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How to Draw on Grey Paper with Colored Pencils

teacher avatar Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (3h 52m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Grey Paper: Review, Testing and Comparison

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. How to Create Reference Photos for Drawing on Grey Paper

    • 5. How to Shade a Sphere

    • 6. How to Draw Mushrooms

    • 7. How to Draw a Butterfly

    • 8. How to Draw a Glass

    • 9. How to Draw Nail Polish

    • 10. How to Draw a White Diamond

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About This Class

Drawing on toned paper is a fun way to step outside the box and try something different. You can stretch your drawing skills by drawing on grey paper because it will help you to discover the opportunities and ideas that wouldn't be possible if you draw only on white paper. If we want to draw white objects or white animals, they don't look noticeable on white paper unless we color the background too, which is quite difficult and boring, will take your time, energy and might make you less motivated to draw.

In this class, you will learn to draw from both reference photos and imagination so that you can learn to see things through the artist's eyes, enrich your creative mind and get inspired. It will help you to see and understand the art from a different point of view and to enjoy the endless opportunities that working on toned paper offers.

Reasons to Draw On Toned Paper:

  • You can start with white, which is pretty interesting.

  • You have only to add black and white shades and the paper does the rest of the job.

  • Your work will seem more complete and won't look pale because the lighter hues appear quite darker on the grey surface and they won't “disappear” like on white paper.

  • Your highlights will appear much more outstanding, spectacular and 3-D.

  • The drawings on toned paper look more realistic and lifelike.

  • You can use the tone of the paper as your mid-tone which is particularly helpful if you struggle with creating the mid-tones on white paper.

  • Working on grey paper will help you to see and evaluate the tonal values more easily.

  • The experience and skills gained by working with toned paper is something that you can apply to your white paper in the future.

  • Working on grey paper will boost your creativity.

Enroll now and let's draw!







Meet Your Teacher

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Jasmina Susak

Pencil Artist


My name is Jasmina Susak. I am a self-taught, graphite and colored pencil artist, author of many how-to-draw books and eBooks, innovator and art teacher.

I want to share my drawing skills with anyone who wants to draw because I am convinced that everyone is able to draw; only patience, right guidance, and inspiration is needed.

Take my classes, get inspired and enjoy learning!


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1. Intro: 2. Grey Paper: Review, Testing and Comparison: Okay, so let's talk about great paper. I bought this one by Jim Vellum. Bristol. Great. So this is actually not a drawing paper. It's a cardboard, but it can be used for drawing. I get this one Clairefontaine paint on great paper. There is a very think paper. It's pretty great. I mean, it's dark gray, and I'm told this one by straight murder. This one is very popular. It's not that I think, and it has some hairs. Extra is very odd. Like a lots of hairs for all over the paper. Because I have this one by a Brianna, please. That's also I think, but not to think so. It seems to be like French grave. Okay, I said, this one is Jen Paper. This is stretched, Mom, and this is for Briana play, and this is paint on. As you can see, this is a quiet right. So, actually, I'm not going to draw on this because I like when my bright colors when they stand out on the paper and this is too bright. So Okay, so this straight murder is a sin. Mentioned a lot of hairs, and it's actually very thin, so let me just so in to show you the texture, you can see a lot of hairs. So if you don't have any problems with this, you can use this one because color is pretty cool. So I don't know. I'm I'm not going to use this one that so I have only two left to decide. This is awesome. Quiet, bride. This for Briana played the same on just one. The color is great for me. I like the caller because very dark. And the paper is so dick. It's really good. And so this is actually 250 gram per square meter. It means that the paper is very think you have dirty because it about $11. I ordered it in my country. Hungary. I guess you can find it. OK, but let's test them. Oh, so this is Jim paper disses. See? Authority wrinkles. Yes, I was touching it. So this favor by structures, everything. So this is Clay, and this is Clairefontaine faint home. So let's try some to draw all over them with wide fans. Film. Yeah, this is to bride this Jim. And this is Strat. Maria. Actually, I have covered the years But you know, now I can see the hairs. This is true, Brianna and Textures. Okay, Brianna school and this pain upon. As you can see, the white color stands out and this is what I like here. So yeah. Carol tried to apply graphic council breath in struggling with papers. Everything okay? Let me just try it. Black color pencil by Prisma Kohler Premier And they look good. It looks good in each paper. So unless job with him with this, uh, jelly roll by Younis signal, you can see it. This is pretty bright paper and can see that and on darker paper it that's why was a bull. So all these papers are quiet, workable and textures brief on even. This is by Strat MERS free thing paper. But I can work with it so I don't have any problems. Try this spot, you know, farcical. But you should definitely try for yourself and choose paper for yourself. So I'm going to use this one clay by for Briana because it has very nice collar. It's breath in, but I hope it One wrinkle 3. Tools: Okay, let me show the tools that I'm going to use over this great paper. I'm going to use Prisma color premier councils I particularly want and black. So it's shows free well over the great paper. So this pencils are very soft and creamy, and I'm always using them on white paper. So we have here but read. So you should always try or color pencil on a great paper before you start applying that you're drawing to see how it looks and great paper because it always looks quite different than on white paper, and the colors are usually quite darker. Get on white paper, then I have this brush for May to eliminated us. So graphic pencils Castell 9000 by Farber Castell This is a very good graphic councils and also graphite border that you can make yourself or you can purchase, like this. One jar costs about $23 so it's better to purchase it. So I always spread if with a tissue or to paper, too, creating a cast shadow. This is very good for great in transition, because we can make it a cast shadow gradually gradually disappear into the background. This way, then, for the blending. I'm going to use T shoe blending stumps and Q tips I always used this walks cola Rose blender by personal color. When I want to blend the animal far, it helps me to make it look fluffy and soft. So this one is very good and it's last for such a long time. So I'm going to use a white ink gel penned this one by sucker, and that's pretty good for great papers. And I also have this one 20 ball signal, which is actually like both point, so they're basically the same. They look the same, but I have markers by unit boss. Come. This one is about one millimeter thick. It's bullish shaped. It's a very good to for creating highlights over the great paper, and I also have this one being type. It's quite do you see? And when you purchase this unit, Bosco markers, you just pushed them downwards until the pink star slowing into, and then you can use it. I saw one review bad review about this markers, so somebody complained that it doesn't work, it doesn't have any ink, and here you can see the explanations in pictures. How you can make it flow into the deep suggest push downwards, and I have this one big chisel shaped eight millimeter big. Use it like this, the nerve, and you can also use it like this. So it's a very practical in a fake in very good marker. It's quite expensive. I mean, $56. But I think it's still better to buy this one than 23 bad quality markers because this blast really for a long time, and it's really high quality markers. I really love them, and I also have the same just black. Such is a shape. See how black it ISS. It's great for the backgrounds, and you can cover the backgrounds faster with this wide side. Okay, then I have this soft vestal by Kawhi Nor, And I used this for applying highlights over the larger area, particularly when I need it to gradually disappear into the darker tone. So actually, I make Potter audited. Let me just show you and I think can use chalk for and the order similar medium. So I just press it with a spoon and e just can't make the father out of bed. and you can buy individual piece of this one Self foster a submission. You can use a job, Want to chuckle? And you just may find fodder art. If it this and now you can just fly this with t shoe over the great paper. You start in the middle, you press hard, and then you're just two first class. Unless it's gonna, it's helpful for so many hi life when you can actually use pencils or markers. So you see helpful. And so here are some additional those that I'm going to use this a roller with centimeters and inches to measure for you. And I have this, uh, handheld sharpeners and so just simple sharpener. I have drawing compass, This one. Then I also have this son paper for creating chisel shape the sleep of my graphic pencils. I have a razor to simple plastic eraser by stubby all and this one mechanical pencil by Dumbo. But you don't actually have to buy these does. You can just look around in your house and maybe you have wind wash. It's also very good for applying highlights. Maybe you have some liquid character like this one, and then you can. You don't have to run to the store and buy ink jail pants or something or markers. You can use something like this. You see, it's pretty wide and it's very good. And I have here one old brush from my eyeliners so you don't use makeup. You can just ask someone for the old makeup would not throw that out, but to give it to you and you couldn't just wash it and use it for simple liquid character . And and then you can apply highlights so you don't have to have these doors that I have just you can use anything watercolor paint, anything. 4. How to Create Reference Photos for Drawing on Grey Paper: so the best way of creating the reference photos for drawing is to place their projects or your great paper, the same paper that you're going to use for your drawings and just think a picture. I suggest using brighter objects so that the bright colors off the object can pop on the great paper and appear closer to the viewers. I stay and also take care off the light sores to make sure that it creates a good cast shadow for a better result. 5. How to Shade a Sphere: Okay, I suppose. Think, let's shade spear with the graphic. Barter and wide hostile. But first, let's create the A circle on a separate piece of paper, which is drawing compass so you can see the diameter of my circle is about 10 centimeters or four inches if you want to drop the same. And now we can cut off the circle. This inner formed a circle carefully to preserve around shape of the circle. I have already created tutorial like this. Similar, actually on but on white paper. And I had used only graphite enough wide hostile fodder. Okay, okay. And now we can place this piece of paper or are drawing paper unless shade it with the grass. I, Potter I just wanted for and to use t shoe. Did you get? Sure. And then the shade here over the lover ride area starting here because I want my life source to come from day top left corner. So this lower right corner should be shaded much more and I press harder or dick edge off this club a piece of paper and I release the pressure us a shade towards the top left corner like this. So it will make the sphere look ground. Just call over the edge and then little by little shade over this fear, you can go even a bit full around like this. Just you circle emotions and go over again and again. And we can apply a bit more. The graph I here in the lower right corner. Okay. And when we remove this space of paper, we get something like this. How much just eliminated dust for you can see how it fears around. Dude, this kind of shading. Okay, now we can create highlights here in the upper left area with the white still fodder. So here. So we would have some kind of my life and also used circular motion and go around you until you make do edge between the highlight and a basic tone of the sphere. Invisible. Okay, Something like this. Okay, let's see how it appears. Shiny er, so you can always apply more if you want to make it shiner. And you can dark in the highlights better. By going all around the surrounding area, you will pick up a bit of the graph I and apply out over to highlight. So it's not going to be that bright anymore. So it is important to create that Grady in transition between the stones because the tones should flow into each other without having any clear edge between them. So we can't call it drawing because we don't draw. Actually, riders say painting. Okay, So and this is how this highlight pop over the great paper because this highlight is quite broader than the great paper. And it can be even broader if you apply more off the best of border. But I think this highlight is bringing bride like this thought. Let's great cast shadow. So if we have shaded our spear us if our light source is coming from the top left corner, the cash shadow should be fish placed here on the lover right area. So to do this, let's place this piece of circular paper over the spear like this. Just cover it completely like this. And, uh, we have the shade the lower right area with graphite potter. So same here. You're just, uh, go over the edge. Circular motions and press harder over the edge. And then little by Lou Go tours. Lower right hand corner release into pressure, and then you you will have left less of the graph. I own your t shoot and you will apply in less. So the point is to make this cash at a grand gradually disappear into the background like this. - And when you remove this space of Baber, we should get something like this. So now this sphere of looks kind of three dimensional. But here, in the middle of this cash shadow next to the sphere, it can be quite darker. So let's shade a bit more So the cast shadow is always darkest next to the object and in the middle of the shadow and just make it gradually disappear into do casts shadow next season by applying circular motions until you create smooth transition. And now we can create some reflected light year for a reason. A bit of graphite sharp, often eraser. You can use the kneaded eraser. We have that one. Just don't eliminate too much because this reflected life shouldn't be too right. This room, like the life, will make this fear stand out even more. And if you overdo and make it to bread, you just go over again with the shell like this and you will dark into high life. Thanks. - So this reflect light should also gradually disappear into this self shadow. And you will achieve that. But pressing last unless cost you erase towards the center of the sphere. So here, over to add you press harder and then you just relieves the pressure when you're a raise or last year raised towards the upper left corner. So to say and this reflected life shouldn't be wide but us. I'm a raising now. This graph I hear I'm getting again visible the gray color of my great paper, which is bright enough to represented reflected life. But it can't actually be absolutely wide if we drop glossy objects, or when, when we have second light source summer fear down on the right side. But in this case, I want to make it to him. My darker gente highlight. Okay. And if you want this spear to stand out even more and this reflected light to be even more prominent, you can just go next to the edge. I'm using an age pencil here, Just go next to the edge and dark, and it's next to the sphere and this shade also should gradually disappear into the cast shadow. So you just pressed last. Unless buses shade weight from the spear, we can place that circle or piece of paper again and shade more photograph I bought er Okay , doesn't it? So this is the point of shaking the spear with the graphite daughter. And this what self hostile Potter And this technique can be really helpful. So we don't have always to draw lines. And what tools with markers and pencils, we can create some textures by shading this way and, for example, this cash shadow quite last time, then to draw it with pencils. 6. How to Draw Mushrooms: Okay, let's draw fly A Gary Good. A beautiful but poisonous mushroom. And I want to draw one bigger and one smaller. Eso won bigger. That can be here somewhere. And I start with the stem which can be figure or finger something like this. And around here we can draw the camp. That's Abreu's simple Shapey can feel here just like this. And here I want to draw long smaller, which has thinner schtum. I'm kinda more around cap because it's still pretty young like this. Okay, okay, so I want to start with coloring the cap using Scarlet Lake by Prisma color Premier, You can also use crimson, red or even crimson Lake Also permanent red or poppy red. Those are also good pencils and I just want to cover the whole cap. You have to press very hard and ordered to feel defy bird of paper And to get that rich cholera just go over and over again until you feel all the dots Principal thoughts of the paper like this. No, If you don't have watch marker, you have to creative flex also when you're sketching and then to draw with red pencil around them But it's quite easier to apply them on the end. 12 cup is strong, okay? And let's caller toe small want to, But okay, so they look pretty flat now, actually absolutely flat, but we're going to add highlights and shadows. I always draw like this. I build up the basic color and then I create highlights and shadows over death. I use this brush for makeup to eliminated toast so we shouldn't touch the paper with fingers. All right, now, the next thing is too great highlights and says my life service of the concedes coming from the let's decide. I want to create the strongest highlight here and is on the left side of the cap. And then, ah, to make the highlights gradually disappear into the basic color off the cap. And so here we can start on the left side. And here I press very hard and, uh, you can see how it becomes brighter. And then I just released a pressure on my wife pencil. As I blend doors the right side and here you can see how it becomes brighter. And here also this and the middle in the horizontal half. Oh, should be big broader then in the lower and the upper areas, like here somewhere here because that's the part when it bends like this. So here I, uh, press less, I apply circular motions, and now you can see how it gets its shape us on widening it. And if you overdo this high life thing, you can always go over with Scarlet Lake again. Or even if you want to blend of this, it's logical or friends. So this way we're actually burnishing color pencil, which will give dance realistic look, Did you drawing? So here on the last side would have to press very hard and to create brightest highlights. But of course, if light source is coming from the top, then the highlight we'll be do brightest on top in order to make it look like for tolerance. We shouldn't have any visible lines, and that's when we have to blend the colors. So here this lower area should be a docker because it's kind of bent inwards. I keep cleaning the tip of my wife dance all because it's a big softie. Read core pencil. Okay, just a bit more. - Okay . Now we can do the smaller one. Now you can see it looks kind of shiny and it is not the flat anymore. It gets like a rounded shape. So this smaller actually, maybe it will be this bigger mushroom would blocked in light, but we can imagine it's a bit closer to us under and also didn't make this left side highlighted and same here. Just press very hard on the left side and and just released the pressure. I'll see you draw towards the right side, sound like this. And, of course, and the highlights and this basic color of the mushroom of the camp should flow into each other, but without visible edge between them. And we can achieve that bite, uh, going over with two pences that we used white pencil and Scholars Lake over each other again and again until we achieve that. Grady in transition, I can't. It's one also now looks shiny, and it's not flood anymore. And now we can actually create to the shadowed areas or actually so called self shadow. What's the next step? And now, as I mentioned, we can create the self shadow and I used to school red my personal court from here and the South shadow should be the darkest here on the right side. And so we had to press here very hard. And then just to lessen the pressure of sweet draw the doors, the left side. So here destroy side in here, also over the top. But so he also that Grady, in transition between the darkest parts and basic color, should be flawless, said this dust Corrente spree dark. But you won't be able to make it too dark over dispensable or the scarlet Lake. But if we applied that a suppressed layer that will be too dark, - you're also a few. Or do this shading just go over it with the basic color a scarlet lake to brightening up if it looks too dark and now you can see it's getting even around her shape and look last flat in here. Also here in the lower area, which is gonna bent inwards, espresso hard or edge. And do we have to lighten the pressure sweet shade upwards to give it to Ron shape like this, you should start with light pressure and then just go over and over again until you achieved that cooler, or actually until you make it pretty dark or dark enough to make slow progress. - You can even use dark brown or even better dark number if you want to make it much darker. How it can do the same with the smaller one. It's the same here itself. Shatters should be the darkest here on your right side, and that smooth Grady in between dip shadow and basic color should be flawless. - Okay , I guess it's outfit from now. But before we actually draw Flex and we should make sure that we're satisfied with the caps that we don't want to shade anymore or the highlight in anymore. So the final step to draw flex because now it's easier to change something, then one flanks or drawn areas. So although we know the camp of this kind of mushrooms are scattered, would want flex, and so let's applied them with the wide marker so they can be bigger and smaller, and just wherever you want over to cap, just draw them. They don't have to be around, it can be in shape, and I can see how DeWine's color of this flags pop paper and stands out, and here we can actually see the benefits of drawing on great paper. Okay, let's do the same here. From the smaller I can just, you know. OK, but these skills actually that are found in a south shadow. They should be kind of darker. And I just wanted to go over down a bit with great marker. You can use a great color pencil like cool grain. 30%. 50%. So the same that we did would cap. We created the shadowed areas here under right set. This skills should also be darker here because they get less light. Just go over with great Walker. And I just stopped on it to blend it. And this year, in the moment, they don't have to dig against a white. Only here, in a very shadowed part. Same here. I didn't know. Look kinda less eliminated, but still want also days into our area. Okay. I saw this scales look brief last for now. And to make them help even more over the mushroom, we just had to grace the cast shadow here on the right side because our lives sources coming from the left side So there's a flex would cast a shadow over here or the right side , and I'm using a dark number, Firdous. So you can see now it stands out a bit more, and and they looked like a more three d. So this is a shadow that the flags would cast order, cap, and just on the right side, off each and every scale like this. And of course, if you create bigger cash shadow, it will mean that these scales are like, actually bigger or so I'm using Dark Number four is flags on the left side, highlighted area and here in the middle. But to create your iced decaf shadow on the right side, I'm going to use a black. You can see how they stand out now, due to this guest shadow, okay, lets the same here looking . And now we can use a black pencil for this cast shadows here, and, uh, shadow areas because dark number does wouldn't be done visible here, here, just under the flex. And on the right side. He's a well sharpened black pencil and also, uh, under this flex here in the lower area, because days also are shadowed area and of course, lies that the same here on a smaller mushroom. Okay, Now you're going to see how they don't look flat anymore. They don't look actually like stick to do a camp, and they don't know flat. They look writer pop and stand out. And now we can color the stem. As you know, they're absolutely white. But since our light source is coming from left stuff, they should be at the brightest here on the left side. And here we can. He was a white car rental, so we can actually call, like, almost one turned like this. And here also, But as we know, the white is a white one found in shadow. So we have to create here the brightest, the cooler. And I want to use a cool grade to create, so to say, the shattered parts. And here I continue with cool, great 10% Which is the brightest, uh, Hugh among those gray color pencils. And just I just go over the door, Dwight, to make the edge between them invisible here. I just want to call her this, like maybe he was fully cross. You can use called grade insane here. So we have to achieve that great in transition from wide to actually to bride to gray. Okay, so the next one is school Great. 20% can just continue here next to cool. Great. 10%. Okay. With this here to same. And now we can finish with gold braid. 30% synthesis similar to shading the sphere actually would. One side light and Elias source, that's it's coming from the one side. Left or right, we can create a cash shadow. But cast by the cap which will be cast like this. So here does offer area should be. And that shadow And it would look like something like this. And I use gray 70% for news. Something like this. So that this edge off this cash shadow should be kind of blurry, not sharp. You're awesome. And now we can just go dark in here. Just a bit more. With great 50% if you find it too bright. Interesting. That more at some darker. You like this? And blonde The edge here. Same here. Okay, that's it. You can add more details if you want. Where you can add some grass. He was grass green for this. Just go over. Do you Lower area of stone around. Okay? I just want to end more grants with using dark green so we can have more hues of the green . So Onley one caller makes the drunk look flat and thats why should we should apply more colors. Okay, that's it. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you so much for watching. I can't see you with the next tutorial bloodline. 7. How to Draw a Butterfly: Okay, Now I want to draw a butterfly, and I want to draw blow butterfly so that we can use some blue color pencils. And so, actually, the shape of the butterfly. That should be simple for everyone. I don't want no to draw any specific kind of butterflies, just like, uh, as it turns out, I don't know, but off course it can draw any shape. So I should start your in the middle when its body head on these untangles, which can actually stay in the schooler. I was an age be. I was always first sketching can make Stella bitch curry. Yes, that's all. I actually want to make two parts of the rings. - Look , it's something like this. So still, you can change here when you add colors and it will be difficult to raise. Call her pencils. So you better change now what you want. Okay, So first I want to call her its body with French. Great. 70%. I just want to to make some details here because I don't want to related like this. It's still flak and shapeless. So here, kind of betters stripes or so like this. - You know, I just want to dark here in the middle of it to make that around, actually. And that's why I also want to brought it off here on both sides. And to make that smooth gradient between this French Hughes just he repressed harder over the edge and you lessen the pressure. Uh, broad. Any and all inwards that could see it looks gonna last flat. That's a details here patterns this pencil, That's something I want to go old around. And here, particularly already edges too dark and too, actually call her with black pencil. And after that, I want to create those wind dos did a lot of kinds of butterflies have. But here I don't want to draw any particular kind, so we can actually trouble wherever you want. It doesn't have to be particular kind of butterflies. And also here you can use marker, the black marker. It will make the work a bit faster. I don't actually like markers too much, so I use them only when I want to apply over the Corp enters or and some situations. But I actually don't like them because I can't control them. And, uh, I can't control core panto such why I like them. But you can use a white of black marker eso just like this all around. And also between this two part doing so if you don't have what in Japan white marker to apply Dewie dots of the end, you should now drop them with a wife council and then just drop around them with a black pencil. But the this way is quite easier and I just looks better, more enjoyable here on so much to drama black. I also tried to make the same both wings the same as much as possible. So if you draw with a light fun till like me, you have to press very hard to create it. Absolutely black collar. And now I want to call her the wings with blue with three hues of the blue Caller And to create that great in transition from dark blow to live blue. And I want to start with the darkest Hugh in the throne blue here and the offer area and next to the its body like this can I also pressed very hard. So I guess this one is the darkest blue que and a set of 150 pencils. Five personal call A premiere and ego blow is also good. So here I want to make it darkest next to the body and then to make it brighter and broader . That's a draw away from the body, particular here in the offer area and here now also draw away from the body. I pressed less, unless so when I played it's the deep of my mental oppress heart. And then I just lived off Ban. So too, in order to death to make that great and transition with each stroke like this. And then, as I had drawn out dollars, I want to drop shorter strokes, Same here. And now you can see, actually the left and right sides of its body that I highlighted it now looks highlighted, actually on site shade around it. And now the body looks around. And of course, we can always go back and change anything because sometimes we we can not, as it thinks. Onley one surrounded areas created. Okay, so same here. I want shoulders, crooks. And here, also next to the ISS, this black area. I don't want it to be like here. Bright light, a blow to jump from light load to black, but did have kind of transition slightly. So, uh, and that's why I placed the tip of my in this room blue or the black area, and I just draw short strokes in words. Some of the strokes can be longer, so we can create some patterns. I think that I have seen similar kind of butterfly somewhere in the pictures, but I'm not sure what. It's the name of them, but butterflies it iss I don't know. I have actually broken, dissed sharp line of the blank area, the inch here off so actually everywhere. Next did this black area all around like this here also, but almost here I did pretty fast, but you just take your time. The speed will come with experience and time, so do not rush. That's not good. So this is a very good drawing for practicing the great and transition small scratch agent , which is very important in every realistic drawing. So if you acquired this technique in if you know not to create it, you can draw anything. It's not like butterflies seems to be a simple to draw, but it's OK. It's good practice the small grand and now I want you continue was a broader Hugh off the bloom China blue and I just go over to previously drawn in this room blue to blend these colors together and actually to blend to industry um, blue area because was against See, it's not smooth at all. And this way to blend it. So same here. I breast far forward in terms blue and I just release the pressure aside, Believed off mental And here the ends of the strokes has to be very bright also hear some of the bettors can be created, so just drop song strokes longer and actually darker. This I think the bodies to light So maybe interested. I'm just going to darken it later. The same because it been a seam bright. But now one surrounding areas drawn seems to be too right. Yeah, let's do you hear from the edge of the same The reduced within the thrown ball Just go over in this room, look and relates to pressure. Are you finished the strokes? - A list of the same here here also Just go order enough love. That's a very hard and release the pressure also finished strokes and as you draw away from the body, so if you still can see the dots of the paper, just don't worry. We're going to blend it with, um, wax collarless Lunder if necessary. Of course. So the bones under better it gets actually stay whiz Herbal, I mean, doesn't have to be smooth. Texture can be having some patterns are something you can always speak up. Previously used pencil angle necessary. Okay, now, as the next step, let's use light, Cerulean blue. I'm not sure that I pronounce that was score asleep. That's why have displayed the name of the pencils all the time. And now here we can color this area here just left here again. Start overdue. The area of Thailand airing Kantges drawn two strokes towards does dark blue or actually, in words, this So this pencil esprit bake to use it carefully. But actually you can, as I mentioned, you can always pick up to previously use pencil and go over again. China Blue. You can create a some butters or the dark blue this pencil as I machin spray a bake, and now we can go over with the wax collarless minor Asai manager Just place over to dark areas and, uh, draw doors. The highlights like this and also you can always speak up to previously used China Blue. I'm in domestic or it's better like this over to Brian. And here also store over the dark area and just no doors. The highlight here to blend these scholars together So same everywhere. I know we can create some wide patterns here over the black area. Good thoughts, lines wherever you want. Actually word they used to be in butter flies like, according to edge We're just black and I use a big sticker marker for this one. It's like 01 millimeters thick and here in the same So I tried to make them symmetric. We're just both machin I just want to dark and for you did this bar flying even to go a little bit Does that seem to be too bright? Can use a bit of black And now we can create a gas shadow with a graphite border and I use a Q tip uh, and, uh, something like this where it should would cast a shadow. And this since my two sides are not actually symmetric. I have to create a bit different cash shadow, which will in the kids that. But they're different in different positions. And here, next to the wings just calls her wings. Which will mean that this sport is next to do ground or table. And, of course, try not to go over to white dots. But even if you do so fly dumb again. So how's it going to see this cash shadow will actually give the picture three D effect and make this honor flight ball. - If you want to remove some of the cast shadow, you just go place a razor. Dad Pickle can change the shape. - So since it's a measure my two wings have been, are a bit different. So that's why gosh, shadow should be difference. And and then that's OK, because that will mean that they're not in the same position. I know it's a life step. I want to add a bit of a wide patterns exactly over the edge here like this. But I didn't want to apply because I would just go over it with Grandfather and, uh so what would be good? So if you feel that you have too much of these wide dogs like I feel if you just go over down with black pencil and you can unite them easily, you can see. So I felt there was too much of them. Also just exactly order. And now here. Also for this, of course, you needed fingertip for white marker or a want and jump in. That's it. You can add more but betters. Or you could change something or use different colors. But I hope that you enjoy this tutorial than to have learned something. And C with an extra tutorial. Bye bye. 8. How to Draw a Glass: Okay, Now I want to draw this glass, and I just want to place it over my drawing paper to use it as a reference photo. So here we can see what kind of the cash shadow that it creates. Such as we can actually draw the same. All right. But I don't actually want to drive this long glass. I want to draw, but shorter. So I want to draw to parlin lines. And that's why I'm using this ruler. So here on this side, one line, and then on the other side, one more line like this. Okay, so, yeah, maybe will be this short a bit shorter down my glass and reference bottle. Or actually, I want to make it even shorter. You're somehow like this. Okay. And now we can drop to elliptic line here for the top of the glass. You can use a Greek. Nothing if you I want, but I just want to make a free hand. I slept off easy. Us goes to parlor lines. Something two sides have to be a symmetrical. That's why you should check it up in the mirror. And I want my bottom to be here. Okay? I don't know What are. You need some more outlines, but I'm just going to draw now toe details and to figure out the off lines as I draw. And I want to start with highlights. So when the brightest areas on this glass, I use a white to color pencil. - Okay . And here also and I also want to draw dining highlights here over this rim. God. Here. So where you can see that in reference photo? Just jaw. The broadest area areas. So here also. Yeah. - And I also want to They draw kind of reflected light here next to the edge, or actually to brought in off the edge. Although we can see that in reference photo. I want to highlight this edge. So that one up, I apply the cash shadow. It can be kind of stand out, and even more so we don't have to. ST Louis, stick to the reference photo. We can always change something and something or make something. Okay, I saw these are actually did brightest areas, and it's very interesting to start with what? But at least for me people. Okay. Okay, So the next step is to create the great in transition between the broadest highlights that we just created and basic color off the paper, which seems to be like a friend. Gray here can see my swatches of Prisma color and these are French graze. You can see that the core is very similar to this eso I suggest using this gray pencil to create actually the highlights, but not that bright highlight. Okay, let me shown separately. So paper. Here we have French grade 10% so it against see, it's also pre brunch and after that we have to add the front Great, 20%. And you see, this is also still pretty bright. After that we have French grade 30% and this is just almost like the color of the paper, actually just a bit brighter. And now it's actually PD does. We don't have French grey 40% because this oneness 50% it's quite darker than the basic color, then the color of the paper. So But once again see, the French grade 30% is like almost equal, like the same colors the paper. So this is actually the the hue next to the the last Hugh off the French grade that we have to use before we finish, actually, the colors between the white and color of the paper. Okay, so let's the cooler. They are actually draw the highlights. Greedy highlights with frank grade 10% and just color next to the white. And it didn't even go toward what you can. Skip it a bit. You can see the reference photo. It's got a basic caller visible. And, uh, it's all this color's actually also three bright, and we have to apply it next to the white. It's not the side. Isn't the writers darker, so just a little bit were wiped. I mean around the what. But if you're using struck mark don't gray paper, you might consider using warm greys instead or a fuse polychrome owes. You can just use also warm or even called graze. So now we can continue with French great 20%. And here also next to do y. I know your breast less unless suit shape towards the center. Well, we can add a bit of food friends Great. 10% here. It seems to be Dr than I thought so just go over and and, of course, tried to make smoke, Dexter. And here we can call her. So this so, actually, if we want to blend, But we don't want to apply any color it just use a Q tip here. So here. I don't want to plant any cooler, but I want to make its motor. Can I just Or you can. You can even use blending stump I and this one This is even easier. We could compress very warm. And just don't use the one that you already used for the graph. I see this is a brand new, and that's why I use this. And you can see how it blend soon. Well, even to call her pencil. Now we can highlight your dissed area right side, but not too much, because this side has to be darker, as you can see in reference photo because my sources coming from the left side and here we can color everything that this brighter than the color of the paper. Okay. Okay. Now we can't to create the colors darker off the core of the paper. And I want to use French gray 50% here in the middle because this area is very dark. But since this pencil is why darker than it, then I need oppressively likely. And I called this mid area very carefully because I don't want to make it too dark. It's my press, very likely. So here you can actually this side water to use graph. I forced to continue with great pencils, so I'm going to use graph I bought it for Do cast a shadow, but maybe awesome for some areas were the glass so you can see how it becomes darker, but I don't want to overdo it. That's why I do it very slowly. So now wherever you see the doctor colored and core of the paper, you just have to chlorate. So just carefully and here next to the bottom weekend, press a bit harder as against and reference bottle darker. Okay, I think it's dark enough, so I just want to blend it with you blending stump because it's not smoke like this because I didn't press very hard. If you overdo the shading or so I mean, if this made areas too drunk, you just go over death with friends. Great. 30% and you will brighten it up here. Just this edge between the French Great 20% a French grade, 50%. I just want to make it glory and that great in transition during these two years, this and now let's lucked. So now we can add more details with the same council here, for example, that we have and caught to color everything that ihsaa darker and a car of the paper except for the bottom, because bottom seems to be kind of and different color. So I'm going to is graphic tensile for that barks because here, through the glass, we can see the color of the paper and here at the bottom, we can actually, it's gonna color of the glass itself. Okay, I think it's quite an off for now, this mental. Okay, so now we can continue with the an HB here. Just color the edges here on the left side very carefully. So this off line has to be a straight this and also the edge shoot. Gradually disappear into this highlight here. So you're just breast lasts and lasts. Other draw in words and if necessary, just blended with a blending stump and also here on the right side. But I just want to skip to reflect the light that I created with wide pencil. And I just want to call her next to eat a thick line, huh? Over the edge that you can see in the reference photo. And same here. I press very car next today, this white timing line and I just released the pressure also draw in words. I can always blend it. I don't know here, this details You can actually call her the whole Boehner area and, of course, skipping two highlights. I use circular motions to in order to create this most extra. I don't press too hard because you can always add more graph. I here you can actually see What are your sketches? Good. Where your glasses symmetric more? You have to change something. - No , no, it's just blended with blending stump, uh, can shade a bit more necessary. - Okay . And how we can create the guest channel. I just want a place song, piece of paper or the glass isolated so that I want to go or it like this. And then I just lied to graph it. Daughter was a Q tip like this. So where you can see that in reference photo just the way it ISS there. You just do the same here. And of course, you go over this separate piece of paper and just continue ordered background like this. And we can also use a t shoot reupped around our finger for here, just area and actually for the whole area, that should be a big, darker done. This paper, it's a place for your emotions. I did it into graph. I don't I can't. And now again, a bit. Q. Tip. - Okay and then remote. This piece of paper. It looks like this. So now here we can make some changes. Blend something or bride and up darkened anything. You can add some highlights with a wide marker or wide in. Just then you want to enhance them, - and that's the last step. Let's greet the highlights here. Overdue cash shadow and the light that is falling or the table and going through the glass like this. And of course, you can blend. It's a blending stump, - Okay , and that's it. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and see you with the next one. Bye bye. But 9. How to Draw Nail Polish: - I just checked some yellow core pencils over my great paper and they don't actually seem to be opaque enough. Saw? I just want to draw this man polish in different color and to figure out which one I want. I just want to change the few. And, for example, red seems to be pretty good. And I want to use a permanent red or probably forever and trash for this and not against you can choose any other color can be green and can be blue. And this is also the way to change the colors in any honor reference photo that you use. So I want to use permanent red for my nail polish, and I actually I don't want to sketch was with a graphite council. This, uh, here in the middle. Eso It doesn't have to be the same as a reference bottle. Just approximately. You can draw any water shape off this, uh, board nail polish or just trying to do similar shape of it. And I'm also flying. It was prominent read that I want to use It's a basic color. Okay, Okay. So that's similar to to reference photo. But now I want to the outline to brush, and it's kept with with an HB graphite pencil. So also, it has the base over here. It also doesn't have to be strictly the same us in the reference total. So it give me any any shape, but this brush has to be symmetrical. So just check it up in the mirror. It looks good in a mirror, symmetrical. And here we have, like, cast shadow. But I don't want actually to to offline to cash shadow, because this is something that we can actually figure out of the end. But of course, you can sketch it if you needed. And here also I want to outlined us. Basel are how to college. Was there a graphite pencil? Okay, so here's the bottom. And then we have kind of offer parks. Also circular big, bigger like this and Kerry have that burning, and now it just get raised. This good night, sir. I just want to make it a bit bigger. Also this one, So I'll be attaching this sketch. So if you want to, callers can use it. Okay? Now we can color them one by one. And I want to start with this word nail polish and I just want to cooler Everything was to permanent red. But as I mentioned, you can use any other color. That's what this is. A pretty simple step. Just take care of the edges to to make them clear and short. And I also I applied circular motions to create it. Small stature and a press very hard. I don't want to go next to the edges. I use a well sharpened tip right up there sharpening I quality edges so you have to quality and just carefully. But in inner area, you can relax and Corey faster. You make some mistakes, you go out of the outline. How to say you just go over with the French great 30% because it's like kind of the color of the paper and you to school next to the edge. If you have brought some line all of these areas and you don't want to widen eighth with the permanent red or any other quality attitudes, you just go over death with French great 30% and it won't be visible anymore because front greater percent is the same. Most this color of this paper off course if you use the same paper that I use. If you use different paper and order paper, just you have to figure out which pencil this has the same color, maybe some warm gray or cool gray, and then you use that to actually to be erased. Eliminate that you don't want to be visible because, as you know, the color pencils are difficult to erase. - I use this brush for makeup to eliminated dust. You might need to use modern fire to see the edges, so that way you can make it even more clear or how to say can see it better or whatever you draw it. You. If you want to go into details, you can use that. You don't even have to have magnifier. Can dollard some back from the APP stores CASS like money fire, zone your camera and then you can see the details better. - Okay , I'm wrong. - So once again, I just have to be very, very sharp and clear, and a color has to be even even this spread. Kill him and just song, and you can see the answers. They're still not done clear now. What's the next thing? Let's create a self shadow and I want to use just darker hue off Dorado to scream some lake . And since my light source is coming from the left side, I will have that's have shadows here on the right side of each of those of these areas that you also can see in the reference photo. And I just want to draw on the edges like this. So did this nail polish can look can appear the higher or actually closer to the viewers I'd And here also, we have to use very well sharpened pencil. You can also use the SCA red. So which a recall or you use You just used darker hue off it. This area here that other gonna see it already appears less flat. Just carefully end so here only on derived sides or actually where you can see it in reference photo. You're also so this is actually a thin line already edge. If we made thicker line, it would mean that this nail polishes like higher and for all Yeah, higher from the paper, which is not quite possible because this liquid so a thick thing. The line is just, you know, here also like this, you hear? And this side here do not color this one dark red. So you should stay like this. This dots. So here we don't have only And this the area here also And here in the lower area, also a bit. And there should be great in transition between this darker at and basic red color. Which means that you breast very hard next to the edge and you lessen the pressure when you shade but far from the edge here so much when I see how it looks less last. So here also, you have to draw very carefully to preserve the clear inch perfectly clear edge between this nail polish and background. No, you might be asking yourself, why don't we draw this on white paper? And here's the thing, because we wouldn't see the highlights on white paper. And now let's actually draw the highlights with a winding job and or jelly roll. I'm using this being type 3.7 millimeter by unit Posca and just and highlights year over the edge turned a nail polish and the background to make this male foolish. Shiny. You're just one, though. So? So this highlights wouldn't want to be visible on white paper unless you shade actually quality background. If you make some mistake or do you don't like to highlight? You could just eliminated what? Your nail here on some. And now you can see these highlights are actually would gives it a glossy nous to this nail polish. No, we can draw here. This brush this part that is dipped into the nail polish for which we use the same color that we used for this sport. Nail polish. So us permanent dry. And I just want to call her it the whole area. This here. Of course. The edges should be clear. No. Okay. And now here the same that we did with this board. Any Polish, we have to create a self shadow using Crimson Lake. So here, under right side of it, this. So now I can see it has kind of around your shape. You know, we can create highlights over it with a wide in Japan. Just the way you're saying, picture you're alone. Abrupt. No, It can draw this cap with a black pencil here, this interview area and also this whole area under right side except for the highlight. This and here also just creates a very sharp inches this . And now we have to color this highlights with white pencil just like this. Now I want you school gray. 50% here. You know what, Saad? Like this and here next to the black area. And now we can blend the edges of the white highlight with great 30%. Thank you. We can draw this until we have, like, tiny highlight in the inner part of the cat. So called orders with the wind thing, jumper. And now the only thing left it here is to create a cash shadow with the graph I bought er, but I suggest for strong the bottle and then we can create a cash shadows for both. When we think Teoh graph, I bought her so we can work with that separately. Okay, Now let's call it a whole bottle with the permanent draft. Well, you use any other mental that you used for before and just cover here two whole area and of course, very carefully. Next to the edges to make them clear and sharp. - You see, I can still see the sketch lines under the court of this pencil, but just pay attention to the drawn area. Not too smudged. Um, begin whole your hold your hand or on a separate piece of paper or a tissue. Okay, so now we can create a shadowed barks with Crimson Lake are actually the self shadow. So wherever is necessary when it gets last life. Yes, here, under ride side. Okay, Now we can create it. Highlights with a white in job, Ben. So whenever you can see them in the reference bottle this and just stop with your finger you want to make it less white, garbage blurry. Okay, I think that's it. I know that's great. A cast shadow. So just dip a Q tip in the graphite Potter and, uh, and let's start here with this brush, just create a cash shadow where it casts like this and also here. So here, next to the camp, it has to be darkest. And, uh, blamer. It's too dark. Actually, my reference bottle do. We don't have to make it too dark. What's more, it would look better if there's difference between the black cap and a cash shadow. Because in my reference photo, even to black a cash at it was black. So it doesn't Actually, I want justice blondies that person addition. Okay, I can see how this brush actually stand out and looks closer to the viewer's eye. Do you do this? Cast shadow. - And now I can do the same here. We have kind of, uh, darker shadow here, next to the ball to go triangle shape. So this one has to be very dark. And though I have one big casts shadow, which can be like much brighter. But now I have brought it up. Discuss shadows like, have toe blind again. But this is actually where I can the grass I water from or did brightest for the brighter area. And again through this, you know, organic. Okay, that's it. I hope that you enjoy this tutorial. You do have created something satisfying and feel free to show me a result I would like to see as he would next tutorial. But by 10. How to Draw a White Diamond: I know I want to drop a white diamond and I want to use a white pencil to outline it. Um, it can be any shape, so I want to use my roller for dad and maybe hexagonal shape, maybe a bit rounder shape. So I don't want to use any graphite pencils for sketching because I want to use a very bright colored pencils. And a graphite pencil would be visible between the bright sections or Blaine's. And that's why it's simply to create a sketch with my pencil. This you can see that this area is a bit longer. This upper area, it doesn't matter. I just want to erase lines. And I want to create tiny sections or planes that have to be colored with different colors so you can create any shapes and just the way watch triangles. Rick jungles This. - You don't have to use a ruler if you don't want, But Freehand said, those is something really you can do like I have to pay attention to, to make it symmetric or something. It doesn't have to be. So I'm still using a well sharpened wife pencil. - Okay ? No, I want to believe this and the middle display named Big Girl. Now, as you could see, my light source is coming from the left side. So I'm just going to make the majority of these planes here on the left side broader and here to make them a bit darker and on the and I just want to created the cast shadow here on the right side. So this one in the middle can be absolutely wiped. And let's just call her with white pencil. Of course, you can use them white marker or any other made you so it doesn't mean that we have to strictly stick to these blames and to color them. But we can change anything during the coloring. And now, everywhere else you want just drowned. Um, some of them car with watch. - I know I want to use cool gray color pencils and I just continue with the brightest. You go Great. 10%. And of course, the edges between these planes have to be very straight. I felt this also a trend. Um, you just caller whichever you want impressed very hard to create even surface small steps chur. - Okay , so you can use warm grade or French grade to use school grades, - and now we can use school great, 30% to color. Some of the planes I escaped go great 20% because it look like similar to go over 10%. But we can actually always change something or even apply it one over another pencils. - And now I want to use school grade 50%. She's quite are. But as I mentioned, we can always go over it with the bride month with some of the bright pencils. If we don't like, it can also apply some lines in between the bright areas like this. I think that we should actually use darker pencil because the next wonder darker hue is cool Grey. 70% and it's really very dark. So I just want to leave some of the planes for for wides or something like that. I still miss the worried right dollars here, so I think we have been awful dark colors. You know, when it will start drawing from scratch. We never know what will happen. So that's what we can change or something. And we have to figure out things during the drawing. Okay, just greedy and some of those planes. So now probably I'm going to use that cool great 20% percent that I skipped. And also what to create more wives? Flames. You're also. And now I want to use agree 200% to color the rest of the sections. - Okay ? No, I just want to go over some areas again to make them white with wide marker, because I feel that I don't have enough wife various. And I just go over to cool gray color pencils. - So if you don't like something that you create with a wide marker or the Whiting job band just eliminated with your nail or with a knife, I also want to create some edges, but in the planes with why marker? Uh, - Okay . Now we can create a cast shadow with a graphite border. I just want to play this year piece of paper to isolate, deny mom. So I won't go work. And I want to play the graph. I Potter was acute chip. So we have to create guess shadow like something like similar to the shape of the diamond. So the cash shattered that the shadow that it would cast here under right side because or are light source this coming from the left side. So here I want to use a T shoes because a larger area. And here also you know something This And now we can use a wide pastoral potter to create the the delight that would go through the diamond and fall over the table. So I don't know. It can be like wherever we want this. So to make it to make this diamond looked looked transparent. Actually, this way you can also use a white collar council and we can blind it. And now we can apply this white self pastoral over to diamond to make it shine. For example, here just go war. And what if it this and this way it will look shiny here also, and also just see how it looks kind of shiny. And this is something that we can achieve on White later, - the wide dominance wouldn't be eye catching on the white paper. I just want to dark and we can also go over call or council. If you want. We can also add something deals for what marker here, for example, actions to brighten up what's necessary. You know we can Grissom. Blair, it's the final step. I just want to place my a roller and to draw a straight line like this hordes here and now in 90 degrees angle one more line across this one like this. I just want to make it bigger to make it look more shiny, I would get so add one more one tinier under 40 five degrees here, just one shorter here and also here. Just use quick, confident strokes, can you? Wide marker. That's a story. Just trying to make it as a straight responsible This. Okay, I think that's it. So you can try with different colors with red with blue and just fly more fuse the cooler and a different shapes also. And I hope that you enjoy this tutorial that you handler something and see what an extra tutorial. Bye bye.