How to Draw In Black with Color 2.0 | Nora Connolly | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Drawing on Black with Color 2.0

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. Mini Intro to the Whimsical Teapot

    • 4. Supplies Needed

    • 5. Sketching Outlines in White

    • 6. Draw with Color on Black Paper

    • 7. Burnishing and layering in Color

    • 8. Final Thoughts

    • 9. Conclusion to Drawing on Black w Color

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About This Class

In this class, "Drawing In Black with Color 2.0" you will learn to draw on black paper with colored pencils.  It is almost a mystery how to draw on black paper with color... there are few and far between lessons on how to draw on black so I decided to make a series on the subject. In my first class, "Drawing in Black + White 1.0" you learned how to draw on black paper with white gel pens and watercolor.  And in this class we cover colors on black! Finally in my third and final class, we cover "Painting on Black with Gouache 3.0" with all these lessons you will have covered most mediums that artist use to paint on black paper.

Here are my website and Instagram for you to follow me and my art if you wish:

My website is:

My Instagram is:


thanks! Nora C.

Meet Your Teacher

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Nora Connolly

Illustrator + Pattern Designer + Artist + Teacher


About Me:    Hello, and welcome, I'm Nora. I'm an Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer + Artist. I studied at Columbia University and obtained a Masters. My thesis was on "MURAL ART: FAD OR ART?"  I decided after a number of years of work as a French Translator to go to FIT - Fashion Institute of Technology to learn digital design.  I also speak French fluently and have lived in Paris, France.  I am native New Yorker and still live in NYC presently with my husband and two kitties!   I have written and illustrated three Children's books so far.  I love art and what I do!  This is the best feeling in the world and would like to share that creativity with everyone.

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1. Drawing on Black with Color 2.0: Hi everyone nor Connolly hair from pixie arts studio. In my skill share class today I'm going to teach drawing in black with colored pencils. We're gonna make a nice-looking teapot like this one. And in this class, it's a second class based on the first-class drawing in black and white, where we made a tea pot like this one. This class is a series on drawing on black paper, and we will cover a project for you to create. The sketches and technical It's needed to draw with color pencils on a black surface, as well as drawing on a black surface. So come join me, grab your color pencils and materials, and let's draw it on black paper. 2. Your Project: So for your project, for this class, what I'd like you to do is draw an icon that is interesting and irrelevant to you or your culture or your cultural heritage. For instance, I picked this hand over here, which is the hand of protection. It's a cultural icon which I found very pretty and very nice. And I decided to draw it because I wanted to show the color pencils that come through out. If you'd like to pick an icon that you really relate to, such as and, or something else that you know about in your culture. Feel free to join out and put it in the description down below so that I can see it and give it give you a great response. Thank you. 3. Mini Intro to the Whimsical Teapot: In my first class drawing in black and white, we covered how to draw on black paper with weight gel pens as well as with watercolor. Now, in this class, what we're going to do is cover as a second-class, cover, how to draw it in colored pencils on black paper. This teapot, which is what we're going to create today, is also a type of teapot. And it's going to be in color. 4. Supplies Needed: Let us go over the supplies you'll need for this class. The colored pencils and what I used were PRISMA color mainly. And some favorite Castells. And the rest is also, there is also this one item which is a Sharpie as by Sharpie It's a china marker. And the way that works is that you peel off this excess part and you can see the oil based marker come out when it gets too dull. So also the fourth are ones that we used here or white, like I said, orange, yellow, I used a gold, lavender. And you can see here it says lavender and a blue, a type of blue, a pink. And these are sky blue, which is, let's say they're more based on grey, blue, blue, and an awkward, a green and a red. And now these, these you can use swap out your own colors. But these came out really rather nicely on the black paper when I sought them out. The other thing that you will need is a black piece of card stock paper, and an extra piece of paper such as these. Just any type of paper is good. But I had these lying around. I already use this one. So I'm going to use this nice fresh piece because it doesn't have any marks on it. And I will be using that in this way. I have the piece of paper that I'm drawing on. And then I'll have my hand over it. And this piece of paper under my hand as I work so that I do not make any smudges on my paper with my hand. Now, that is the main supplies that you'll need. You don't need an eraser because you can use black as your eraser. And that's all I have to say about supplies. 5. Sketching Outlines in White: So as I said in my last section on supplies, this is the sketch section. We also will need a piece of paper here and extra piece to use as a, a stand for my hand as I work on the sketch because I don't want to or coloring because I don't want to smudge my work and this will keep it from smudging. So we're gonna take, I'm gonna take my PRISMA color white, and I'm gonna make a sketch outline. So the teapot is have a lid and it's going to have a lead-up bump, bump B top cosines. The lid needs something to be helped by. So that's that. And I'm gonna go around and make the teapots circular form. So that's this. I draw an outline because it just helps me guide me where I want to place my colors and I find it a little simpler in some way. Sometimes you can work without the sketching part. You know, if you want to. It's not always necessary depending on how you work. I find that it helps me as using laying my colors down as a guide. So this is the spout that was the handle. And this is going to be the line where I put a stripe in it. And I make my designs in this part. And in these parts, these are gonna be gold, these three parts, and these are going to have, in the rest are gonna have designs and they're gonna be colored in. Now I want to lay out some of my design. So I'm gonna make some omen shapes here. And then make three. And in the center I'm gonna put a little circular dog. Now you're going to fill these in different colors so they don't have to be perfectly drawn out because you're going to go over it in another color and then you're not gonna see the white anymore. These are little crowns. And you can add an embellish more as you go along. I'm going to make some hearts across the way here. As many as I can place in there because I like hearts. On the top. I'm going to put some depth in it. So I'm gonna put teardrops. And I'm going to make them in a circular way and that way they are like this. And at the bottom, I'm going to put these little types of paisley swirls and i'm going to alternate them so they face each other. I'm gonna pull up diamond here. Diamond there, and a star in the center. You can make your stars differently if you want. And then I'm gonna put another Paisley swirl here and another one facing it on the bottom. And I believe I had the diamond on the other side. So i'm going to replicate it by putting two diamonds on either side here as well. So now we have our teapot and our sketch. Now we go to the part which is filling in the teapot with our colors and drawn or rather color. 6. Draw with Color on Black Paper: Now I'm going to start off with the gold. And I'm going to, like I said earlier, I'm going to fill in I'm going to fill in the handle, the Spout and the little lid part, the NEP. So I'm gonna take my paper to cover the other half of the paper. And I'm going to start by drawing in coloring in the spec. So if you, if you want, you don't want, you don't have to leave the white part of the outline. You can go over it with your colored pencil. For the fit out finaly, the final piece, we're going to use the china marker, which I gotten yellow. And we're gonna go over certain outlines on the the teapot, such as the base so that it stands out. And then also the line that separates the the different designs. And you can see it stands out more. You can also use this china marker to not only just for definition, but you can make lines with it within a piece and it can stand out more. But as you can see here, it looks more defined. And the top also over here, it stands out better. And it looks more intense. I think I'm going to use it also on this part, the handle part, maybe a little bit on the spout as well. So that's that part just looks like a separation. And there you have it. We have a pretty little teapot that we've made ourselves and colored pencils on black paper with watched our colors out. And we came out with a beautiful teapot. 7. Burnishing and layering in Color: Burnishing is when you push hard with a pencil and you flatten the tooth of the paper. And the tooth of the paper can be seen, for instance, in this paper, which are there bumps and ridges on the paper, or this paper which also has the graininess of it. But this paper is more smooth as you can see here. It's very smooth surface. And so back to my statement. Burnishing is when you actually push hard with a pencil and you find that with a paper and it makes it smooth, preventing additional pigment, which is the color of the pencil, to stick to the paper. So that something is, that's can be explained when you're layering colors. So you'll start off with, for instance, a gray or white. And then you'd lay down that color. And then you'd pick another color like pink. And you can see that it smooths itself out. And then you work from, you know, you can work from light to dark. So you can add a darker color like a red. But the graininess of the, of the paper tends to go away. And that's one way of working. You could also work from dark to light. So that's a little explanation. 8. Final Thoughts: Finally, here is our creation. And this is the example that I made previously. And as you can see here, they are very similar. And I made just the tuba for our example. And make your own and see what happens. And please attach it to the description because I would love to see what you create. Thank you so much. 9. Conclusion to Drawing on Black w Color: Thank you for joining me in this class on drawing in black with colored pencils. What we've covered today is sketching and techniques with colored pencils on black paper. How to make your own drawing on black with colored pencils. And finally, how to create your own project and attach it in the description down below, feel free to join me for the next class in our series on black, which we'll be painting in black with washed paints.