How to Develop Grit and the Hustle Mentality in Business | Elaine Ip | Skillshare

How to Develop Grit and the Hustle Mentality in Business

Elaine Ip, Event Planner and Project Strategist

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6 Videos (14m)
    • Intro video

    • You are in charge

    • No blame or excuses anymore

    • Self awareness is key and nothing is below you

    • The material things don't matter

    • Last thoughts


About This Class

Want to develop the right mental toughness and the tenacity to be able to pursue anything you want? Join the class and get some basics of why you may not be getting the things you wanted. Get a reality check and re-tune your standard of work.

In this class you will come to terms with what it takes to have the guts to pursue what you wanted in life. How to have the courage to take the first step in a new project and the mentality that will keep your options and mind open and to keep you motivated, grateful and hard working.

At the end, you will choose 1 interest in your life that you have been sitting on forever and take the first steps in manifesting this idea into reality. You will identify the very smallest steps in starting something new and realise that there are very few barriers in the way of you trying other than the mental barriers.

This class is for people who want or know that they are capable of more and want to be able to get over their fears or excuses for pursuing their goals.





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Elaine Ip

Event Planner and Project Strategist

Freelance event planner and project starter in Hong Kong. Bringing awesome projects to life.

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