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How to Draw Cartoon Bear: Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class: Adobe Illustrator Drawing for Beginners

    • 2. Tools we are going to use in Adobe Illustrator for this class

    • 3. How to create Art Board and Color Palette in Illustrator

    • 4. How to draw head of the Cartoon Bear

    • 5. How to complete drawing the face of bear in illustrator

    • 6. How to draw the body and belly of Bear

    • 7. How to draw the hands of Bear with Curvature tool in Illustrator

    • 8. How to draw legs of Bear

    • 9. How to draw Bear's foot

    • 10. How to change the chubby bear into a muscular bear

    • 11. How to change those bulky legs to muscular thighs

    • 12. Introduction to Class Project

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About This Class

This class on Drawing in Adobe Illustrator with Mouse for Absolute Beginners: 2D Cartoon Bear is one of the best Adobe Illustrator diagram to kick start your learning process with Illustrator. You will be drawing this 2D cartoon Bear in Adobe Illustrator with mouse, entirely.

After the introduction of this class, I will make you familiar with the different tools that you are going to use in this class.  

What you will learn in this class

In this class you will be learning to use the following Adobe Illustrator tools

  1. Rectangle
  2. Ellipse
  3. Curvature
  4. Delete anchor point
  5. Eyedropper
  6. Line
  7. Arc
  8. Selection
  9. Gradient
  10. Text

Also you will learn, how to make your own colour palette to colour the bear that you are going to draw by the end of this class.

After that you will be drawing our cartoon bear in Adobe Illustrator in the following manner

  1. Head
  2. Face
  3. Ears
  4. Body
  5. Belly
  6. Thighs
  7. Foot

After completing this chubby bulky bear,  you will learn to convert that into a muscular bear.

Apart from these tools you will also learn the following things in this class

  1. How to group  shapes
  2. How to arrange them,  bringing to front or pushing to back
  3. Most popular keyboard shortcuts to draw quickly and efficiently
  4. How to  draw and resize shapes evenly along the centre
  5. How to duplicate shapes and flip them horizontally or vertically
  6. How to edit shapes,  change smooth anchor points to Corner points
  7. How to create a simple Shadow effect to text

Who is this class for

I designed this class for Absolute beginners in Adobe Illustrator

  • If you haven't even opened Adobe Illustrator
  • If you're interested in drawing cartoons in computer
  • If you have struggled to start designing with Adobe Illustrator
  • If you have got intimidated with the tools and interface of Adobe Illustrator
  • If you have got some experience with Adobe Photoshop and looking forward to design cartoon character in Illustrator

Then this is the right class for you.

Who is this class NOT for

  • If you are already well versed in designing logos or vector images in Adobe Illustrator, then I'm sorry to say that, you are just over qualified and so this class may not fit you.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the class: Adobe Illustrator Drawing for Beginners: in this class. We are going to draw these two bills. They're looking nice. Is it? First, we are going to draw this bill in, not obey Illustrator on. Then they will take a copy off this beer on order it more muscular beer like this. In the next video, I will take you through water. All the tools that we are going to use to draw this beer on teach you how to use them. 2. Tools we are going to use in Adobe Illustrator for this class: in this video, you're going to learn What are all the tools that you're going to use to draw this beer? First of all, you need Adobe Illustrator. I'm using the latest Roshan Adobe Illustrator CC dodos and 15 in this illustrator application. You have got lot off tools on this left sidebar, but we're going to use one liest selected few. The first tool that we are going to use is selection tool on the sort Good to use the stool is re. The purpose off this tool is to select individual objects or other drawings a note of illustrator, for example. We can sell it the entire drawing more it or do some stuff like that on the next tool that we're going to use is dark selection tool. The difference between the general selection tool on the dark selection tool is gender selection. Tool is used toe res eyes or rotate or do some stuff that it's related toe after drawing where us this Darrick selection tool is used for stuff like directly related to drawing. Suppose if you want to convert this chubby hands into this muscular hands, then to select some anchor points or something like that. You need to use these Derek Selection Tool. I will explain it better when we are using a definitely no drawing and these totals we're not going to use in this class. Next comes Courage, Turtle, this one we're going to use to draw New CP's such as this hand, which is a custom made shape, compact toe, the face or the belly which are circle or all in safe. We have got separate tools to draw ovals and circles, but to draw custom safe, we need to use this courage toe. Apart from the you will be using the line Sigmund tool on orto to draw this line on arc in the mall. It will also use the text tool to tie beer aside our picture. Apart from that, we will be using in the A lips tool to draw circles on ellipsis. We won't be using the paintbrush or pencil or rubber or even wrote a total, but we may need to rotate some off the elements in our drawing. I will show you how to do that instead, off using this road, it'll so these are the tools that we need to draw our beer but toe color our beer. We may need this eyedropper tool to select a particular color on this, Grady in tool to draw this Grady int in the belly. These are the general tools that we will be using in this class. This is Justin Introduction or to keep you are off the fact that we're not going to use all off the tools in Adobe Illustrator. So if you're thinking toe Master Adobe illustrator, then this scores may not shoot you, but this is a niche class where you'll be using a selected tools unused, um, efficiently to draw a beer like this easily, Andi, Quickly in the next radio, let's start drawing our beer. 3. How to create Art Board and Color Palette in Illustrator: in this video, we're going to create our or boat or the plein wide seat, where we are going to draw our beer. Normally, when you're drawing, you just need a single plane or boat. The start your drawing. So to create that goto Fine on. Then click new. You will get this new document pop up window. You may either click on a profile such as on then select resolution off 1000 to 18 to 800. Actually, this doesn't matter. This just describes how large your our bodies. So give the name Bill since they already how a beer, A lobe illustrated document. I'm going to name it Beer too diamond Select the PP I that is pixel bere inch. This defines the quality or the resolution off the image. So selected toe high on Blake. Okay, we have got our our mode ready before moving to the drawing. We need to create some color palettes so that we can easily color after drawing or Bill. So go to the stool on select rectangle. The view this mini pop up window you need toe klik on hold this button To view this, you can either press came on your keyboard or come here and select rectangle tool and then start creating rectangles or squares to dry square. It just need toe. Press the CIF button on your keyboard. This will create a square instead off rectangle, so even if you drag your most in any manner, it will always dry square. So whenever you want to draw proportionate safe, such as a perfect circle or a perfect square or an equal later triangle or anything off a perfect manner, you need to press our whole sift on, then rag your most. So let's create one square and then goto selection tool or press V. No, I restrict ache A copy off this spoil. So I'm going toe klik This on drag this square. If I just leave my most, then the Squire will come here. But if they want to take a copy off the square, then I will just drag it. I say did before. But I will also press the old key on my keyboard. In my you may need to use the option key, so press all key then you're most closer. We don't know a copy symbol. You can see it here. Isn't it So while holding all key, if you drag any ship, it will take another copy off it. So we have got one more copy off this choir. I'll select both holding. Archy, take one more copy. No. Select both on, then take on. More copy. Now we have got six squares. I was too. Distribute them evenly, So select on goto a line on, then under distribute objects. Select vertical distribute center. That's all we have. Got all these six boxes distributed equally. So now I'm going toe color these boxes. These clothes are nothing but the colors that I'm going to use to draw this beer. You can even use the color scratches whenever you draw that particular see. But this is some kind off a professor technique which every designer views before drawing something. So first, let's color it with black. This black color is gonna come in the ice andan the nose. Next, let's color this with our 66 g 33 villain. It's nothing but RGB or red, green and blue combination values. Select this brown. This brown we're going to use in the eels, the inner part off the use next. Selig, 1/3 choir on, Choose the left color to the previous color. Be how chosen this is some kind off lighter brown than the previous one, which we are going to use in the head. Port the background off the head. Choose the fourth square on juice, the next lighter Brohm. This Braun will be using in the body parts on the back off the U Now the next color via going to Jews is nothing but the mouth on the legs. So go to the square on Jews or 1 98 g 1 56 on B will not nine brown color. This is kind of a light brown or reconsider as a sandal on. Then the belly port has got a Grady and seed, so let's create that in this square books selected on then Goto Radiant Tool or Press G on your keyboard on. Come here and then select radiant or expanded. Now click on this Grady in slider, you will get these two sliders. Double click on this white Grady in slider, come to Carlos watches and then choose the same color that we have chosen for mouth or leg . Now double click on this slider on Cilic the second from the right. This bronc, they said, We're going to use for the head part. That's it. We have completed selecting all the clothes that we will be using in this beer drawing. In the next radio, you will learn how to draw the headboard off the beer. 4. How to draw head of the Cartoon Bear: in this video, we're going to draw just the head port alone off the beer so that it will be easier to stop . So let's come on toe over or board. Click and hold is rectangle. Open this pop up window and choose ellipse tool or recon directly. Press yell on your keyboard. Now click on drag your most. You will start to see an oval. Now just hold sift on keyboard. As they previously said, it will alter the overall to a circle, so this is how you can draw a perfect circle. Now the background may be in any color, based on the fill color that you have chosen or that's already present. Now click on this eyedropper tool un Select head. This will change the black or any color that's already present toe our head color that we have chosen here. That's the purpose off this color swatches we have made in the previous video. Now go back toe ellipse, stool on, draw a wall. Here, you need to draw an elongated All that's approximately. You should check with your eyes. Now click on this eyedropper on select No scholar, that is pure black. No goto selection tool. Select this safe holding all key. Take one more Copy off. This safe. Now we have drawn the eyes, but we need to place it upon. So let's drag this circle on the face. Outline. I'm going to place one night here on another one here. Now, I don't know whether these two eyes are aligned in the same vertical line, so I'm going to select both off them. Goto a line on, then select vertical align center. That's it. They are aligned in the same vertical line. Now drag it on. Keep the I somewhere the top off the circle. Now I wish that this I should be at the centre off the face. Right. So I'm going to select both off these eyes First, select one whole safety and then selling other. Now they both eyes will be selected right click on select group The group The eyes together . Now this has become a single sape More. They are just group together now select both off them that it's a face outline for the circle. On the eyes goto a line on Simic horizontal Elaine Center. That's it. You have got the eyes on the face. Aligned in the same vertical line. Now I used to make the ice smaller. So select this on a hold safety to resist them proportionately and also hold all key to keep them at the center, off the face on starting Reeses, even after resizing the eyes and the face, or in the same vertical line, that means they are aligned to the center. This is happening because I hold sift on all key wild resizing. That's why I advised you to follow the scene. Now we have got our face and ice ready. Let's start drawing the mouth. Select over, tool un then most over this face. You will get this Intersect or CenterPoint from here start to draw a line and then expand toe oval. Now hold all key. You will see a magic. The circle is aligned along the centre off this face circle, isn't it? Now draw ellipse like this. Use selection tool to bring it down along the same center Vertical line. That's it. Now choose. I drop it all on select multicolor. We have finished drawing the month. Now let's draw the North Select Dalits stool again. Ondo. The same technique that is find a center off the mouth. Hold, hold! Key! You can see that the culture has changed. Bless and a circle sign. Now draw one more circle. Orwoll, choose eyedropper tool on select black or the north color. Now select selection tool on. Move it up along the same vertical line. Now we need to draw this nose line on the mouth line. For that, we're going to use the line. Sigmund Tool on day or two. First use line Segment tool. Place your most. The center off the nose. Hold all key on. Scroll your mouse up. Zoom into this area now. When you come here, you can see that this X has got highlighted. Which means I am at the center off. This knows region. From that you need to draw the line or the straight line. So dry strike line holds 50 unglued. You have got a straight line Now we need to draw. The are the Jews are tools. We can hold this line segment or the line tour on select orto Now place your cursor somewhere on the center, off our mouth on Bring your most Don't on then, right to draw this on Now join it with the previous line we have drawn No. Start another art from this boy. Now start another or from this point, go to right on, then more upwards. If you get an art like this, then you can either press control z toe. Under this are use the selection tool on press delete key on keyboard to delete it and start over again. Click on the article and look for this green line so that you are the same horizontal level as the or that you have drawn before and then come down on Come lift, join it to the anchor point value. Have finished the vertical line. That's it you have completed drawing the face now hold all key and then scroll down toe un's zoom the picture or the art book in the preview I have so new earlier you could see this vertical line on this moat line are very prominent compared to what we how drawn here , isn't it? So choose the selection tool. Hold safety on juice. This are on this vertical line and also the mouth outline. Now go to stroke on increase the points by five points. We'll even six. So now this appears very ticker. They can even increase further. Select these three increasing toe eight. Now, if you zoom in, you could see that after increasing the stroke with this line alone has got aligned off the center. So just double click it to select this line alone on breast. A little buttons on your keyboard on centre than process KP. Now they are lying to the center. Let me zoom. Oh, in the next video, we're going to draw the eels off the bill. 5. How to complete drawing the face of bear in illustrator: in this video. We're going to draw the eels off the beer on with that. Well, be completing the face off the beer. So to draw the use, they can hold this rectangle button and choose Ellipse tool or press L on the keyboard. Andi draw overseas holding safety. I'm just expanding the size. This would be enough. Now let's change the color by using the eyedropper tool. Go body. Now take their lips tool again on Come to the center off this new ellipse it start drawing and a lips on. Then hold old key to draw from the center. Now you're growing and ellipse inside an ellipse, so this will form the inner outline or the inner part off the year. So let's color it with this door, Brown, which you already taken for the eels. No, almost over the years is over. But let's expanded the further hold all key and then expanded. That made it. Is it a food? Okay, now select Booed off them on. Then press control, G R. Right click and select group. Now we need to rotate it a bit first using the selection tool select this year on, then Goto on corner, you will see this symbol, which means you can rotate this here. No hold. Sift key on, then rotate to left. Irritated. Exactly. 45 degree. No press control. See? And then press control. We take a copy off it. Hold safety under rotated. So 90 diggity or minus 45 degree on the right. Now we need to place both off them behind or Dios face. But the years are getting placed about the bill's face. Right? So select in both off them. Hold safety to select the other here. All right, click Goto, Arrange and click. Send toe back. No, you could see clearly. Let me bring it down. So the face off for Berries ready? If you feel that the years are protruding, some work more than it should. How being? Then bring one by one inside the face. Now let's see or preview the beer that I have finished here You can see the Mount Arc is somewhat different from what we have. Drone. If you want to make the beer somewhat stiff not laughing like this, then you can just reduce this arc further inward for that and just choose these both car on then group them together. No, let me zoom in by holding Arche and then scrolling the mouse. I'm going toe hold all key. I'm then hold safety. Then, when my most closer has turned into this resizing symbol, I'm going to resist further inside. It may do it some more. It's a new zoom on. See how it's so. This is fine now Let's increase the wit off the outline by selecting all off them. Increase the stroke with just more this to the center. Let's bring it down a bit. That's it. We have completed drawing our bills face, but this I seem so big, so let's reduce them toe one. Group them You can right click and select on group or press control. Sift G. So the face off for Berries ready? Now let's more into drawing the body and hands in the next radio 6. How to draw the body and belly of Bear: in this video, we are going to draw the body off the beer. But as off No, we don't have any space to draw the body. Right. So let's select all off the face on. I'm going to press control G to group them together. Now I'm holding CIF key on, then resizing the face. Now you can see that the outlines are getting bigger. So the reason or Carone to this I'm going toe under this by pressing control Z goto object on breast expand. You will get a window like this now select. Okay, No whole safety under and reduce a size. So for beer, this will radios everything proportionately. You can even still reduce further big Let's keep it here Now we need to draw in the body, Take ellipse on, then draw a bigger overall This over should not be lean. It's the bulge are somewhat factor so that the beer appears fat. Let's color it with more regular now you need to draw another oval SAS use will keep the most of the center Hold Alti on, then drop one of the Roland. This overall should be slightly un proportional or this proportional to the previous over that be how drawn to so the belly part. Now take the eyedropper on select Billy. Click on the radiant tool on a more the great and like this. Or you can draw like this Now the police ready in the next radio. Let's see how to draw the hands on. Then we will merge this body with the face. 7. How to draw the hands of Bear with Curvature tool in Illustrator: in this video, we are going to draw the hands off beer, but before that, you should get accustomed to the use off. This courage chortle. This tool is used to draw custom saves that are go round bent in nature. So first learn how to use this tool. And then let's continue drawing the hand off beer to draw. Using the stool, you need to first click on a spot to make a dot on, then click on another space. So once you click on to sports, you can start drawing this girl. After that, there is no drawing. That's just clicking. Yes, click. Just click just Blake on, then come back to the sport. Before like this, you can form your custom city. Let's draw one more safe to get you practice. First click on one dot click on another dot on, Then just move the closer to get your CO. You can draw any custom seat. That's it. You have got your wound. Custom see. So now let's delete these two on. Let's start drawing the hands off beer. Take a curvature tool. Onda approximately start about the oversight. Not on the Old City. Make a click here on then. Another plague inside, the bigger over on one more. Here, this sort form the biceps off the beer. Now we are almost reaching the Uncle port. You're going to draw the hands Lord bomb. You don't need to get everything exact in the first attempt because we can more if it later easily. Also don't care about how the color is feeling now, because once we finished drawing this hand, it will come exactly the way that we wanted to. No, take the eyedropper un select body color. Let's increase the stroke with to make it visible to you. So overhand is almost ready. No, if you need to find unit a bit like if you want the fingers to be exactly like fingers, then let's choose the coach. It'll again on Let's zoom in by holding all key and then scrolling in tow. The picture. Whenever you want. Final details, zoom into the picture so that you can make or draw the final leaders in a very final man. So just click on this drawing once again, You you can see these dots right. You can pull or push these doors to make your drawing the way you want, so let's a little bit I can make another daughter may clicking here on bacon. Make these fingers bulgy. Similarly instead off adding another one here I'm going toe puts it in this manner adding more doors will make it somewhat tougher to manage later. So drop it as a few dots as possible. That will give you a final result. Patience, Isa key You need the patiently are just everything. It again at more basic strength to view everything that we have drawn goto view on then select fit our board in windows. No, let's place the hand here. Select the hand press control. See on then Press control V, We have taken a copy off this hand. Now we need to to make this left hand into right hand. So rightly on, then go to transform Good to reflect now enable Prevue and then select. Okay, You need to make sure that the vertical is selected, not horizontal. Okay, so once vertically selected click Ok, No place it here. We have almost completed drawing the hands and body. But once he arrange it together, they look like a beer. Let's increase a stroke uit toe six points. That seems very high. Nurse, Reduce it. The three Snoopy. Now we need to place the head port here. But this head part is going behind the body, Right? So selected goto, Arrange on, then bring the front, the body and the head or in a disproportionate manner. So let's increase the size off the head. Hold sift on old case together on then increase the size off the head. Now we can see that there is something lagging combat toe this beer on the new one that we have drawn. First of all, the buildings would be in the bottom off the body. Let's move it a bit and then you can see that the solder has come in a beautiful manner here. So I just made some mistakes earlier just to so you how you can alter the image easily because not the every first time you can get the image you want in the way you want. Pick on the curvature tool. And then once this hand is highlighted using this blue line, click on it and then change the hand. No. Earlier we adjusted the hand without reviewing along with the body. But now we have got the body. So there is $2 here. I would like to reduce it to one. So if you want a delegate on point, click and hold this pain tal on. Then select delete anchor point tool, Click this tool and then click on this anchor point. Let me zoom in so that you can view. Really? Then click on this anchor point to delete it. If you have got a fewer points, it will be easier for you to handle. Now go back to the coach. Artur, I was to delete this one toe, right? No, it's OK. Let's view everything now These both hands are and disproportion strike. So instead of adjusting this hand exactly like this one, you can just mirror it again. Before that let me just this food. So that's it? No right Click Goto transform on. Then select Reflect no press copy. So you can do it. Avery, you can first press control. See on then control we Then you can go toe reflect that is transformed and reflect card. You can definitely go to reflect on press the copy, but in there so the same things can be done in a very so like the face on. Then bring it to front. That's it. We need to draw only the legs. So in the next video, you will learn how to draw the leg part off the beer. 8. How to draw legs of Bear: in this video. We're going to draw the bill. Slicks, go to selection toll on, then select the body. Let's resize it. Hold safety on, then raises it. No. Bring it upwards or in the center, on the top, off the art boat so that they can draw the legs. Now take the coat your tool and then start drawing approximately Hoffer inch are one centimeter from the hand. Don't click on this point. It will disorient this image. So click somewhere inside the pot are outside off it. So I'm going to click inside, make a note on then make another daughter in this region. Now we have God in the cool Make one more dot Here on one more here, then one more here to make a CO. This is going to be an involved co. Thank one more makes symmetrically as you have done to the light like off the beer. Don't worry about this region because we are going to cover it with the food. So that's not an issue. Don't read. Usually comes like this. Now we can adjust it, make one more daughter and bring it down here so that you can see the body clearly. Anyhow, we are going to send this Newport. Oh, back off the body so you will be able to see the legs clearly after that in the body also. Clearly this is the magic. This dog brings everything into safe. Be as symmetrical as possible compared to the left and right. No. So, like this Goto range Andi send to back. We'll bring it somewhat upper in the next video. Let's draw the food off the beer. 9. How to draw Bear's foot: in this video we're going to draw the bills food. So before continuing that lets on just this disproportionate dice. So let's continue it the food. So before drawing the food, we need to zoom in. So hold Arche and then scroll your most. Now what we are going to do is we're going to take the courage a tool on draw one foot. Then we will mirror it. So the another so never click on or start from already drawn sip because if you do that, you will start are just the previous. It's not the newer one, so start either inside our outside. First, make a click on, then make another click. Now you have got the safe. Starting here is a tricky port. Instead, off drawing the fingers directly. You can make on not here another dot Here then come back here. This will make girls like section which will seem like a finger. So it's easy to draw. You're drawing the third finger. No use the same concept for all the full. That's it. We have completed drawing the foot. It's unjust. This a bit that it stood appears motor. The small school, some ward increased size in this sport. Un reduced size in this part so that it appears like a foot. So now it's view everything they, the eyedropper and then select more. That same US or foot increased the stroke size toe three or four. That's it. Now select. This seems somewhat bigger. Let's radios by holding safety. That's right. It's more it up a bit. All right, go to transform on, then select. Reflect It got reflected now itself, right. If you just click Ok, then This will just get reflected. But if you click copy then the old safe will remain ass. It is on the newer one will get reflected. So just like copy, we got one more sip. Place it in this foot. So with this you how completed Drawing one beer? No. In the next video, we are going to take a copy off this beer on Transform it so something like a muscular beer . It's not that tough, but there is a simple trick to do it easily. So let's see how to do that in the next radio 10. How to change the chubby bear into a muscular bear: in this video, we're going to draw the muscular beer. I just into this Barkey chubby beer. So let's select everything together. We're using the selection tool that this V is a soccer. For this, Drag it to the left. Hold all key. The change the Costa toe. Copy more on. Drag it once again on copy it to the right. We have got one more copy off the beer. Now we're going to change this chubby beer in tow. Bulky, muscular. One. Choose this culture tool and there is a sort good to draw. Sop goes like this. See, that is a Sopko and descend in this end in this end. So how to do that? First, let me so you how to use our how to draw that stop goes. That is a feature in this courage or tool. First, let's draw on Zuman so you can see that this dot is in a coma. If I just double click this dog, then this don't will become a corner point or a sore point inside off this gold nature. Let's say it. I'm going to double click. See, I would changed. Let's see here, toe. See, this is how you can don't sore points in the coach. So let's delete it on. Go ahead with our drawing. So take the coalition tool. Let's zoom in on the hand. And for that, let's delete this hand. We are going to change the hand on the legs alone. See the leg. Port on the hand is so only different. Come back to this beer on this bill, so let's zoom in. Take the coach it'll 123 and four circles, right click on it on. Here is the dot right here on a double click. Then in double I was to remove this dot to make it much more good. Good. So let's do it later. No one more doctor. No me double click None. Then bring it here. So now I'm going to take the delete Anchor point tool London daily. At this point, I think that sufficient this anchor point is need. So let's take of a culture tour back on lips. If let's if these points, it's very big, so just make some minor adjustments. There is to make this order broad, so let's preview it both of you on select fit or boarding window or you can press control plus zero So disease. How the hand looks like Let's take a copy Control C Control V on then, but toe transform reflect. Let's see, It's OK. Thing is really good. So, like the face range bring to a friend next. More. We don't a bit that that seem not official earlier. We can just rotate this a bit on. Let's see how it looks like. I think this is fine comfort earlier. So let's rotate this stone toe growing is always about. Have you make things better? Let's make the Hansa bit bulky, then all Reedys. There are too many points here, so let's zoom in on delete some. Take the lead anchor 0.0, on a late one by one. Take the culture tour so there are $2 required. All other dots are unnecessary. Look, there's no more next few everything together thing. This one seems good. If you like it, you can mirror it. Let me do it quickly, transform, reflect. I'm doing each time differently just too. So you how things can be done. I can be consistent, but you should be aware off that this can be done differently. So in the next video, Let's see how we can change the leg pork like this one. A small knee on a more off a muscular thighs. 11. How to change those bulky legs to muscular thighs: in this video, We're going to draw our adjust. This ties muscular tie like this. So, Zuman using the old key on scroll the most. Then take this curvature tour. Click on this pot once to select it. Now you can make the changes. Bring them close together. I just added a point accidentally. So let's bring in. I didn't believe that point, which I have added accidentally. I just pressed Control Z. That is undo. Okay, now we have just heard these points. We can add a point here by just clicking one more, please. On one more people now bring it upwards. This will become the knee pot. Add one more dot on a Bring it to the older position. Bring them closer. Just double click it. Never click it. We have got the knee part similarly, at a point at a point. Our point on here too. Bring it a bit to draw the knee. Never click this note. Never click this note now increase it to bring the tie back. And they also changed these two doors to soar corners. Let's bring them in on a at a dot. Here, bring this door here. It sounded out here. This is an unnecessary dot So go on, take the late anchor point told un deleted or take the curvature tool. Make it like this Now double click it. Never click it. We have God, the licks Let's make it in Lord Abbett, it seems too bulky. Me, Let's do everything together Now we have drawn the knee Port on adjusted the inward Go off the Thais. We need to make this on this sport a little bit muscular. So let's zoom in. Click on the spot. Make one more dot. Here, Um, let's reduce the in sight that's sufficient. So just make it flat here on, bring it cold Here. There are too many dots here, So let me delete some Bring on here. So let's preview whole. It looks like with this, we have completed drawing our muscular beer. No, let me are just this Billy Grady in tow somewhat like this. So select the Grady int on then this Grady in palate. Then bring this lighter toe somewhat. This region, this diamond Slater, that's that you will get a darker brown here on the lighter bone here, so you can see a pretty difference, right? the radiant seems different from this Billy to this Billy. So this we have computer drawing our muscular beer on our chubby beer. 12. Introduction to Class Project: Now let's finalize our drawing. If it all you want to change or resides this picture before doing that, select everything on using the selection tool on then press control G to group them together. Also, if you resist, the lines will get thicker. If you make it smaller, If you make it bigger, the lines will get thinner. Soto A Why that fact? Goto object on press expand, then select. Okay. In this manner, everything will get. Sit evenly on If you reduce the size or increases size, everything will increase or decrease proportionately now. Gum Solar projects section I in grade you to submit your own design. Let it be exactly like this, or even you can draw better than me. Yes, it's possible on you can be a better designer if you draw better than me. Feel free to feel proud and post your project in the description. But even if you don't get anything right just posted, don't worry. We are here to help you. I will give you suggestions how to make your designs better, how you can make it look good. So don't feel anything about your designs getting bad or disproportionate. So bolstered in the project section give the title as work in progress on just post state based it like create or draw just the face or just a years or just a hand or food. Then goto file and click export, then saved us. Jeopardy or PNG image on, then uploaded toe over skills are project gallery. In this manner, I can see your drawings easily. It will be in a portable size, so it will be easier for you to upload another project gallery. Now, As a bonus, too, I will tell you how you can type this beer text. Take this text or type tool. Click here on, start typing beer selected and change the text to mourn Strat. Change it to bold on increase the size 200 pity or a DBT on. Then select this character character panel aren't increase the God Spacing 200. No, Choose the selection tool. Andi, move it in the center. No press control. See? And then control V. You have got another beer. Place it just a bow on right to the old beer on. Click on the eyedropper Tool on. Select this mold color. No, select this selection tool again on. You can press the aero keys and keyboard. Move it lightly upper on left or right to have this saddle appearance off beer. That's it. You have successfully completed everything in drawing, typing and shading in a plane. Grady INTs using courage, a tool, everything. I plan to draw some other controlling characters like this. The future on. If I do, I will make an announcement to you. Watch out for it. Thank you.