How to Draw Eyes in Six Easy Steps | Emiliano Cruz Villanueva | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (30m) View My Notes
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What will we need?

    • 3. Shape

    • 4. Circles

    • 5. Defining the Eyes

    • 6. Shadows

    • 7. More Shadows

    • 8. Eyebrows

    • 9. Your Projects


About This Class

Welcome everyone. In this class you will learn how to draw eyes, it doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of experience, it is actually very easy and you will be able to create beautiful eyes.


1. Intro: Hi, guys. My name is Emiliano and today we're going to be learning how to draw eyes, which I think it's very, very useful for when you want to draw people or faces in general, so let's begin. 2. What will we need?: Hello again, guys. And to continue, I'm going to show you their materials where we're going to use right now. And so let's begin day our pencils. Mostly a two inch pan seal on HB pencil, a B one, a to B pencil, a tree bean, a four being and a six b pencil. We're also doing Teoh need an eraser and the Serpent ER, and also we can use thes thing. Or we can always do it with our fingers to do the shadows, so let's begin. 3. Shape: Okay, guys. So now to begin, we're going to take our two h pencil and we're just going to draw the first shape off the I kind of like these. And also I used to do this a lot, so I hope it doesn't matter to you, because I really find it. It's more comfortable for drawing, so you can also do that. So the 1st 1 And for this part I have a recommend to use a router because it's very important it with duties really carefully. So did the eyes are properly aliant each other and just to make teas. And so we have to see how long it's to die. So here it's seven. It's into Mitchell's. I'm just going to leave one or two 20 home and smart getting here is already, do you? Yes. Once again. And you see, guys is a sexually, really, really important. Not we don't do this carefully in our eyes room, huh? No, steam a tree at all. And we just have to do this really not repressing a lot of without bracing logic pencil, because then it will be almost impossible for us to it recently turned. Well, we don't want dieting. Our drone, do we? Course not. And now we could duty. Although I and the other by it shouldn't be the Samos thes warm, but they should be ringing. Uh, almost almost identical eyes. So if we if we can make them to look very like, then it's better. No one wants this. Don't we can go to step number two. 4. Circles: Okay, guys. So now that we have our shapes nearly dawn, what we're going to do is that we're going to take our irritants, and we're going to erase remove all of these. We don't need it anymore. And over here, we're going to leave so that we don't erase Alvar throwing just a little bit of the extra clear. So now that it's ready, we're going to take no pencils, and we're going to find him a little bead on some places. All right? So not would agree. And going to do is going to take out to age still, And we're going to troll here, Dean, like a cone because this is actually, like the end of the I C. And so what we are now going to do is dead. We're going to draw the ice wolves instead of decline on this. Ones can go wherever you choose them to be. Just This should be the same feat. I'm sorry. And this wounds, you can actually go anywhere. You need them treat. - And now where we are finished with the eyeballs, we are going to duty. Pippen. Now we're going to do the pew pew, which which shouldn't be that big, but it also shouldn't be really that small. We're going to clean need again. I've got really fast, all right? And we're going to draw. Well, I'm going to draw a line in here like being triangle. And this morning, can you on the same fully off I and in the office spaces I'm going to Oh, first I'm going to duties. And before it's too late. Welcome to draw in you. These kind of right both of them, Because there's would it or get eyelids gonna be, And now we can go to the next one. 5. Defining the Eyes: so now for the next one would were going to do. It's with the same HB. We're gonna just these again And you, you we're going to take H being and be a boat of them. We're going to need him and we're with the age you were going to do the same as we did. It's now we're going to take a to be on duties way, but not we don't want to be the dark that yet. So shouldn't be that dark, straight up for good and okay. And when it's done, we're going to take the B pencil and we're going to deduce. But who, suddenly and immediately where you wants to be more doctors and beautiful jog and in here maybe not. Good watch. Maybe just you new lines going to do the same. You now it's how to use this guy, and it's actually pretty easy to use just to do so we can deliver Jim and we should respect the light. That's actually very important. I mean, we can touch it. Of course, we can play with a little bit, but we should leave their some space for light and now written not certainly where we're going to be, thank you toe and now we are going to take over it. Researchers. It's just 6. Shadows: And so now we're going to take the treaty or four B four B and I'm going to make this dark her when you went kayaking and do same in here. Now that we're ready, we're going to take this one seen and duties again. Don't get me in. They were due to see part of you here. It's now I think this park here and breathe. Racketeer, your mystic. 7. More Shadows: so for G Step or we're going to do is give some more details in the eyeballs and make the eyelids. So let's begin with the eyelids and let's take number to be And it must be sharpened tweaking to she's we don't know. And now would you to be would Thank you. You want more of shadow? I don't see you. And then we're taking these, That's and now do rest these. Me too. You. And now which is worried for over the once . We don't this part just due to see him in here if we still have some remaining. And if not, we take the 16 Tween draws wine? Yeah, you and in the opera part of then I meaning to come phone said port. And then we take these gun and three. With this, we can also make sounds pretty conceit. What is the person? It's too owned. Maybe not. It's you. And now we take Tween ticket energies is actually really important because then it shows the shutem that causes. Do you know what? Did you see me? You know 8. Eyebrows: and will this now do last step on? It's actually probably the longest one of probably not depends on how fast you work. We're going to now sketched the eyebrow to Let's begin. We just have to choose how the eyebrow it's going to feel. I think this shape, it's going to help. It's going to be really being or or if it's gonna be really mean. And now we can begin to do our eyebrows. So first thinking to begin with, this one I'm taking. It's to change. I'm going to paint some Justin studying here. They're actually her and is now taking I mean two c x read in different sports or covering some of really, and we can repeat these exercise as long was weak. Do we think that I froze, uh, doing? I want to be with you for take a two page and know to be? Actually, it doesn't much, which, once you choose to take to use it just much worsted. There's a contrast liking him, or like for a sample here with some Harris, because there's a contrast that was a little light. It's no, it's now just one more thing. We should do the thing. It's the eyelashes. I was almost forgetting about them. So let's be quick. We're going to take our B pencil. I would 16. It's too H. Bean. And we're going to be sure that they are really, really shelter. Because we're going to I need them to be. They are not sharpened in the eyelashes. Minds would be good. And so we're taking each be first, 32 years. Now I'm going to take and I'm full being I mean, number the story. Good. I'm gonna He's both eyes. No, I'm taking the 60 going to do it saying Exactly. And with the same six people could duties to put import, we could always add some more. You have. So I will project his. No, don't. Just one thing Shut up over him. No, it is doing 9. Your Projects: So God is not every have learned how to draw eyes. It's your turn to do them your own pair of eyes and just send them to me or post him down below in the community projects space. And also, if you like my class. If you didn't like something or if you loved it, let me know that's actually really useful for me. So if you want to see more of my content just for me down below, and I will be uploading regularly in new classes and new tips on how to draw into being etcetera. So that's it for now. Bye, guys.