How to Draw Human Heart The Right Way in Just 5 Minutes: Anatomy and Physiology | Sharomena Aarthi | Skillshare

How to Draw Human Heart The Right Way in Just 5 Minutes: Anatomy and Physiology

Sharomena Aarthi, Bio-Medical Engineer

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10 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. How to draw base of the Human Heart, connecting vena cavas

    • 2. How to draw Pulmonary valve connecting Right Ventricle to lungs

    • 3. How to draw Pulmonary Artery

    • 4. How to draw Pulmonary vein, connecting Lungs and LA

    • 5. How to draw Bicuspid or Mitral Valve

    • 6. How to draw Aortic valve connecting LV and Aorta

    • 7. How to draw largest Artery of Heart - Aorta

    • 8. How to indicate flow of blood in and out of Heart

    • 9. How to mark layers, chambers, arteries and veins of heart

    • 10. How to mark the valves in the human heart


About This Class

Drawing is a skill that is acquired as well as developed and this class is designed to give you the knowledge that you need to draw better at it. In this class, ANATOMY OF HEART is explained in a simple and effective way through step by step teaching mechanism.

It includes a highly systematic approach combined with an intuitive teaching mechanism and hence you will not face any difficult situation while learning.

Sometimes, you may be an expert in drawing, but you will not know the concept or purpose behind it. Here, I have guided you on a right way, where you can learn the concept on the go, while drawing. For instance, once you complete this class, you will not only learn How to draw the anatomy of heart, but will also learn Physiology i.e. functioning of heart.

You may be thinking on What will you learn after completing this class?

After completing all my classes, you will learn

  • How to draw anatomy of heart perfectly?
  • How to mark parts perfectly?
  • How to indicate blood flow directions within a heart in a right way?
  • What is the function of heart?
  • What is heart made up of? - i.e. all about arteries and veins