How to Draw Cartoon Bear: Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

Arun Nagarathanam ✪, SEO | Web Developer | Designer

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12 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class: Adobe Illustrator Drawing for Beginners

    • 2. Tools we are going to use in Adobe Illustrator for this class

    • 3. How to create Art Board and Color Palette in Illustrator

    • 4. How to draw head of the Cartoon Bear

    • 5. How to complete drawing the face of bear in illustrator

    • 6. How to draw the body and belly of Bear

    • 7. How to draw the hands of Bear with Curvature tool in Illustrator

    • 8. How to draw legs of Bear

    • 9. How to draw Bear's foot

    • 10. How to change the chubby bear into a muscular bear

    • 11. How to change those bulky legs to muscular thighs

    • 12. Introduction to Class Project


Project Description

This entire class on Drawing in Adobe Illustrator with Mouse for Absolute Beginners: 2D Cartoon Bear is very friendly to create your own Adobe Illustrator project.  Since most of the students are going to be absolute beginners in Illustrator,  this may be your first project.

Even then, don't hesitate to make your first move. I have attached the Adobe Illustrator project that I have created exclusively for this class and Adobe Photoshop Mockup PSD file that I used to create this class project. After watching each videos in this class,  start drawing in your Adobe Illustrator parallely and upload your work in progress in our project gallery. If you feel any difficulties in proceeding with the project, share it in our community discussion. I will help you to sort it out and proceed with your project.


1. Draw the bear with the help of the instructions that are shown in this class. Then export your project as an image file. If you find trouble to export your Illustrator project as an image file, then refer to the last video in this class.

2. Embed / Place the Bear you drawn in any kind of Mockup like I did here, using Adobe Photoshop



1. Upload your work in progress design or the completed bear into our project gallery


2. Upload your Mockup once finished/ work in progress



Student Projects