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How to Draw Realistic Hair with Colored Pencils

teacher avatar Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (3h 56m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Which Colored Pencils I Use and Why

    • 3. Other Tools (Paper, etc.)

    • 4. Light Brown Hair

    • 5. Brown Hair

    • 6. Black Hair

    • 7. Black Straight Hair

    • 8. Black Coarse Hair

    • 9. Red hair

    • 10. Ginger Hair

    • 11. A Blonde Braid

    • 12. Brown Hair Ponytail

    • 13. Brown Hair with Highlights

    • 14. Frosted Hair - Ponytail Style

    • 15. Tied up Brown Hair

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn to draw realistic hair using colored pencils. You will learn to draw a lot of kinds, styles, and colors of the hair in these simple and practical demonstrations.

So, jump in the class and let's create!

I am waiting for you.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jasmina Susak

Pencil Artist


My name is Jasmina Susak. I am a self-taught, graphite and colored pencil artist, author of many how-to-draw books and eBooks, innovator and art teacher.

I want to share my drawing skills with anyone who wants to draw because I am convinced that everyone is able to draw; only patience, right guidance, and inspiration is needed.

Take my classes, get inspired and enjoy learning!


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1. Intro: 2. Which Colored Pencils I Use and Why: Okay, So let me show the pencils that I have at home. I have this big set by former Castell polychrome ous 120 pencils, but was against you. I have hardly used um but they're very good. They're actually oil based. And I'd like workspace color pencils. They have a lot of great bent ills that I really like. And they're manufacturer in six years, which is very helpful for creating smokes credit. And so I have created swatches of colors. Yeah, this break helpful, sir. Here you can see we have solid blue that I really like to use when I colored the sky and pencils. The cars are really good And so they're not too bad, actually, but I don't. I really rarely used them. Then I have during color soft pencils, 72 pencils. Eso was again. See, also, I haven't used them, but these are also very good. Montel's and I also have a Durand Brickell are also 72 pencils, both pro color and color software wax based pencils. But I actually boat them to include them in my color picker application, which is suggestive pencils for the selected area. And I also have these two brands included, but they're pretty good and I just don't use them because I was Prisma called premier mostly, and it's like habit. But as you can see, a lot of colors are very reach. Some of them are Are not that rich. You can see these pinking, but here we have a lot of rich colors, so probably I'm going to use them. But and then I have conduct luminess 6901. So these are my second favorite, my further Prisma core premier. But these These are very high quality pencils and wax paste, and they can be easily blended with the Prisma core premiere together, so I often use them to get her. And ah, they're a bit thicker than personal club premier and much more expensive. But really, it's worth the paying for high quality pence's because it's really enjoyable to work with them because there are so creamy and soft and can be easily spread all over the paper. And, um, I usually use them when I don't have appropriate color by personal color premiere. Here we have a lot of the skin colors and I like to use thes to draw the skin. And I like this the raw numbers and French grays and I often use gobbled blows for the sky . This air Very good colors. So I really like them. And here I have Pres Mikel or Premiere. I have the biggest set, 150 pencils. So I think this are the most popular pencils among the artists. So this are wag spaced, highly pigmented, rich in color. They're good for blending, burnishing, layering and ah, we can really create a smooth textures and, for example, skin human skin. I think these are the best pencils for human skin. Of course, Cardassia, as I mentioned, also have the good pencils. But as you can see here, we have much more. I like to use this for the skin. I can create a lot of combinations of colors and of course it depends on which one is supplied first. And so we have a lot of reds, blues, greens and you can see. But what I like the most are the grays, cool grays, warm grace and French grace. I think that these are depends is that I used most. These are very helpful in adding the depths to our drawing send in creating smooths gradient, which is a very important thing in ah creating realistic drawings. 3. Other Tools (Paper, etc.): I always use this Bristol paper by February ano usually a four paper for months. As you can see, it waits 250 grams per square meter or 145 lbs. Which means that this paper is very thick and this is a very small space paper. And ah, a summation very thick and starting so it can endure a lot of flaring, burnishing, blending and it won't wrinkle s o. I really like working in a this paper and I use it to for both my carpenter drawing saying my graphite drawings. So just award using a common print paper that that's not good. So this paper costs about $89 for 20 sheets. But if you can buy this paper, it can be any other paper doesn't have to be any brand. It's important to buy smokes and pick paper. So I recommend getting some pencil extenders that we can use up the pencil completely and we don't have to throw out anything I have. Ah, the gauge of to extenders by Durand. It won his silver and one is black color. So I just unscrewed this sliding rink and I insert my pencil and then I screwed back. And now it can use it to it adds to the feeling of balance and ah, just like when you were drawing with a new pencil. So this is very good and useful sensory using expensive pencils. And this thing, either one is very good for a pres Mikel Premier, your pencils and the silver thicker one is I'm using for Kardashian, luminous and for Polly Calmus. And this, a thinner one is also good for hexagonal shape pencils such as some of graphite pencils. But you don't even have to purchase it. I have this part off my old mechanical a razor and Prisma Corp. American feet exactly into it. So just look around in your house. Maybe you can find some old ballpoint that you can use. And for pencils, you just get created somehow or ask someone to create us. You don't have to purchase it, but actually you buy it once, and then you can use it forever. It it will save a lot of money because you can use the pencils completely. But even after using this extenders, they will always be some part of the pencil. Like 1/2 inch or one centimeters that will just fall out of the extenders. Then you can can glue it to the pencil that you rarely use the here again, see? But I have glued it to the silver pencil that actually I never use, and then I can use it to the last Adam. Well, core pencils actually can't be erased, but I had this erasure by Hellickson and I can eliminate a bit off pencil. And also we can create some patterns with this, too. I also recommend getting an X Acto knife because this is also very good for removing some of the pencil, sometimes particular bright pencil. And I use this to for when I want to create highlighted hairs. So it's a very useful tool for drawing day animal. For in here I is a simple handheld sharpener, so it's no brand nothing. I bought this one in Tesco. It's in something like Walmart and United States. It costs, like last on the dollar, and so I never used electric sharpeners because I can't control them. They eat up too much of the pencil, and so I use only handheld once. A lot of people are complaining that per smoker premier breaks. And since there wax based, they really do break more easily than well based s O. The first reason is you might be using old sharpener, and I just want to try pencil with my old sharpener. And as you can see, it does break and let me show the brand new one. Hi usually used one sharpened for like 23 weeks. And then I replaced with a new one because it's very important and just tryingto sharpen your same pencil and, as you can see, doesn't break the second reason. Make sure they don't fall onto the floor because they won't break. But the lead inside probably will the third thing hold them next to the sharpener and not like this so far away from Not because, like this, you give them space to move. I'm in the wood and elite and just hold them finally and next to the sharpener. And the fourth thing is two point slowly and gently, and I hope they won't break 4. Light Brown Hair: you know, let's draw light brown hair and this time I want to draw it the way I showed you in mixing the color the colors section. So first, let's apply the first layer with green and better. We will draw over this. So this is a simple staff. Just press very hard and covered area. You should draw the lines in the direction that you want to draw your hair in the direction of the hair slow. So now we have to decide where we want. The highlighted were actually the bend area to be so if we want somewhere here we have to go from Oper section towards the high life like this and I'm using Sienna Brown and then we have to leave off slightly slightly the leader of the pencil like this and then we have to go from the opposite direction. There was the highlight like this. And so this area in the middle will look highlighted, of course, just just on example, if you want to drop the hair over someone's had, then the highlights who have to be in a over the particular areas, depending on the light source. So this is just an exempt. So here you just really is the pressure. Awesome. Finish each stroke and to make it gradually disappear into the cream like this. So from both sides towards the highlight And of course, this where way we're shaping the highlights. So here we have to decide what kind of shape or hard as we want to have. So it can be curry. It can be straight. As I mentioned in the dozens were on the head is the highlight is found. Okay, so somewhere we have to Kenbrell ache to highlight. And here on the both sides, so far the farthest point, the farthest spark from the highlight has to be quiet darker. Then this area here next to the highlights. So here we have to drop shorter strokes and here also. But of course, we're going to use more color pencils. Yeah, Okay. So I want my high lied to go like this. Something like this. You're also a break so you can look more natural. So we have to use more color pencils because the miracle repents als we use the more natural the hair look. But of course, similar group of Hughes, You're dropped brown hair after use similar pencils because brown is actually dark yellow. So that's why we used cream here. Well, brown is actually dark orange, something between the orange and yellow, so it's very complicated. Okay, I was going to see my highlight, this guy like curry. So this is what I wanted to achieve. So just make draw some of the stroke, spit a longer, but so this strong so are not smoked yet. Or as my old actually you can seek on a cream underneath. Eso don't worry. We're going to blind more colors, organists and to blend it So it's free long, so it will take you a lot of time. The hair sometimes takes even more time than the whole portrait. I mean, the whole face drawing the whole face. I thought if we want to draw very good air and you're only stick to take your time particularly if the face looks looking good that we drew and then we don't want to mess up with with the hair that doesn't look good. Okay, so here also I want gonna I like to go to a big place and couldn't differently. So if your hand hurts just leave it for the next day or later. So I used Santa Brown all the time. You can also use light number. CBO is also very good for the hair because a lot of people, when we think that they have brown hair, they don't actually have brought herto have CPM and also I Breaux's okay here against cedar strokes of cream that I drew so are having blended odd for you. Well, the direction of the careful Okay, I'm going to cover it. I don't know. We can apply a bit of different colors. So I want to use the speech beige and to go over the ends off the Santa Brown like this doors the highlights to actually blend seeing a brown strokes and to add a different color to the hair can see how it a glance. Expos blends odds to Santa Brown. So just quick, confident strokes and draw a mowers highlight and same for me, officer direction. So I used future days. Seashell pink has also heard so everywhere where we have the ends off the Santa Brown like this just go over them. There are doors, the highlights and a bit inwards to highlight. - And now let's add a bit of beige sienna. So the same. You don't have to cover everything. Just seller some areas. Yes, maybe it doesn't seem to be quite noticeable. Different colors, but it actually will add to to do realistic look. And now let's add a bit of dark brown here, Carter from the highlight. And here also, we just have to release the pressure before we least off the lead in the pencil. So this two ends have to be darkened so that the hair can look more bend. So actually, to add that the depths to the hair and also changed the pressure in your pencil to create, like why darker hairs and bladder to make it a big difference. And here also, sometimes you can go next to the highlight or close to the highlights there, but shouldn't go too much, So it is important to apply dispensable to you're too on the ends, far away from the highlights. So if we didn't apply cream as a first layer, is that all the hair will look quite darker, which is also good. Sometimes if we want to drum dark doctor here, American use all this pencils, but without the first layer draw, draw in cream can see that I apply quick, confident strokes and I slyly leave off the lead of my pencil. The people, right? Stop drawing the lines. - Areas should be very, very dark. Like going to Why, darker than the rest? Such express harder. You can even use dark on mirth e. But just carefully. Okay, I know we can create a highlights with the wide mental. So we just have to go over the You're the highlighted area that we left actually the brightest and Teoh a lot in it. Up with the wide fun. So? So we pressed. The people are pencil in the middle of the high life and would draw outwards. The highlights like this. So this way the high life will be airmall shining. I could claiming the tip of my friends off because it makes up the substance of this brown pencils and it won't be able to lighting up to highlight. So just, - you know, we can add a bit more off the seeing a brown, for example. I see that the highlight is to long and I wanted to look more bent so I just want to go over the ants with Tina Brown and to go more into the highlight. - Such escape flowing the same direction. The careful. - Okay , okay. And now we can create some flyways. We have to create always dark flowers and light flyways. I use a dark brown for dark flyways. Suggested place, a tip of the pencil and quick, confident strokes over highlights anywhere you want and change the pressure to create difference values. So, like this. So these don't flyways Actually, our now visible, overdue dark areas. So we have two great them or the highlighted areas. Only today have to go in different directions like this. And now let's greet Teoh light flyways with an exact tonight. So this fly was usually have to be He created orbit order dark areas here. Awesome. Same just place that they preferred, except in life and quick confidence motion. And just just Rimmel eso This way you're or removing everything that you have added over the cream and you actually reveal the cream so it becomes visible again, which won't be the case if we didn't applied to the first layer and scream. And this is what I was, Don't know, demonstrating and core mixing with you. Okay, so just like this, if you don't like some of these highlights a contestant go over them again with a pencil. Can I want to like too much down? Okay, so and that's it. I hope that you have learned something. And now try to experiment with different colors with Dr colors, even with reddish coolers, even with black caller. 5. Brown Hair: Okay. Now, let's greater here. The way I just mentioned said the same pencil, the same order, but without the first layer of cream that we did in the previous demonstration, that which you will actually great the dark brown hair. So I used Dark brown. And this time I don't want to feel the whole paper. Just want to create a lock or two lakhs. And so here, the same creeds. You're like strokes like this on either. And so, from the top down, made away and from the bottom two made way like this. And same here. Just slightly lyft off the lead of a pencil. Yeah, before you reached the highlight. Actually, the area where you want your highlight to be some using dark brown it improves Demonstration. I actually started with the seeing a brown and I used dark brown for you. Darkest parts there's or something like this. No, we can create one more luck next. 81 insane through the opposite directions. Read this. So just lift off the pencil us. You get to the middle. So each stroke has to gradually disappear into the white collar of the paper and other concede this is also. But this is already enough to make this lock look like bent shiny. You just want to make warning. Keener. Do you think this? Okay. And now let's cooler the middle with the beach beige. I think this just go over to the dark brown and go for over the highlight like this. Remember that we used beach, beige and the Prince example. So this way we're blending dark brown areas. This And now let's go over with seeing a brown just the same way we did with Dark Brown. Just go over the girl. Bronze interests a little bit over to the highlights. Just also same here. Ordered highlights leave off the leader of the pencil. - So just try not to dark in the highlight too much. So here again. See that this? Why darker here, Dan? And the bruise example. Okay, I said, this is with San of Rome. Okay. And now let you is a bit of their 1/4. It's gonna reddish much more British than seeing her brown. Just to make some of the fears different cooler, it will add to realism because the more colors we have to moralistic it will look So this is actually not Donald Brown. This is kind of reddish brown here, so you should play with colors and tried to use something many different colors. Experiment to see what kind of colors can create. Okay, so don't go over everything just somewhere. And now let's great some darker lines to create death. And he's so here over the ends, not here in the middle. Just go next to the edge here next to the end and draw doors. The highlight, but not close to the highlights. I'm just here the beginning like this that we can even and a bit of black like this. So now if you draw the or the whole hair between the logs, you have to use black, black pencil and a lot of dark number because the long swore cast shadow or a genre it's amusing dark on broken killing. So now you can see there locks look more bent game, and now let's use a wide color Bensel to add some ladder stands particular here in the middle, so to blend the highlighted part. This so use a well sharpened Why fends off. I usually use why pencil by luminous Gargash bombing us because it's a bit harder than personal color Premiere and I can press Carter and one break you could have fully chromosome just also just even better. So here you have to blaze the deep of your wife pencil or the highlights, and to draw the hairs are actually highlighted here and to draw. I want worse to highlight. Can saying here. So if it looks too like you just go over with some of the pencils that you used the dark and ends Yeah, this one's it has to be to might just want to go over with Sienna brown. The dark brown hair doesn't have this light highlight. Okay, can even create some lighter. Here's your order. Dark area. So these are actually flyways. Or did you have to use a well sharpened pencil and quick confidence strokes like this and then it will leave a trace. You can see yeah, and always add flyways, particularly all around the head. If you draw the whole portrait, it's so to break the edge between the hair and the background, and I'm using a well sharpened dark brown, and so it displays the tip of my friends are just quick confidence stroke like this. So everywhere, just a drowned. Um, wherever you want can be anywhere because the hair is moving and this individual, here's the flowers can be anywhere, you know, like this que I can see how it looks more natural. But of course, it would look better if we have drawn the whole here. And I want to add a bit of the sienna brown while waves can I want to exaggerate. Okay, that's it. And now you can try different colors and, for example, chuck late or light amber or even with black If your drug black hair use, for example also cool grays for the highlights and saw. And I hope that you have learned something handed you can create related here after practicing 6. Black Hair: I can let me show you how to draw black hair. And let's start with the cool grey 70%. And to draw same here from top two made away. And then from the bottom to Midway, Just lift off the pencil on Sue finish. Agents joke this. And so here in the middle of the house, we'll have highlights sound like this just from the boat sites. There was the highlights where you want to highlight to be, so you have to create a smooth, radiant with each stroke. So each stroke, the end, each stroke next to the highlight has to gradually disappear into the paper. Don't let's make this. I want to make this lower Trans separate like this. OK, and now let's cooler here. Dimmitt area with cool, great. 10% just placed the tip of your pencil in the middle of the highlight and draw outwards. And just keep cleaning to dip your pencil because you will pick up bit off the cool grey. 70% since you want applied that were too high, Lex like this. So just go over to highlight. You don't have to go to the ends. That should be darker And now let's use school gray 50% just start over the dark areas and go a bit over the highlights because they're highlights are too bride now. But when we like great 50% or cool, great, 10% we won't be able to make it too dark. I know we can use cool grown 90% to create drunker areas to make it jar, Dr. Because we actually have. We drop the black hair and just start on the very top. And here also in the bottom and draw stroke stores the highlights. So don't go over the highlights too much for now. And here also, I just quick, confident strokes and lyft, all dental. You finish just jokes. And, of course, press hard when you start trying to strokes. And now let's use school gray 50% again it just to blend two previously draws drunk strokes . Here, order my legs. So just don't go. Order bottom and top areas just here next into highlights to blend the ends off after cool grain, 9% and to make them gonna disappear into the highlights. This And now let's use a well, a sharpened black pencil and also quick, competent strokes start or the bottom area and doctor, and towards the highlights and same here, just lift off mental asses. Finish each stroke. So do this with each pencil all the time. And so here you have to decide how long your highlights you want to be. - Okay and the same here. Let's just blend this ant with go Great. 70% If you think that you, your highlighted areas still to abroad just go over began with cool Great, 70% or 90%. Okay, so that's it. You can now try to make longer highlight, which will meet that which will mean that the hair is more straight. And if you create very short highlight and a lot of locks like this, it will make like curly hair. And let's great some highlights of hairs with a white pencil. One sharpen. Why Pencil just plays the tip over the highlights and draw off words This because some individual here's always want brighter. So if you exaggerate, just go over with thing. It's the great pencils. So I want to adhere. Been Laura Black to make this look look even more around, telling the strong, stronger Contras between the shadowed areas and highlights, It will always make the locks look more around more bent and also the hair. It will appear more shining If the high life is, Uh, why darker than the hair might appear dry, Which is of course, sometimes to hear that we want to draw like that. OK, and now let's grace some flyways with cool grey 90%. Just, uh, this quick, confident strokes like this with well sharpened pencil. You also order highlighted areas and all around and Johnson touch the paper. It will leave a trace. Every can also create some lighter hairs us flyways overdue every everywhere over each other with an Exacto knife like this. And since if your remember that we applied cool, great, 50% 1st So if we applied black first, we won't be able to do this. Now we're just remind layers of colors and we're revealing the firstly applied color. So if you draw black hair and you start started black, it was good. I mean, you can try, but it didn't work for me. Okay, so I want to make church. I hope that you enjoy this form. It's Jews. And so That's it. And now you, as I mentioned you can tried to create tiny curly, it locks and or strands and the whole hair this way. Just use the same pencils in the same order with the same method. 7. Black Straight Hair: let me show you one more way of creating black hair. And this time I want to create straight like here that's shines and just drop the strokes with one brain 9% like this and just press very hard. So this is for the mid dawns for the highlights. And you have to use, like, a lighter volume, the bomb grade. Okay. And now I usually apply highlights or actually highlighted hair with this in a job and silver in Japan by uni bought signal and just Johnson Dutch the paper and like green the whole length, I mean the strokes over the whole length. Like this. Well, some of them look like dashed. That's why we have to clean the tip of this injured Pam, because big subjects substance of the black pencil and then it's could have won draws the lines anymore. So this doesn't even look convincing here. But if you draw the whole hair and apply this or to highlight, it will look very, very lifelike, and the black hair will. The straight black hair will appear shiny, so I wouldn't recommend a wide in Japan is that's too bright produce. This is just one of the ways to draw black hair straight, straight, black hair on. I think you should give it a chance because it really looks good. And sometimes I used to to draw dark, straight hair like this. We can you apply dog brown and then go over this with a silver in Japan. 8. Black Coarse Hair: Okay, let me show you now how to draw a black here with tiny waves. Let's start with the highlights off the hair strands. So I'm using Cool. Great. 70%. And I just want to greet the highlights or this trance in a circular motions. You this and just press very hard. Okay. Could see how my circles aren't. It's not They don't go in any order, so just draw them around him. Some of the strengths can be connected or dare ends can be connected. - They don't have to be straight coming strengths. Okay. And now we can go in between down with the black pencil. So just feel, actually, the rest of the area, Empress very, very hard to create an absolutely black color. And of course, don't go over two highlighted areas that we just created. You don't have to go right next to the highlighted area because we're going to apply on our found until between these two colors, something like this. - Okay . And still here also, my, this and this highlighted area skin stay like outer areas. Okay. We can't know. We can use school grade 90% to make This adds between these two areas blurry like this. You can even use the wax colorless blender. You want something like this. You just placed the dip of it over the black area and and draw it inwards to highlights like this. But I like to work with coloured pencils broader, so justice, and also go over the highlights anywhere you want and just scribbled like this to make some hairs or two highlights like this. Yes, I just scribble old order highlights and colored areas between the highlighted sections that we draw in the very beginning and black areas. And here we should actually create smooths Grady in between black and news highlights because strands off here are kinda around. Okay, so tender the same with each strand. Just scribble or it. And when you scribble, you use a well sharpened grain 90% to creed individual. Here's or were just rents like this. So here your scribble, just relax and scribble. And also you can you should change the pressure when a pencil because some of the hairs should be darker. And this way you agreed darker and lighter Don't cares or the highlights this And of course , in between the black and highlights to schooler the edges so the highlights can be done even with warm, great 90%. So it depends on the environment and the color that reflects over to here. So if it's a new day, light hair will have gonna bluish hue to its highlight. And that's why cold grey is perfect. Guns over highlights. - I'm doing the spray fast even in real time and just take your time. And so if you're breast hard, your hand my hurt I also have to make bosses well, Mayan hurts because I pressed hard almost all the time. Are you gonna work with light hand and go over and over or the same area and beginning again until you're achieved into black color under go under 21 Okay, I have all of this one strand to go to get just You can also use black pencil again if you want to create some darker areas or just giants and also scribble and changed the pressure. So I want to create tiny weights. That's why I my black like every two or three millimeter along each strand. And after that, we're going to and some highlights. Okay. And now I want to school grade 200% to highlight a bit here to create highlights and so aim between these areas that we just created with black. So the highlights off the tiny waves and I just simple because I don't want to to lighten it up too much. So that's enough. It just step or each tiny highlights you times like this and a secret immediately box that issue book too much because the hair is black just like this. Okay, in here, we can also add some individual hairs. Are any highlights even over to black? When you press very hard with cool? Great, 20% or 10% you can lighten it up enough to have some gonna highlights. You see, let's use school break 10%. It's like it's too bright now. Okay? We always illuminate it with blank. Would just go over with black. So here I can't even draw one more stranded by Want over to blank born a blank area. Okay, that's it. 9. Red hair: I cannot let you draw painted red hair. And I want to start with the red and same here. We can draw from the top and the bottom the worst highlights count. Same here. Just believed off the pencil. I have finished the strokes and same for bottom doors to highlight. I still use spot around. So here it we can use a bit more weird colors done when we drawn natural right here. Okay, Now let's go over to highlights with blush pink. Just place its border highlights and draw onwards. And don't press very car. He also tried to blend the edges. Papa red gonna keep cleaning the tip of your pencil so you don't have to call her the whole . I liked whole area because we're also going to go over with white the same here to express over toe highlights and trump this strokes outwards. Not to the bottom and job, but just here next of the highlights. Okay, now, no. Let's add a bit of crimson red just saying Here, go over. Start here when a top and pressed hard and just, uh, lesson to pressure. Finish each stroke, but and you don't have to call her the whole area, so let popular Red also view. There's IPO some of the hairs. It is good just to make the here's different colors. So the more colors you used, more realistic hair will be like this. Okay, and now we can, and now we can blend. This ends with blush being it's the same here. Start over toe highlights and draw outwards and try to blend the edges of the crimson red. You can also use a wide pencil produce and so start ordered highlights and draw the strokes outwards. Already. Ads of the Crimson Red OK, and now let's apply of some darker wrath cooler, such as just going red and here at the top and then here at the bottom. So don't go close to the highlights. So this way we will make this lock more bent, more curvy, and the cover everything just just random in between the poppy red and crimson run to create a darker areas. Think this and same from the bottom, and now we can use even darker, cooler, just black raspberry. This is also kind of reddish color, and just Gordon Next today catches on the top and bottom and drove very short strokes. Doors the highlights. But don't go close to my legs. You can see how it looks more groovy and more bent. When there's a stronger contrast between the highlights and shadows, I can see how do how more colors, more different colors make it look more natural. Okay, now we can use more popular red. Just go over the previously drawn darker the ends of the darker pencils and over the highlights of it, and lift off the pencil as you finish each stroke and just cover everywhere. You can see those what dots of the paper to blend the whole areas. So the different colors, the different volumes will always make the hair look more natural, more lifelike. You know, we can create some highlighted hairs and other ways with a wide pencil. Just press it that well sharpened pencil, just a place a tip anywhere and use quick, confident strokes like this. It will leave just enough for the trace. We don't need to white no good try within except in life, but it will make it. We'll just revealed the first layer which was popular at, so it want me to too bright. You can also create this highlands, actually highlighted here's lie ways with an Exacto knife and then go over those lines with white. Something like this. Now they're more visible to see. So that's why applying very light color first, the first layer is always benefit show, and you just keep adding darker colors over death. Then to start with dark over and then, yeah, that's a light it up to her lights a bit more to make it more shiny. It's the same here, just breast or to highlight. And I tried the strokes onwards, - and now let's grace some flyways with poppy red. So here also Lord highlighted area when highlights and also all around this just lively press. And here's a quick confidence strokes like this. What well sharpened themselves. 10. Ginger Hair: Okay, let me show you how to draw ginger here. And I want to use mineral orange and same here. We have to start from stop to meat away and from bottom to it. Way. So for ginger hair, we should use with it radical or split broader orange and mineral orange is very good cooler. And just release the pressure on to finish each stroke. You can see how my ends gradually disappear into the white color of the paper. And now let's do the same from the bottom to me, the way also using mineral orange and same here. Just believe off the pencil before you finish the stroke to make that smooth radiation. But the end of each stroke. Yeah, and now lets us light beach, too. Go over the highlighted areas. Just place to dip of your pencil or the highlights and move it. Artworks Keep cleaning the tip of your pencil because this will be couple bit of mineral orange. So now we're trying to blend the ends of the mineral orange. And of course, the high ledge should stay wiped. So this light beach goes very well with them. Mineral orange, junior hair. - Okay , Now I can add a bit of pumpkin orange to the dark areas. So here, next to the top and bottom. So some of the hair skin me longer cool, even over the highlights. But majority of them should be short. I'm drawn here next to D offer ends of the hairs and here at the bottom. And here also just, uh, police off until very finished the strokes. Now, let's add a bit of terracotta. Same here, Morty edges but a bottle. And to create even darker areas. So they're going to also works well with the mineral orange ginger hair some longer hair can go even order highlights. To me, this trance separate if you want. Okay, I know. Let's a blunt mineral orange again because the highlight is still too bright like this and press the red line, Lee. So it'll have to go here over two ends upper and lower ends only here next to the highlights. So if the highlights are very broad like this, the hair will be shiny or what? So if we want to draw more dry hair than highlights should be to right, there shouldn't be too strong contrast from the shadows and highlights. Okay, you're gonna see that this is still highlighted. Not too much. So this hair still looks bent and curvy, but doesn't look too shiny. And I just want to add a bit more here off the bumpkin ARJ and a bit more terracotta to darken. This ends so you can press very hard. You want to create very dark here so we can even animated dark brown. Let's give it a try, So just drop brown. But I don't press too hard. So we shouldn't fly too much of this because And the hair won't be ginger. We can go over again with terracotta advanced. I'm here to bottom just a little bit drug grown and then we go or over terracotta and I was always let's add some flyways and I want to use the mineral orange well sharpened pencil and just adrenal you are you want like this here also and a bit of Derek order. But for disuse, well sharpened pencil and like quick, confident strokes barely touching the papers Don't press too hard. Gently you will leave trace like it looks like here interest scored highlights. It's it terracotta Like this. Here You have to press a bit harder. Yes, and as always, let's great. Some highlighted flyways with an Exacto knife. Particular ordered darker areas. So just drownings. So, as you can see, this knife is very useful. Okay? And there were done with this one. This looked like highlighted flyways. Okay, I hope that too have learned something and this tutorial and please continue watching because I'm forming with different colors. 11. A Blonde Braid: I can now let me show how to draw a blond braid. First we have to create a shape of the braid, and I'm using French grade 30%. So this color is very good. Were cornering so way will be able to car with light colors such as don't press too hard. You can create, like the ends the end of the brave. So something like this that this actually perfect shape just approximately. And now you're let's use jasmine and eso. Each tiny section has to convince, like highlight in the middle and two sides. But what are quite darker? And I'm using Jasmine here, and I start here next to the edge and, uh, after a short stroke stores a highlight. So wherever the highlight this found, it will look like bent. That's why we have to create very short strokes and to make them gradually disappear into highlights. So you're just a lesson to pressure on your pencil as you finish each stroke and same here , just start next to the pinch. You don't have to feel everything. We're going to use the current colors like this. Here, you have to drop curvy lines next that edge of the owner and dropped a brain. And here and milk, we had to drop short, straight hairs like this. You can also use sand so so very good cooler for this more even eggshell. So just avoid using colors like lemon yellow or Connery. Yellow. Said'that's two were decor color, so nobody has that blond hair, that kind of blond hair. So it's not yellow. Actually, it's Rauner cream. Okay, same here. So whenever we have a left untouched areas, they will look like highlights. - Can we get most of color this fun? Okay. And now we can use cream over the highlights and also go over the jasmine. So basically cooler everything in the direction off the hair like this. You can leave some area white, actually, if you want them to be more. I liked it so the hair will look more shiny and then just go over to previous You're drawn area and into the highlights, but not with each and every stroke. - I know. Let's grace some tiny areas was light number your next to Deep Andras, so I should not order highlights but to in the shattered Bart's and press very lightly so you don't have to cover everything, just some of the hairs to give it left course. Some of the lines can go even over to highlight, but press it very, very line me and same with each section And of course, press harder over the areas that would get last light. So we have to darken the sections, the shadowed areas. But still, we have to keep it. We lied because we're drawing blond hair. - You know, you can see that it has depth, the whole brain, but we still have to keep it. Light and light number works very well with this with blond hair when drawing blown hair. So just don't use orange or something like that. Too weary to callers. And here, also next to the edges, a long inch of section create them, be darker to give each section round shape. I mean horizontal around and we're kicking around so that it will flat. Okay, we can go over a bit with the greens to blend the areas that we cares a week just drew with the light number if necessary. And if you want to dock and highlights in the middle, just go over the screen. Just want to create some Dr Hairs in the middle of the section Gonna look like separate. And we can also Chris some flyaways with well, a sharpened doc number just very lightly can also go over hairs and out of the brain. My disobey it shorter, Longer hairs press very rare lightly. And also I want to add some highlights with French great 3% because the cream that won't be miserable. So in this case, we wouldn't use cool gray because that look so that has a blow here to it not even want grace of French Grey has gonna brownish hue to it. And it's like it's not that girl colorful, and it can be used to to neutralize the colors that we talking in a color theory. With Leo, you can see how this hair look like a bit darker yet that they don't actually represent any cooler here. I would get a call or he had to spend any other cooler. Okay, you can now try to draw straight here straight blond hair using the same it sells 12. Brown Hair Ponytail: I get it now let's drop brown hair on it. Deal as all you can choose Any shape. My idea. I think something like this made might be the best. Could be longer, shorter And also I want to draw the part of it here over the head. OK, But this we can do later and I use a dark brown olden time. And now let's Kohler the hairs like this in a in the direction of the here slow like this Here, just drop curry lines a bit horizontally and then make it curves. And then it should fall dollars like this and here the affairs should be wonderful. Here we can make them curve. Odd works like this. OK, and now let's use dark number here. So here we have, like highlighted area bench area, the duck. It should be quite lighter than this. Here on work it just go over everything with their cumber and leave untouched here to adopt because this areas illuminated and I want to use French grade 30% here to blend the here on the top was a mission. It should be highlighted. And the French agree work so well with Brown because it has brownish hue to it. So it's a very good for neutralizing brown coolers and for leading up the Bronco colors like this. And then we have to seamlessly blend these two values so the hair should become darker here as we draw about words and here also at the bottom, we can make this curry area here a bit highlighted also with French rate 30%. And then here does end to call her with dark number, and it's always the smoothest Grady in between. These values should be flawless, and I want to add a bit here. Derek Brown. So here, just language. Vertical length can be colored with dark bone, but this time let's it press a bit harder. Make it that. I mean, it's been to feel to feel the tools of the paper. How's it going to see the highlighted area to stop that? I blended with French grade 30% and here in this curvy area, and it already looks like shiny I mean, the whole on in jail for it to get some shape and, uh, looks gonna shiny. So here also or the highlighted area. Some of them here should be kind of darker. So here, Asian use cold grave, for example, is that good for brown pencils? But French green is good. Okay, Just feel Hold the white dots with paper principal. If you still have a reasonable we can't even to go over some tiny areas with black particular here, next to the head and the neck. Because the this area always receives less light some chicken beak, we can add some black and also dark number some of the chairs with number. So it's making the last flag because now it looks like the only one color to create more bothers like this. Let's dark in here big, more with dark number here disc Urbi area between the highlights of the top and this straight for and I also want to I landed more so when we see how the surrounding area looks that we can't go back and change something, you can see how the here it looks. Most arised do Did these highlights here to help in here in new scurvy area and we could also create some highlights here in the odor area because it would received more light. So the order areas always should be highlighted, okay? And I want to continue with the dark number here. I get in here onset of bottom with the dark number. - And now let's blend. Did Derek number with dark brown. And as I mentioned, the highlighted areas and the dark area should flow into each other without any visible edges between them. And this again a g bite lifting off, slightly loathe pencil and release into pressure and then going over with brunch. Great journey. And you just place it in the middle of the highlight and you move outwards like this, and then you will blend the ends of the dark brown and dark number, and the edge between these coolers won't be visible. So if it looks too bright to you, you just go over with the dunk number or dark brown. And then if it looks too dark, just go over with the French grey. That's why it is important to have a good quality paper so it can and your lots of flares and pressure. So they want wrinkle. Okay. And we can create some highlighted hairs here over the straight vertical Harris like this like not too much, because this area still has to be quite are curd and highlights here. And I just want to lighten up here the highlights of the dog a bit more. And then we can add some does with the dark brown and our converse itches flyways, tiny flyways. That's always important. So just follow the hairs flaw and going that direction like this and use well, a sharpened pencil and just gentle touch the paper with the dip and slightly lift off. And so so And now I want to use dark number to create some darker flyways. - You could also create some tiny separate strands anywhere you want. Okay, so something like this and some dark why weighs over the highlights? We can also try to add some light flyways, big sector knife. But since the first layer is a brown quite possible, So we're gonna see it's better to apply with French. Great dirty. Just place of tipping quick strokes like this your true create. Some have lines there. The highlight show me too, right? Okay. And now weekend that draw also the hair over the head to make it look more complete. But I want to drying face because it's all about here. Now, let's start here. So So we have actually to create a highlights like around. So we're here in a round shape the highlights since all right, here we have to have the highlighted areas. So it will make the head look around like this, which means that we have just start from here like this and then from the opposite direction towards the highlights like this, Like this. Okay. And he also just lessen the pressure as you finish each stroke next to the highlights are actually over two highlights. We should actually dark in here, does area, but maybe use different colors from the band or something. And also here I used dark number, some next to here, next to the highlight, so that highlight can be even more prominent. But we can always allotted it up even more. And the highlighted area. So actually this park and look closer to the viewer's eye. And to make these two areas separate like this. And here we have to use dark number because the ponytail would cast a shadow over this hair here. So this hair has to be very dark. This just pressed very hard with the number. And then we could also Hi. Lyinto wanted to hear next to eat, to picket them. These two areas separate. Okay? And I want to use Dark brown again. Okay, Now let's go from the opposite direction towards highlights and just lift off the bench up once you go order highlights. So here's some have here, but I'm not going to draw it now. Okay? And now just continue darkening these areas. So this here you can see where but what I was talking about the highlight where I want to be, what it is supposed to be. And it will make the head look around and just know that just dark And it gradually layer by layer, same strokes the same directions and go over the highlighted area. A big more would each stroke and, as always, just a lesson to pressure. Before you finish your trying interest role. And I used dog brown here and also same from the opposite direction. You see that I'm now going or to highlight to bid more and it but there still look brighter . Okay. And now I want to use bit of dark Amber. You're a bit parter from the highlights. Of course, some of the line can go or to highlight, but majority of them should be here next to the skin and use a well sharpened pencil with fun. So what We have just keep adding darker and darker layers and to give this highlighted area always broader. So I'm using dark number particular here in the lower area which receives last line. So we here we don't have highlight dialectical over again with dark brown. - And also for me, it was interaction. You can also order highlights, and here also it can add a bit of dark number. You know, Let's, uh, blend highlights with French grade dirty. Same here. Just place it deep or just center to highlight and move Bente odd words like this so some of the strokes can go even over the dark areas. But majority of them had to be here Or this, uh, arched highly. I was again. See, drawing to here isn't about like placing a layer of color. It's a lot of work layering, burnishing, blending. And basically we're never done with this, so we can always light it up and darken him. And again and again okay and now lets a blind bit more off dark brown. And now we can start using, well, a sharpened pencil to create details. Tiny hairs, - something just important to cover paper completely said. We don't have those wide thoughts visible in here. The Double's head can created highlights with the French great jury, and when it's use a bit of our number and not finish it, let's create thes the Here's that. I mean next to do a rose off the hairs that has to be very, very thin and use a wash sharpened pencil. And now this time, drop all towards the hair. This and so finished thes and that are breathe. Think now make them thing. So this is order. The hair grows from the skin with the area's very signing. The hairs are very tiny, and of course, there are rare, and that's why they appear tiny. So just here, next to the skin, using a wall, a sharpened dark brown, just to make it look more natural. Okay, so as I mentioned, you can work more on this, but that's it. That's all that I wanted to explain, and now you can try different colors the same wanted tale with different colors, for example, with the colors that dimension that we used actually ginger hair, even for black hair and just give breath hissing. I'm adding a bit of stock number here. Been here also, some flyways involved the hair. 13. Brown Hair with Highlights: I can let me show you how to draw brown hair with highlights, and I want to start with CP of 50% by Karen Dash Lemons here, next to the hair part, were to hear parts. Next, it was a ball of skin like this and just I just draw a short strokes and now I go over with Sandbar Brown by Chris McCullough, Premier to blend the previously applied see Pia So the sandbar brown is a very good pencil for brown care, and I often use it. It has a kind of greenish shoot it, and it's often looks very good on the colors under hairs of this color. Here, I use C Pia also by conduct luminous to create the hair in shadow. It receives last light next to the skin. It's a C P. A. Is also very good for the hair for the brown hair, because the brown here is not always brown or it should be drawn with brawn pencils. But C. P. A is also very good and as a mission, sandbar brown. Also, French grays are very good for brown hair. Now let's continue with C Pia, 50% by car Nash women's and here next to the shadowed areas. I pressed hard and I start creating strokes from this area towards the routes off the hairs next to the hair part. And I just relieves the pressure with each stroke because we need to highlight here somewhere in the middle. I saw the same as in the previous tutorials we have to create highlight to make the hit had appear around and we can achieve that by lessening the pressure us. We finished the strokes by going from both the right direction and and of course, here I use again sandbar brown by personal color. Premier. As you can see, these two colors work well together. Okay? And now we can add a bit of flight number. So the more colors you used for the hair, the more realistic it will be and light Amber is also very good color, and I want to blend the highlighted areas with French grade 30%. And of course I changed the pressure because I want some of the highlights to be lighter. Then you others other conceit. And now I go with CPF 80% a luminous in between the highlighted but here's our strands, so it will make the highlights that actually even more prominent. I mean the highlighted strands that are painted to be liner. So these are actually blonde strands painted under brown hair and said, These are the pencils diet that I use here. Also CPF 50% by aluminum's and I just go in between the highlighted strands and now I use light number. So the combination of these color pencils iss like spring enough, but you can add even more colors. I just want to blend it a bit with them with the colorless blender. So you can also use this tool for the here when drawing to here and again French great 3% to create some highlighted hairs individual hairs. So every time when I find something too bright, I go over with light number, and when something I want to lighten up, just go with the French Great 3% and sandbar Brown is always good to blend these scholars. In between. I can see that I have created highlights and they they don't actually start next to the roots of the hair. But all of it, it's gonna it was painted like one months ago, and the hair has grown since then. And then we have that part. What? Their natural hair is already grown and he painted strands. They start a bit farther from the roots of the hair. So here you can play with this weaken, create it next to the skin or just away one. You know, here I want to draw longer strands that go over and I use sandbar brown, as you can see. And as I mentioned, it has kind of greenish que to it something between green and brown. And it's a very good color Green. Auker is also good. Even bronze is also very good, so you can use all this pencils and I just want to apply basic color with this. And now I want to blend it with French grade 30%. And as you can see, a dimension, French Grey works very well together with the brown pencils, so it just don't use cool grey or something like that that has a bluish hue to it. And in south good here. And I want to use CPF 50% by luminous again to created darkest hairs among the strands to make the strands, the highlight of Stranz more prominent and actually to make them look highlighted. And I also want to use C P A, which is quite darker than the CPI of 50% to create the darker parts. - And I use even white when I want to create a very light highlights. Because there should be lighter and darker highlights, There should be different value, even among the highlighted areas. - Okay , no, we can do the same on the right side and just leave out the line of thick line for the hair part. Were the hair part like one or two millimeters like this? I just want to call her the skin, actually, the hair part with C shopping and to blend it a bit with white. And now we can continue with CP of 50% by luminous As you can see, I leave out the part, so I just want to make some individual hairs direction roots over this hair part so they can look more natural and some flyways with sambar brown or the skin. It's always good. And now let's continuous time bar brown next to the skin and also everywhere to apply basic color, and also I always use light amber together with this bento's so they're going to see I use like three or four pencils, but you can. He was even more, but it's never enough to use only want pencil when I go into, so it's always better to use more pencils. And now let's continue with Santa Barbara on to color this area, of course, in the direction of the hair flow. - And now let's create the darkest areas with the CPR 50% by aluminum's, and now we can continue with sambar brown to color the whole area completely before we continue to add de Dios and to blend it, I can no, let's add one more later with the light number. - And of course, let's blend. It was French great, 30% and now we can create darker areas between the highlights. The highlight of strands, also with CPR, 50% by luminous and here I want to use sepia, which is darker than 50% CP for 50% by luminous. If you have personal color premiere, you can also see p. A r. We're even espresso, but you can also is dark brown and now I want to dark in this area on the right side, a bit more with the CPR, 50% bioluminescence. - And , of course, let's great highlights with French grade 30%. - Okay , so that's it. Here you can add more details and flyways all around the hair and highlighted flyways over the hair with French grade 10% and darker flyways with the CPI. Yeah, with well sharpened pencils. 14. Frosted Hair - Ponytail Style: OK, and now let's a draw for us. That ponytail style here and I also want here to start with the C P A 50% by aluminum's. So this frosted here is similar to hair to brown hair, with highlights that we just did in previous example. But I want this time to draw, like of the frosted here, which is start up and one detail so we can only see like banks, but not over the forehead but overhead so above the forehead. And here also, we have to create a similar thing that we did in almost every demonstration, so to drop from bottom to the middle and from top to toe tomato so the mid area will look bent and highlighted. And I also want to use Brown awkward 10% bioluminescence and so, and to draw in between the C P. A. 50% so brown awkward 10% by luminant is a very good color, for if you weigh, want to draw blonde that that's a very good color, so we don't have to press card just to determine so which strongly want to to be the blonde and which is to make the brown and just a determined their position. And after down, we're going to blend these colors and then let's continue again with the C P. A 50% by limit knows if you have Onley Prisma color premiere you can also use See Pia. You can also use dark number, or you can use the even espresso or dark brown and for the brown are awkward. 10%. You can use beige or jasmine or send even eggshell, so these are very good pencils for these areas. So I think that the eggshell is the best match, too brown Awkward time for some, and I want to introduce around number, which is also very good color for this, for this stops off here. So if you don't have luminous French grace, 70% by Chris, Michael or Premier is a very good match for for out number by aluminum's. You can also look up on the Internet. You can buy any individual pencil even by luminous or by personal for premier, so you can if you want to try this pencils that I use because there's air. Very good. If you like the draw more hair, you can try them Also, you can buy individual pencils. You don't have to buy the whole set. So here I want to create also that graduate Grady in transition between the colors and that . And that's why we have to press harder next to the forehead, to the roots of the hair and in the upper area or on both sides. Sort of the meat area can be highlighted and look bent to appear around, - and I want to add a bit of sandbar brown, my personal color premiere here next to the skin. And I also want to add a base of Dark Brown by Chris Michaela Premier and I want to continue with row number 50% by La Minhas Surround number 50% by luminous and sandbar brown by pers Michael Premier or like very similar pencils. So, whichever said of the pencils, who have you can use any of these is there. These were very similar, and you can even use French gray 50% by personal color for meaner and current. US. Luminous also has French graze like three values off French Grace, 10% 30% and just French grace of French braid, 30% is also like very similar two French grey, 50% by personal core Premier. So you can also use these colors all of these color So it just makes them up and try Go one with one over another and you won't see that it will look a booed so they work well together and we can create this type of the hair. And now I continue with the CPF 50% by luminous and I breast very hard here because I want to make this strengths here to appear and a bit deeper. And that's why they should be darker. And now I just want to add some strengths with their number, my personal color, premier. And as always, I continue with brown awkward 10% and I blend. So I use dark amber by pres milk color premiere for the areas that received last life like this one here. And of course, I also use always CPF 50%. So the combination of these pencils and the and I changed the pressure and of course we have to blend these colors together and we have to blend these colors next to the skin to make them the hairs gradually, gradually disappear into the skin and to start drawing the lines or the hair and in words, the skin. - And now I go over a bit with Dark Brown by Pres Mikel or premiere, - and I was always dark number by personal color premiere for the darker sparks. And now I want to call her this whole area with the CPR 50% by luminous and here I want to add a bit of black to make this area's look even more behind some more bent. And I also add a bit of our our number 50%. - And for the highlights, I always go over with the brown awkward 10%. And now let's continue with raw number 50%. Just go over this, uh, broader hairs that we created with the brown awkward 10%. - And also let's use a bit of black and dark number to create a shadowed areas and no weaken. Blend that this between these areas with light number and now here in the middle, we can apply some highlights with the brown awkward 10% and so here just go over the darker areas, but just here in the middle to make them a fear around. - And now we can also go over the darker areas with a C P. A 50%. - And now I would just want to lighting it up a bit more with Brown awkward 10%. And we can also darken in the strands with the pencils that we used, like our number 50% or light number by personal color. From here. Well, whichever If we find the strengths too right, it can darken them. And we can also draw some, fly away some individual hairs with the while sharpened brown Auker 10%. And now we can move to this area here and use. I use CPI of 50% and I start on the jump off this area. And so the same here that we did in the previous demonstrations from top. It's a midway and from the bottom to made way sort of in the middle. The mid area can look bent and look around and highlighted. And of course, I also used row amber, 50 percents of these two pencils together and also dark brown here, next to the skin and in between the light strands and for the highlights, I, as always, brown awkward 10%. - We can always go back to the previously drawn area if we notice something in that we want to change and add some details. Flyways. - And now let's finish the hair. We have only here on the right side left and I use around number 50% here and of course, CPR 50%. And I just want to create some shadowed areas with the dark number. Let's great some flyways with the for all number 50% and you here next to the skin. I want to create some latter hairs individual. Here's with the brown awkward 10% And I hope that this Dettori was helpful. I'd like to see your results and how you have resolved this and which colors you used. So feel free to message me and to thatch your drawings. 15. Tied up Brown Hair: Let's a draw tied up hair, but only the hair over the head to be reasonable, so we're not going to draw anything else. So let's suppose that the ponytail is behind. So we want to draw on the hair over the head and I want to start with black pencil to draw the hairs next to the tied up part. So actually, I want to draw dark brown hair, and here I pressed very hard at the dump, and then I release the pressure as I finish each stroke. So this is basically the same as in every single demonstration that we did before. And so we have to lift off slightly the pencil, the leader of the pencil to make each stroke like a a smooth librarian of the end of each stroke, and it should gradually disappear into the white collar of the paper. - And now we can continue with dark brown eso. I want just to draw here a little bit of the hair on the left side of the forehead. We have to go over the the ends of the black hair that we created them, like a smooth Grady in today, gradually disappear into the papers, so we have just to go over them to blend them together with the dark brown to make that smooths Grady in between the brown and the black end. Then we have to finish the strokes over the forehead. So wherever we want, I mean the roots of the hair to be like this. And so just press very hard above the forehead and over the forehead over the upper area of the forehead. Just create tiny strokes and start over to hair and drop them in words. The forehead. So each of them has to have, like tiny endings, because here the hair, the hairs are separated pretty much enough like about the forehead. Where to here is dancer And, of course, in the middle. The hairs should be straight over the forehead, and here in the corners that have to be, we have to make them but curry. So basically each stroke should ready it from the center off the forehead, - and I want to blend the ends of the dark brown with a seashell pink that I used for the forehead. - OK , and now let's continue towards the right size. The same here, just go over to black areas particular or over the black hairs where we plant pressed last also your finishing delights and the black is like slightly blindly applied and pressed very hard with dark number and also create the strokes over or the forehead. And here, as we draw them towards the right side, we have to make them a bit. Kirby career and career, all sweet as we draw them, throws the right side, and I want to add some of the strokes here in between the brown strokes with a black pencil to create the death. Because this looks brief last we're now, and of course we can. We can create some highlighted here's and also to make the forehead shine in between the hairs with a wide pencil like this. - No , we can draw The hear, hear about the temple were to hear is rare, and also it has to go backwards like when it's died, man. So this year hairs have to be Kirby and I use dark number. - So here at over the upper area on the right side, we can use dark number instead of black because this area would get more life light so it should be black. It can be drawn with the dark number like this. Here. I want to use an X Acto knife to create some highlights like this. And, of course, in the direction of the hair slow. - And now we can use dark number to color the whole area to create, actually the the shape of the head, and just connect these hairs with the hairs over the skin over the forehead, under right side of the forehead, here, right about temple. - So I still used our number, the ad details and also I go over the highlighted area. So to grace, some darker hairs. - Okay , and that's it. And thank you so much for joining or watching. And I hope that you really have learned something and just keep practicing and try to use different colors for each demonstration and to play with the shapes and everything. And I'd like to see your is also afraid to show me and see with the next tutorial. Bye bye.