How to Draw a Smokey Glitter Eye on Grey Paper | Jasmina Susak | Skillshare

How to Draw a Smokey Glitter Eye on Grey Paper

Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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6 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. Part 1

    • 5. Part 2

    • 6. Part 3


About This Class


In this class, I will show you how to draw a beautiful eye with heavy makeup.

You will need a few graphite pencils, something for blending them (a blending stump, Q-tips), a white ink gel pen or a white opaque marker. Also, you will need a grey paper, which you don't have to purchase. I will be explaining in the video how you can make it yourself.

I am excited to have you in my class.




1. Intro: 2. Introduction: Hey, guys, it's just Meena. This time I want to show you how to draw nigh on great paper. Sometimes when I want to draw white object or white animals, they don't look good on life paper unless I call her the background. And sometimes I choose to draw a demo Great paper and they really look more prominent and more catchy. So if you haven't drawn on great paper before, I would like to convince you it's really fun and interesting and enjoyable. 3. Tools: let me show you what I will be using for this. I I'll be using a graphite Pencils Castle 9000 by Robert Castell ID be HB three age in five age. I'll be using a blending stump in Q tips for blending. And I will be using this. Want Inc jump in by Sacharow and I will be also using this white marker biryani Bosco 0.7 millimeter. This marker is opaque and very good for applying highlights over the drawn area. Okay, about the great paper. I recommend this great paper by far, Briana, but you actually don't have to purchase the great paper. You can create a great image in photo shop. Choose any shade of the great and ah, and you just printed over your high quality paper and you're drawn it so you don't have to purchase it if you don't want to draw on grave paper and future. But if you just want to try out this one, I will be attaching this image so you can print it out on on your paper. 4. Part 1: Okay, so I want to draw nigh in 3/4 point of view and sort of it. The guy is shifted over to one side a bit, and that's why the upper eyelid should be even more Kirby and the lower eyelid can be almost straight. I'm using an A B pencil all the time because I want to draw on I with heavy makeup, so called smokey eye with Big Leader, its shadow. And now let's draw the iris boundary and the Arabs shouldn't be perfectly round from this point of view. But rotter, elliptic and of course, the upper part of the IRS should be covered with the upper eyelids and also with a lower eyelid. And now let's draw the pupil. It also can be a bit elliptic. It can draw a bigger if you want, and I just want to dark in the aisle, leads all around you create a shadow that the upper eyelid casts over the iris. Let's draw the I lied for next. Just draw a curvy line parallel to the upper eyelids like this, Okay, and now I'm shamed the mid area between the islands fold and the I would an H B because I want this part to be the Breuder's to be a bit broader than the left and right sides, because that will suggest that the round shape of the I now I'm using the Navy be again to cover this area on the left side and also here on the right side. So left and right side should be much darker than meat area, and I have imagined my life sores coming from the top. That's why I wanted to be the brightest in the middle. I'm just saying an age be here again because this section is more exposed to delight. And, of course, I pressed very hard within age be. But you can also use a beat Bassel and I'm still using an age be to cover this area under the eye, and now I just want to dark. Indeed, I leave thickness with UNAIDS, be and here this to your doctor to cover it completely. Here, the same under the eye. The left and the right side should be a bit darker, and here in the middle, we have to make it brighter. No, let's blend it a bit with a Q tip. Let's draw the iris. I'm using a five age here, and I draw the spokes that radiate from the very center of the pupil like this. So just wrote the spokes between the pupil and the IRS boundary. And, of course, the IRS should be much broader in the lower area and much darker in the upper area and absolutely dark under the upper eyelid. That's why I'm using on aid be again here. You can change the pressure on your five age vessels to create some patterns. No, let's blend the ours with a Q tip just carefully. And now we can blend the edge between the iris boundary and ours. I'm using an age be here, and I press hard next to the iris boundary. And, uh, and I just lied into pressure us a shade into do spokes like this. Let's shake this upper area a bit more with an age. Be also well, let's shade this Clara, With three age, we have to create a shadow that is cast by the upper. I'll lead over this Clara and this. Clara's shouldn't stay white Onley next to the iris boundary. Duress should be shaded, but we should shade this Claridges the way we shade a spear because the eyeball has a round shape and we have to suggest it. Which shading disc lareau. Now I'm adding some deal with an age be the tiny eyelashes that grow downwards and the shadow that they cast over this Clara. Now I'm using the white color pencil by Pres Mikel premier, But you Can you it was any other color pencil or any order opaque mediums such as wash or even oil paint or marker. Also a white ink Galpin that I'm going to use later and just color these tiny sections of this Clara next to the IRS boundary. And now let's create some highlights or the virus using a white colored pencil. I just want to shade more this area under the upper island and to draw more eyelashes that grow downwards like this. I'm using a navy Be for this. No, since I can't really create Brad highlights with a wife pencil and I want to use a white marker by UNIP Oska, this marker is opaque and it's it can be easily applied, and I just stop it with my finger to make the edges blurry. Just great highlights wherever you want. If you use this marker, you you will be able to eliminate the highlights which your nails or with any order pencil while it's wet and even what it drives up, you can see that I have applied it here in the corner over this Clara and I can easily shape it with my pencil by eliminating a bit of a marker. - I just want to blend the edges of this marker with with my white collar pencil. 5. Part 2: Now, before we draw the eyelashes, we should shave the skin above the eye. But before that, let's draw the eye bro's that we can shake the skin between the eye and the eye, bro and also the drawing off on I'll looks better with it with an eye, bro. I'm using an HB pencil to draw the eye, bro, so that I can always dark in it if I want. And also you can use any other shade of graph after graph I you don't have to use on a J b us me. I feel that this left side is to think. That's why I want to erase the opera area and to move it a bit downwards, you can draw any shape of the eyebrow. I just want to draw that typical female arched eyebrow. And of course, we have to draw the strokes in the direction of the hairs grow no lunch blended with a Q tip. I'm using a made V here to draw the hairs that are found under the Brow ridge because they get less light and now lunch darken the eyebrows under right side, a swell next to the temple. This way Will will make the section in the middle brighter, which which will suggest the wrongness of the head. Now I can start shading the skin using a to age and circle or emotions so called circle ism technique, which means that you have to apply overlapping circles in order to create its most texture . I do pretty fast, but you just take your time. I also want to shade the bridge of the nose, actually the right side of the nose a bit so that the area next to the I can be highlighted . No, let's blend it carefully. Would a tissue. You can see how it becomes darker after blending with tissue? No, let's blended for the Q tip. And now let's shade decrease. This is the part between the eyelid fold, and I, bro just blend the edges of everything with acute cheap. But don't press too hard. Just staple of it. What it let me just check my jelly pen. I'm not sure that it still works, So this is how we create that glossy nous off the skin or actually the makeup shadow by applying dots with Dwight English gel pen or would a Y marker Now I'm continuing to shade right about the islet fall within HP and also circular motion, and I pressed less and less on site work away from the eyelid fold. And of course, we have to create that Grady in transition because the great shade should actually gradually become brighter. Also a shade towards the highlight. So the difference shades shouldn't have a clear edge between them, but they should flow into each other gradually. - No , let's blend it with a Q tip. - You know what's great? Highlights with a white collar passel by Prisma color Premier. He right under the eye, bro over two protruding bone over the brokerage. - Let's shake this area next to the temple within a J B. Also circle or emotions. This way, we'll make the highlighted area even more prominent. And, of course, this section gets less light. I have to go back to my eye, bro, because I feel it's still too pale and I want to make a darker and I also want to make a darker So that's the white collar. Pansa could be even more prominent, - and now you can see the benefits of drawing on great paper. The white areas pop, and they're more eye catchy 6. Part 3: let me just darkened his areas a bit more with an aid. Be now , let's blend it with a blending stump. I just want to improve on Grady in transition here because this area right above the eyelid fold say, seems to be too bright, and I just wanted to darken it with an age. Be no, let's blend it with a Q tip. - And now, finally, it's time for the eyelashes. I'm using an aid be for, uh, for the eyelashes, and you have to drive them with a quick, confident strokes. In one pass, I'm drawing pre long eyelashes because actually I want to draw fake eyelashes. Those are much longer, and you can see how I apply quick confidence strokes. I'm using an age be here all right above the eye tear, doc. Because here Dio eyelashes are pretty thinner. And now we can also draw the lower eyelashes. This one is too long. I just want to erase a bit of it. I'm also using an aide to be here, produce a lower eyelashes, air usually natural, but their ends are stick together when the mascara is applied. So we have to draw them like this now we can blend. It ends off the eyelashes with a blending stump, - and now I want to shade even more here, right above the eyelid. Fold with an age be and I'm applying to age above the age Be in order to create that gradual transition. Because the grey shade is the darker right above the islets fall and becomes broader and broader. How sweet shape towards the highlight. We're actually upwards, and now we can actually apply jelly roll. Or if we have a whiting gel pen or white marker, just create tiny dots here somewhere in the middle off the lower and the upper eyelids. Because these areas are protruding and highlighted. I'm also applying. Why does over this Clara that I shaded right under the upper eyelid among the eyelashes that grow downwards? I just want to dark in some dots with a blending stump, because some of them seem to be too bright to me. But the makeup powder can shine even in sunken areas, not only over the protruding highlighted areas. Even in sunken areas, it can be highlighted. - No , I just want to blend the I. Breaux's what A to age are actually to create tiny here's all around because when we draw my bro's, they shouldn't be. There shouldn't be clear edge between the dark eyebrows and the skin. But there are always some tops of the eyebrows, which are pretty then, so that they're much thinner at the end and for death. We should actually use the broader Passell. And same goes here for the eyelashes. The tops of the eyelashes are always cleaner. And that's why I'm using a to age just to create a top off them. Okay, Thank you so much for watching. I hope that you enjoyed this and see within X tutorial. Bye bye.