How to Draw Realistic Skin with Colored Pencils | Jasmina Susak | Skillshare

How to Draw Realistic Skin with Colored Pencils

Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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13 Lessons (2h 21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Which Colored Pencils I Use and Why

    • 3. Color Mixing

    • 4. How to Choose the Right Colored Pencils for your Drawings

    • 5. Other Tools (Paper, etc.)

    • 6. Light Skin Tone #1

    • 7. Light Skin Tone #2

    • 8. Light Skin Tone #3

    • 9. Light Skin Tone #4

    • 10. Medium Skin Tone #1

    • 11. Medium Skin Tone #2

    • 12. Dark Skin Tone #1

    • 13. Dark Skin Tone #2

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About This Class

Welcome to my Skillshare class!

In this class, I am teaching how to draw realistic, lifelike human skin using nothing else but colored pencils.

When drawing the skin, I always use the technique called burnishing for which you will need wax-based colored pencils such as Prismacolor Premier or Caran D'ache Luminance 6901. Since they are both wax-based, they blend well together and I use them both for my portraits. My fans and followers always ask me what do I use to blend my colored pencils to make the drawn skin look like in photos without any pencil lines visible. My answer is: "I use another colored pencil" and I will show you how to blend and render colored pencils for professional results. I don't use things like underpaints or solvents. So, to enroll, you will need only colored pencils and paper.

In this class, I have included demonstrations of drawing 8 different human skin tones: light, medium, and dark. I will tell you exactly which colored pencil or a combination of colored pencils to use to create a particular skin tone so that you can use the tips from this class for your lifelike, realistic portraits.


Note: these tutorials cover only the skin, not the whole portraits. However, you will learn to draw basic tones, highlights, and shadows so that you can apply the techniques and combinations of colors to your future portraits.

I am waiting for you so jump in the class and let's get started!