How to Discover and Achieve the WHY for Your Blog and Business | Rebecca Livermore | Skillshare

How to Discover and Achieve the WHY for Your Blog and Business

Rebecca Livermore, Blogger, Author, Content Manager

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15 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Making Money

    • 3. The Desire to Serve

    • 4. Authority Status

    • 5. Freedom

    • 6. If You Don't Know Your Motivation

    • 7. Evaluation Time

    • 8. Action Step 1: Review Ideal Day

    • 9. Action Step 2: Your One Thing

    • 10. Action Step 3: Set Mini Goals

    • 11. Action Step 4: Set Milestones

    • 12. Action Step 5: Quit One Thing

    • 13. Don't Give Up

    • 14. Your Project

    • 15. Thank you


About This Class

WHY is a question that all business owners AND bloggers should ask. If you have a compelling WHY for your blog and business, when the challenges come (and trust me, they will!), you'll have the motivation you need to keep going.  In addition to that, getting clear on your why will help you know what opportunities to say yes to, and which ones to RUN from.  In Determining the Why for Your Blog and Business you'll discover:  The four primary sources of motivation Why money in and of itself isn't enough motivation for blogging and business How to determine your primary motivation and how it should impact the decisions you make  How to plan out your ideal day -- and turn your plan into reality The purpose behind mini-goals and milestones and how to make sure they'll help you reach your end goal How to make small changes in your blog and business that will lead to big results  . . . and so much more





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Rebecca Livermore

Blogger, Author, Content Manager

Rebecca Livermore is a bestselling author, blogger, and the owner of Professional Content Creation, a company focused on helping business owners use content to market their businesses. She has worked as a freelance writer since 1993 and has served as a content manager for top bloggers such as Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, and Marcus Sheridan.

Her passion is helping others create content more strategically so that they get the results they desire through their content marketi...

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