How to Draw Simple Tension Folds | Stephanie Chewy | Skillshare

How to Draw Simple Tension Folds

Stephanie Chewy, Animator // Character Design

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5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Fabric Tension?

    • 3. Why are tension folds important?

    • 4. Drawing One Point Tension

    • 5. Drawing Two Point Tension


About This Class

Hello everyone and welcome to 2019! I'd like to start off the year by sharing with you some tips on how to draw some simple fabric folds. This can be very useful when drawing in general, as it can apply to any character interacting with a piece of fabric - be it their clothing, or an external source. 

We’re going to learn why it’s so important to have these folds and points of tension in fabric, how it influences a character, and how to emulate complex folds into a few simple lines. This is a quick explanation on fabric as a medium, so it’s recommended for beginner artists who are just starting out, and hoping to create more grounded, realistic characters.

As this lesson is less about using a software and more about the method of drawing, the medium in which you choose to follow along or practice in is completely up to you – you can either draw traditionally using a pencil and piece of paper (my favourite method of drawing), or you can use Photoshop and a drawing tablet, like me. The version doesn’t really matter.

So if you’re all set and would like to release all your tensions in the name of art, click the enroll button now!