How to Discover Your Target Market & Niche

Charleen Nicholson

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3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Part 1

    • 2. Target merket vid 2

    • 3. Target market video 3


About This Class


A Complete Step-by-Step Guide For Biz Owners & Bloggers to Find Out What You Are Doing, And Who You Do it For


Class Overview:

-The first part of this class will cover basics on how to discover your brand values and discuss how to specify your niche. The exercises and tools in this section are short and simple but effective in pinpointing these important aspects of a brand.

-The second part of the course is finding your target audience. The exercises are a thorough and effective way to dial in on who you should be marketing to.

-Part three is dedicated to creating a strong and effective mission statement. Using the information you discover from the exercises in the firs two parts make this a simple final step in starting your strong brand.

Skills & Techniques You Will Learn:

  • Development of brand awareness
  • Ability to identify and pinpoint your target market
  • Discovery of brand values
  • Connectivity and understanding of client/customer needs
  • How to create a Target Market Profile
  • Clarity to build components of a strong business plan
  • How to create a strong mission statement

Project You Will Be Creating:

-A Target Market Profile

-A Solid Mission Statement

This course is Geared Toward Students in the beginning stages of starting an online business or blog. 

No special skills or tools are needed for this course, but a Google profile will allow you to access the course files. A pen and paper will do just fine, however.