How to Draw Superheroes - Male Proportions | Robert Marzullo | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction to this class

    • 2. Drawing the Male Superhero Proportions - Front View

    • 3. Applying Anatomy to the Front View

    • 4. Drawing the Side View

    • 5. Making Adjustments

    • 6. Drawing the Back View

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About This Class


In this class you will learn how to construct the basic male superhero from three different views. Front, side, and back. This typical turnaround style is a great exercise to improve your confidence when drawing the superhero form. 

We will cover things like adjusting proportions, rhythms of the body, tips on drawing anatomy, and remembering basic shapes to make the process easier. 

This is the first class of a new series that will tie together and teach you how to draw dynamic superheroes from start to finish. We will be covering a variety of character types as well as more detailed lessons on anatomy and rendering techniques!


I hope you enjoy this class and thank you for your support! ;)

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics





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Robert Marzullo

Online instructor of Figure Drawing and Comic Art

I enjoy creating and sharing Video Content of my drawing process. I teach comic book illustration techniques, figure drawing, and digital painting. I use programs such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, and Sketchbook Pro 8.

I am the author/illustrator of the book, "Learn to Draw Action Heroes."

I have been teaching online for over 5 years now and love the ability to connect and teach artists all over the world. It is very exciting and rewarding!

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