How to Draw the Perfect Human Kidney Anatomy and Physiology" | Sharomena Aarthi | Skillshare

How to Draw the Perfect Human Kidney Anatomy and Physiology"

Sharomena Aarthi, Bio-Medical Engineer

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11 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction to the class - What's Inside? Explore More

    • How to draw outer layer of kidney?

    • How to draw Renal Cortex?

    • How to draw REnal Pyramids?

    • How to draw Calices?

    • How to draw Renal Pelvis?

    • How to draw Arteries and Veins?

    • How to draw Fibrioles?

    • How to draw the complete structure of Kidney?

    • How to draw Arteries and Veins connecting both kidney?

    • How to mark Parts Perfectly?


About This Class

Drawing is a skill that is acquired as well as developed and this class is designed to give you the knowledge that you need to draw better at it. In this class, ANATOMY OF KIDNEY is explained in a simple and effective way through step by step teaching mechanism.

It includes a highly systematic approach combined with an intuitive teaching mechanism and hence you will not face any difficult situation while learning.

Sometimes, you may be an expert in drawing, but you will not know the concept or purpose behind it. Here, I have guided you on a right way, where you can learn the concept on the go, while drawing. For instance, once you complete this class, you will not only learn How to draw the anatomy of kidney, but will also learn Physiology i.e. functioning of heart.

You may be thinking on What will you learn after completing this class?

After completing all my classes, you will learn

  • How to draw anatomy of kidney perfectly?
  • How to mark parts perfectly?
  • How to indicate blood flow directions within a kidney in a right way?
  • What is the function of kidney?
  • What is kidney made up of? - i.e. all about arteries and veins






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Sharomena Aarthi

Bio-Medical Engineer

I have started my professional journey in the year of 2007 by joining Bachelors degree in the stream of Bio-Medical. I am more passionate about learning the functions and anatomy of human body and at the same time I had an interest on designing some devices which could assist human. So my combined passion on electronics and medical field made me choose Biomedical Engineering.

During my course of study I have presented more papers and projects and also rewarded for the same. It encourag...

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