How to Draw Eyes | Sharon Mapuvire | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. First Eye part 1

    • 3. First Eye part 2

    • 4. Second Eye

    • 5. Third Eye

    • 6. Fourth Eye

    • 7. Fifth Eye


About This Class


Join me as I teach a class on how to draw eyes. Drawing eyes can be daunting and could possibly be the trickiest feature to draw when doing a portrait. But I am going to break it down for you with easy techniques to help you remember how to draw an eye.

This start to finish class teaches you to how to draw an eye and how to properly shade it in giving it that 3D realistic look. Practice and improve drawing eyes with this class.

Key Lessons include: 

*How to draw the shape of the eye

*How to draw and place reflections of light on the pupil

*How to draw eyelashes and eyelid creases

This class is perfect for beginners who want to learn easier ways to achieve a portrait. If you want learn new ways of drawingthen this lesson is a good fit. 


1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Sharon and today's class I want to teach you how to draw eyes. A lot of people struggle with drawing eyes when it comes to portrait. So I wanted to break down the techniques and in this class we gonna drawer four sets of eyes. And by the in defence, I promise you you'll understand how to draw your own set of eyes. So get your pencils ready. Your paper He raised her and let's start the class. 2. First Eye part 1: Okay, start off. You're gonna need an HB pencil. It's give me a normal pencil. Could be mechanical pencil to be pencil and the razors and I cut off the top part of my other erases so that I would have these sharp edges. They're very useful in rubbing out those tiny areas in your eyes. And I want to start by drawing a grid just to make sure that my eyes, my set of eyes are in line with each other's. I'm just gonna have, like, a distance of four centimeters between the the vertical lines. And I just left a little bit of space above, as you can see, so we're hearing them drew my eye. And if you really look at eyes they look like leaves the shape of a leaf like one end is pointed, and other end is curved where you would break off the leaf from the step that's your eye, and then you have your eyeball that'll be inside just outlining. Start by drawing really lightly so you can easily rub out any mistakes. And then you have the crease that is made by the eyelids and greeting about ice, that everybody's eyes look the same. Not like would nose. This nose is a difference. People have wide knows that some people have been ones, but eyes at the same. So for lashes you go up in in just curved line in. I mean, you repeat that motion many times to create the illusion off 1000 lashes. She just creating these curved lying start up and you go in, up in you keep building and building and building on that and then for the lower lashes is just these quick, brisk, curved lines in the short, I just would like to the and quickly if you can, cause it pays this great effects two of them. And then in between, I'm gonna shade in softly to give the impression off tiny, tiny little hairs in between the strokes that be just DeJuan outline the eyeball. So if you look right underneath your eye, it's kind of shaped like a boat like the bottom off of boats. So you just gonna follow that curve right round? Then don't forget the corner off your I always on the right side, towards the nose in a I is always these tiny little creases. So these creases can be kind of tricky to get, because if you look at the I in those creases, there are certain areas that are not shaded. And so it looks, is of these liquid sometimes in the corner off your eyes, that that can be a bit tricky to you two illustrates and convey. And then just place some shadow underneath fair. And don't worry if you don't get it. Now you have, like, another 34 eyes that we're gonna be doing so by the NGO pretty much gets. So if you look at on either is reduced some shadows on the corner of placing shadows around in the corner and makes IDs, it gives it the illusion that we're actually going inside in towards the I A tunnel case. And now let's move on to the second part. 3. First Eye part 2: now I'm gonna move on top, you pope, And you have you have a dark circle in the middle off your pupil in all eyes. And then in that dark circles, they usually some light hitting on tiny parts inside the dark circle that are not Doc, that a pretty white your eyelashes usually always, I should say, always cast a shadow on your eyeball. So there will be a shadow on the top of your people and going around, and then we start to shade in between lighter. And if you look at it, the people there usually these tiny lines coming from that outside off the pupil, going inwards towards dark center. So make sure you get your shading right when it comes to the I. This is the standard shading, and then you can pretty much place the light wherever you want to place it on your eye. CCL of time. Little parts unshaded inside the dark. Start calling the center with your pupil. She was a proper name for it because I know I'm thinking of the word red sooner, but I'm not sure which one is Rittner, but so we just keep it simple and then around your pupil always is always the dark ring on all eyes always. But it's just more visible on blue eyes and sometimes green eyes. It is always a doctoring around, and this is pretty much your standard pupil. So it was like a dark ring. Then you go in, you have a dark circle and you leave little parts in the dark circle and have a shadow underneath the lashes. Okay, Take your time. And if something is not uncleared just to rewind the video, just go back, take your time, snowless, start shaking in our eyeball so you're gonna have a shadow. The shadow is gonna come from the bottom of your eyeball going inwards from the top of your Bible going inwards. And I'm gonna use by a razor that I cut and I'm just sort of tapping Just gonna dab dab, dab, dab And what that does is a blend up the pencil You just dabbing, not rubbing your simply dabbing. And then it gives us a beautiful blended Mulkey shadowy effects on your eyeball. Let me do the same on the left side, coming from the top, going in woods and then but around here and then we dap really simple. The curved lines that are moving towards the centre don't make them too strong minimums gonna go back and just add on those shadows So if you think like a shadows to light just go back over But always do it lightly It's always better to do it likely because the eyeball is white So the shadows are not gonna be The strong dark color is going to be like this Light planted darken shadow Just moving over your eyeball Gonna go back to the corners Just fix sets And this is a great place to actually start fixing things because your eyes pretty much done. So if you see something that just looks a bit weird just go back, erase it and fix it Because my I was just tired but too long over there for my liking. So you can just thought to fix them a six that you think are there. But as we could see, there's an I and that's how you draw eyes were. Now we're gonna move on Two other sets of eyes gonna draw lots of eyes today. So by the time we're done, you know how to draw on. I 4. Second Eye: Okay. Now we're gonna move on to a second set of eyes as before, in eyes always shaped like a leaf, one in disappointed, which is usually the answer is on the outside, on the other end is curved. That's the side that's closer to the nose. Then you have your pupil start by outlining a lot. You're I always and then you go back and then you define the lines that you've drawn. Remember this. I wanted to be a bit more animated than the first set. So the eyes a much more open. You know when someone is excited or shocked, the eyes are always open and you have your eyelashes, same effect to go from the top and you dip in. And so it was a curved lying and you not supply that movement and the bottom ones Tiny little quick, curved strokes. Then you have the top crease of their from your island is also always gonna be some shadow around that crease. He would likely just place some shadows underneath that line and just above. And I'm just gonna swish to a to B pencil just to make my eyelashes. Docker, I really want these eyelashes to be super dark. So now, for my people, as usual, we have a doctoring outside and then we have those strokes of lines. And then this is what I'm gonna place my lights And inside the pupil almost gonna leave starts in parts and shaded perfect. And then you have a tiny lines that go from outside going in. So we're trying to give the pupil a three d effects so doesn't look flat. Makes it look rounded with those curved lines that come from the outside Going towards the center, it was happy shadow underneath your eyelashes. I love drawing eyes because I'm always surprised with every single island I'm done, how it looks and it has so much emotion. There's so much emotion in an I. So I just love drawing eyes. But the same time I know that the eyes probably the most difficult things for people when they're drawing portrait, it's then you have your shadows from the top going in from the bottom, going in giving your eyeball. That's three d effect. Do it really softly in these circular motions. He's quick circular motions taking a razor, and we dab super softly super quick lights in dab as you can see it eyes coming to life I want to draw on. I just looked inquisitive and and makes it awesome. 5. Third Eye: Okay, so now let's do the second. I have a curved top, and then the bottom one side pointed other side curved. And your eyelids a crease. Okay, so now I'm just gonna go back, and I'm gonna add more to the lashes to make them look like they're lots and lots and lots of lashes. I just keep doing I just keep drawing more and more strokes and after The pupil is always the doctoring around the pupil in the center and you have some light parts just during those out where I'm not gonna shade in. And then a sheet in the center and a leave heard section unshaded the shading the doctoring around the people and those lines have come from the outside going in woods. And then we shade in the outside going in and try to match your eyes when you were shaking it and drawing. So I always just kind of keep referring to your first I If it's the left eye, make sure that she'll right eye looks like belongs with the left eye. And then we shade in the eyeball. It affects the corner Over here. It was always like this section of shading right at the corner when you have your eyelids, Liffe initiating in the eye. And I wanted to be lights across the eyeball right across the pupil. So if you want lights just run across, you shade in, and then you leave certain parts completely unshaded, and you will give the illusion of light hitting you. I and I'm just gonna read to find certain areas. And then I fixed the corner off my left. I'd make sure they're matched my right eye because you want them to look the same man. Work done. 6. Fourth Eye: Now I'm gonna draw a closed I smoke closed than the other ones when someone is just feeling slightly sleepy off there, looking out toward something So it is going to use and I like. But so we have variations in our eyes. OK, so far, pupil. So you can see the island is more close than the other eyes. So it makes a pupil scene a bit more wider, and I'm just gonna advocate my areas where I'm not gonna shade in. We wanted to look like these lights. Then I'm gonna start shading in duck ring around your pupil and the lines that go out and, as usual, always shading lightly. It's so much easier to raise light strokes than dark strokes. Since then, it's just start lightly, and then you just add on both are to it. No, it's starting to the click, and I So this eyes much longer than the other once mostly popper because it's like close to bits. So if you want to just changed expression off your eye, all you have to do is change the location off your island, and you already are mute emoting, a different emotion and feeling to your portrait. I'm gonna place my shadows and because my eye is slightly it's more clothes and the other one's The shadows will be slightly darker. This is not a lot of light hitting into the eyeball. And then I plays her shadows underneath my eye lead crease to give that effect that it is creased. And as you can see on the left corner, I joined the crease to the I. So it really looks more closed. And then I placed a shadow just above so the shadows definitely helping the add more to the overall picture of the I and at the corner of here with the eyeball is to the inside. Definitely the shadows are much more defined. Or Doctor, I should say the shadows and more, Doctor. 7. Fifth Eye: and full. Our very last I I enjoyed out looks like a leaf. And like I said, you have to make sure your eyes match. You can see on the left side. The pupil is wider than the other eyes that we've been trolling is to make sure that the right side the people is wider, its wider because eyes were closed. And then I'm gonna place the sections women are gonna shade in and you can see basically a shadow that's cast over by the eyelashes. And we have those lines from the outside off your pupil going towards the center. You have your doctoring around you people issues jewel as always, Never, ever, ever forget that. And there we go. And right at the top on the right side. I left the parts. Why didn't shade in? And the thing with that is that if you were to not leave certain parts unshaded on your pupil, it would look pretty flat and less like I see you want to just leave certain parts completely unshaded. I'm gonna place the eyelashes. So as you can see now that you have the second, I can see that the I sort of look as if they're looking towards something in the distance so you can see the different emotion that is coming from the state of eyes when you compare them to the ones that are above that are more open and expressive. Just by changing where you place your eyelids, you change your whole picture and the shadows around the eyes are also very important because they add to the emotion that you're trying to convey with your eyes and when you really just look at these eyes and see how eyes come tell you so much like they literally speaking to you just by looking at them. So, guys, I really hope you enjoyed this class, and I hope that you learned how to draw eyes. And, as always, with everything that don't about practice, just keep practicing, and before you know it, it's gonna come really naturally to you. So what I would like you guys to do is continue on and do your own two sets of eyes below these eyes, so that would make thumb five sets of ice for you guys, and by then you really will have completely understood technique off drawing eyes so I hope you enjoy the class. Thank you so much for taking part in it. And please check up other videos. Bye, guys.