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How to Draw the Earth and the Moon - Spacescape Painting

teacher avatar Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. Drawing the Moon

    • 5. Drawing the Earth Part 1

    • 6. Drawing the Earth Part 2

    • 7. Drawing the Earth Part 3

    • 8. Drawing the Stars

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn to draw the Earth and the Moon from scratch, using colored pencils and markers. For this artwork, I use Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, but I always mention the colored pencil by Polychromos Faber-Castell as an alternative, so if you have these pencils, you can also follow along. Anyway, any other medium can be used to create this drawing: watercolor, pastels, oil paint, acrylic, or whichever else you have and prefer.

Join the class, and let's create something beautiful!


Meet Your Teacher

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Jasmina Susak

Pencil Artist


My name is Jasmina Susak. I am a self-taught, graphite and colored pencil artist, author of many how-to-draw books and eBooks, innovator and art teacher.

I want to share my drawing skills with anyone who wants to draw because I am convinced that everyone is able to draw; only patience, right guidance, and inspiration is needed.

Take my classes, get inspired and enjoy learning!


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1. Intro: 2. Tools: Okay, let me show you what I'm going to use for days drawings that was used this paper by for Briana Bristol. It's very thick and durable paper, and I use it for both colored pencils and graph advances, and I'll abusing Prisma Color Premier Color pencils. These are wax based color pencils, and I also often makes them up with the current dash. Luminous, which are also likes paged so they work well together and they can be blended together. So they are both high quality, professional great color pencils. And so this pencils are really soft and their colors can be easily spread on the paper. So both luminous and Prisma car Web space and there were good for blending, burnishing layering. So prison color Premier provides talent off 150 colors, which is a really great deal because the more callers you have, the easier job you will have. I will be using this. The markers by unit Posca. I like any Posca markers because they're really high quality markers and bake, and this marker is chisel shaped, and when you bite in one, it won't have any Inc and its step. So you just push it downwards until you see that it has failed and then you can use it. It is very good for coloring the background. It's a bit more expensive than the chief markers, but I think it's better to buy one distin 23 bad quality markers for the same amount of money. So if you want to make your work enjoyable, I recommend these markers also have blow one and, of course, white. Also choose shape and smaller dip This one about one millimeter, I think. And I also have, uh, watch in gel pen and jelly roll so you can purchase any of these things were very good for adding highlighted bards, like very small highlights over the drone areas so they can be easily applied over the colored pencils. And I'll be using good drawing compass and a roller. 3. Sketching: Oculus draw the earth in the moon. And for this we have to create two circles, one bigger and one smaller. But we have to make them a relative to each other. So the moral is about 27% the size of the earth, which means that almost four damage or the moon can fit into the amateur of the earth again seeing this image. So this is how big our moon has to be. And just take a measure with your drawing compass and draw one circle for the moon. And I want to drop the moon in the upper right hand corner. And now let's call her the whole background with a black color. I'm using the chisel shaped marker bite unit. Posca, which is pretty wide, is eight millimeter wide, and you can see that I can cover the areas faster. So we have to cover everything except for the inner area off these two circles. And when you call her next to the edge of the Earth and of the moon, use a black marker which has smaller so that you won't go over to inner area off the earth and the moon. But if you accidentally color over the inner areas off the earth and the moon just great to new circles on a new piece of paper and color again, or you can actually cover that with a white marker. 4. Drawing the Moon: so I want my light source are actually sunlight to come from the right side of the picture . And that's why the right size of the movement of the earth will be illuminated and we can start with the moon because it's less complicated. And the earth I mean we have to use only one color. And if you know how to shave this fear, that's basically the same. Then let's start here on the right side with the brothers. You off the cool grey So cool. Great, 10% by Prisma color Premier If you have polychrome us, you can use cold gray one and now I'm continuing with cool great 20%. And so every time I said shade, there was the left side. I want to use darker and darker, great off degree color pencils. So we have here to create a Grady in transition from bright grade to darkest gray. And we have to make that smooth Grady in between the colors. And now I'm continued with cool, great 30% and I press a bit harder. I'll say, drop towards the left side. Okay. Now we can use cool gray, 50% us A continuation to this 30%. I use circle or emotions because I want to creates most extra. You can see how Dimon is getting rounder shape already, and now we can continue with cool, great 70%. - And here you can see how the right side looks illuminated now, as I'm adding darker and darker values. - No , let's blend the edge between this self shadow and seriously drawn area that we drew with cool, great 50%. We can also create some reflected light, which shouldn't be too bright because there's no such breath light source. Will there be from the Earth? But we can add a bit of that. So just brought it up with a cool, great 30%. And now we can drop the creators and, uh, so that's well known Face of the moon is not visible from our point of view, but from the earth, so we can just draw some random craters all over the surface, so I use cool, great 50% to drop the creators. It's very important to learn to create that Grady in transition between the colors and values and Hughes and here in the shadow of the area of the moon, we should use school green 90% to draw the creators 5. Drawing the Earth Part 1: and now we can drop the Earth and the first thing is to outline the continent's approximately two. Determine their position. I want to have Atlantic Ocean in the middle and America on the left side and Europe in Africa on the right side. But it can choose any of the water part the to make it visible. If you don't want to draw any conscience, you can draw just Pacific Ocean and now we can start color in the earth. And I started here on the left side by coloring the ocean and I used in the firm. Blue bite is Nikola Premier, if you have polychrome issue can also use industry in blue. And so here on the left side ocean should be very dark. And then we have to make it brought brighter and brighter US. We draw it towards the right side. So the same here. We have to shade to color the earth the same way we shave the sphere and our life source is coming from the right side. And this is why this side has to be the darkest and just color around the continents. And you have to press very hard to feel tools of the paper and to create very dark color. - And now we can color the meat area of the earth. And I used China blue here and I want to press harder here next to the industry and blue. And then just to lighten the pressure aside, draw. There was the right side, so here also that Grady, in transition between the blue colors, from the dark blue to the light blue, has to be flawless. Have you spotted promise you can use a Helio blue reddish next to the in the front blue a bit, and then just continue with Kabul blue. And now let's smooth out this edge between these two colors, using also in the throne blue and China blue both. And just make that us. I mentioned Grady in transition, flawless by pressing last unless also draw towards the right side using industry in blue, and you can also blended with China blue, particularly if you if it's too dark, you can just spreading and up with China Blue. I thought, this is a very delicate task to do, and it requires a lot of time and you have to change the pressure on your pencil so there shouldn't be clear edge between two colors, but they should flow into each other. And we have to create that smooth radiant because only this way the earth will appear around. And now let's color this the broader area on the right side also using China blue. But I press here very lightly and I'm going to blend it with white so it will be a quiet broader because this side is illuminated. But if you use public grammars, you can use life tala blue and also pressed lightly pressed less and less awesome color towards the right side. And now let's just blend it with white and same here. You have to press very hard next to the edge on the right side and just lighten the pressure OSU blended towards the left side. Because here also that smooth Grady in should be achieved this way. - And now we can color the continent's. I want to start here with North Africa, and I want to use excel here to color this area of the Sahara. And, um, if you use folly, Crom issue can use ivory or cream. I raised quite better. You can even use a warm one. If you scream, just go over it with warm one, because cream is kind of too vivid for this, and now I just want to blend it with French grade. 10%. And now the lower area of Africa should be drawn in green, and I want to use careful green. You can also use marine green there. Prove similar. If you use folic promise, you can use chromium green okay for even permanent green olives. So there's a very good colors, and I just want to blend these areas with French great 20% and now let color to Europe using the same rentals . Green pencils just change the pressure to create some darker and broader areas like this does. This is here pretty small, and it's even important if you make some mistakes somewhere or you think it's it doesn't look good. You can just cover death with clothes later on, so it doesn't have to look exactly the same. And no, I just want to blend it with French grade 30% and this pencil will make that green color last vivid, which is what I need here and how I want to use French grey 70% to grace some darker areas at random. I don't pay attention. Where are the heels or something? Just to make it a bit different. And now we can call her here the lower area off the so so America. And I use dark green here in the middle. So this area is still pre illuminated, but it has to be very dark. - And now I want to use French Grey 70% in 80% to create this Ah, left side of the social. 6. Drawing the Earth Part 2: America, which should be much darker and here on the right side of it. But I want to blend it with brighter branch gray, 30%. So here under outside the continent has to be pree bright. Ah, yet not too bright. And as you draw the added colors towards the right side, just add darker and darker colors. You can use dark green. You can use a farm, graze 70% united whichever dark older you have. So if you have poly chroma sick and he was even, say, pia or or walnut brown and for the green areas you just use to darkest the que off the green. And now we can color here a de Mexico with black pencil because this side of the continent gets no light and I want to use French Grade 90% here for the United States. Okay, so these colors are not that important. It is important to use dark colors because this side of the earth would be less illuminated . It will be in dark if a light source is coming from the right side. - And now let's grace some lights of the city's using a winding gel pen or or even white marker. And just anywhere where you think the city can be found here in the United States, they they don't have to be exactly there, uh, in their places, just approximately. And then you can apply bigger dots for larger cities and smaller DOS for smaller cities like this, and just stop with your finger overdue. That's if you find them too bright. - And here I guess we don't have too many lights over the Amazon. But here on the left side, where to see these are found weakened, create some lights, seeding life, and I'm using a unique Bosco with thicker to create large cities. And I don't really pay attention. Where I create that much is the ground. Um, I guess here is my army or something like that. New. But you can go much more into details and check up on some reference photos. - Okay . And now we can start to draw the clothes over the planet. And I used una Posca, think wife marker and to drop big clothes. And but only here in the illuminated area of the earth, so I just do it at random. So they as we know that can be in any shape like this, just over the ocean and over the continents just wherever you want. Like this. But here, on the left side, close shouldn't be wide at all. And you don't even have to draw any clothes on the left side. On it shadowed part of the earth because they wouldn't be too visible. So I only here in the middle and on the right side. And just like this random, you can apply some dogs, lines or color bigger areas like this Connect them wherever you want. Okay? And now I want to create a guest shadow the shadow that this cast by the clothes and over Dura. And since our light source is coming from the right side, we have to create a cash shadows on the left side of the clothes. So, like one or two millimeter thick line on the left side of the clothes like this. Wherever you can create that because for now, the clothes appear us. If they were stick to the ground but with a bit of cash shadow, we will make them, and I use while a sharpened in the throne blue here for this. And as you can see, a draw finalize on the left side of the clothes 7. Drawing the Earth Part 3: and I want to create cash shadow only on the left side of these bigger clothes because I want to add more clothes. Not only these Biggers, but those smaller and those so to say, more transparent. - And yes, so now we can drop them. Those that I just mentioned, almost transparent clothes that are very thin and there. And I used a wide pencil for death, and I go over here over the blue area, and as you can see, I can widen it. So here also rarely want. And as you can see, I land a bit the inch off the big clothes but the white mental. And now I just want to add a tiny, tiny clothes with a white marker by unit. Bosco, this is the one with very fine ity. Is there a 0.7 millimeter? And I just want to add. Tiny clothes are on the big ones in over the area that is just blended with a white pencil , and also you can add them anywhere you want at random over the continent and over to ocean . And, of course, next to the big ones. - And no way. Let's greet some clothes, though even here on the left side and the shadow of part of the earth. And I use powder blow for this just to create some close, which would be quite darker. They should be white, but they should be a bit broader than, uh, ocean that the blue color of the ocean. And that's why he is part of law. So here, also a random, - and I just want to blend the edge of the earth on the right side, using the same pencil. That's why I use possible and you can see how it becomes brighter and it's not too bright. 8. Drawing the Stars: And now we can create the stars over the bread grounds. And I use a white ink gel pen for this and also can use a wide, fine marker with a very tiny tip, 0.7 millimeter or less of it. But some of the stars and dots for actually dots can be quite bigger and just great them wherever you want. - Okay , I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that you have created something satisfying. And I would like to see your results and see with an extra tutorial. Bye bye.