How to Draw Arms Muscles Anatomy Step by Step

Patricia Caldeira, Illustrator | Digital Artist | Designer

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9 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Helpful Resources and References

    • 3. Male and Female Arm Differences

    • 4. Basic Male Arm Shapes

    • 5. Basic Female Arm Shapes

    • 6. Male Muscle Flexing

    • 7. Female Muscle Flexing

    • 8. Practice! Assignment

    • 9. Conclusion and Thank You

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About This Class


Learn How to Draw Arms Step by Step, in an Easy way!

Welcome to my Class on Drawing Arms,

This Class is perfect for beginner artists that want to improve their Anatomy knowledge, more specifically on how to draw Arms.

For the Class you'll only need a Pencil + Paper, or if you prefer you can use a Digital Software of your choice (like Photoshop, Krita, Clip Studio,...) plus a Drawing Tablet.

I'll be using a Drawing Tablet so it's easier to show you how to draw arms, but feel free to use whatever works best for you, all it matters is that you practice along with me!

We'll cover:

  • Basic Arm Shapes
  • Sketching
  • Cleaning Up the Lines
  • Finalizing the Drawing
  • Arms Flexing
  • Finding References and Resources

Everything for both Male and Female!

And of course, there will be a practical assignment at the end so you can put your skills to use right away and start drawing more dynamic characters.

At the end of the Class you'll be able to draw Arms, using reference images to your advantage, through an easy step by step process.

Are you ready to begin?

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