How to Draw on Grey Paper with Colored Pencils | Jasmina Susak | Skillshare

How to Draw on Grey Paper with Colored Pencils

Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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10 Lessons (3h 52m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Grey Paper: Review, Testing and Comparison

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. How to Create Reference Photos for Drawing on Grey Paper

    • 5. How to Shade a Sphere

    • 6. How to Draw Mushrooms

    • 7. How to Draw a Butterfly

    • 8. How to Draw a Glass

    • 9. How to Draw Nail Polish

    • 10. How to Draw a White Diamond


About This Class

Drawing on toned paper is a fun way to step outside the box and try something different. You can stretch your drawing skills by drawing on grey paper because it will help you to discover the opportunities and ideas that wouldn't be possible if you draw only on white paper. If we want to draw white objects or white animals, they don't look noticeable on white paper unless we color the background too, which is quite difficult and boring, will take your time, energy and might make you less motivated to draw.

In this class, you will learn to draw from both reference photos and imagination so that you can learn to see things through the artist's eyes, enrich your creative mind and get inspired. It will help you to see and understand the art from a different point of view and to enjoy the endless opportunities that working on toned paper offers.

Reasons to Draw On Toned Paper:

  • You can start with white, which is pretty interesting.

  • You have only to add black and white shades and the paper does the rest of the job.

  • Your work will seem more complete and won't look pale because the lighter hues appear quite darker on the grey surface and they won't “disappear” like on white paper.

  • Your highlights will appear much more outstanding, spectacular and 3-D.

  • The drawings on toned paper look more realistic and lifelike.

  • You can use the tone of the paper as your mid-tone which is particularly helpful if you struggle with creating the mid-tones on white paper.

  • Working on grey paper will help you to see and evaluate the tonal values more easily.

  • The experience and skills gained by working with toned paper is something that you can apply to your white paper in the future.

  • Working on grey paper will boost your creativity.

Enroll now and let's draw!