How to Draw a Face: a Beginners Guide to Drawing a Fashion Portrait | Elena Fay | Skillshare

How to Draw a Face: a Beginners Guide to Drawing a Fashion Portrait

Elena Fay, Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

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9 Videos (31m)
    • Intro

    • Art Supplies

    • Drawing the Front View of the Face

    • Drawing the Side View

    • Drawing Faces From Different Angles

    • Bonus/ Drawing a Face Without a Ruler

    • Stylizing Eyes

    • Fashion Portrait

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Even if you never drew people before and creating portraits sounds too complicated, I’ll show you fun and easy ways to approach the process! This class is packed with inspiration and interesting techniques that will help you to bring your skills to the next level.
Topics include:

1. Facial proportions

2. Drawing the front view of the head 

3. Drawing the side view of the head

4. Stylizing Eyes

5. Stylizing Lips

6. Drawing fashion portrait

The brush pen I used is Pentel pen, it comes with 2 refills. Give it a try-you will love it!!! 





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Elena Fay

Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

Hi everyone, welcome to my creative playground:)

I'm a self-taught fashion illustrator, dreamer and explorer.

I started my blog in March, 2012 to share my passion for art and fashion. Over the years this space evolved and became a creative outlet to share things I love, my inspiration and everything creative.

Creating art for individual clients and big brands is a dream come true because every day I can play with my favorite paints and call it a job!


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