How to Draw Cartoon Bear: Drawing in Adobe Illustrator | Arun Nagarathanam ✪ | Skillshare

How to Draw Cartoon Bear: Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

Arun Nagarathanam ✪, SEO | Web Developer | Designer

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12 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class: Adobe Illustrator Drawing for Beginners

    • 2. Tools we are going to use in Adobe Illustrator for this class

    • 3. How to create Art Board and Color Palette in Illustrator

    • 4. How to draw head of the Cartoon Bear

    • 5. How to complete drawing the face of bear in illustrator

    • 6. How to draw the body and belly of Bear

    • 7. How to draw the hands of Bear with Curvature tool in Illustrator

    • 8. How to draw legs of Bear

    • 9. How to draw Bear's foot

    • 10. How to change the chubby bear into a muscular bear

    • 11. How to change those bulky legs to muscular thighs

    • 12. Introduction to Class Project


About This Class

This class on Drawing in Adobe Illustrator with Mouse for Absolute Beginners: 2D Cartoon Bear is one of the best Adobe Illustrator diagram to kick start your learning process with Illustrator. You will be drawing this 2D cartoon Bear in Adobe Illustrator with mouse, entirely.

After the introduction of this class, I will make you familiar with the different tools that you are going to use in this class.  

What you will learn in this class

In this class you will be learning to use the following Adobe Illustrator tools

  1. Rectangle
  2. Ellipse
  3. Curvature
  4. Delete anchor point
  5. Eyedropper
  6. Line
  7. Arc
  8. Selection
  9. Gradient
  10. Text

Also you will learn, how to make your own colour palette to colour the bear that you are going to draw by the end of this class.

After that you will be drawing our cartoon bear in Adobe Illustrator in the following manner

  1. Head
  2. Face
  3. Ears
  4. Body
  5. Belly
  6. Thighs
  7. Foot

After completing this chubby bulky bear,  you will learn to convert that into a muscular bear.

Apart from these tools you will also learn the following things in this class

  1. How to group  shapes
  2. How to arrange them,  bringing to front or pushing to back
  3. Most popular keyboard shortcuts to draw quickly and efficiently
  4. How to  draw and resize shapes evenly along the centre
  5. How to duplicate shapes and flip them horizontally or vertically
  6. How to edit shapes,  change smooth anchor points to Corner points
  7. How to create a simple Shadow effect to text

Who is this class for

I designed this class for Absolute beginners in Adobe Illustrator

  • If you haven't even opened Adobe Illustrator
  • If you're interested in drawing cartoons in computer
  • If you have struggled to start designing with Adobe Illustrator
  • If you have got intimidated with the tools and interface of Adobe Illustrator
  • If you have got some experience with Adobe Photoshop and looking forward to design cartoon character in Illustrator

Then this is the right class for you.

Who is this class NOT for

  • If you are already well versed in designing logos or vector images in Adobe Illustrator, then I'm sorry to say that, you are just over qualified and so this class may not fit you.