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How to Easily Speed up Your WordPress Site With These Tricks

teacher avatar Mirsad Hasic, Systemintegrator/Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Why a Fast WordPress Site is Crucial

    • 2. The Initial Speed Test of Your Site

    • 3. How to Find a Fast Webhost for Your Site?

    • 4. How to Select a Fast Framework for Your Site?

    • 5. How to Optimize Your Database With This Tool

    • 6. Why You Must Remove Plugins That Your Are Not Using

    • 7. Why You Must Control The Revision of Your Posts & Pages

    • 8. Why You Must Optimize Your Cache on Your Site

    • 9. How to Quickly Optimize Your Images to Render Faster

    • 10. The Final Speed Test of Your Site

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About This Class

Why You Must Have a Fast Loading Site…

According to several studies, over 50 percent of people will abandon your WordPress site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load!

If you re not convinced, you should know that a site that loads slower than 3 minutes should be prepared on those results:

  • 40% fewer page views
  • 60% higher bounce rates
  • 40% lower conversions.

This is something that many webmasters forget about as they tend to believe that if the site looks good, then it pretty much servers its purpose.

Don’t be one of those, instead, optimise your site to run like a well oiled engine and watch your visitors, earnings and search engine rankings rise to the top!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mirsad Hasic



Mirsad teaches you in a simple to understand way so that you can avoid experiencing the same frustrations as he did.

Mirsad doesn't promise you the world, but what he does promise you is that if you follow his tips and advice, you will reach your goals, guaranteed!

His courses are easy to follow and he does his best to explain difficult topics in an easy to understand way.

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1. Why a Fast WordPress Site is Crucial: hi and welcome to this class. If you have ever come across a slow loaning sight, I'm sure you have experience it a lot of frustration and anger because you felt that the Web master or the creator off that specific site was just wasting your precious time. You can be pretty sure that potential customers that arrived to your site and if your site is loading really slow, they are going to be really frustrated, angry, and in most cases they will never return to your site because of this. So, in other words, this could cost you a lot of potential customers and in the end, a lot of money. So what? This actually are slower website. Well, several sources reports that at least 50% of people consider aside being slow if it takes more than three seconds to load, so you have less than three seconds in order to convince that Mr to stay on your site food or more. Several studies have also pointed out that if your site loads one second slower, then you can pretty much lose up to 20% off your potential customers. So, in other words, to summarize this, it is really crucial to understand that your site need to load us fast as possible in order to maintain your potential customers and then turn those potential customers in tow paying customers, which will lead eventually to more money and more earnings for you. So I ready to join this class. Just hit the enroll button and you inside. 2. The Initial Speed Test of Your Site: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to initially ran a test on my site by using the Googles Page speed tool and see what parts I can improve on it. And later, when we're done with this class, I'm going to run this test again in order to see whether I have improved the certain parts that the stool has pointed out. So the your lt to the stool is https Devil operas start google dot com slash speed slash page speed. So the first thing you need to do is to click on the run insights and here you're gonna enter your your l. So let's just end to read, all right? And next thing we need to do is to click on, analyze Let's do that. All right, So the tool is analyzing or your l. And they should not take much time. If your site small, however it if it is a bigger side, then this might take a while so you can see that we have several different errors that you need to fix. We, for example, me to leverage brochure cashing with your server response tie optimized image men, If I see assess and this one up here. Eliminate. Render blocking JavaScript. Asi assess in above the full content is something we really need to fix, So this is crucial. Why? This should be something we need to consider fixing. So, speed this 71 out of 100. It is not great. I want to have it. At least 90 out of 100 have ever. It is a good start, so I'm gonna show you how we can fix this later anyway. User experiences. 99 out of hundreds. So we need to just fix a small thing. Sidestep targets appropriately, so I'm not gonna dig into that now, But I'm going just to focus on the side speed. And this is for the mobile version. Let's check out the desktop version here. You can see that the speed is actually false. There, 82 out of 100. However, it's just pretty much the same things us for the mobile version that we need to fix in orderto have the site around faster. All right, so this is basically a tool that I'm going to use for this class. And as I said in the end of this class, I'm going to run the stool again in order to see whether I have improved my side speed by implementing two different tools that I'm going to cover in this class. So stay tuned, seeing the next lecture. 3. How to Find a Fast Webhost for Your Site?: hi. In this lecture, I'm going to discuss hope you can find a fast Web host for less money Before I do that. I just want to mention that it doesn't matter how much you optimize your WordPress site if you are running it on a slow bedpost. Simply put, a slow Web post means a slow website. So while brainstorming around the Net, I have found a site that claims to provide on UNB, aced reviews off the different Web hosts, and here you can see that it has listed basically the 10 most popular Web hosts, and whole fast they are. I'm sure you can find other tests around the Web that shows you the different results have ever. I just want to show you how it can look and what you should look for. So basically the most different factors are the page, speed and up time. And here you can see that host Gator is actually a little bit ahead off the Blue host, which I use for my sites. And I have never had any complaints about those guys since I signed them up for the services years ago, and we have also the support which is also important as well. And my personal experiences that support on Blue Host is great. However, in this case, this guy stayed that the response took almost 35 hours, which is really bad. So this is something to consider. But as I said, I would just look for page beat and up time because Paige speed, which you can see in the green here, basically means that it is a reasonable page bead, which is just about the three seconds that I discussed earlier in this class. So just us our reminder you have maximum three seconds in order to convince a news or potential customer in order to stay on your site. So three seconds is just fine. So which Web host are you gonna choose? Well, you will get a different answer depending on who you ask, Really, People are going to tell you that blue hosted best whole skater is on also my Web host. The name cheap is really, really great, etcetera. However, you need to make your own research and check the UN based reviews in order to make the best decision. However, if you listen to me, I will go ahead and choose the blow holes because I have never had any bad experience with this Web host. And one off my site that receives over 2500 uniquely steps per day has actually never been slow as long a cycle, Remember? And it has bean on the blue host for almost 10 years. All right, so this was basically about how you can choose a fast lap host. Stay tuned. There is a lot more to come. 4. How to Select a Fast Framework for Your Site?: in this lecture, I'm going to talk about the war press frameworks and hold. They operate. So what? This actually on war press framework? Well, it's simply put of all press framework is basically a collection off different, very Sabra template files, template tags and also other basic components that make the basic buildings blocks off. Ah, specific war president. One of the top reasons for why war press frameworks are developing constantly and maintain it is to help that site ominous. Like you and me speed up their new sites or or presidents. So here I have found a needle source for that monster who have actually put a lot of time in tow testing the different frameworks, checked their speed and hold his sight, actually operates under each of those. So you can see that he has tested seven different frameworks, and most of those are really popular, such as Genesis. And the wood beams, for example, just meant you if you personally, if I waas recommending a specific framework, I will recommend Genesis. I have been using Genesis for a long time, and it has working really well for me. In this case. You can see actually that the little time of Genesis is almost one second. Why the framework headway is almost five times but faster than the genesis. Anyway, As I said, depending on who you ask and which studies you find, that compares a different frameworks. You are always going to get a different answer. So it is pretty much like asking someone about Well, do you think apples are more tasteful than peaches? This is always going to be a different answer, and I'm going to leave this up to you in order to decide which framework is either for your needs. All right, so that was a little bit about frameworks and how you can pick either one again. Make sure you make your own decisions and test the several frameworks. Because if someone states that are specific, framework is grateful site, it doesn't have to mean that it is. Actually, it'll so make your own research best things and then drove up your own conclusions on what works best for your needs. All right, so that was it about the framework. Stay tuned. There's a lot more to come See you next 5. How to Optimize Your Database With This Tool: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to show you haul to optimize your daughter base in orderto have your site around faster. The daughter base is basically running in the back end off your site and its handling all the logon requests browsing to recite the comments of mission etcetera. So if the daughter basis running slowly, then naturally your site is going to load slowly as well. There is one plug in that time using in order to solve this. And this begin is really handsome and work. Great. So I'm gonna go over to the plug ins here. As you can see, I'm logging inside my war press at me dashboard. So you should be familiar with this before you start messing around with plug ins and I'm gonna click on add new here. I'm going to search for a plug in named WPP off the mice and I'm gonna hit, enter and see what it brings back. All right, So here's the plug in. There are four different perimeters that I always look for. When it comes to the world, press begins, the 1st 1 is the amount of reviews. So here you can see that it has almost 380 stars. Fire After five, which tells all Stars DC's a potential greet begin. It has over 500,000 active installs, also great as well. Last updated four months ago, and it is comfortable with told version for press. So you want the plug in to have a least four out of five stars, have a lot of activity stalls, be updated frequently and also comfortable. A bit version for press. So let's go ahead and click on Install now, and it should be done in a few seconds. All right, and let's reconnect begin in order to be able to use it. So as soon as I click on activate, I'm gonna be able to use that. Begin someone scroll down here and see if I can find it there. We have it develope optimized, so let's click on settings. We can also click on the WP optimized here, where we can see other options. A spell. However, I'm not going to covered that initially now, so let's go back first, and here we can set the general settings, for example, how long you want to retain the selected weak state and remove any garbage later before that period. This will also affect out a clean a process. I'm gonna click on keep last two weeks here, Rick and the enable at Minbar Link and this option will basically put the double p optimize Leaned on the top, had me more. The fault is off someone. I like that one as well. You can select to track back comments, actions so here can disabled or enabled track backs. And when I just click on disabled and here you can also disabled or enabled track backs on all their current and previously published posts, I'm gonna also click Disable here as well. You can also enable schedule cleanup and optimization Disa beta future in this specific version off this plug in. So I'm gonna click that this well every week, and you can also select the different options if the automatic cleanup schedule has been enabled. So I'm gonna removed unapproved comments and removed transparent options as well and say old clean settings. All right, so we have also the table so swell here and you can see pretty much whole big those tables are I would not suggest you start to mess around with tables in the MySQL database because you can easily mess up a lot of things. Let's click on the on in four, and here I am able to see documentation about to begin and optimizer. If you click on it, you will see that we can pretty much achieve the same thing. My clicking here groupie optimize and you can see the initial cleanup options, for example, removed transient options. Treasures Options are marked clearly created by what breasts are like this option for have a large number transient. All right, you can also remove being backs. Remove track backs clean post, meet the doctor, clean comment pathologically or from a relationship daughter warning. You can see that we do not select red market. He thinks they might have unexpected results. In my case, I know what this is all about. So I'm gonna just choose to remove tensions. Options have ever in your case. I recommend it to take a look at the documentation before you select all of those, because that could eventually mess up other things on your side. So what I will suggest it to do on Lee if you want to stay on the safe side. Easter's choose just optimised database tables and difficult come process. This would basically optimize your table so you will stay on the safe side and you do not need to select or enable any off the other options. So this is up to you to research this toe even more and see how it can help your site. I'm just showing you what it is possible to achieve by using it. So stay tuned. There's a lot more to come see you next. 6. Why You Must Remove Plugins That Your Are Not Using: in this lecture, I'm going to talk about why it is crucial to remove the plug ins that you are not using. It is important to understand that even if you have not activated specific plug ins, they are still going to slow your site a little bit because those files are going to be read each time someone tries to access your site. So if we go over to the plug ins and click on install plug ins, I'm going to see Old begins that time using on my site. And honestly, I can easily remove several of those. And I'm sure, by air moving ghost begins, I'm goingto be able to speed up my sight a little bit. So your task is to go true. Each of those plug ins that you have installed on your site and basically asking the question they actually need this played for each per game that removed. You can be pretty sure that you are going toe. Increase the speed off your site a little bit. Sure, you might not be able to increase the speed by seconds. However, in the end, those begins that you remove are going to contribute to the oral speed off your side and that lead to speed my decide whether you're going to earn some money or loose money. So make sure you go through all your pro gains and check for those that you actually don't need. I'm going to leave this up to you because I do not know what begins you're actually using and what begins you could remove. You know what? Increase the speed of your site, So dig into it and see you in the next lecture. Stay tuned. 7. Why You Must Control The Revision of Your Posts & Pages: Hi. In this lecture, I'm to talk about why you need to remove drops off your posts and pages in order to speed up your site. So if you go over to the posts and click on all posts were going to be able to see all the polls that I have created in the past, if we click on the drops, you can see that they are actually four posts in draft mode. This basically means that those four posts are going to take up space on my server, and if they are actually image heavily, they are going to take up even more space. So by having a lot of different posts in the drafts moved, you're going to slow down your site a little bit. So it is a good practice to go over to the drops and remove all of those troughs that you find here and basically just moved into trash. So when when this is done, you're going to increase the speed off your site a little bit. Same goes for the pages overthrew, paid your sin. Click on all pages here, you can see that I actually don't have any pages in the draw mode, which is great, so we don't need to mess around with this. However, in your case, I'm sure that you can find at least few pages in the drop, Mort. So while this can be sold it manually, you can also solve this by using up again. So if we go little plug ins and click on install begins here, I'm going to search for a pretty named WP Relation controls. I'm gonna click on that new here, and I'm going to search for the WP or official Control. That's tender seem, but it brings back, All right, so here it is. Personally, I will not install this plug in. I'm sure you're wondering why. Well, simply because it has four out of five stars and this doesn't have to mean that the prettiness bet. However, it has only four stars, which means that only four people have bothered to rate it. It has over 2000 active installs. It was last opted you months ago and competently television or press. I'm gonna just click on this plug in and show you how it looks. It is up to you to decide whether you would like to use it or not. In my case, I will just stay away from it because I consider that this can be pretty much easily sold manually. However, if you have a side that Passover thousands off posts and pages, then this begin might be useful so you can read that it'll loves you. Use it to control how many revisions or store for each support opposed type. And no longer must you rely on the double people's traditions constant, which applied universally. So I'm not going to install this plug, Injustice said at the moment, because I do not considered the necessary. But in your case, you're free to do so and install it and play around. All right, so that was it for this lecture. Stay tuned. See you next. 8. Why You Must Optimize Your Cache on Your Site: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to show you home. You can improve the cash off your site, and by doing that, you're going to instantly be able to increase the speed of your site a spell in order to do so, I'm going to use our beginning That is really popular among the web masters. I'm gonna click on install begins and here I'm gonna click on add new next. I'm going typing WP Super cash and he tender Let's see what it brings back. All right, so here this over 900 stars, 4.5 out of five stars, one million active installs Last update six months ago and competently tele version for press. So I'm gonna go over and install displaying immediately, and I'm gonna click on Activate plugging and down here I'm gonna locate the begins for Let's see WP Super Cash charities and let's click on settings. So what this program is going to do is to take your Petri files and generate HTML files from them. He returned. This is going to speed up your site because PHP files are always more heavier than the HTML files because they are always generated each time our specific Mr Arised your site while the HTML files can be put into the cash and be loaded really faster without need to call the different functions that are off the located in the PHP files. Any me? If this sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, then don't fear PHP isa programming language. And it is not something that you can learn in just a few hours. Anyway, we do not need to focus on that right now. I'm gonna just show you how this works. So you see here that we have the cashing off default? What we need to do is to click on here, cashing on, recommended and then click on updates. Status. However, you can see that our service conficker to show files and directories which may explain sensitive data such a slogan. Coast cookies. Two Attackers in the cache directories. So this has to be fixed it by adding a file name index html teach directory. So I basically need to do some work before I can have this work. Have every new case. If you're lucky enough, you are going to be able to get around this and be able to use this plugging immediately so you can see that it has several different types as well. And one easy Tabas. Well, and if you click on it, you're basically taking to the same. They just us you were previously on you have advanced. Said something I will not recommend you do. Before you have read the documentation, you have the sea, then also something that can mess up things. Contents. You have the pre load plug ins and finally have to did the bug. The bark basically means that you can about the different parts off your site in order to locate the different pitfalls that you can improve. And this is something that this out of the scope of this lecturing class I'm not going to dig into it right now. So basically, you just need to enable the cashing on your site. Just decided here and then just hold your terms that it works. If it doesn't work, then make sure you followed steps out line up here, which I'm going to do next in order to make this work. All right, so that's it for this lecture. Stay tuned. See? Next 9. How to Quickly Optimize Your Images to Render Faster: in this lecture, I'm going to show you an easy way to optimize and render your images faster on your website by simply installing up again has really workable for me. During all of those years that I have been using for press, I'm gonna go over to the plug ins and click on install plug ins here. I'm gonna click at new just us. I did in the previous lectures. And finally, I'm gonna enter the name of this pregnant bitches doublet piece mush. So here is the plug in that I was talking about. It has over 2000 stores by ultra five 500,000 active installs last up to two weeks ago and competent little version for press. So it is a great begin, and I'm going to go ahead and install it immediately. So let's click install now, and I'm gonna click on, activate a plug in, and once it has been activated, I'm gonna be taken to do plug in settings immediately and you can see that automatic smashing is enabled. Nearly upload image will be automatically compressed. However, we can also click on the recheck images and resize savings. I'm gonna click on enable here and right and are setting has been updated and, let's see, read Czech images. So it is going to retract old images that can be folder. Optimize it, and it is useful after changes settings. You see also that we have over 76 images that need smashing. Much is basically the way telling us that we need to optimize those images in order to be rendered faster. The drawback with this begin is that it can actually smash 50 images with each click. So let's click on box mush images and let's see what happens. So it is basically running in the background. So here's total savings. You are going to be able to see the total amount of savings that it has saved us on our observer and indirectly optimized our site around Foster's. I'm going to just let this run and come back to it later when it is done. So take a coffee or something and stay tuned. So this is basically how it looks, and all off the images has been smashed and you'll basically need to click the several times because in the pre version, you can't actually smash more than 50 images per time. So I have saved almost one megabyte off the image. Space size savings almost just over 500 kilobytes. And you can see that pro savings actual estimates that I can say 1.7 megabytes. I'm not going to upgrade the probe because I do not consider it be necessary. However, if you have aside to beat, let's say, thousands off images, then you might want to consider upgrading to pro, and you can see that you can even try for free. Anyway, I'm gonna leave that up to you. And this is basically how have you optimize your images in order to make the Miranda faster ? And by doing that, you're also going to indirectly make your sight faster as well. That does it for this lecture. Stay tuned. See you next. 10. The Final Speed Test of Your Site: hi. In this lecture reaches also the last lecture off this class. I'm going to around the test that we did initially in the beginning, off this class and see how much I have improved by implementing the different tricks that I have shared with you in this class before I do. So I just want to share to more plug ins that I have discovered. That works really great. And I really recommend it to install those. I'm gonna go over to install begins, and I'm gonna show you those begins there already installed on my site. The 1st 1 is named out Optimize and it to basically optimize your website. Con captain ate the CSS and JavaScript code and also compress it. The other one is the double the tree total cash. It is another great begin. And it is also the highest rated and most complete war press performance. Begin The developer state that if you dramatically improve the speed and user experience off your site, if you add browser page object and database cashing a swell Esme Unified and content delivery network cdn tore Press. I have really discovered some great improvements by installing those to plug ins, especially the double the tree total cash. So what I'm gonna do is to run that page speed test again and see how much I have improved . So let's go over to that test again. All right? I'm going to run the stool against I'm gonna click around insights, and here I'm gonna pace my Ural right on, literally can analyze and he see what happens. All right, so 89 after hundreds. So what this means is that we are in the Green Zone and you can spot this by seeing this little green icon both for mobile and desktop version. If we click on the desktop, you can see even that we have, ah, higher rating. There are other things that we should consider fixing that a list on down here. But I do not considered those being really necessary at the moment. As I say, if you get a score like this, then you should be really satisfying, because then you know that your site is well optimized both for your vistors and also search engine spiders as well. This is something that I forgot to mention in this class. And it basically means that the fastidious itis, the more likely it is going to run higher in the search and your results because search engines paid attention to those sites that run faster compared to decides that Iran Slover . So the faster the site is, the more likely you are going to get higher rankings in the search engine results. All right, I hope you enjoyed watching this class and what I have demonstrated. Also, if you really enjoy it, then please rated as well. Thank you for watching.