How to Draw the Head from Every Angle - Part Three | Nina Rycroft | Skillshare

How to Draw the Head from Every Angle - Part Three

Nina Rycroft, Picture Book Illustrator

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8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Drawing the Head on the X-Axis

    • 3. Drawing the Head on the Y-Axis

    • 4. Drawing the Head on the Z-Axis

    • 5. Facial Expression on the X-Axis

    • 6. Facial Expression on the Y-Axis

    • 7. Facial Expression on the Z-Axis

    • 8. To Finish


About This Class

The third and final instalment of 'How to Draw the Head from every Angle' is where all your hard work pays off!

This class applies and builds on what you learnt in Part One and Part Two by drawing your characters’ head from every possible angle then, bringing your character to life by layering-in facial expression.

The valuable reference that you create in this class is guaranteed to save you hours of time and potential mistakes when moving forward with any project.


Part One focused on the basic structure of the head, applying the information to your own character.

Part Two saw you transform your character sketches into a 3D model.

Part Three will give you the opportunity to get fully acquainted with your character by drawing the head on the X, Y and Z axis.

Putting the effort in at this end, will guaranteed to free you up when it comes to illustrating your character for a story. After completing this series, you will truly know your character and start moving away from the practicalities of how to draw your character correctly, to feeling confident enough to focus on expression and artistic style.

In this class you will need

  • your 3D model
  • a led pencil, a conté pencil (optional)
  • a blue coloured pencil
  • an eraser
  • a sharpener
  • a smudge stick (optional)
  • a long ruler
  • a large sheet of paper (I used an A2 pad of bank paper)

If you’d like to recap, here is the link to 

How to Draw the Head from every Angle – Part One

How to Draw the Head from every Angle – Part Two

With more than a dozen picture books published world-wide my character development series teaches every aspect of character design. Whether you’re thinking about self-publishing, designing a one off character for a project or illustrating a publication. Work your way up through all of my classes for support, inspiration and to up-skill or re-fresh your illustration style.

See you in class J





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Nina Rycroft

Picture Book Illustrator

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Hi! I'm Nina Rycroft, a picture book illustrator. I worked as a graphic designer in Sydney and London before turning my hand to illustration, with my first picture book Little Platypus received a CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia) Notable Book Award in 2000. Since then, I've had more than a dozen picture books publ...

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