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13 Lessons (5h 31m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. New Blender by Caran D'ache: Testing, Review and Comparison

    • 4. Sketching

    • 5. How to Draw the Eyes

    • 6. How to Draw the Nose

    • 7. How to Draw Lips

    • 8. Shading the Skin - Part 1

    • 9. Shading the Skin - Part 2

    • 10. Drawing the Hair - Part 1

    • 11. Drawing the Hair - Part 2

    • 12. How I record and edit my drawing videos

    • 13. How to scan and edit your drawings

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Project Description

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that you can gain the maximum from it for your future portraits. I believe that you’ve created some satisfying results and that you will continue practicing and working persistently. You can use this same tutorial for males and for each portrait that you're going to draw. Just make sure to always change something and experiment with the shapes and tones. I hope to see your results.
A task for you:

Using this tutorial, go step-by-step again, and try to:

  • Draw a male face next time.
  • Imagine a light source coming from the top, the upper-left corner, the bottom (instead of the upper-right corner we used in the tutorial), and shade according to these.
  • Draw a wider chin.
  • Create straight eyebrows with tiny hairs all around.
  • Draw a bigger nose and thinner lips.
  • Draw facial hair, mustache, and beard using a 2H over the highlighted skin, an HB over the mid-tone, and a 2B for shadowed parts of the skin.
  • Draw on A3 paper format, which is double the size of the one we used in this tutorial so that you can go much more into detail and practice. The bigger the paper, the more time it will take, thus helping you to cultivate and develop your patience, which is crucial for a realistic style of drawing.

So, try using this tutorial differently. I hope to see your results. Please post it up for the feedback.

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