How to Draw Cute Characters (Part 2) - Design Things and Sell It in Redbubble

Hanny Agustine, Illustrator | Designer | Founder

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Design Children Storybook Cover Wire Crossing - 1

    • 3. Design Children Storybook Wire Crossing 2

    • 4. Design Greeting Card 1

    • 5. Design Greeting Card 2

    • 6. Giftware Design

    • 7. Assignment


About This Class


After you learn 27 cute characters in How to Draw Cute Characters Part 1, so what ?


You can use your cute characters to design a Children Storybook Cover, Greeting Cards or Giftware like a mug that you can sell it in Redbubble.

If you join Part 1 class, I teach you how to draw cute characters only with color pen and micron pen and then later we name them as Uburo or Jabreek or Mousy


Then in this Part 2, what you need is only Photoshop. Here I use Photoshop CC 2014. It's a simple Photoshop class. Everybody can join this class, for sure. :)

Don't forget, you can also teach this class to your kids or your students if you are a teacher like me.

In this class you will learn :

  1. Step by step creating design of a simple children storybook cover using simple tools in Photoshop, we draw clouds, wire, flowers, insert our cute characters, give a title and so on
  2. Step by step designing simple greeting cards and learn how to use mockup file to present your greeting cards design visually nice
  3. Step by step designing mug and how to upload your design in Redbubble website and ready to sell

I guarantee that both classes will be so fun and release our amazing creativity that you never thought you have it !




I hope you enjoy my class and welcome to any feedback for better next class.

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Enjoy the class!