. I think that's a pictures. Yet it's succeed. Let's use this. I will say go with this. Taxes have to program because that's the name of the course and promoting hot program your mind for success, Of course. And make that a little bit bigger. A little bit resize like that down here. Ah, switched this Double seven BB. So many people are gonna steal my colors now, Uh, finish this guy off right here. And actually, I'm going to kind of make this middle. Well, what's happening? Range back. Track it like and then a little bit lower. Senator, this there, Waas There we go. And then we'll fix this like we always do, like right there. And then we're gonna get some Paris here because I love the errors that down. And I know I have him on here already. This is none of this is really relevant, You guys, I just want to show you the final product at a second. So one sack where we at me, You know, there's arrows here. They're down blue hours or their side blue errors. That works too. That all right there? We go down with this and further on the end of the course that should be titled How to program your mind for success. I'm gonna go back and shot, cut and open this up and then play. You know, obviously the that in its entirety for you not sit downloads cama. But that's, you know it is free software on then where was that was? That was how to program your mind, how to program your mind for success and were attracted right there. And finish this bad boy often see? And as always, you want better understand how to train your mind for success. Check that first. No hurts you hasn't. Let's get it right there now lets you have a boom and then were dragged there and we're don't. And then the next thing I say is check that first link in the description. Right? So basically what that is is right here. I'm gonna start with just like number one, like we kind of uploaded. You know, this this number one, I think our belief that's possible. Number two will be right here. And then I'll add more focus that irrelevant all the way to get to number three and more photos that irrelevant. It's literally that simple. So let's go through and pretend that you obviously can see, um, zoom too much there, we got a little bit better. This goes you 50 100 so big. Let's go Soon 50 and watched the entire thing grow fast as the first, like 54 seconds up until what we did. So here we go. All right, guys. Today I'm talking about three things that people have that for people. First and foremost, they have belief that it's possible. Believe it or not, most people that never see the richest desire in life are under the impression that, like this kind of game of cards, they just got dealt a bad hand up. Ultimately let them win the game. Therefore, they played safe. Try to get the most out of set, and in reality, life does feel us all different hands. And yes, some hands can be can be a little bit more advantageous than others. But that doesn't mean you can't play with, to be quite honest, the first step to becoming rich and successful is to believe that it's impossible if you don't believe that these times that things are actually possible for you. You'll never begin to justify taking action. Eat it to get you on the pact for them. And as always, you guys want to better understand how to train your mind for success. Check that. First it hurts you. Boom. There you have it. Then we'll be on the number two, obviously on. That's pretty much the editing process, in a nutshell. Pretty self explanatory. A lot easier than the majority of people think. With that being said, we're gonna end it here. I would, you know, typically fill the rest of this out. But I'm not a video camera and waste your time s so I will see in the next lecture. 7. 7: alright, guys. So hopefully you enjoyed that walk through of how I basically put that at it together. Now if your interest all right, guys, today I want to talk to you about three things that rich people have that poor people don't . First and foremost, they have a belief that it's possible. Believe it or not, most people that never see the richest they desire in life are under the impression that life is some kind of game of cards. And they just got dealt a bad hand that won't ultimately let them win the game. Therefore, they play it safe and try to get the most out of said hand. In reality, life does deal. It's all different hands. And yes, some hands can be can be a little bit more advantageous than others. But that doesn't mean you can't win with the hand you're dealt. To be quite honest, the first step to becoming rich and successful is to believe that it's possible If you don't believe that these types of things are actually possible for you, you'll never begin to justify taking the action needed to get you on the path toward them and, as always, If you guys want a better understanding of how to train your mind for success, check that first. Like a description. Number two. They have an abundance mentality. Rich people know that there's an abundance of wealth in the world. Poor people often come from the mindset that there's only a certain size pie, so to speak. And then everybody in the world is fighting for their slice. They're under the impression that those were a bigger slice of pie has somehow stolen away more of a portion that was potentially meant for them. Well, this could view for the further from the truth. Stop thinking in terms of scarcity and start looking at the world is having an abundance of the things you desire, whatever they might be, and you just might begin to notice them more often. After our way, we tend to get what we focus on in life, and we've all heard the example of the person who wants that board expedition as their new car, right only to realize that once they drive it off the lot, everybody seems to be driving a Ford expedition. Well, the truth is that there's cars when they're all along. They're just noticing them more now because they're more focused on them. Makes sense and sound familiar. Number three. A laser like focus. Now this one might rub some people the wrong way. I get that, but hear me out. It's not that poor people are unsuccessful. People are incapable of being focused. Its that they choose to focus on the wrong things. Most people are more concerned with what Kim Kardashian just named attempt baby. Then what can actually help them get an edge in life Now balance could be a good thing here in there. I'm not saying you have to be. Some kind of shrew only cares about working and improving 24 7 It can be good to take breaks and definitely can be good to spend some time with loved ones doing fun things here and there. After all, life is for enjoying. But be cognizant, spending your finance amount of time on things that aren't adding any value to your life. Instead of sitting down and watching keeping up with the Kardashians. Spend at 30 minutes learning a new skill and set up waking up in watching SportsCenter, for example, for an hour spend that hour watching tutorials on how to better be better at your job. It's the little things like that that add up over time, and rich people are laser like focus on the pursuit of their goals. For instance, if their goal is becoming the best photographer in the world's you know, for example, you better believe that a great majority of their free time is spent on learning how to improve their photography skills. The differences. They don't see it as work. They see it as something that's going to get them one step closer to realising their dream . So I ask you, what's the difference between a rich person and yourself? Do you think that wealth is even possible for you? Do you think in terms of abundance or scarcity? Do you focus on education and improvement more than you focus on entertainment? It's important to do a genuine on it of yourself with these questions, and most importantly, are you ready to realize your potential and start transmitting into reality? Something to think about