How to Draw Human Eye The Right Way in Just 5 Minutes: Anatomy and Physiology

Sharomena Aarthi, Bio-Medical Engineer

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6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class What's Inside

    • 2. Start drawing Human Eye with Layers

    • 3. How to draw Posterior Portion of the Eye

    • 4. How to draw Anterior Portion the Eye

    • 5. How to mark Parts in Human Eye

    • 6. Know it on the go The entire concept in 2 Minutes


Project Description

Complete the study of anatomy and physiology of Human Eye and Learn to draw it in the right way by completing this class

Project Work:

  • Draw human Eye as demonstrated in the class
  • Take a snapshot / photo on your mobile
  • Upload it here / share it with us

You may ask any questions regarding anatomy and physiology of human Eye

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