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How to Draw a Siberian Husky Puppy

teacher avatar Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Preparing for Sketching

    • 4. Sketching Part 1

    • 5. Sketching Part 2

    • 6. Drawing the Eye

    • 7. Drawing the White Fur

    • 8. Shading the White Fur

    • 9. Drawing the Nose

    • 10. Drawing the Black Fur

    • 11. Drawing the Grey Fur

    • 12. Softening the Fur

    • 13. Adding the Details

    • 14. Drawing the Muzzle

    • 15. How to Edit your Drawings

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to draw a Siberian Husky Puppy from the reference photo. I will guide you from sketching to finishing touches in this highly detailed tutorial. For this drawing I used high-quality grey paper, Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, a wax colorless blender by Prismacolor and a white ink gel pen.

Even if you haven't drawn on grey paper before, I think you should definitely join this class and draw along with me. We will have so much fun and I will share a lot of tips and tricks with you that will become part of your drawing practice so that you can apply them to your future pet portraits. Working on grey paper is a great way to stretch your skills, so let's get to work!

I am excited to have you in my class.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jasmina Susak

Pencil Artist


My name is Jasmina Susak. I am a self-taught, graphite and colored pencil artist, author of many how-to-draw books and eBooks, innovator and art teacher.

I want to share my drawing skills with anyone who wants to draw because I am convinced that everyone is able to draw; only patience, right guidance, and inspiration is needed.

Take my classes, get inspired and enjoy learning!


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2. Tools: Hey, guys! Is does Nina. Let's not this Siberian husky from this public domain image. But first, let me show what I'm going to use for destroying. To draw this husky on Great Baber and I will be using the clay by for Brianna. It's pretty thin paper, but I don't like to call her. How are we using an HB pencil for sketching and prisma color premier colored pencils? And I will be also using this Lex colorless blender vipers McCall er to make the far beer soft and fluffy and you will see and I will be using a wide Jeff end or maybe jelly roll and this being jibe marker by UNIP Osco. 3. Preparing for Sketching: can I want to sketch it by using great method. And I just want to create to put agreed over the photo in a great draw. And the image editor for artists that I have developed for placing degreed over the photos and you will find this image attached with greed and without grades, and you can use it. So here I just want to set up the thickness of the line and I will add also labeling. I also have this Mac application sketch maker for artists when you can also upload photos and make this sketch out of them. And of course, this is mostly for wide paper, but we can also make for great paper. So the first thing is to move the Contras scale to the left and the image turns negative was against C. And after that, we moved capacity scale to the left like this. And lastly, we moved a rent scale to the right a bit like this. And now this is pre bright to grace. So if you move a passage to the right, it will become darker like this. And even if you want to draw on black paper, you just moved to the right side like this. But here, despondent pretty good. And you have here pencil colors. You can pick up this color and, uh, can also go erase something that you don't want. The hairs that you don't want or add the wants that you need. This app is also good. If you don't have great paper, then you can just print this image on your white paper and restaurant or duct. So if you don't like to get change or you really want to have a proportional sketch shootist, you can use this app, which doesn't mean that I want you to purchase this because this is a paid app. You can just message me and some your picture and I will create that for you. Opportunity. I don't have this for Windows only for Mac OS 4. Sketching Part 1: e no. Here I had my reference follow with great over death. So us against C. The square is like through centimeters wide, but I want to draw a bit bigger dog. So I want my sail to be my square to be, like 2.5 centimeters or actually one inch. So and I'm just going to mark two dots like this. No, love chan. Nine, 76 432 one. And also here on the bottom, it's the same here. 11 10 9 And I just want to connect these I use on HB graphite council and don't press very hard like this that I can see. But of course I'm going to erase. Disagreed. - Okay . And now we have to mark the vertical God's like one, three. You're also And now it's like, - Okay , I just want to mark with numbers here. One, 23 my And here I decide I want to B c d 5. Sketching Part 2: and now I actually want to look at it in my pots, consume in. And so here I have against C 99 and it's a so nine c. So in nine C, I have to top of the nose and here I started like this to draw the nose. Does I have to be strictly the same? Just a proximate leaking create the offline Doesn't have to be perfect. Absolutely the same. And he I just want to murthy our line off the dog and, uh, physician off some they show features. So I know I'm not going to sketch every single hair here, most of the nostrils. So shadows and highlights, I figure out later. I just need to off line, do the whole dog shape and, uh, and also imagine facial future in their position. We're now six c, we go works, and of course, I want to mark of the edge between the black and white so far, just a bit to know where like this and also good muscle. Yeah, I just figure out that I skipped eight number. So here in six seat, I haven't I actually, but I just want to drop the bigger I So here's how. So you have to the side which off lines we want. You might want some different off lines for your sketch. So not the ones that I have marked. And here is why create tiny dash limes where I want to mark the edge is wounded Fars to quality too far. Okay, you want to draw? It's also mentioned just wanted slide bigger I But of course, when coloring we can change the shape of anything. So it's sketch is important, but the coloring highlights and shadows were actually give the real shape. Do anything. Okay, so here I just want to go insane with muscle. - So one millimeter to elect. All right. It doesn't really matter. - Course I'm going. Teoh erase a lot of this off lines. I need them. No. For before I start going Look And your teeth, then they're just a bit more complicated. I think my feet are but lowered and they should be so it's still not too late to change because when we add to call our and stiff ical to change the position the facial features. So we better do it now. - Okay , moments. They're here. I just want to more offline the rest of the head and ears. So here are black hairs. And here I just want to mark them. And, of course, the edge between the very bright Teoh, actually white, far and inner area of the year, which is gonna yellowish or something pink. So I just want to along the edge between these two colors and arrest, I'm just going to later. So everything else seems to be black. But you see, it is not actually black. Okay? Sorry. Edge between, uh what? And Black for okay like this for me at this. Enough to sketch. Okay, now we can erase the great I use this simple plastic razor and I want to It raised Agreed over to the larger area areas with this lost creature. I have this brush for makeup. I only mean a dust, everything. But when I want to erase degreed here among these important off lies sues this eraser with tiny. But even if I race about them, I can still see them. - That's no for the great paper. I don't think you can actually trace it using lightbox. I'm not sure that you can see through this paper so reach Its method is very good. - Okay , if we have something, some parts of degreed left world cover, then with core pencils. 6. Drawing the Eye: all right, I suggest starting with the eye and I want to use, like, kind of a combination of burnt Oakar and also yellowed orange. Here I start to caller the IRS and I want to continue with yellow orange publicans seem to reference photo his eyes, his eyes like orange, but they often have blue eyes. So you can even use blue pencil some full pencils so you don't have to draw the same. You can see a reference bottle, something that you can see that I when I use Brown Walker has kind of gradation from brown to yellow. And now I just want to highlight it here, next to you, both with the wife pencil. Also, I want to color this Clara the whites of the eyes possible with wife found so an African. See how this white caller actually pop and stands out on a great paper. And now let's introduce black pencil to draw here. T correspond ary, you just pressed very hard. I know we can just blend edge between black and I respond really ours with burnt poker like this and also Paris pondering here the locks side and also lots blended with iris. So don't be afraid of using black Benzel. A lot of people are afraid of fusing like don't ill see how it that makes the drawing look much more realistic and give the depth to drawing in life, actually, And let's also draw all around the eye with black pencil. Here come thick line all around. I pressed very hard. Create absolute of black cooler. So just carefully here, next to this Clara, let's use a bit of dark number here and the shadows for the shattered Bart of the iris. Here, actually in the upper area where the upper eyelid casting the shadow Order ours. Now we can get some highlights. Your operative area. It also doesn't have to be in the same place us On the in the reference photo, you can even use a wide marker. You can apply. I can see how the I appears shiny 7. Drawing the White Fur: Okay, That's the next step I suggested. Joined the white far everywhere, wherever we have it, even when it's a bit darker, which enjoyed now and then we're going to eventually dark an aunt or we'll see. But for now, let's place the basic color for for the white areas for the wind farm. So, yeah, so hoard years here, dip inside the ear. You don't have to just hear all around one. The far is a bit brighter. Of course, this is now just a wrong call replacement. We're going to go into details much more later on should actually draw the strokes and the direction of hair growth. So you get a look more natural. So I suggest, actually just played this work into come in according far into two faces, like first to drop the wide far and after death to draw blank farm. So the focus under one thing at a time. Of course, it's a bit different when you draw area by area, when when we finish both white and black hairs, then we can work on the edge between these two colors because, as you can see there, a lot of white hairs place over to black here and opposites just keep your just carefully around a muzzle. You can see that I'm following the direction of the here girl, if you have a dog or cat sick and check off for direction. But it can be visible in this reference photo so you can see contro pretty fast. But just take your time and I still had to rush. Okay, That's it for now. So I have placed a basic caller. Four didn't wind farm. 8. Shading the White Fur: But you might think that the whole wide far is absolutely white. And to actually learn what is absolutely white and what has to be shaped, we have to reduce the brightness in any image editor. And here you can see eso Onley here above the eyes and the far is actually absolutely watch . So everything else has to be shaded. So here we can start under the muzzle flying crew gray 50% to make this wide, far a big darker. We can also create this roots of the whiskers said this here just offer a lower area has to be very dark looking, maybe even a flight boobery 70% for this one and, of course, followed the direction of the hair growth all the time. And just here when do skin Bentz kind of you know, words physical self shadow and here, next to do, knows and all over the next to the edges. We also have some and here in the lower area or actually under the muzzle. It's, uh, very dark, wide far or actually in shadow and south shadow, which means that it should be quite darker. But let's first use gray 1st 50% and I can see him getting its shape around its shape and its not that flat anymore. So it it shouldn't stay white like this. But other concedes, pretty important to lay down to basic color. First here is somehow is the edge between the head and the neck. Here also the area bent inwards degree that south shadow. But in this case, it's gonna easier because we have a reference for um if you draw without reference border after think about G shape of the skull and everything else. But here you have easier job when you take a look. Good reference, Faro. Okay, this so here it is, too. It parts wipe far are is pre illuminated. Or actually, it's absolutely white side connection. Staying like this here, we can create some here. 20 edge unimportant. Isom mentioned. We're going to focus Sunday edge between Teoh Watch and Black Far later on here in that year, us again soon reference photo The white here is somehow pinkish or yellowish saw. I want to use kind of French. Great, Probably so no, just finish with this pencil and also here I also want to out of it French agree, But this here this area should be a bit the darker in general. So this is a very good weight check. When you reduce the broadness, you can see actually what is absolutely white and see it should be shaded should be darker than white. And I can see how this head or actually distant Muzzle Joe looks stands out. You can even use cool grade 30% but it's going to bright. But you can actually use that to blend the edge between the white and cool. Great 2% with necessary. But as I mentioned, I'm going to use French green. That's kind of yellowish. Great, more brownish. No. Okay, so I think it's enough in this, and I want to continue with continue with the cool grey 70% year to a job, darkest parts the council. You can draw some whiskers right now with this pencil that this is a very dark Mansell's Don't press too hard. And then we worry at a black caller here we can see. We will see whether we need more This, uh, color pencil are actually to make it more doctor a darker. Okay, So it says this in her area of the ear is gonna pinkish. I want to use a clay rose to car of it like this. And now I just want to go with French grade. 10%. Just go over to Clay Rose and like this afterwards, you know, just wanted been dinner with friends. Very 50%. Yes. Can I have a bit of more French? 10% here between the inner and outer sections. And also, let's caller dues. Here's it that are not want French grade. 3%. As I mentioned here, we can add if it's French grade, 3% this want farm over genetic this French great jury percentage like the same as the color of the papers. So this paper's French grey Okay, so that's enough to from the white farm. Come back to it later on. 9. Drawing the Nose: Okay? No, we before we moved to the black bar some before lifters draw this nose. And let's start here with black areas here, just nostril. Just reactive color with black completely. Just press a very hard. This has to be awful black. And here, this, uh, line thick line here which wants here from your nostrils to this wind farm like this that's all addressed of the nose. It is also very dark, but shouldn't be actually black. It is actually black. But even like one high life, it is not like anymore. But it's great. Okay, I suggest using warm gray for the nose, but cool grey is also good for this and just go next to the black areas with the warm great 70%. And here also this part here. So about French grains Not good, great or cool gray like this. And now we can feel that here, this area color this the whole knows the rest of the nose with warm, great 50%. - I know we can work a bit more with cool grey 70% or dis 50% because it's still seem to be too right, particularly the edge between the black and cool gray 50%. It shouldn't be this clear. That's what can use in 90% hungry and just trying to make that great in transition between blood black and one great 50% Make it flawless said that the nose can have a round shape. And also let's add a bit more here here, 4th 1 grain, 90% here, the white far of the muzzles Just a tiny hairs or this wide for here. We can also add No , we can't have to be highlights here or the top of the nose with school grade 200%. 10. Drawing the Black Fur: and now we can color the black far. But the just the way we figured out what is X Absolutely white. We can also see what is absolutely black when we increase the badness like this. And here So you can do that in any image. Editor. I used this Windows photo gallery and, uh, but here again, see what is actually absolutely black. And let's draw on Lee these areas now with black pencil so press very hard with of life pencil in order to cheap debts. Absolutely Black caller, just go here next in line. So now we just draw the Barnes Absolutely black. I think the I did I drew it. It's too big. I mean, I if you remember I wanted to draw it a bit bigger, but it's kind of too big and that also here it also I tried to go in the direction of the hair girl Awesome . And we're going to draw the most separately, I guess, at the end. So I don't want to draw anything with black now there only to farm. So it's very difficult because you have to press very hard if your hand hurts just and leave it for the next day, continued the next day or later. You don't have to draw the whole drawing in one sitting, because in order to get this reach black color, we have to press very hard. Okay, I guess that's it. 11. Drawing the Grey Fur: I know we can color the rest of the far with school gray 90% which is also really dark. Lean out a bit of the edge for bright, great pencil because we have to makes separate the to make this suit to areas separate. I mean the ear and the head just carefully here with top of the most to preserve the all line of the muscle. You know, we can go old around the time. Here we have some tiny white. Here's so we can say that this section is what it above the eyes runner black like far with some, if you tiny want, cares that we're going to apply with a wide in gel pin or something for a few hairs. We don't have to leave the area white, but it's actually a black far here. Maybe you can see actually the difference between the black and cool very 90% here on my drawing. But on your old drawing, you will see and just make these black. Here's go watch here, but as a machin, we're going to focus on the edges between the black and watch here later. Now let's just feel the rest of the far with cool rain 100%. Okay, here to finish drawing finest. So I just want quality arrest here in this corner. Forsooth direction of hair growth. - I'm here. We have also use your appears like this. Okay, Now we can create some highlights with cool gray. 50% here, for example. So that highlighted like here, just here. The lower I lead this year for tuning barked Just go over with great 50%. You can even use 30% if you can brought it. And don't you know here also this upper area said the upper far is quiet illuminated and it won't be done black it any more Books Runner. Great dog grave. So here and also here and also here Did I mention this offer area? I'm in the top of the head. That should be kind of brighter because that's or eliminated. And it will make the edge between ahead and ear visible so that they will look separated. Yes, to a separate sections. This I can't believe that I drew so big. I something between, uh y John Flack, kind of. You black hairs. I just want to make softer Dawkins and writes Great colors. No. Weakened through the same here in your left side. I mean to highlight the rest of the highlighted like hair. Where is necessary. You're under end up offer left corner. A lot of here is I liked it so can apply more, - but awesome. Too much. 12. Softening the Fur: I know we can blend a hair and I want to use this colorless wax colorless blender by personal color. And ah, this is a ah colorless pencil was containing on Lee Wax, so it won't change the color. This is very good for blending an animal here, and I just place it here next to the edge. And I just moved out towards like this. So this will actually make the far look fluffy and soft. And this owner edge will look kind of soft. Now we have, like, harsh edge. So here did you just place over to black Farm and move the tape, this colorless blender? Odd words. Awesome. We're also here and, of course, in the direction of the here's groups. If you see how it looks now, well, natural. So you're just place an inner area here inside of black before and just grow outwards short , confident strokes like this. And just to take a look, a reference bottle. The checkoff were, uh, direction of the here growth and also to see how long hairs are here for around the year, they should be a bit shorter. And here now, also, I'm blending dollars. I have to dropped longer ones this and just make sure that it's the deep of this Lex color Splendors Very sharp, that's all. That's why. Didn't focus, actually on the edge when I was coloring. It's more like this. Okay, here also. Okay, Now we can work on the edge between do black and white. Far that I was talking about. And this is something that we did the same way that we just did in the outer area or actually the edge. So just place the people fewer relax, colorless blender over the black far and just moving inwards. Toe watch, far like this. So the break to break this edge between the black and white to four. And to make this here's two cars of the hair go into each other like this and us always the attention to the direction, direction of the Here's girls like this and here round like this. So, no, we don't have that and clear edge between the black and white far that's broken with hairs , just the way it should be. Here. Awesome. Just everywhere you see. And of course, you can create some. Here's over the white four. I'm in dark. Here's with the amusing warm gray 90% and I just run some. Here's your over the edge like this. Of course, I just want to blend it also that year. Just place your overdue black area but black for and draw the lines in words this and white far the ear into the far I mean among too far in this direction of the office care flow, actually, So this and also here can get some help. You want to go into details. So here we don't need this because this is like the edge when it's it's not surrounded with food. Black form. So stay right. Okay. This You can create that dark here inside a year, so use a well sharpened pencil And don't press too hard. Just quick, confident moments with your pencil. Okay, So you want to go through with call over the blender? Same here. I place a tip over the black far and a draw and to do wind far like this, see how it looks now much more realistic and kind of fluffy and soft. Here also just always fashion to the hairs girls direction with this. Okay, so here also I started. But here we have, actually a lot of fears and black hairs inside Do I hear can have actually do draw because we can create down many years with with plunder here and later we're going to work under wide here, which is the overdose like here. So I just want to split this work into some medical herbal faces to make it simpler, which would happen a fight drug area by area, which is sometimes easier. Okay, I just want to go there with cool grey. 90%. It does tiny hairs to their place, actually, girl over the white hair. Just make sure that your have a well sharpened tip. And, uh, you don't have to press too hard. I can't like this and are going to blend it again. Did it the same. That would just we now go over these hairs that we just created to blend them to and saying you're Desprez est forward black far at drop into wind farm. Like this, Of course, with a black school. Arliss, blunder. Okay, I think that I don't have anywhere else. The match between here, maybe it later. But this is skin around her skinned in here. Okay, 13. Adding the Details: Okay, now we have to do the same. But with the wind far but us against See when I please The people for a wax sculpture was blunder over the white far, and I moved outwards up. Nothing actually happens. So even with an X Acto in life, when I go over to black far, I can only eliminate Ah, the black color pencils a bit And then I can see the great colored paper So it's not widen , actually. So that's where we have to use white bands. Like while a sharpened and just place over the far and draw outwards. Also quick, confident strokes here. So this so But over the black far, we can actually achieved that absolutely white color of the farther we can see in your reference bottles that I'm just going to use this that want in gel pin to create these tiny years that I was better mentioned you did we have about the on like this? So lots of tiny cares like this. See how it looks? No, very good. And here is absolutely why. And I can draw that that wherever I want. So let's start here with this above the I I want to clean the tip of this. Why Didn't jump on it. Wanted big, supple bit of these of the white band sell it will just stock and maybe one floor Inc like this can see how it looks now very good with this. So we're now actually creating to watch far or less for, like this. Also protection to do here, girls, this I can even go here Or don't want more like this. Do we have to create good longer and also just a showy I have this jelly roll by sacharow. Uh, yeah. Does one is also good to make kind of comparison something. If you have this one, you can also use it. And I also have, uh, this being jibe by any Bosco sarah 0.7 million mirror. So this one is also good. I just want this may be the best. And here also in this one area that it remember that we created the black far over the wind far by going from life to want. And now we do the opposite. We call from the white far over to black, far like this, just hair by hair like this. So and you can even go work on this wide area because I know for certain period of time, it's somehow the paper off sore the white color pencil. It's not that white anymore. So we can actually go over with this because this wide for here is awfully white. Remember that I showed you in an image editor how to figure out which wide far is absolutely right. Okay, you're also also we have tiny, tiny hairs. Just gently touch the paper and you could see what do you know how I can create sign in China? Here's and here. Awesome. And not to mention here, just no whiskers like this. But here I'm going to draw over. When I finished dawn in everything most. And after that, I'm going to apply this. But here you can add some. Here's and you see how it looks much more realistic. If you don't want it to be too bright, you just drop the here and, uh, just stop. It's with your finger, and it won't be done. What? - How I just want to go off year order, brightest areas again. On some mentioned, as I did with this area to make it? Absolutely. What? No, I think I have only this spark left. And here we can create longer. Here's some of the here this year and just in the middle. Black hair like this. - Also , if you don't like some of the hairs, position or anything, you just go over with black pencil or you can eliminate it, Which your nail, you see so you can make any mistakes. I mean, you can always eliminate two. Here's so just relax And don't worry. Uh, and here also order what? Shadowed far. Just grace some individual. What? Here's that we can have some liberals here with There are Friends of Dona Griffin World Wide far I thought here again, Go on even much more into details or your family like this. And I think the only thing left is the most. And then we can add they're here to the white hairs. Consider just one to docking. But this what here's just go over with in great 90% 14. Drawing the Muzzle: Okay. Now we can color the dung, and I want to use, think and just school over here soon. Lower area dunk. So here we have shadowed part of the dog. So we don't have to call on him because we're going to draw it with on our mental here, all something sparked. And now we can color this talk in the shadow, which should be absolutely black. I mean, we have to use black callers, pencil here for the whole areas here and just draw around thief around this to play this and here, the very inner area of this tongue. And since we have the life car so and yours, we can call our office each area that is black like this, you can actually go over everything, but And after that, we can go with toe overdose to create some highlights. Of course. Here, under the dog. Just carefully to preserve the shape. Duncan. - Okay , I know we have to create the transition between the black and I think, and I start here with dark number, my core up it over black. We can use the mahogany red to connect these two colors. Just go over to the dark number This and also we can use the same pencil to dark in here it is darker parts. And here, the lower area, the Deng's to make it look around by making a darker I don't think also this other side of the dog simple. Make it darker. What can just Greece here highlights with a white pencil eliminated foreign to the tongue? - You know, we have to highlight this gum and skin here and I use think for this. Just go over this black area. Very car. He also next to the teeth. - And now I just want to highlight this skin here was cool gray. 20%. I just go or to black and you can see how it becomes brighter here and now. We can create the whiskers that I mentioned over the stone. This Okay, that's it. I hope that you enjoy this one and that you have learned something and I would like to see your resolves and see with the next tutorial. Bye bye. 15. How to Edit your Drawings: But when you work with Prisma, color premiered already the next day you will see something like wide haze over your drawing particular. If you use very dark colors, it's something like a layer of dust that you can actually wipe art with a tissue. So I said just spring the drawings with fix a tooth. I have this one hands for grand five color pantos and but it's pretty stinky. So that's why I spring it in my bathroom. So do not inhale this from partisan spray it were you drawing and that wide Hayes won't appear anymore. Then when it dries out, you can actually scan it. I have this cannon scanner and printer costs, like $40 or less, and I just want to scan it. But as you can see, the scan picture is also liking. Contras also has kind of wide haze over death so we can increase the dark Dawes and I'm using a Windows photo gallery, hissed a gram to increase the dark tones and to increase the bright dogs. And as you can see now, it looks like my drawing and that we can show it online.