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How to Draw Realistic Eyes

teacher avatar Jasmina Susak, Pencil Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (2h 43m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Art Materials

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. Drawing the Pupil and the Iris

    • 5. Shading the Whites of the Eyes

    • 6. Outlining the Upper Eyelid

    • 7. Shading the Skin Above the Eyes - Part 1

    • 8. Shading the Skin Above the Eyes - Part 2

    • 9. Drawing the Upper Eyelashes

    • 10. Shading the Skin Under the Eyes - Part 1

    • 11. Shading the Skin Under the Eyes - Part 2

    • 12. Drawing the Lower Eyelashes

    • 13. Drawing the Eyebrows

    • 14. Finishing Touches

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About This Class

Learn to draw realistic eyes with graphite pencils from complete scratch.

In this tutorial, not only will you learn to draw eyes that look real, but you will also learn how to shade the skin around the eyes too so that you can take the tips and advice from this video and apply them into your future portraits. You will just need a divider tool, a few pencils, something for blending, like Q-tips, tissues and blending stumps, and high-quality paper.

Enroll now and let's create!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jasmina Susak

Pencil Artist


My name is Jasmina Susak. I am a self-taught, graphite and colored pencil artist, author of many how-to-draw books and eBooks, innovator and art teacher.

I want to share my drawing skills with anyone who wants to draw because I am convinced that everyone is able to draw; only patience, right guidance, and inspiration is needed.

Take my classes, get inspired and enjoy learning!


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1. Intro: 2. Art Materials: Hey, guys, is Jasmine in this video? I want to show you everything that I use for my drawings. But of course, you should try as many tools as possible and choose the ones that work best for you. I use this paper by far Briana Bristol. This is a very thick and started paper. It weighs 250 grams per square meter or £145. I usually draw on a four paper former, so this paper is very thick in starting and very, very smooth, and I use it for both graphite pencils and color pencil drawings. So it injures a lot of pressure that I apply when I burnish with my wax color pencils, and it is also very smooth. So the graph I can be evenly spread, or it and I always get a nice, smallest extra er. And of course, some people like to work on or off texture paper, and this is also something that you should experience for yourself, said the best known and probably the best drawing paper brands are Strat, More stone hedge for Brianna canceled and Salt. I use cast a Line 1000 graphite pencils by Farber Castell, but you can choose any other brand such a stellar Mars blue McGrath for co high nor or pencils by Prisma Kohler or card ish. There, wind and salt. So all these brands are high quality, and, um so whichever you choose there will work similarly. So I just have both these pencils by Faber Castell, and they're pretty good. So I didn't even try to work with any other brand and a graphite. Pencils are available in different harness ranges from nine B, which is soft and nine age, which is hard. Some of the numbers and letters on the end of the pencil indicate the hardness of the pencil, so the letter age that means hard and so the spencers are very hard so that I actually like pencils. They will produce light tones and be pencils. They are black and they are very soft, and they will produce very dark bones. And there's also an F pencil, which means fine and which have like medium harness in an age B, which is, as its name say's something between too soft and hard pencils. And I use it. Worry often because I don't have to change the pencils off, then I just have to change the pressure. So this is a must have pencil. So I recommend using pencils of different harness to make sure to get the right tones where you're drawing. So if you have a lot of tones you're drawing will be more realistic. So 16 age or five age is there something that you should consider purchasing also a B or seven B? And as I mentioned HB, and then you can purchase to age so you don't have to have the whole scale. You can only get 56 pencils to start with, but of course it's easier if you have the whole scale. So if we have 20 pencils, it's always easier to work. You can also use a mechanical pencil. I sometimes I use is for when I drove the hair, and then I want to create the hairs of the same thickness without sharpening. So this is also very good for tiny details, so I have to be lead in an HB lead, so I don't really often use this one, but it's really a good thing to have. So, as I mentioned before, for a good drawing is it essential to work on the dark part and to achieve a really deep black color? And it's often a problem with the graph I. The more layers are applied, the more the area world glossed, so our charcoal pencil can be a good solution in this regard. So Ford arrested or drawing you can use graph I. But you should definitely try to work with both mediums to see which one you like more. Then the graphite border, which is ideal for fine uniform textures, large areas or backgrounds. You will see I will be shaking the sky, and so many things with graphite powder is really useful to get. I mean, one jar costs like about $23 you will have that for you for so many years. And if you don't want to purchase, you can create that with a pencil and sharpener. I can then throughs full for blending or for applying to Graphite Potter, of course, a tissue and also blending stomps, which always like a press, the right off papers. So this These are various food to plant tiny areas and then libit bigger areas. Q. Tips were very good and also, you can use it. Caughtem pads. I use a simple hand. Hell sharpener erasers are very important. I have a lot of types of for a race or have this plastic one which is good for erasing larger areas. And when we want ill eliminate more eso kneaded eraser. It is also good so and I also have mechanical a razor's it won around it dip and one a with this squared actually rectangle shape. So there's air very useful that you buy them once and then you have just to buy reveals. And I have this one eraser in pencil by fiber Castell. It has white and red gums so red here on the left side, you can see and the wide come on the right side and I also have an electric eraser. But Hill League celeb using a lot of this wants it costs like about $10 with 10 refills. And after that you have to to purchase on river feels it is battery operated? Actually, it is very good for really eliminated a lot of graphite. I'll be also using a whiting, Jap and actually white markers bear unit Posca. So these air very good to create highlights or the drawn areas. So no matter how hard repress, even when we use an electric eraser, we just can't bring back the white collar the paper. And because the graph I had scholar the fiber of the paper, and then we can apply a white marker. A. So this markers are very good, and there's a Ropeik, so they look pretty good over the drawn area. But if you don't want to purchase this, you can just look around in your house. Maybe you have some Gua Schorr liquid character like this one, and you can also use it to create highlights or the drawn areas, so those are very good for that. The most important is to use a fake medium. So up until extender is also very good when you have very short pencil that you can use can put it in the extender. And you can also use this one for color pencils or charcoal pencils that this is records that you can use your pencils and without throwing out anything, it will give you the balance, and you can insert around shape of the pencils and hexagonal and even triangle or shape. And this extender, I will be also using the drying compass and a ruler. I have this one that shows inches and centimeters. So I will be telling you both No matter where you believe you can draw along with me. And sandpaper is also good for graining. Cheese of shape Tip off the pencil. And, uh, I have this brush. This is like makeup brush for eliminating the dust and the graph. I So we shouldn't do that with fingers like never s so you can get this one and then use only for a graph I 3. Sketching: Okay, let's start with sketching off course. And here we have to determine toe how big our eyes. We want to be in the paper. So and the with often I ihsaa the same as the distance between the two eyes. So if we want, for example, are I to be like I want to be, like five centimetres wide or two inches. So I want to the distance between dies to be like five centimeters or maybe a little bit more, just a little bit more. And then again do with us five centimeters or two inches. And now we can draw. The pupil said. The pupils boundaries and I respond Aries. So I want the center of the people to be somewhere in the middle of this with of the I. So if the I was five centimeters, I want the center of the people to be like 2.5 and same here, which means, like one inch, one inch and now we have to draw the pupil boundary and the I respond. Ary is in good drying compass, so I want the distance between the needle and my pencil lead to be like but three stream millimeters were 16 often inch and just placed a little in the previously marked place and carefully draw pupil bond ary of this printed good to draw such a small circle, Killing this and let's draw the left pupil quandary que And now let's draw the Paris boundary. Just keep the needle in the same place and a large the distance between the needle and a pencil lead. So in my case, it's like it's about one centimeter or 1/2 of an inch almost 1/2 inch. And let's draw the iris boundary And, of course, same here on the left side. You know I can. Now let's outline the eyes to to sort the draw the upper and the lower islets so the upper eyelid should go basically here or the opera area off the iris. And so we just start here horizontally. Summer in between the iris, ponder and people boundary start horizontally and then start coring. The line tours. Here there is the tear duct salt right here and the same underwrite side summers, the outer corner. You can also create the dashed line first to see how these will connect and done connect them and same here, left side. So just start or right to bomb D people somebody winded are responding People boundary horizontal line and then start crewing it. So where's the corner? Here and same here Thursday Tear duct like this. So here. So we can to join a position dear Docked something like this. And now let's all line the lower on lead, which should start here right over the the lower line, off the iris boundary. And then you go horizontally or that and then start separating them. And first can draw dashed lines like this to see how it will connect, and it will connect Good. You just go over with a full line and same here so it can be different shape. Yours doesn't have to be the same and sing here. Just go over, dislike horizontally and start separating them. I'm using a three age for sketching, and now let's draw the eyelid fold, so it should be the line above the upper. I'll eat so same like parallel to the same line, curvy line parlor to do to the upper. I leapt something like this so it can be closer to the eyes or foreigner from the I assume here can hear. Also draw Teoh dashed lines and then go over with the full line. And, of course, let's erase this upper area, the iris pondering about the upper I elite again, we can also draw the thickness of the skin here under the eye. So just go over with the dashed lines. Then you can and so don't really press your card so you can even leave it like dust lines here because this, uh, area will be highlighted later. So just mark the position of it now and here We also have the skin to the band skin. That's why I'm using a three age mental. It's a very light mental. So here also we have I'll the eyelashes. We're going to draw them off there, the skin. And let's also draw the olive Landy I bro's. Of course, you don't have to drop the eyebrows, but I think the drawing of the eyes look more complete with the I Breaux's so they can be thicker or thinner. Just outlined them with tiny dashed lines or just the creative hairs of the eyebrows. Just don't drop full a line. Looks like this so I'll find it with Tiny. Here's instead of trying full line because later you will have to erase that. Anyway, just like this. Okay. And now, since we have been touching this paper a lot, we should trace this on a new piece of paper and just trying not to touch it with your finger, but some T shirt or something, because after applying to gratify and shading and will be reasonable 4. Drawing the Pupil and the Iris: all right, I have transfer my sketch on a new paper sheet and we can actually start with the pupils. So I'm going to use an A B and just feel this two circles for the peoples and press very hoarse. So here we have to create an absolutely black color and just very carefully, next city people boundary to preserve the perfectly around shape. So uses four B or darker. Okay, Same here. - The next thing is to shaded are respond ary and I'm using an age be for this. So just here go over to initial always line and, like, one millimeter deep and press harder here in the upper area. So everything found in the upper area right under the upper I lied should be darker because the upper eyelid blocks lights and casts a shadow over the I. Such is go around, order this initial outline and, uh, and shade here deeper ended the iris and here also tried to preserve the perfectly around shape between did it iris and whites of the eyes. - No . Let's just plan the edge between the I respond very and whites of the eye with a blending stump because it should be blurry. So just like this go all around next . Let's draw the iris and I want to use a three age So but of course you can use any other pencil. Depends on the value of the color that you want your eyes to be and that so here we have to draw the spokes that radiates from the very center of the people. So, like this. So each stroke should bring it from the center of the people. I can't risk read like this. Now that we have established their direction, we can draw them, like to feel the whole area like this and your school around and draw these spokes just like this. Of course. Ah, go over the I respond ary. So don't left anything white for now. Of course, if you don't have a Whiting job, banner, white marker or a glass or anything like that, you can lead out Florence for two reflected lights, some of y dots or something and draw around it. You're also can changed a pressure in her pencil to create different while lose the spokes of different values. - Since the edges between the spokes and the people and Also, the spokes and Aris pottery are clean. We're here to make it blurry, and I want to use a B pencil. So here just go start over the people andro, tiny spokes in words that iris like this. It's a tiny short strokes and worst iris like to make this edge look bent or actually, the hours because it is bent inwards. - My guess here also ended the same here between the I respond ary and, uh, Iris. And that's the lesson to pressure as you shake towards the people, and we should blend it all with blending stump. So every time we have drawn something just blended blending stump and then you can see what are, you have to shave more. No, let's create some darker spokes, two grand patterns of your iris. So in the direction of the spokes, I'm using a three and B pencil and just make some of the spokes much darker at random, so don't make them predict in predictable order. Some of them shouldn't go over over the whole iris, just like just like this summer and a mental you stump drawing it. Some of them can be weaker. So, like this and here in the upper area, right under dude upper eyelid. We have to make it awfully dark. So you agree that cast shadows. So something like this This, uh, this is the cast shadow here and, of course, press very hard. You should be. It should be absolutely black like this. Okay. And same here. I want to start here with cast shadow and, of course, tried to make this two eyes us similar as possible. I mean, the cash shadow should the same the same lang to same thickness. Yeah, I saw. It's the same here. It just, uh, dark in some of the spokes. I'm still using three b. - You know, we can also create some highlights highlighted spokes or patterns. So here, just in between the dark spokes that do you just created go with a sharp people from research and create some patterns like this. It's the same here, too random in between the dark spokes and don't first to harm, because what this plastic eraser you can remove on what? Same here. And if you don't like some of the highlights that you great, you just go over with a blending stump and you can darken it. And also, let's great highlights. I mean, the reflected lights over the iris. And I want to use this spin type marker by any busca and just summer here over the people and ordered iris like this conceded it. It's opaque and can be easily applied. So here you can think about the eyelashes that the eyelashes would block to reflect and lights. And we can create something like this to reflect that light that goes through eyelashes. But here also in the life side, we can like a flat one dot and here also bottom of them I responded rate. So this dots will indicate the whiteness of the I. Yes, I just tried to make them similar in both eyes. Okay, something like this and of the eyes look shiny and they look more lifelike. And if you want to enhance this highlights, you can just go next to them with the worried dark mental, and they will look brighter. So just here in between these to indicate the the eyelashes. Okay, something like this. And of course, this upper area of the iris should be always darker. So I'm using a three b and notice how to highlights or now even brighter 5. Shading the Whites of the Eyes: And now let's shade this, Clara, This Clara is the whites of the eye and that. So here we have to imagine a sphere so that just the way we shade this fear, we have the shady eyeballs. So here it has to be darker in the corners. And then two become ladder towards the cliche towards the pupil Thursday Iris boundary. So here we have to create a supple Grady int. And I want to start with an age, be into corners. So here, next to the tear duct and here we should use circle or emotions all the time in order to create small Steck stir. And here, right under the upper eyelid, we have to breast harder. So here we have to shade more because the upper Islay that casts the shadow or this Clara So here, as I mentioned, I want to use an age. Be so I'm applying circle is, um technic, which means applying tiny, overlapping circles like this. And I was we shade towards the iris ponder. We have to lessen the pressure and of course, we're going to use letter pencils and same Here's this corner has to be very dark and right under D operas. I lied. It has to be very dark like this, and same here on the left side. - I know we can continue with the two age so just right next to the HB area and just go over the edge Bay Area bit and then continue shading through the center off the pupil and lessen the pressure. And here also applied Circle Ism technique. - So my miscarried to shaded like this because this Clary's actually white, but it has to be shaded completely. The only white spot is the reflected light, so everything else has to be shaded. Okay, and as you can see, I have loved the space for the next pencil for the latter pencil. Now let's continue with the six age for like, five age, five age or seven age doesn't have to be six. Stage and shade here, the rest of the square, a missing circle or emotions so same here You can go over Bruce Lee shaded areas with the six age to blend them this way, you can blend them, or you can even use a Q tip or blending stump of this area should be smooth. And as a Russian. Nothing should stay white. It looks pretty scary for now. But after we will have shaded the surrounding areas, the surrounding areas to look good. So here again, go or HB area and blend everything with this one. Same here. 6. Outlining the Upper Eyelid: Now let's outline here this edge between the Sklar era and the skin. So if you want to draw female eyes, you can draw something like eyeliner. And this way we can see whether we have to shade our square more. I'm using an A b here, so just write about the I and here also in the corner. So there's are actually the roads of the eyelashes, so it don't draw the eyelashes for now. Onley here, this calls line because we're going to draw the eyelashes over the skin because that's a easier and better to do. Okay. And same here. 7. Shading the Skin Above the Eyes - Part 1: And now let's shave the skin and let's shade first hear about the I between the I and the eyebrows. And first of all, let's strengthen this. I lied fall. I'm using an HP here just like this. So I want to draw Female eyes were just a little bit of makeup. So here, between the eyelid fold and the I, I wanted to make it darker. And, of course, you're in the middle. It should be a bit brighter. So I'm using an age be and, uh, I'm applying Circle is a method all the time. It's just like this and also years of chisel shaped pencil tape, something on use a well sharpened one because that it will create a lot of flies and we want to make it smoke and press harder here, next to the I'll eat, fold ls of the same here in the right side, you can see that I'm playing tiny Ordell upping circles, but I do it very fast. You just take your time. So here, right under t I lied. Fall should be darker because the islands full guests the shadow or to skin honor it. And of course, we have to suggest Iran Shape off the eyeball even when we shade the skin. Sit here in the middle of all of the people. The skin has to be lighter, no matter which, which, while you use for the skin if you draw darker or letter skin. So this is the same. The same rules apply. Okay and here, too. Same. - Can you? Same here, Right under D only. Fold Press Foreigner So you can create a lot of Mahler's with an age be because this is us . It's name, say's It's both be an age and one pencil. And when you press for lightly concrete's very light values, and, of course, when you're press for can be created very dark values. Okay, so now you can continue with an HB and press lightly. What you can use a to age or liner pencil here, so I want to use. So I want to use it to age. And, of course, circle is a method and press harder next to day surrounding values and then lessen the pressure it was you shake towards the center of this highlight like this. Same here. - I want to use a bit of age. Be to blend this and between you eyeliner and the skin and to strengthen the island fall again Because now it seemed to be too bright. - Well , let's shade the skin above the island falls. So here between the eyebrows and I laid fall and I just want to strengthen the high bro's so we can see where they are, just to approximately. Okay, so this here area is always more and shadow. And so here we have to press harder. I want to use a to age and same here circles, um, circle or moments. And here we have to imagine the nose, the bridge of the nose. Some are here so we can shade the whole area here. - I love shade here also from the last side. So using it to age. So here this area should be highlighted and we can shave everything else to age and here also press harder next to the island fold and then just lessen the pressure is a shade towards the highlight. So here, right under the eye, bro. It should also be darker because of the brokerage which will block light. So here you can see the area that I have left. Thoughts for now is that this is actually highlighted area. So if you go over and over again with the same pencil, you don't have to blend it with a tissue of the Q tip. You can see it's a small enough, and when you go and when you go over your blending the first layer with the same pencil. So But of course, you can also blend. Okay, And this one I want to leave untouched for now for the highlight. Now let's do the same here on the right side. So here also this area always gets less light, and they were going to leave this one highlighted like this. Okay, then extent as to create a highlighted to shade the highlighted parts and there were going to shade more were necessary. I can also blinded to be executed. 8. Shading the Skin Above the Eyes - Part 2: And now, let's say the highlighted skin with it through age. - No , let's blend it with a tissue. See house motors becomes. And now, since this area's still seem to be too bright, we can shade them. Also, also hear the shadow that is cast by the nose and the brow rich. We can shade more, and I'm using to be for this. So here in the very middle off this area, press harder and then just lessen the pressure. ASU shade away from the center of it, and when you have drawn a bit, you can just blend it with a blending stump curative, and then it can see what are. You need to shade more okay and sing here on the left side to share a little bit here on the left side and then lessen. The pressure was your shade doors toe highlights, and here, next to the eyelid fold, it can also shade more so it against. See it is always better if we shape stronger. But don't start with the strong shadow because it's difficult to in race to shade layer by layer and start with a light pencil, and then you will see well You can always add more shade if necessary like this. And when you say the word to age here, for example, we're sitting over to age. You can't make it too dark anymore. So this is good because you want exaggerate and you will make it too dark. Once a on H pencil is applied, the B pencil can't make it too dark anymore. Planet And out here we can see what are the highlighted skin needs to be shaded more or it is. It can stay like this, comparing to the surrounding area so it gets to be kind of darker. But here blending stump it's enough. And of course it all will depend on the light source. So I have imagined my life source so somewhere in the top, and so we can shade this one to so here also under under the bro rich which would cast a shadow or the skin. I hear this sunken area such a strike above the I need fold in here on this under the right side next to the temple. And of course, this highlighted area has to stay the brightest and I'm still using to be here. But a press lightly so you can use a B pencil or an HP. This has to be lighter. Don't hear this area. 9. Drawing the Upper Eyelashes: and the next thing is to draw the I'll assist in the skin is shaded, so if you're satisfied with the skin and you can a continue with the eyelashes. But before Dad, let's just shade here around this upper I lied. I actually think this and here we can also create some eyelashes for do Sklar era that grows downward downwards and also to shade here more. This edge between the this two values like this because the edge seems to be to sure So just like this, I'm using it to be for this. What this air actually the shadows, tiny shadows cast by the eyelashes or the group of the eyelashes. Gorgeous Clara like this. And we can shave more here about the this online er also to blend the edge between thes Tuvalu's and to make them flow into each other. And I love to draw the eyelashes and let's start here in the middle, because here we have to draw the vertical ones. So just like this, and I'm using a seven b pencil here and now, as we draw them towards the corners that have to be career, some more curvy, and I was would draw them. Throws the fear, doc. They have to be shorter and also thinner and also less dense. And let's focus now on these vertical ones here above the ours. So if you draw big drawing like me, you have to make them a bit seeker. So it's not enough just to draw one line with the eventual. It is enough if you draw a small drawing and same here, - okay , I can blend them a bit, particularly tops and allowed to draw the bigger eyelashes, doors, the outer corners. And so they have to be more Carvey and seeker and more dense, just like this. - Same here. - And I just want to strengthen this, uh, I lied fold because it now seems to be too bright, so it's up, like, not dark enough. So still here we can make some changes, and also I want to shade this area. Read more, and I'm using a B pencil, so it doesn't mean that you have to do this on my drawing. I feel it's too bright, so this is something that you have to decide for yourself. It's what do you need to shade more or less and as I mentioned, If we want to make over it of makeup, we can apply darker values. And then the drawing will be more like more eye catching and more spectacular. Other gonna see even after drawing the eyelashes, we can always change something, even at the end of the trying. And it's always easier to darkened areas than to lighting them up to erase something. And then we'll see at the end of the drawing what we need to change something more. You know, I see that the shadow of the discussed over the upper area of the irises not along in off cycle, once just to make it to him no longer because now with shorter can shadow the person looks like staring or something. So we can add a longer shadow like this. And it now looks like a normal look, normal looking person. And here also over just Clara create to like, longer shadow like this. No, it looks like less staring person actus thicker. And I'm still using a B pencil here and now you can see that this I looks like like it stares. And this is not Onley because this has a shorter cast shadow. I mean, the shadow cast by the upper. I lied over the opera area of the iris. We can also use even that seven b Robert dark pencil and it can go. It can be connected, Connected with the pupil. This casts shadow like this. And then we can also shade this Clara a bit more. Same here. Just don't exaggerate because it will be difficult to erase to make it lighter and same here just appreciated. But this offer areas of the square and the virus. So just to make that cash at a look longer my, this and I want to use seven b for the IRS like this, we can also draw some eyelashes that grow downwards. But I say it may have noticed I haven't finished and eyelashes yet, but only now, after I have drawn these upper eyelashes I can see that the cash shadow is not long enough . So this is something that we don't know at the beginning of the drawing. It's of course, easier when we draw from reference photos, but the one would drop from scratch. We don't know how the things will turn out so we can always go back and change something. So even this reflected light just wanted make is, like, less bright like this. - So even when you drop this reflected life in the upper area of the Paris, it might make it person. Looks like I said for it stares Okay. No, We can draw the eyelashes here towards the tear duct. And of course, here we have to make them shorter and less dance and thinner and like more curry. So here they can go almost horizontally, and some of them kind of good grow downwards like this. Or you can go a bit down on it and then make it curry and then dried up words like this and I'm using it. Seven, Be here. Okay? Yes, I'm here. 10. Shading the Skin Under the Eyes - Part 1: I know we can shade here the thickness of the skin, and for that we have to use a very light pencil. But first, let's create this line between this Clara and the thickness of the Blore eyelids. And I'm using an age here. So just like this here also, And now I want to use a 68 to shave here the thickness of the skin. I'm actually a bit darker here, next to the corners and water, you're in a very winnable. So this areas pre illuminated but we have to shake to here also does just create a line here between the Sklar era and, um thickness of the Lawry laid. - And here I just want to make it a bit darker. And I want to use three age, just a little bit of darkness because no matter how hard I press with the was the six age I can't make it dark enough. Then I have to take darker pencil, which is also pree bright pencil, but and it's just a deride volume here on same here I use the six age again, so here, also in the middle of it has to be a lighter and then darker in the corners so that the lower I elite can also suggest Deron nous the eyeball Guess here we're going to work more underscore days corners. Later, when we're will be connecting them to the skin below the Laura on lead, and I want to use a three age here in the corner. - Here . You can still change the shape but shading higher, - and now we can plan it a bit. But for this, use clean Q tip or a clean tip off the blending stump. So don't use one that you used already for shading because it might make it dark and same here before we drop the eyelashes. Let's shade the skin first, and let's shade here first. This kind of protruding forints, the skin and the Moscow here and I'm using an age pencil and, of course, same. Here. We have to apply circles and technique so tiny, overlapping circles. And so here between the dig Nicholas of the skin and the skin, we have to create a highlight that we can go a bit over its and but we're going to erase it later. I just want to live it a bit. Uh, leave out the lines that you can see what I mean. I said just here all around. So here, under day, thickness of the skin or actually under the roots of the eyelashes and here in the corner compress harder. - And here also this area or just fine. Sickle self shadow has to be darker. So just increase the pressure. Or can you can use a darker pencil such a HB and the same here and just leave out here also this protruding area It has to be highlighted. Same here. So this sunken area between the eyes and the nose has to be darker. So here, just south shadow, as I mentioned for the right eye. So this has to be darker and I can see that the edge between the thickness of the lower eyelid and the skin it stands out this way. You're also in this corner. We can press harder, some still using an age pencil. So now it depends how big you want your drawing to be. You can draw even foreigner so we can hear. Add one more were some cast shadow or something. But we will go into details attend of the drawing so when everything is complete and we're going to add more deep does and to see what we have to change or to add Okay, I know where I can blend it, and we will see whether we need to shade more. 11. Shading the Skin Under the Eyes - Part 2: second, see it becomes smoker. I can now let's shade live with more of the skin, and I want to use the screen age to shake on under dis the previously shaded area. So it has to be much lighter and same here under the ride I and I'm still using a street age, and the circle is, um, training, I think in C it makes the texture smooth. When we applied this statement and let's also shade a bit of the nose plays, this part of the nose between the eyes said that the drawing can look more complete. And, of course, the practice shading. So here we have at the highlight in the middle of the nose in the middle of the breach, and we have to create the smooths, Grady, in between this volume and highlights. So we have to use lighter pencils, the latter than this one. So which is awesome? Three age that I'm using right now? And then we have to lessen the pressure as we've shade towards the highlights of the nose. And of course, the highlights can be very narrow, and it can be wider. So the pants on the nose but it is important to create something big, radiant between the values and same here on the left side, such a school word next to this shaded area and just lessen the pressure. Of course, it also depends on the light sores. So if we have on lights are coming from, for example, from the right side than this left side of the nose will be should be faded much more, and this left right side of the nose should be more illuminated. - Now we can shade here the rest of the nose, and I want to use a six age and to start here next to the three age area. And then we just have to lessen to pressure. Russ was shade throwers here. There's a center off the breach to make it highlighted, and here in the upper area, we can also shade more. - Also , here in the middle, we have to press very lightly, - and now let's blend it with a tissue. Here, you can see what are. You need to shade something more or you want to add more shade. Some, for example, here I want to make it darker, and let's also shade this protruding areas with a six stage. Because thes also shouldn't stay white. I'm gonna see they're still broader. Done the surrounding skin. But they should stay. Want It looked unnatural when these areas were white. So now before we add the eyelashes, we have to shade what we need to change something to shade more to add more shade wherever we want, because the applying the eyelashes should be the last thing that we do. But of course, even after that, we can work. We can change something and work more. That's something I'm using a three age here too. Too dark in this, uh, skin under the thickness of the skin. Now, even this area under the Aib Rose Look, it seems to be too bright, so we don't know yet. Bit. We will see that after drawing the eyebrows. No, 12. Drawing the Lower Eyelashes: And now let's draw the lower eyelashes. And for this it's enough. If you use a B pencil, remember that I use a seven B for the upper eyelashes. So this lower eyelashes are less senior so they can be drawn with lighter volume. Eso here also, we can start here in the middle, but we here we have less straight eyelashes. They're more Kirby and suggest a place tip of your pencil here over the edge between the thickness of the island and the skin and just quick, confident strokes like this and some of the end of some. Our luscious should be connected like this. And of course, they should be longer and longer as we draw them towards the outer corners and of course, more Karbi. And here they're very short next to the tear duct, Just make the ends of some of the neighbors eyelashes stop together and of course, make chemical in two different directions. - So here we have to make this corner up a darker because it that eyelashes cast shadow or the thickness of the our lead. I guess so. And here, next to the order, corner and eyelashes have to be a bit speaker as against E, I went twice or the single area, so to make it thicker. And here there's are a bit thinner. And because they're shorter, okay, and the same here, just relax and, uh, use quick, confident strokes and some of the eyelashes. Day girl like a farther from the edge between the thickness of the eyelid and the skin. It's their girl, like a little bit a bomb it. So here, summer, you can check it up in the mirror or in some reference photos. You also can see what are you need to shade this Clara More sweaters too bright or it needs to be shaded more so when did the surrounding areas shaded? Then you can see how it relates to the surrounding area. So as I mentioned, you can always go back and shade more 13. Drawing the Eyebrows: and no, we can draw the eyebrows. And let's first just shade the areas where the eyebrows and I want to use a blending stump . So just like this, because we don't want to, a fly hairs are actually the lines older, the wife papers. It's better cliche them. And of course, we should go in the direction of the here's growth. That said, they grow here and next to the nose almost ah vertically. And then we have to make them career. Also, you draw down towards the temples and here, next to the temple or here or the highlight, they are kind of horizontal. You can see that I still can see my initial lines. So I know where I've wanted my eyebrows to be. Can also shade here a little bit this skin to make this self shadow on a different of bone , more prominent or darker. This does again see, we can always instantly add more shave so it will be difficult to to re more actually to winding it up along. No, let's start with I know we can draw the eyebrows and let's start here next to the nose. So here we have to draw tinier. Here's vertically like this. No. And now, as we draw here towards the temple, we have to place them like more and more horizontally like this. And I'm using an aged beef pencil and try to change the pressure to make the different volumes. Says some of the hairs can be darker and some kind of a liar. And you can do that with a big age three pencils. So here already highlights they are, for his own fell like this. Okay, no, here. So even though the same here, start with this vertical time. Your ones suffered a right handed people. It's easier to draw this care. Durant. I okay, something like this. And now let's just blend these hairs carefully to make the libras look soft. It was a Q tip or with the blending stump. And let's just add some darker hairs and I want to use a three B here sign in the same direction direction that we did before. Just make them a bit darker, particular here in the lower area under the brokerage, because thes hairs get less lights so they can be kind of darker soft boy, this and here we can also shaved skin under it if necessary. Now that the surrounding areas thought we can see what we need to shade more. Our eyes are I'm into skin in my look too pale, comparing to the I ruse or or too dark. So here we can also shade of it just great, some darker I Breaux's everywhere trend, um, to make them different. Different values different while you okay and the same here and same here in the left side. So here we can draw. We're actually leaving like this if you want to draw blocked eyebrows. But we can also add some. Here's here I bruise that are not blocked to make it more natural. So here to start random Some of the hairs It's like this like the girl here. Here also finally, here's just like 14. Finishing Touches: Okay? No. Here we can add some finishing doctors, for example. We can shade more where we want or I don't know. I don't see your drawing, so I don't know what changes you have to may. So please feel free to show me and, uh, can maybe give you some advice and say what you have to change or to add. And, um And so here I want to sheet 11 more. This sunken area I'm using an age be and then I just want to blend it, as you can see, sometimes, after blending, the area will become darker and some does. It will become lighter. So then you can see what you want to shade more so long to darkened this skin a bit more. - And you're also I want to shade a bit more in this, uh, shadowed area. You I don't wanna have drawn a bit. I just blend it. So I use here on h B all the time because I don't want to. To make the shade too dark can also strengthen. They are lead full if necessary. We want and, of course, to end some details. Like, for example, here the wrinkles like this tiny wrinkles that even young people have. So here, just under the eye, - some using a age B all the time. And I just go over again where I want to darken the areas once again. See, I just go all around at random, jumping from area to area. When I see something, I change it. So here also some wrinkles and malls. So whatever Dina de dares, - we can't even go back to the iris and, uh, dark in its we want whatever. So it doesn't have to stay like this. You can always change something because it now looks different when, uh, surrounding areas drawn so you might want to change something. So I want to learn and it appear nous, You can also light out what you want necessary. I can always run more bit. You know, we can apply some more highlights. So here, over the edge, a bit under the thickness of the skin and the skin. Honor it and you don't want it to be too bright. Just top it with your finger. And here also, we can erase a bit of the graph I to make the highlights. So here can create this dyne lines between the Sklar era and, uh, thickness of the skin. - You can also add some highlights here in the middle. You don't like them. You can easily remove down what you're now if you use this marker. But you need Bosco. So even here, next to these wrinkles. So here you can go into deep does as much as you want. And I hope that you like this tutorial. Do you have learned something? And I'm waiting for your results and see with the next tutorial by my