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How to Draw Cartoon Caricature Fast and Easy

teacher avatar Winda Lee, Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (2h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Draw Cartoon Caricature's Head

    • 3. How to Draw Cartoon Body

    • 4. Cartoon Caricature Drawing Steps

    • 5. Trick 1 Point Of Interest

    • 6. Draw Woman Head

    • 7. Draw Woman Body

    • 8. Draw Woman in Color

    • 9. Draw Man Head

    • 10. Draw Man Body

    • 11. Draw Man in Color

    • 12. Trick 2 Type of Eyes

    • 13. Trick 3 Men's Hairstyles

    • 14. Trick 4 Women's Hair Short

    • 15. Trick 5 Women's Hair Medium

    • 16. Trick 6 Women's Hair Long

    • 17. 3/4 Pose Basic Shape

    • 18. 3/4 Pose Sketch

    • 19. 3/4 Pose Color

    • 20. How to Make Beards Shaved

    • 21. Beards Shaved in Color

    • 22. How to Make Beards Medium

    • 23. Beards Medium in Color

    • 24. How to Make Beards Long

    • 25. Beards Long in Color

    • 26. How to Draw Children Boy

    • 27. Draw Children Boy in Color

    • 28. How to Draw Glasses and Pattern

    • 29. Glasses and Pattern in Color

    • 30. How to Draw Braids

    • 31. How to Draw Braids in Color

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About This Class

Hi, I’m Winda Lee. 

I've been in Illustration Industry since 2007 and I've published some titles of children books in my country. 

I love to share my knowledge and drawing skills to other artists, especially the beginner artists. I am former drawing instructor in an drawing course for children and young artists.

Together, we can build this industry larger and larger.


Maybe some of you must be wondering what is cartoon caricature and what the difference of it and the usual caricature style. 

Cartoon caricature is a drawing of a people usually based on the photo which drawn not too realistic but can be still recognized as that person.

This kind of style are very popular among the people, for gifts or even to be sold as prints and service. The possibilities are very huge and it's very fun to learn it.


Whether you are a new artist or even the professional ones, this course is suitable for anyone. With the reasonable price, you can master and learn more to make cartoon caricature in fast and easy way.  I will teach you how to draw them on points and effectively.

Also, you can contact me and ask me questions.  

You can find it all in How to Draw Cartoon Caricature Fast and Easy.

What's else?

I will add many updates, including full body, poses, hairs, clothes, and so much more!


Winda Lee

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Winda Lee

Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber





Hi, my name is Winda Lee and I'm an illustrator and a writer.

I love to draw cute stuffs and children related illustrations. I also a pattern maker which allows me to create many cute patterns in my free time.

I am best known as the author for Gummy's Diary in Line's Webtoon Challenge in Indonesia and some in US version with readers 1.5M, 32.8k subcribers and 9.7 ratings with many young moms and young girls readers.

And also Youtuber at WindaLeeDraws where I make videos about love and personal story.

I graduated from Ciputra University in Visual Communication Design major and illustrations specialist in 2010.

As a young Mom with little twin boys myself, I have experience about how to teach my sons to draw and I... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, what if there is a course that can teach you how to draw gotten, get-together invites and easy. We'd not to Jack got a DJs and manage attracts. My name is Minnelli and welcome to How To drove after get-together fast and easy. I am an illustrator and you the birth that helps young or beginner IF this will learn drawing, start from the basic dough final products. In this course, we will learn how to draw get-together inductive style divided by F n very easily. I'll, we'll expand every step in making it from stacks without editing, distracting. And you really learn how to identify someone uniqueness on important points. And it's garlanded ethnic a boat. You again use the skill to make adequate than for the business purpose. That is, they gotta get the wires are you can make it into gifts, like in muck with the bus or car. Even more, we can use it to make your own mascot or Avatar, which spherical blood among the bomb. I also provide some practice and director of seats, which can be used to improve your skill more. This is a lifetime skill and lag manager simple. We will say that the first factor is the class is to invest your arm wrestle. Asked Gil, let's join me and discuss now. 2. Draw Cartoon Caricature's Head: before we get started, we need to understand what cartoon caricature is carried. A touristy miller with person. But that one which a picture off a person with chemical part that make the person that connect herbal are that used to focal point toe. Make it Israeli. This part is a secretary toe. Make the picture looks fun. Look at this photo, which is the first part that just let your I thought, Yes, the face. So the head, especially the face, is the most important part to make caricature. And in order to make a successful one, we must know the pacing off, the driving the human head first. The westman off the ice knows Mark and the other important parts off the head. OK, let's see. This helped throw hers in the line in the middle of the head and then draw one more, but particularly the place off. The ice is in the horizontal line, usually with the fighter lives into three parts, and the eyes are inside. The two other parts Bro's are a little above the ice RINOs between the ice line and the job . We can divide it again. It'll cool to make it the place about the nose and then put them out under it. Okay. Thiers. Now their position is between the eyes and the nose area. Way Need to put them in here. Okay. This is a basic for human head. Remember? Not all people have this kind off a proportion. Some half rectangular Joe. Some have tickle ryegrass or smaller eyes. But how can we make the alligator looks Kourtney and Kim, the main line a Peter would hear. This means the position off the Ambrose nose and the mouth are bitter. Do the principle is the same with the basic one. When we identify the person picture that we need to draw, remember the basic one. First, we can make the cartoon version off them. I put December off human head in pdf, and there's a page where you can practice toe, feel the face parts. Think, remember, ideal first conversations, the ship of the head and how we can make it looks cartoony. Do you? In my next video, 3. How to Draw Cartoon Body: okay after we know how to make the face. Now let's go To learn about the body and your body is kind of the seven heads measurement. And to make the character, we just need to heads the head meter after I put the file for this diagram and the officiate that can veto loaded, remember, So make the porters. Character measurement is dope. Heads on Lee scale is to make the head to the middle up yourself. Please let me know if you have any questions. Get hang on the first of the party culpable portions and you're ready to go to the next video to you in my next video. 4. Cartoon Caricature Drawing Steps: hi before region deeper. You need to understand the tough it is before about the head and a body fishermen for the caricature. You can take a lot at the pdf for 5 to 3 steps we will discuss are very important because it will lead us to the good final. If we follow them nicely, let's say it's the first concept our group laying off are throwing. First is stunning Thumbnail You needed other man first what you withdraw based on the photo but can face today whether it's long face, rectangle phase or have surface and including the size off the eyes of a big or small. Also, I bullshit, too. The key off making caricature is we need to make joining, and peace is recognized as the person in the photo, but not the details as the rap music star going because we wanted to make it cartoony. Second step is to sketch after we know we need to pay attention. Zack. Let's start with joy based on the points we already taken in the we use pencil. If you're making it traditionally are. Put it another layer if you're making it digitally. Okay, that this step is final art Step way Get arrested. Scats, maybe for a salary. Remember, there are three steps Authority that you need to do nail sketch and final are steps can be used not only in personal, for the troubling, but also in all drawing and the same process. All right, now we know the basic We can continue to the next feudalism. Don't forget the practice before we can see there. 5. Trick 1 Point Of Interest: OK in this video, I will give you some tapes on how to deter Mined point off in Dressed to choke art interrogator. Usually we will start from a photo. From there, take notes on what are the points off him or her that looks like the person in the photo. We can use this points hair style, her hair color, eye color, clothes and accessories for the ship off the face and the eyes. You can skip them because you can use your own driving style unless you want to make the port it more realistic. Let's look at the photo. She has short, straight hair with two colors, blue and blood. We need to draw it. Expected elective ago with only half over face shown, and another one of interested you can use is her stripped shirt and the writing paper on her ship. We can add some purple eyeshadow and lipstick, too, since she's wearing makeup. Okay, now let's list, um, number one hair blue and done short over half over face. Or do eyes brown hair as purple as you know lips. No smiling and wearing pitch lipstick for shirt, white shirt with a black age and black stripes still creen paper work. The result is like this way. Get hair blue and blood short. Cover half over face spies. Brown has purple issue lips. No smiling and wearing pitch lipstick. Your world shirt with a black age and black stripes still creen paper work. All right, let's try it. Apply our point of the restaurant that in the next video. 6. Draw Woman Head: Hi. In this video we will follow the steps that we have already discussed in profuse with you. And you start from the time you wait a different shape off the woman's face. She has a long off office. So what we need to do is make it awful shit like a like this and make Horace in the line that you gotta face into two parts of a better word like this way have to make a vertical line. Perfect. Now let's go to this catch weight. I'm making her eyes like this. Big or small, Eyes are immobile. Size okay for eyebrows. She has a fair off shop ones, but they're in different positions. One up, one down. Let's make them here. All right. Next steps is making the nose and the mouth way can make the north like a comma, smiling with her lips. Stuff upward in the each ends. So let's make a flat line. But in each ends make small eyes upward. In the photo, Only one offer ears is visible. So making here in the area of it in the eyes and the nose, this area is finished. Now, that's what the new to the head Start the life of the inside forehead. I remember the similar father ship and always simplify to make it low. Saturnian Okay, sketch is done Now we can make the final are particulary Oh and a sketch a pitcher's better or resting lightly and following this gets lives. Metaphor is a solid color. Plus are meant to theft Is this final before salary? So be careful and we will be just fine at the details. Okay, Another four point that can be used to make tries in the photo is her hearing. Make it a similar as you can festive in simple Let's tell her body in the next video. 7. Draw Woman Body: Do you still remember the diagram for the character body before we will in tow heads to make the body. We already make one head. So the next step is making the another head into her body like this. I make the body a little bit smaller than normal. So if the scale is not exactly one head, it's fine. Half to one is still possible. I threw it smaller toe. Make the point cartoony, More physical. Okay, Woman's body is basically ship wider in the shoulder and smaller in the waist area. The arms are also the same. You drove it under the elbow area on me. Great. All right, so the final make the time there and sketch a bit transparent and make the solid color for it. She is very sweater, so we make the clothes starting from the neck line and then fontina to draw according to sketch. After that, he joined the can with the details. As you can see, there is flower pattern on her sweater. They just need to draw a similar as we can to make a pattern. Simplify is sticky. - Very nice. The drawing for the woman's body is finished. Now let's go to color it in the next video 8. Draw Woman in Color: Hi. Now we are entering The last part says coloring. It was that face. First, pick up Lawrence Taylor active and begin to gallery. Be careful, not dollar. Exceed the outlines and leave the area. Okay, She has brown eyes. So we will tell you this area, Betty, for the chick I want to applauses on both of them. Visit option Now, you can skip this step if you don't want it. All right, Let's go. Redmen. She has three layers off life and that if you are coloring with personal tools, we have to start with the left. One first blue blood and then that. But if you're coloring into the lead, you can start for broad like me. And then, like, pick the $1 dollar inside the hair up lines. Be careful with the earrings. Okay? Looking good right after death. See these lines? We can make the hair look. Seven Geno, the adding some CDO's along those lines. That's right. We can use left pale blue for the sweater. Avoid to use to pray. Color photo is the closest color and coming for what you do. Why the classical can make are driving less interesting. and can be boring. All right, as for the better While the color are they're place on the photo start with the big color first and the blue the color the rings picked a color a similar. Remember, keep for America. Throwing is similarity. Very good are woven together. Sorry is done. See you in my next video. 9. Draw Man Head: hi. In this video, we will do the same with the moment seven steps that we have already discussed in the previous video starts from the family. Okay, let's take a look at its foot off. We need to identify the shape off the man's face. He has a lot off our face to. So if you do, who is making a novel ship back? That's perfect at the eyes in yours, on the line and making his eyes from like this. But we thought the ill Isis, that big artist, because his eyes are enormous as to again a made his ears in the area between the eyes and the nose for his eyebrows. He has a pair of street and big ones, but they're a bit near both eyes. Let's make them here and here, all right. Next step is making the nose and Bob. We can make the nose like a comma to his smiling and on strike set for our outside. The end spend upward so less like a flat line, but in the left ends makes my line of work with this area is finished. Let's go to his head, he said. There is more depth to face it up is thing one undersides and take on the way. Okay, the sketches done. Now we can make the final art before the calorie make the terminal and the sketch a pitcher's parent or arrested exactly. And then follow. This gets land. Metaphor is a solid top dollar us are doing because over making the line solid details his body the next with you. 10. Draw Man Body: Hey for the men's body, we still use 1.5 to hex toe. Make it. But what makes it different is a ship for woman before the ship is more like copies. But in this case, mess body is shipped, affecting, and because he only making hot body the lives. And here the arms are also the same way will draw them until the elbow area only very good . Now let's continue. He's very assured inside and a stylist and check it outside. So we make the clothes starting on the neckline. Can you draw a sketch? Wages need to draw a similar as he can to make it. Make the Tamil and the sketch a pittance. Wear in and make the solid color for it. With that brown color, Del Injected has a woolly color. Make it more Wrigley like these to make the world extra very nice that you draw it again with the details. - Now that's what color it. In the next video 11. Draw Man in Color: all right, we are entering the last process. Calorie. We'll start from his face. Pick a pale orange color like this, but lighter than the woman's. As begin the gallery. Be careful, not the color axity appliance, and leave the area very good for the tick because this is a man I don't add glasses on. Put off them. Afford him looks curly. All right, let's gallery Certainly picked a black brown color, noted the yellow area, and they are inside. The hair outlines the depth. See this lives way can make the hair look dimensional by adding some shadows alongside those lines because the hair is that upward. So we need to make the land of the bottom to the top to make an illusion ticker at the bottom and dinner at a top. Let's right. Very nice. Remember the Keeper? Capital telling is similar for the colors so you can make it frizzy to like this. Don't make the texture more physical. As for the jacket, Big blue color at the photo and build space? No. All right. For the shadows you can hear. And here our men get together. Drawing is done. See you in my next video. 12. Trick 2 Type of Eyes: Hi This video, you talk about going different styles off ice. Each person has unique types of ice, whether it's big, small on our defense. Landed colors are different, too. In Asia, the common color is black. For Western, it may be very from pray blue, chocolate green and many more. So how can we apply into our growing? It's impossible Astrada in so many different ships. Because Al job is important style, it's possible to do it in a realistic style because the style he meant similar, it is as perfect as they can get. Okay, for step, you need to determine what kind off ice style you are going to use. Is it around like this? Amanda are very simple like this one. If you decide to use your own eyes, start with normal size first to make it the default off your drawing style. From there, you can modify it into several sizes. Like this example. You just need to make it smaller, and bridges need to make it smaller, and a pitch landed by making often ship like this. See the difference style is still the same around with our inside. If you want to make it like Japanese manga. We need to make the normal size two and 34. The key for making it like Amanda is the Islander up off the air ball. And then for the eyeball, there will be sparkles and highlight inside one. If you want to make it fair is involved. I suggest you play with size. Okay, that's all the ice steps. See you in my next video. 13. Trick 3 Men's Hairstyles: everyone. In this video, we will be talking about Harry Styles Way defied them into several videos for women and for men. Let's go tough into it. Starting from men first, we need to know the starting line were to throw hair flat cities. Head hair is usually divided into three parts, thanks front and back side. We draw the banks first because it's in the center. Off the face. The banks start from this life. Make a distant from the head. Not too big and not too short. - All right now the front part front part for man with short hair. It's side first set birds Man has ISTEA card and limits, and they are placed near the ears. The last part is the fact depends on the hair style. We can make it medium of shirt, but let's make it shut for him. He could. What about the medium curly haired man with no thanks to make it into two parts only without the bank's area? But the starting point is still safe, distance from the head area, and then you can make the big area. - These are the high stars. We have less make them come played by coloring tum. - Make sure to check out there. That's months I put inside this project session. There are some exercise pages that you can feel and collect them back to me to consult. Okay, See you next video. 14. Trick 4 Women's Hair Short: Hi. This time we will make her staff for women. Women have much more Ferriter starts than men. Hair is the woman's card, right? For women. I will show you far styles. Example. Starting for style is short hair. I would make her hair short and straight with us. Do it. Make the banks first from here and then make the front side. You can throw the hair covering two years or not, depending on the photo. Yeah, Nice. Great. Now interesting headline. Okay, let's gallery. This is the color. But I used you can chance it are modified like nice. Okay, Now let's do another put this time. She has short hair with no bags and a bit early to make the hair loss. Curly, you have to make a continuously as ship, but shorter than way. Everyone's back to look at this. Or maybe the leg off a ship are bigger and early. Laying off as ships are shorter career there Hair, shoulder, logistics. All right, That's right. - Nice backside. - Now here is the headline. Okay, lets go. - No way! That's got shot. Hair has gotten the new to the next review 15. Trick 5 Women's Hair Medium: hi. Second, her style is medium. Hear things time. It will be straight with sandbags, but it has a bun on her right side. Just let before we start for the banks and the front part first way need to make It looks like being tired. So we have to make the hair in the spectra like being collected into one and then make the rest of the hair Okay, let's color very good. What made it one, but on the top off the hair. But the hair is wavy. Wavy hair has the same principle. In this case, we still have to make bags and the front apartment where he lives. - You're place the buns right here. - Very good. Let's go at it. Nice. That's got the notice next to do. 16. Trick 6 Women's Hair Long: The third has files is love hair. This time it will be half straight and hopefully be with All right, start from the front. Make long land from here. Wavy lines start off here. It's so popular. Nobody's because it looks natural at loose. Okay, that makes the backside to very nice. This is the color palette I use. You can chance it are modified. - Okay ? The women have thought it finished. Sure to check out that. That's when I put inside section There are some as the SAS pages that you can feel a collective back to south to you on my next year. 17. 3/4 Pose Basic Shape: Hi. In this video, I will make a 3/4 posts like this. All right, first of all, let's take a look at this photo. We have a girl photo post with the left side in 3/4 angle. What makes throwing face in 3/4 forced different from normal polls. The answer is the position off the nose line. In normal balls, the nuts line is exactly in the middle. But in 3/4 post the land is a bit on the left. Since our girl is facing life, if the person is facing right, so the nose line is a pit on the right to this makes the chin area on the left is narrower than the right chin. Okay, from here, let's make the basic ship off the party first. Starting from the neck way will make it a big building. Nice. Then let's make the body because the body is on half position, so we will make it like this. This is the chest area, and this is the back area. Okay, Now let's remind the arm position. Make the joint here and then the arm line. All right. The basic shape is finished. Now let's make the sketch in the next video 18. 3/4 Pose Sketch: as usual. You can change transparency or you can erase the line thinly. Start with your face first, call the line under here. Uh, Theun make the years for the eyes. Made the normal size for the right one and a bit off. All on the left one. This is because the left side of her face is not that is evil compared to the right one. Theun making us okay, make the I Breaux's the left one is shorter too. As for her mouth, make it practice by following the nose line. All right, for the hair. The born off in the rest is her bank. So let's make it a similar s weekend Baltimore before revealing all the hair. Let's make the body first because her hair is long and some of them fell on the body starting from the neck. Then make the chest area make the arm and the joint. Okay, Now bother the deals, the backpack book and on hers weather. Great. Now continue with her hair. Fill this area first. Then on the other side, we will make the hair were just blown by the wind like this. Remember to make cartoon caricature, we don't have to make the exactly the same. But if you know what your point of interest are, you're nearly okay. Our sketches finished. That's got it in the next video. 19. 3/4 Pose Color: Okay, lets go. The bomb threat in this I have $10 here. The 1st 3 colors are for the face area. The 4th 5th and $6 are for the hair seven and the eight r for this weather, and the last two are for the backpack. Let's start with the face first using the first dollar. Okay, second color for the shadow and third color for plus use. The cellphone color will feel the I I will skip the mother area or fill it with wife because in this photo, smiling tape visible All right. Used the four color for the air base, - $50 for the shadows inside the big hair. No way. And under the bags. Next, $6 highlight just in a booth at the door with color. - Leslie is the color for the backpack piece, - and I mean color for its CEO. - Great are 3/4 for throwing is finished. Let me know if you have any questions 20. How to Make Beards Shaved: Hi. In this video, we learn about another facial features the kids. Okay, I will show you three times off appeared after Chef Beard. Medium beer on long. Here. Let's start with Chef First I have a photo of a man. His shared is not too long, but it's still visible is what we need to make regular face. As you start with his face is a little jumpy with full kitchen. So make the chick like thing. I got the job shop like this straight flight. Then close it again. The eyes No phone and mop for his ears that exported. So make them not like this. Okay, Now make the hand is hair started upwards. - And the book wait for the ship. Appears weighed only thought the health friend fund by one. But we will make it with color. I've got the new the next video 21. Beards Shaved in Color: Okay, let's make this drawing from this bodies. I have $7 here. The first and second dollars are for the base. The dollar is for the beer. The four color is for the eyes. $5 is for the shirt. Six and seven colors are for the hair. Okay, let's start with the face using the first color at the shadow with the second color the eyes with the court color. Then used a seven color for the base of the hair Way E and $6. 40. Highlight. Don't make them too many. Just the right month. $50 for the ship. - Okay , enough of the beer. Let's take a look at the ship. There are areas that are not crowned by the people. Make the border first like this using the dollar. How do we didn't mind a color? We use the skin color for the basic and big, darker color from it. But Orian their to the Grace ship. Other death. Philip. It's done. The man with the sheriff Beard is released 22. How to Make Beards Medium: Hi. In this video we learn about another type. This time his spirit is starting from five birth with video. Let's go, This is the photo. As you can see, his spear is thicker than the one before. What is one? We need to make a regular face as you saw. But on the chin area we need to make it a bit flat because it's type of face in a bit square and a bit around make his headline like this, trying to make it a similar as you can. Okay, here's then make is out of her life because his hair is short way need to draw like closer to his life, a bit square at top. My goal. I brought like these very good by his eyes. And don't worry about the spirit for now you make them with color. Make a turtleneck Well that lives showed no way on the right. Finally make his heart at a little daylight space. Alright, line is finished. Lets go. He knew this next video 23. Beards Medium in Color: Okay, lets go. The driving from this to this I have $9 a year. First and second dollars on before the face. Third color is for the hair and eyebrows. The four color is for the turtle. Next year, $50 is for the base colors off the suit. 678 and in colors are for the patterns in. Okay, let's start with the face using the first color at the shadow with the second used a color for the hair and the eyebrows and the foot color for the ship. Okay, now for the Petters industry, pick the $6. To make the Bulls Tribes like this, we need to make them follow the ship off the body. - 10 $7 with a stroke for medical lives on the $6 like this and your is in the lives of the base color area. After that, used the color to make noticeable lives again on the $6 area. Used a in color to follow the color. Not too close and not too far Use the second dollar for his eyes and wise special hair is quite full, so we need to make the ship first with color, which is is her color. Make the middle ship first try to make it classy and not to strip. So it will look more like him, his beard below his lips. Then connect the baby from the sat burn to the middle, but not to attach. As you can say, they're trying areas here that are not current by here make the other side the way men with the sad burn beer is finished. See you in the next video. 24. How to Make Beards Long: Hi. In this video we will learn about last part off here a long time. Let's go. This is the photo. As you can see, his spear is thicker and longer than before. But this one we need to make a regular face and she's so way will draw the pair letter. Okay, so here's make his headline like this. Try to make it as similar as you can then make his alter headline because his hair is short on the sides. We need to draw the line closer to his headline. Then we have to make the top head longer and face the same way. Make bold. I've growth like thes. Very good. Make his eyes. Don't worry about this period. For now. Make the color, then lines. So make the patterns place. Now making arms at a little detail like lives here. Don't worry about the patterns on the shirt. We'll make them with color later. Okay, Now what appeared part? No, the masters area below the nose first. Then connect them with the years at the area surrounding the mouth. Then start from here. Make it is a gene. All right. Our life is finished. Lets go, you know to the next few 25. Beards Long in Color: Okay, lets go of the throwing From days to this. I have $11 here. The first and second dollars are for the face, the tough calories for two hair eyebrows and the food. The four color is for the hair shadow, the fifth and $6 before the face color. Off the suit, the seven is for the hair headlight. It mean 10 and 11 colors are for the pattern on the ship. Okay, let's start with the face using the first color used to discover for the hair and the eyebrows. No, at the fish adore with seven million on the four color for the healthy ego and the pits here. - Seven . What The head headlight got off and six color for Toshio. Oh, used it mean for the top shirt. Then at the details, start from the air. Oh, shit! With what color? Then you stand for the face off the pattern, following the mean and 11 colors to make the ship create Job is done made with love appeared. It's Penis to you and connected you 26. How to Draw Children Boy: Hi, this video we will learn about how to draw younger children, and this time is a boy. Let's go. In adults, we use regular headship, but in younger children to size of the head shape is different. Size is about half side from the adults. See here, the dividers for the eyes, nose, and mouth are still the same. But to make it look good and do different stem. With adults, we move those dividers of Bitcoin. Okay, that's the basics. Now, let's start drawing the head first. Then this ears, eyes, eyebrows, nose. Now, grid. Make the headline because he is wearing ahead. We will make the headline first. And then make the head. This hair is short, straight and a bit on the right side. And the detail then make the head shaped and the top side differ. You can add some stripes like these two. Last part, make the neck and the shoulder, the inking it. Then let's collaborate in the next video. 27. Draw Children Boy in Color: Okay, let's go to the drawing from this to this. I have $10 here. Or first second colors are photo face, the third, fourth, R for his year, and $6 for the hair. This F1 and it colors our thoughts, top hat, the mean, and then colors on flipped ahead. See it? Okay, let's start with a phase using the font color. Use the second column, foreshadow of nice, used to $50.1 for the base of the hair and the aircrafts. Then following the lines, but some shadow with the sixth color. The shadow is starting from below the head. Then use duct are learn for the shirt. And fourth color for the shadow. Just a little bit. I used the six column for the eyes. Then I'm make two black circles again inside the add some white highlights if you want. We are almost done. Who's the seven color thought? Adopt part of California. And the colors for you say though, you can use this color for making disrupts tool. I sparsely used a color here. Then the $10 or the shadow. We put it near the area of the face that your job and the boat knowing it's finished. See you in the next video. 28. How to Draw Glasses and Pattern: Hi, For this video, we will learn about how to transport the class and also is the shirt has patterns. So as the first step through our regular face shape is right here. And the neck. Before we add the facial part, we will draw the hair first. It looks complicated at first, but if we know the drain, it will be easy. The bus that we need to pay attention to are these bytes. These bars are the main features of the hairs in the Dakota enjoying. We just need to craft the semantic be Sb. Is that often? So follow my eyes always start from the hanging laughs here. Then follow to make the frame office phase with wavy lines. The outer frame, and then fill the gaps. And add some hash like this. Okay, now add the color, then the shoulders and the arms. At the next step. The app bras. These eyebrows have a just a bit thick. They'll make a datacenter with respect to cause we need to draw the glasses first at the nose and the mouth. And then F, the eyes inside the glass is the last week just at the middle draw. The inking is done. Let's go out in the next video. 29. Glasses and Pattern in Color: Okay, let's go from this to this. I have $9 here. The first, second molars are for the base and the flower of certain altered at $40 and for his hair, the fifth MC scholars, and for the glasses and the breads pattern. The Steffen and $8 are for the shirt. The colors are for two lives pattern. Okay, Let's start with the face using the first color factors. First. Here's the second color for the shadow. Nice is the first or the base of the hair. Then following the lines, add some shadow with the font color. Further waves. And US scholar to fill the iss plus 2 is 6 color for the glasses. And the fifth color for the highlight. Not so much. Use the seven color for the shirt. Collar voter shadow. Okay, Now is the time for making the pattern. Although it's a bit complicated, we will make it simpler. But we need to pay attention on where the biggest button is located. We need to draw them in the same exact place. Start from the clouds first data frame, just the leaves using the main colors. That is like a dollar to make the flowers. As part, is the four-color to do the ice bath in the middle. And one color just a bit for the highlight. Is the man with glasses drawing is finished. See you in the next video. 30. How to Draw Braids: Hi, For this video, we will learn about how to draw. Or start there. Let's draw the head first. Then we'll follow it the photo throughout the shape of the head like this, a pit them be on foresights. At hearings. The neck and the body. Then add the details like the arms here. Because the boss is from behind the line that divided the ears and the cheek should be erased. So it will create a from behind and field. Now for the next part, if we see the photo, the bread is boogie on the top and then dinner at the bottom part. Or drawing grids. We can use this form lines for the guide. If the breath is the same size, this lines are straight. But as the bread, not the same size throughout the line. I drew in red ink. Throughout them with thinner stroke are, if you draw it digitally, throw them in different layer because we will erase it in the end. From the left, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Okay, start with the first line. Make a cough line like this. Close it with a cloth line that's at the top line. Repeat it once more, below it. Awesome. Now S curve line again that cover the fault line. They bid it again until we reached at the thigh here. Then add the roof line like this. The period is finished. But we need to add the lights again in the head area. So it wouldn't be weird. Follow my lines. You'll get faster video to follow me clearly. After we are done adding them at some details so it can be more heavy, light, EST, unnecessary lines. It's done. Let's come at it in the next video. 31. How to Draw Braids in Color: Okay, Let's God, that's Ravi. From this to this, I have seven colors here. The first, second molars are flood to face. The Dutch color is for the shared, the FARC fifth six colors at four to half. The second one is for the ETAs and a half thigh. Let's start with the face using to flesh color. Used a second color for the shadow. Use a dollar to ship. Then use the Alaska alarm clock, the elites and the head, I don't make the ear is Marcy me later at this highlight, the dark-colored. I'll use this guide again as the basic DHAP. The hand. Big gust of bread is at the back of the head. They saw Arianna should be dark. Use it again for the shadows at them under the lines like this. Now flood to highlight is to 6 dot dot at the car, put the bread in the lab. The course. They're just a bit. And that is just a drawing is finished. See you in the next video.