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How to Draw Historic Broadway Tower

teacher avatar John Anderson, Artist / Adventurer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro & Tools

    • 2. Sketching Outline with Pencil

    • 3. Filling in with pen

    • 4. Drawing Stonework

    • 5. Shading the Tower

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About This Class

If you are just getting into drawing or want to learn a new skill, line drawings are a great way to start!  This class will show you how to draw the historic Broadway Tower located in the Cotswolds, England.

This historic castle drawing is for young and old alike. If you are an artist, (or wannabe artist!) it is a great way to explore your creativity and try something new. It also can be a fun drawing to teach to children or grand kids, keeping them busy but still learning! Drawing is a great way to expand your creativity.

You will learn:

  • What tools I like to use for making a line drawing
  • How to sketch your drawing out before putting the pen to the paper
  • How to add little details

You will be creating the historic Broadway Tower drawing using the basic tools. A pencil, pen and paper.

John likes to draw, he’s been drawing since he could hold any drawing utensil! He has filled many sketchbooks ranging from simple shape drawings to detailed outdoor scenes and fun castle drawings. His favorite type of drawings to create are the fun little knights and castles that you can learn to draw in his class How To Draw A Simple Medieval Castle. These simple line drawings can be quick and easy or be made into just about any size and complexity you want. And they look great framed too!

Even if you’re new to drawing, you’ll find this class quick and simple to get you creating.

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Meet Your Teacher

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John Anderson

Artist / Adventurer


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1. Intro & Tools: Hello, everybody, And welcome back to another drawing class in this class. We're gonna learn how to draw Broadway Tower, and we're going to need a few tools for this classroom, a sketchbook or piece of paper, a pencil eraser and a fine line pin. And you also need a flat drawing surface, such a desk or table. The nights have been visiting more castles, thes days, and this one we're going to be joined today is called Broadway Tower. It was designed by James Why it? Broadway Tower was built in 17 98 on a Beacon Hill at the second highest point of the Cotswolds, England. Designed as a castle, the tire was constructed primarily for decoration tower stands, some 65 feet high. The tower has three turrets, battlements as well. This decorative windows and balconies. Let's get started 2. Sketching Outline with Pencil: to start out. We'll just use our pencil and we will start with the base or the groundwork. Then we will start on the base of the towers. Bottom of the tower is in good sort of like this. There are three different towers has realized the connecting walls in between and they look somewhat like this. Next we'll just draw this level here, which is the base of the tower, and then we will freehand. The towers was best we can to keep them straight, and it is quite a tall tower, so we will make thes lines a little bit taller. Up here we will extend the towers a little bit taller than the walls, and then we will work on adding battlements on top. There's just a simple rectangle shape on top of the tower, and later we will come back and fill it in with our pin with a little more detail next to add in some windows before we get to our pen so we can line them up as best we can. Here in the middle, there is a balcony, so you add that in here. And then there are two windows on this level as well appear in the top of the wall. We will add battlements and then we'll come back later and fill those in. And then we were add a little bit of detail work into the windows so we know where to go with our pin later. Then we'll just fill in this door here, and that is the last bit of our pencil work. 3. Filling in with pen: all right. With our basic sketch done, we'll grab our final underpin and starting at the bottom, work our way up from there. All we have to do is simply follow our pencil lines. And if any of our pencil lines are a little more crooked weaken, straighten them up. All right, we have the base done. Now we will start working on the towers. We'll make these lines as street as possible. You can use a ruler if you want, but I'm just going to free hand it here. Then we will add in our betterment on this side and continue our wall down and work on the middle tower next and we move over here to the left side. We'll do that wall in the last tower right here. Next time, just gonna make these little marks to outline the two towers on the outside before I get to the battlements below. All right, here, on top of the walls, we will start with our battlements. Just imagine these as if they are bricks, and I want to find them in a little bit of more detail. Work here underneath. Then we will draw that line from the tower and finish it off next to a work on the towers Battlements, Start over here on the left side. There we go. Then we will work here on the middle. Alright, Once we have the last one done here, then we will and the extra detail work we did on the middle one. Then we can fill in the windows. There is a circular one up here at the top of the metal tower and then three others down the tower and same on the walls. There is a circular window up top and then we will fill in our balconies. Where's the ballast Er's and then our window and then the window frame. No work over here on the next side, working on our bell Astres our window and adding in the detail on the window. Then we'll work down here on the lower ones and fill those in the same as the upper, too. Next time, just gonna fill out the bottom here a little bit to give us a little more Grunde based work 4. Drawing Stonework: then we can start adding in some stonework. So I make little dashes that alternate back and forth to give me that brick or stone look. And then I'm gonna make these little lines vertically that give it more of, ah, square stone design and finish out the bottom here. All this stonework will take quite some time. So you just have to be patient and keep at it. Next, I'm gonna work my way up the towers during that same alternating line pattern and then on the battlement at the top, I'm just gonna add two lines here. Next, I can go back and at those vertical lines, give it a little more detail. I'm gonna work my way all the way up the tower. We'll go ahead and add those lines on the basis well, and then work on the middle tower here. I have to work my lines around the windows, so I just want to keep them alternating back and forth. This just takes a lot of patients and you'll get there eventually. All right, Now we've got up to the top and I'm gonna work on those vertical lines on the way back down next we have the last tower over here, then we will finish up the battlement and start working on the walls here. I have to make it around couple windows. So on alternate back and forth. And then there's a little bit on this side of the window. Just a little small spot. But I still want to make it look like stone work there, too. And the work around this balcony as well, Then we'll just work our way all the way up the rest of the world. I'm gonna go ahead and fill in these windows while I'm here. Now, these air just darkened windows. Finally, we're filling the battlement on top and then working or vertical lines on the way back down . All right, we just have this last ball over here, remember alternator lines back and forth, working our way up and around windows and this balcony. And then once we get to the top here at the top will finish off this last battlement and then add are vertical lines as we go on our way back down. Next, I'm gonna fill in these last windows. It was molest that door down here. Q. I'm just gonna fill in this level, thinking these lines up a little bit more to give it a little more detail. Now that we have the stonework done, let's move on to shaving. 5. Shading the Tower: All right, let's work on our shading. First off, we're gonna use from a crosshatch underneath these balconies to give it more depth, and then we'll move on to stippling next. I'm gonna work on stippling, imagining my light source is coming from the left side. I'm going to step with this toe, look darker on these sides just on the edge of the tower and the edge of the wall. I'm gonna work my way up and down all of the right sides of these that gives air drawing a lot more in depth in detail, working on her stippling, just using tiny dots here again. This just takes patience and persistence, making all these tiny little dots. All right, just this last hour and there we have it All right. Now we have the stippling done. Now you can come back with your eraser and erased all those pencil lines we do in the beginning. Once you've erased the lines, then you're drawing is finished. I hope you enjoyed this class on how to draw Broadway Tower. Now you can draw your own Broadway tower. Just follow these steps and be sure to tell your picture in the class project. Thanks for watching. I'll see you in the next video.