How to Draw a Water Droplet | Learn to Sketch a Water Drop using just Pencil Shading

Fern Martin, Card Designer, Jewellery Maker, Craft Enthusiast

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5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. The Introduction

    • 2. What do I Need for this Class?

    • 3. The Anatomy of a Water Droplet

    • 4. Let's Get Drawing!

    • 5. How to Improve Your Drawing by Upgrading your Tools & Materials


About This Class


Hi to everyone joining me here!

This step-by-step class walks you through the process of drawing a water droplet using just pencil shading.

You will only need basic materials (pencil, paper, sharpener, eraser, a tissue) and you need no drawing experience or skill whatsoever to produce something that looks good!

So if you're bored in your lunchtime break, why not have a go at this fun drawing exercise? :)

Some Useful Bits

- An article all about how to pick the perfect pencil hardness grade:

- And some photos of water droplets you can use for reference and drawing practice:[email protected]/28152220225/