How to Draw and Paint a Werewolf in Photoshop | Chris Scalf | Skillshare

How to Draw and Paint a Werewolf in Photoshop

Chris Scalf

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About This Class

It starts as a doodle, with some real photo references off to the side. No, not of a werewolf. Of some dogs. Then I show how it can be fun to create a spontaneous illustration of a crazy fictitious creature... But then also, show how challenging it can be to try and make it into something acceptable to the artist when you follow that path. It's a great exercise, and you will witness me struggling a t a few points and then finally resolve where I want to go with this kind image. I believe it is important to share this aspect, as I have met many artists who run into those snags where the art just doesn't feel right to them. And then they STOP. Don't stop! Look for alternative paths! The ending can be rewarding.





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Hello, I'm Chris Scalf.

I am a professional illustrator/animator working mostly in the commercial art industry. I have also done some published work in comics industry and science fiction and fantasy books. A lot of my followers previously knew me as CGSBGS on youtube, where I showcased a lot of dragon speed paint videos in the mid 2000's. I will be adding a lot of different videos and tutorials on here, anywhere from traditional medium to digital, and animation/3D. Please feel free to...

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