How to Edit Drone Photos Like a Pro in Adobe Lightroom | Edin Chavez | Skillshare

How to Edit Drone Photos Like a Pro in Adobe Lightroom

Edin Chavez, Changing the world one photo at a time.

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Camera Settings And Format

    • 3. How to Keep The Develop Module Organized

    • 4. The Basic Panel

    • 5. Lens Corrections

    • 6. Details

    • 7. Tone Curb


About This Class

In this class, we will get into editing drone images without over-doing it. We will cover camera settings, and dive deep inside of Adobe Lightroom to finish off your epic creations. 

This course is for anyone from beginners to pros. I use these techniques to edit all my drone images. 

Follow this course and start editing drone images like the pros do. 





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Edin Chavez

Changing the world one photo at a time.

I am a Commercial Photographer based out of Miami Beach Florida. Some of my clients include Nikon, National Geographic, Corona, iHeart Radio, Volvo, Curtis Stone, Andrew Zimmern...

I have had the honor and pleasure to work with some incredible people in the industry and my love for the art continues to grow. I teach photography workshops across the glove and share what I know with others. 

Thanks to Skillshare now I can help more people across the glove with one platfo...

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