How to Draw What You See (Instead of What Your Brain Thinks You See) | Katy Schifferer | Skillshare

How to Draw What You See (Instead of What Your Brain Thinks You See)

Katy Schifferer, Digital Illustrator

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9 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro + Overview

    • 2. Why Drawing What You See is Challenging

    • 3. Technique #1: Negative Space

    • 4. Technique #2: Reference Lines

    • 5. Technique #3: Measuring Proportions

    • 6. Constantly Double Check Your Drawing

    • 7. Drawing from Real Live VS a Photograph

    • 8. Bonus: How to Use References to Draw from the Imagination

    • 9. Conclusion


About This Class

Learn how to draw what you actually see in front of you, rather than what your brain thinks you see, and bring a higher level of realism to anything you draw.  Additionally, learn how to apply these techniques to drawing images from the imagination, through use of reference pictures.  The class project will involve students drawing something they see in real life.

Basic knowledge of drawing supplies is recommended, but the class is open to all experiences and skill levels.

Note: this class does NOT teach how to draw hyperrealism or even realism. These are simply techniques to improve your ability to draw from models/references.

All reference images used in this class are licensed under CC0 Creative Commons.