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How to Develop 12 Vuforia Augmented Reality Apps in 2 hours!

teacher avatar Augmented Startups, Computer Vision, AI and Robotics

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. SECTION 1: Lecture 1 - Introduction

    • 2. SECTION 1: Lecture 2 - How to Take this Course

    • 3. SECTION 1: Lecture 4 - Download and install Vuforia and Unity

    • 4. SECTION 1: Lecture 7 - Introduction to Augmented Reality and Vuforia

    • 5. SECTION 2: Lecture 8 - Floating Cube with Vuforia and Unity 3D

    • 6. SECTION 2 Lecture 10 - Adding a Spinning Cube Script in Unity

    • 7. SECTION 2 Lecture 11 - Multiple Marker Targets in Vuforia

    • 8. SECTION 2 Lecture 12 - Video on Wall Augmented Reality

    • 9. SECTION 2 Lecture 13 - Implementing an Augmented Reality Virtual Button in Vuforia

    • 10. SECTION 2 Lecture 15 - Review Lecture

    • 11. SECTION 2 Lecture 16 - Leap Motion AR Tutorial

    • 12. SECTION 2 Lecture 17 - Vuforia Text Recognition

    • 13. SECTION 2 Lecture 18 - Vuforia Smart Terrain

    • 14. SECTION 2 Lecture 20 - Cylinderical Target Detection in Vuforia AR and Unity

    • 15. SECTION 3 Lecture 21 - 2D Platform Game Demonstation

    • 16. SECTION 3 Lecture 23 - Unreal Engine 4 Demonstation

    • 17. SECTION 4 Lecture 24 - Vuforia 7 Unity 2017

    • 18. SECTION 4 Lecture 25 - Vuforia 7 Ground Plane

    • 19. SECTION 4 Lecture 26 - Vuforia 7 Export to Android Build in Unity 2017

    • 20. SECTION 4 Lecture 27 - Vuforia 7 3D Object Scanner

    • 21. SECTION 5 Lecture 28 - Conclusion

    • 22. SECTION 5 Lecture 30 - (Course Update) Answering Questions Blank White Texture and Image Database

    • 23. SECTION 6 Lecture 31 - Vuforia AR Cube for Vuforia SDK 6

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About This Class

The Fastest Way to Learn Vuforia 7 and Develop 12 Augmented Reality Apps using Unity SDK in under 2 hours!

Why should I take this course?

There are plenty of courses on Augmented Reality, with courses that run over 10 hours. When I got started in AR, I wanted to learn the Vuforia as quick as possible, because for obvious reasons, time is money. The company I was working for at the time, didn't have the luxury of time to spend on long training courses. So we had to learn learn Vuforia in our own time outside work hours, can you believe it!

After watching  tons of courses and reading through Vuforia documentation, I realized that this SDK is really quite simple and the key concepts to started with developing apps can really be learnt in just a few hours.

That is why I developed this course, to teach you all the  fundamentals of the Augmented Reality in the shortest time;  so that you can get started developing your own Augmented Reality Apps and decrease your time to market. Being compact does not mean that we compromise on content, we cover the exact same content as courses that run over 10 hours.

Who is my lecturer? And what makes you qualified to teach me?

My Name is Ritesh Kanjee and I host the popular YouTube Channel called Augmented Startups with over 40 000 subscribers. I am an AR/AI Developer with a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering, teaching over 35 000 students on Udemy. With over 6 years of AR and Unity experience, you can trust that you are in the right hands.

Okay so your qualified! What will I learn in this course?

This course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of Augmented Reality using the Vuforia SDK in Unity through practical and easy to understand labs. 

This class covers these capabilities, including getting started, simple and multiple target detection, smart terrain as well as leap motion integration. You will learn all the fundamentals through practice as you follow along with the training.

Together we will build a strong foundation in AR in Unity SDK with this training for beginners. This course will enable you to:

  • Get started in Unity and how to download the Vuforia SDK

  • Create a simple AR¬†app with a floating cube

  • Once you have mastered the basics we go ahead and create multiple targets in Augmented Reality

  • Create virtual buttons to add interactivity to your AR apps.

  • Display Video on a physical wall.

  • Leverage the Leap Motion Controller to create a pinch drawing app in AR. (Really Cool!)¬†

  • Implement Vuforia's¬†smart terrain algorithm to detection objects in Real Time!

  • Detect Cylindrical Target Objects and animate markers

  • [NEW] Vuforia 7 and Unity 2017.3

  • [NEW] Vuforia 7 Ground Plane (Similar to Googles¬†ARCore)

  • [BONUS] Vuforia 7 Export to Android Device

What if I'm not happy with this course?

We also offer a full Udemy 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with this course, so you can learn with no risk to you.

Personal help within the course?

I want you to succeed. If you have any questions or need help, leave a question in the QnA section. You can also send me a message on Udemy. You will also receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Let me help you develop 12 Augmented Reality app in 2 hours. Click the button and enroll now.


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"Excellent course! The instructor responded quickly to questions and provided feedback which allowed me to further enhance my understanding of the topics discussed in the unit."  - James Exantus 

"I appreciate the fact that these videos begin with an industry overview to contextualize the work ahead." -- Les Struck

"simple and effective into to AR with vuforia" - Bhawana Nathawat

"So far the course is very interesting. I found good the section where is explained what errors may occure and how to solve them(this helps me a lot). " - Svilen Radichkov

"Excellent course"   - León Felipe Guevara Chávez 

"very clear to follow pace" - Wayne Williamson

"It's explained in a simple way that's easy to understand." - Lloyd Richardson 

"this course was awesome . Really I feel it" - Samrat Chapagain 

"it's so simple and amazing i really like it . thank you very much you are amazing"  -- Tumenjargal Altanginj

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Augmented Startups

Computer Vision, AI and Robotics


Augmented Startups

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1. SECTION 1: Lecture 1 - Introduction: Hey, guys. And welcome to this augmented reality course. My name is British Country. So let's take a look at what you're gonna be learning in this course. Okay? So first of all, we're gonna be getting started with installing unity and before and once we got the basics going, we're going to start with a simple floating cube to make it a little bit fancy. We're gonna a little spent to it, like literally. And if you mastered a single target in augmented reality, we're gonna move on to a multiple. Time it to show off something love to your friends. You can show off a video on a war in augmented reality. Now, to interact with your augmented reality objects before you allows for a virtual button for interactivity. Another way to add interaction is to use the leap motion controller. For those of you who don't have the motion control that you can just fall along tutorial, we're going to creating a very simple, augmented reality throwing app, which means that you'll be drawing literally. But here the next lecture, which is lecture 11 will be before your text recognition. So Cameron will be searching for text within an image or video, and we'll be recognizing those text. On top of that will be overlaying three D objects that related attacks and one of the four years amazing algorithms. Ismat Terrain Prefect. What's cool about this is that it maps your environment in real time and then last but not least, we're going to be looking at detecting cylindrical targets before you soap. You're excited about getting started with Fauria and augmented reality? I know I am. So let's take a look at what you're gonna be needing for the schools. Obviously, you're gonna be needing a computer, even need unity studio. We need a webcam. I'm using a logic deck. See, do tip. And a nice to have for this course is a leap motion controller. You get this for about $60 on Amazon 2. SECTION 1: Lecture 2 - How to Take this Course: So how should you take this course? We'll all have to do is just follow everything that I do step by step in the videos and it should be fine. But if you feel that I'm going a bit too fast about this low, you to me. He has an option to speed up or slow down the video, and this is so that you can work at your own pace. Now, if you enjoyed this course out, really appreciate it if you took the time to take a review of the course, because I know a lot of students will benefit from your experience of this course, and it will help with the bigger community, off augmented reality developments. And if you leave a good review, it will certainly make my day. But for whatever reason, if you're not happy with the score, so it is anything that's not after your standard, you can please contact me in the Q and A section or message me privately and I'll be sure to help you out with no matter what your problem is. I usually respond to my students between 24 48 hours. But if the score still does not meet your expectations and we can sort of your problems. Then you're me that offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Okay, So before we get started, what I'd like you to do first is to introduce yourself in the CUNY or discussion area of discourse. Tell everybody who you are, what you do and what you'd like to do with augmented reality. She's some ideas. It'll be fun. And you get to know and meet new people who share your ideas. Okay, So without further ado, let's get started with discourse, See in the next election. 3. SECTION 1: Lecture 4 - Download and install Vuforia and Unity: Hey, guys, and welcome back. So in this video, I'm going to be showing you how to install the before you plug in for unity. So what you want to do is to go over to Unity Treaty that come forth slash unity or it can . Google's unity download. This will take you to the home page off unity and all you do is go over to get unity right over here. So that link will take you do this page of a year. Were you presented with four orphans where you got the free the plus the pro and enterprise versions. For now, we'll only consider the personal version which will get Donald for free. And if you scroll down, you can see the features off each package. So what you can do is you can go over here and click download. Now, if you click over here, you can click download installer, and this will download a very small file, which is an online installer, which means it'll download unity on your computer. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for unity. Now, if you want to install before you and unity on a separate computer or another computer, you can download the offline version off unity. The reason why you'd want to do this is because you've got faster Internet at work or at campus. And you want to maybe say some band with at home. So to do that, you should go over to in the DJ that come both slash getting t four slash download for slash archive. Note that all these links will be down in the description below. So choose the version that you want to download Organ download the latest version. Now you can decide to install the unity in solar, which is the online version. Oh, $1,000,000,000 the offline editor over here. If you do that, you console the zones as well. Just make sure you download all of them. This will save you some time. Leader. Run. Now. I'm not gonna download them again because I have already downloaded them. Okay, So once you have downloaded unity, what you have to do is go to before you going to Google and typing for for your download and click on the first link. This will take you to investigate, download or for four years, developer portal, or you can go to the before your website, which is https false level slash developer, that before that come and this is the downloads area or if you go to the website, you can go over downloads, STK and head over down To download for unity, you have to make sure that you are locked into euphoria. So over here it mentions that before you enables you to create holographic efs that recognizes specific things in environment so that you can attach experiences to them. They also have a getting started guide that will help supplement your learning. With this course. I recommend you download that as well. Okay, So once you have all those Donald's, you should have the unity stuff set up. Unity standard as it set up, the were player development, the for your package as well as an example project. So what I've done is I've downloaded the offline Stoller because I am stalling this on another computer. So first, what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and install the unity editor. Okay, so let's go ahead with the installation off unity and go ahead and kick next. If you agree to the terms and conditions, click agree. I want to make sure that model developed is checked. Click. Next. I'm gonna hit. I'm going ahead and insulting this on each. I've because I got more space day looking still and I'll return when the solution is then Okay, so once it is finished, don't run unity. I stayed away cause you got other things to install. So go ahead and click fish. And then we're gonna go ahead and sold our standard as it's set up and then click next if the license agreement pops up, Click. I agree. After you've read it. Next, Mr letting my driver unity is installed and we forget to install quite a quick installation . So just click finish. When installed, the reverently development will come up with lessons. Agreement. I agree. And let it install the squad. A quick solution as well. And then I'm gonna told the unity example project as well. So a promise you click next agreed to the license agreement. It next lived as is and clicking stole and it'll install the example project. And when it's undisclosed finish again. The final package that we have to install is the Fauria Unity package. Double click on that and let it install. So when promise you for the firewall, Allow access. Now, when you open it up, it will ask you to sign into your unity account. Fill in the details and Aleksanian. So that's what I'm going to do right now. Could be checking a license. Since we're using the personal addition, Click over a year and in group next, read through the user agreements and click. I agree. And that should be. It looks, start using unity. So go ahead and click on standard assets Example Project, and it'll start important all the assets from the package. Okay, so once you're Unity editor is open to see if euphoria is installed, you go over down to the SS folder and down to euphoria and you'll see all resource is for for for okay. And that is it for this lecture. I'll see. Next lecture. We'll get started. But making some augmented reality abs they see in the next election 4. SECTION 1: Lecture 7 - Introduction to Augmented Reality and Vuforia: Hey guys! And welcome to a fun and easy introduction to augmented reality. So what is augmented reality? You all know I am man. Now, if you look closely from Tony Stark's perspective, you see that he has a stack of floating information in his you. This digital information is augmented with use environment in jail time. Unlike virtual reality, was scraped a totally artificial environment or going to tell to use the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. We've also seen popular acts such a spokesman go and play around with statute voters, which are art forms off augmented reality. So let us work. Don't send how augmented reality works. Let's first look at the very steps off A are that we get. The 1st 1 is projection based augmented reality as an in such is projection based A R functions using projection onto objects. It is a simple projection of light to a surface. Over here, you can see how digital information is over laid for a camera, and users can interact by touching virtual buttons. The next one is recognition based ER, which is a common augmented reality method, and the focus is on recognition of objects and then provides more information about the object. So, for example, when using your mobile phone to scan in a barcode or QR code, all looking at a details dog Marca, this augmented reality type is quite brought in conscious off market base augmented Reality and Markelis based A R. So when you camera detective marker presents card or barcode, it'll overlay mostly a pretty object or animation. Over that with Markelis are their algorithms that detect the surface plane off either a table plane or flow and use it as a reference to place the treaty object. Google and Apple have the SD case called Arco and Air Kit, respectively. Going this in a bit. A popular Markelis. A rep was ideas a our furniture app. They could place new furniture in the house and see how it looks juicier color. Try another one. If you didn't like it and it was amazing, he might not even know it. But your face can even be a point of reference, Like in the case off Snapchat air filters. They used the state of the art official recognition opulence to detect the location, scale and orientation of your face so that it can overlay a Papa Doc facial features over your own. The Netanya is location based. They are location based. Augmented reality is one of the most widely implemented applications Off A are the strongest force behind this is the easy availability of GPS in smartphones and the features that they provide in terms of location detection. Location based air is mostly used to help travelers on a journey outlining a are outlining augmented reality, which is not too popular with respect to the others but has his uses in driving environments. The outline lanes people and objects when visibility gets hinted. Super Imposition based augmented reality provides an alternate view off the object in concern, either by replacing the entire view with an augmented view off the object or by replacing a portion off the object view with the augmented view. In this case, once again, object recognition place a vital role. Logically, if the application does not know what it is looking at, it most certainly cannot replace the original view within augmented one. The vision can be thought of as a super imposition or grant reality as it takes heat signatures using an infrared camera and overlaying to a visual image for clarity. It can also be used for medical purposes to gain a deeper insight into health conditions off a patient as well as in industry were augmented reality instruction manuals, quicken training times and improve learning off a specific task. So, basically, training technicians to acquire new maintenance and assembly skills is important for phase industries. This is because assembly and maintenance stars can be fair, complex and training technicians to efficiently perform New skills is challenging. In general, turning off the state can be supported by augmented reality, a powerful industrial training technology that directly links instructions on how to perform self stars to the machine parts that require processing. Now that we have established the various steps off air, let's look it popular applications off augmented reality on top of examples to mention earlier. So the 1st 1 we have is a are gaming. We've always seen a lot of gains, like Air Staff, Congress space deck. There, Patricia Hunt goes snap are Minecraft run and air invaders gimmes for advertising and promotion where we have layer Reality browser, and this is an application for iPhone and Android designed to show the real world around you by displaying real time digital information in conjunction with the real world. We also see in magazines which allow it to view production. They are play and interact with the products as well. Lego have seen an increasing their sales because they allow the child to scan the box and see what the finished product looks like, making the kid determined for the parents to buy it. He could also have an augmented reality business. God Air s for navigation. Navigation applications are possibly a most natural fit for augmented reality, but our everyday lives enhanced GPS systems is augmented reality to make it easier to get from point A to point B and even indoors military augmented reality. The head mounted display, or HMD, is used by ground troops critical data such as enemy location. They be presented to the soldier within their line of sight. This technology is also used for simulations for training purposes, construction and design. Having a heads up display on underground pipelines would be a proactive means off alerting people to potential dangers when they are digging for design. The hololens has been used for many occasions for design of treaty components and subsistence all the way to designing a store and pleasant or furniture. And we've mentioned earlier both medical uses as well as maintenance and repair. The applications are endless. Looking at the leaders in a are hard way so but from using our phones and tablets for augmented reality, it would be a more immersive experience to weigh augmented reality glasses. The leaders in Air Buses in 2018 Microsoft Hololens Physics with M 100 Trap Street in Excel has met A to O. D. G and movie Aero Bt 300. There are many other air class out there and will make a video on the best young glass in another video suit. What is before you now Let's take a look at what, before he is before A is an augmented reality suffered Development kit or STK for mobile devices that enables the creation off augmented reality applications it used advanced computer vision technology to recognize and track plane are images such as image targets and simple three D objects ground planes in real time. This image recognition capability enables developers to position and orient social objects such as Judy models and other media in relation to real world images. When these are in view off the camera off a mobile device, the virtual object then tracks the position and orientation of the image in drill time so that the viewers perspective on the objects correspond with their perspective on the image target. Saturday appears that devotional object is part of the real will see inside um, augmented reality. So in a natural, Voya makes implementing augmented reality as easy for anyone to get started without having to redevelop all the complex situation and tracking algorithms that are incorporated into the euphoria. STK I see a lot of potential in this SK, and that is why I'm providing this course as anyone can get started with our without public scolding. Let's take a look at what of voice core features. The main feature that you've seen already is image targets. Every starts at the easiest way to put air content on flat objects such as magazine's pages , trading cards and photographs. Multi targets are for objects with flat surfaces and multiple sites or the contain multiple images, product packaging days, posters and murals all may create multi targets. Also, if you want to have multiple targets like that in an augmented reality fighting game. Selling the targets, as the name suggests, enables you to place air content on objects with conical and cylindrical shapes, so it against bottles and tubes with printed designs are great candidates for cylinder targets. Now we get a but more advanced with object targets, which created by scanning an object. They are good, often for toys and other products with rich surface details and a consistent shape in the schools. I use a paper punch as an object target, but you can use any small object that you like Model dog. It is a new feature in before you seven, but it is still in beta development. I will be covering a lecture on it soon as they get model generated becomes available. But essentially model targets allows you to recognize objects by shape. Using pre existing three D models, place air content on a wide variety of items like industrial equipment, vehicles, toys and home appliances. Another new feature in before your seven is John Plane, which puts before you on the same plane when intended as Apple's air kit and Google's our core ground plane functionality allows you to attach content to horizontal surfaces such as floors and tables. The reason why they released this teacher is not to compete with Air Kit or Air Corps is to extend this feature to as many devices as possible. Since Apple and Google both have restricted trampling technology to only the latest devices , such as iPhone six s and higher and pixels to sensing estate and higher. Other cool features found in before your virtual buttons view marks. Text recognition, which may be replicated in later version of foyer, is occlusion management and glad recognition, which enables developers to host and manage image targets online and does not mean recognizing those things you see in the sky. Thank you for watching and you'll see in the next video. 5. SECTION 2: Lecture 8 - Floating Cube with Vuforia and Unity 3D: - Hey , guys, and welcome back. So in the last lecture be installed unity and before AEA in the selection. What we're gonna do is we're going to create our first augmented reality app. So the first apple consists off generating a simple marker and then superimposing a cube on top of it. This So let's get started. First, open up unity, go ahead and create a new project. And let's call it air Project number one. Leave the all the other settings, as is in create project. Just wait for unity to load up. So this is the unity editor for those who aren't very familiar with unity. So I'm not going to go into all the details off, how it works or how to use it, because assumed that you a bit familiar with unity. Okay, so first of all, what you do is we're going to import off Fauria Unity package in the last lecture. We already imported it. But if you don't know how to import it, if you still haven't imported, it all have to do is just drag and drop, and it'll import automatically. Leave everything as is an import. Make sure you running the latest version of Unity and Fauria. This is devoid. Any areas that may occur. Okay, So once we've imported before you Glicken s, it's before you brief EVs. And then Jagan, drop our ER camera. Go ahead and delete the main camera. Let's save our project. Save scene is I'm going to call it a are seen one. So under Inspector, click on air camera And first thing we need to do is copy and paste our apple essence key from the before your website. So to do that, let's go over to our brother and then head over to developer that for four year that come. First of all, what you need to do is to log on to your before you count. So I've already logged in and then once you've Longtan go over to develop and now what we can do is we can add a license key because we only developing a simple app conflict development. You're gonna go this ap Marco one. And because we developing, there's no charge for this license key. Go ahead and click next. So for this Lisinski, we have developed package which is no charge which allows us hundreds Rico usage moment, 1000 cloud dog excrement and for for attempted, which is one active few marks is 100. Take the checkbook, Sylvia, and click continue or confirm. So one system click on EP Marco one. And over here we presented with our Lisinski. So what you do, you copy? We'll cop it into your unity editor. And the only other thing that we need to sit is our world center mode and this we're going to specify device drinking. Just make sure you save a project or seen. Now what you do is we have to import our image target to go back to the before you ever set and go to Target Manager, click on add database and let's create a name for our data peas. So the image step that I'm gonna put in is an image magazine cover off Iron Man. So that's what I'm going to name my database that will be devising Great so you can use any image as a marker. Magazine covers are very good for tracking, so let's look for our target image so you can use any image as an image marker. I'm going to use this I'm uncover as my Mosca click on the database like a dog it and we're gonna just have a single image. At the later stage, we're gonna have multiple targets. But for now, let's focus on a single image. We're gonna go to browse and click on our I am an image both you can specify at around five . According to this, we entered the with off a target in a scene to the size of dogs should be on the same scale as the augmented reality Forceful content. So it is it before use meters as a default unit of skill, and the target height will be calculated upon the upload of your image. So then you can go ahead and add your image. Just give it some time to upload, and then we can download our database, which will be used in the Unity editor going to see the file. We import our image. Target dragon, drop our marca into unity. We just click import, and it'll import our target into unity. So what you're going to do is to click on a camera under database, click unload, I'm in database and click Activate under efforts before your brief herbs click on image target and drag it into the scene. Make sure the dog it is a child off the ear. Yeah, camera on the database. Click Iron Man. And that should be sit. Okay, So now that we've imported our in the Stargate, we now need to add a cube on top of our image. It's what we do is we go to to do the object cube, and a Cuba will be over laid onto our image. Now this looks a bit big, so this size it down just a little bit. That looks about right. So what you can do now is you can add a material too easy. Discern our cube, or you can add a normal image from the Internet. I have another image over here showing drag into my before material folder, and I want to put this on top off my cube. We'll have to do is just drag and drop your image, and it will appear on your cube. Make sure you cube is a child off image, Doggett. Now, let's see if our Imageworks I'm gonna see if this works. It's called so we can see up block, and it's appearing on our marker looks quite robust and it's working really well. Now. What you can do do makes us look a bit. Kula is You can make this little bit bigger. Let's pull a cube a little bit higher to make it look like it's floating. Click play. And there we have a cube working. Really? Well, it also looks like it's floating on our image, okay? And they have it. You see, our cube is floating on our marker. You can use a paper version of this instead off a digital version which would work better mainly because you can avoid clay from surrounding lights. You see, it looks vehicle and just wait till you get into the nitty gritty off this course. Things will get that much more exciting. Get so thank you for watching. And I'll see you next video. 6. SECTION 2 Lecture 10 - Adding a Spinning Cube Script in Unity: Hey, guys. And welcome back. Okay, so in this lecture, what we're going to do now is we're going to make this cube spend around in augmented reality. Okay, so let's get started. Ok? So to make it spend, what we need to do is we need to create a script. The script all dull our block that it must move in a circular direction. So first of all, go to assets scripts and Frank click. Great. And then Regan a great a C sharp script. Now, if you very good with JavaScript, you can use javascript. But for now, we are going to be using C shop. Let's go the script through date. Know what you do is double click on the road it script, and it will open up mano developer. So we use mono develop to write our scripts. You can even use visual studio instead of mono develop if you want to. So over years, where we put all our code, that is for initialization. And any code that needs to be looked can be included over here. Okay, so let's go ahead and type in, transform the truth heat to be using this over here Johnson the funeral date. So now we need to specify whether we're gonna wrote it in the X, y or Z direction, and therefore we create if new vector, Let's call it affected tree. So we want to rotate with respect to the Y X is so we set our X zero in opposite direction to zero. So over time we want our cube to rotate a certain speed. So if you studied physics for well, you know that begin do this. Using time tells the time, which is the change of time. Any multiply that by a constant C five, for example, So you can go in and see this and we can run a code. But before we can run our code, we first need to attach the script. Your cube so we'll have to do is dragon drop until cube and in this cripple the over here, let's just aren't good. So as you can see our Cuba's rooting very slowly now, instead of editing the script all time, we can create available, so we create a public in danger of like int and call it speed. Now, instead of multiplying this by five, we're gonna multiplied by speed, and we'll be able to justice speed for Empta at any time. Make sure you see the script. And now when you click on a cube, you will be presented with a parenthetical speed. Let's change of speed. You are on 50 and final code. As you can see, this is critical. It looks like a cube floating and spinning in midair. Okay, so that is it for this lecture. And I'll see you next. Lecture for more fun augmented reality APS Thank you for watching. 7. SECTION 2 Lecture 11 - Multiple Marker Targets in Vuforia: Hey, guys. Welcome back. My name's British Kanji. Okay, So in the last lecture, we created a spinning cube on a single marker. In this lecture, we're gonna be creating multiple marker augmented reality characters. So what I mean by that is you can have to, Marcus and before you will simultaneously detectives, markers in real time. Okay, so let's get started. Okay. So from your previous project, you should have a camera, and it should have your app license key. If you're not sure how do set all this up? Please go back to my previous lecture way. I should exactly how to do it. Step by step. Okay. So in order to get start, we need to set this up to two. So we want to simultaneous Marcus or 17 its targets. Soviets is Maximilian District images and and with maximal Tania's strict objects. And also make sure your walls and a moat is set on device tracking. So before we go any further, head over to develop a dust before you come go To develop an under target manager, you should create a separate database. I call it That's an interstate base. You can add as many images as you want or targets. So what I did is I created two targets. One is a zombie and one is for dragons. You can see the ratings are four stuff for both of them. So these can be any images that you find off the net. They don't have to be zombies or dragons. However, if you want to use these images, you can ejected resource section of scores or the description are below. Go ahead and download all databases and select Unity editor Download okay to see the file and then imported into unity. Okay, So head over to before you the feds in the Stargate and drag one image tog adovia, and then we're gonna drag another imaged of it also then okay, so once you have your targets important, go over to air Gara and under database low behavior, you'll see some checked boxes over here. So this is shows you all your databases that you downloaded. So in the previous one, I did the Ironman database, and I'll set a card dooby's. So if you got any other databases, ignore them and inject them. What you want to do is we want to load the that's database that it was just important to make sure you got on activate. So under image target, go over to database. Insect that's in the 1st 1 will be is on the target. Let's rename this some be target. And this one was renamed Dragon Target. This is moves to decide, and then we're gonna select our dragon picture cases Looking good. So far, the century of you just double click on any of the dog it. Let's go ahead and add our three D objects. So we're gonna go to the SS store and download a zombie, and we can either download a dragon. But I'm going to download a Forrester for those who are not familiar. This is a unity store, and you can buy and download quite a lot of reading models at assets over here. Gessel, go ahead and download this Sambi over here. So for this tutorial, I already have these assets. If you download them from me, then just go and click Discrim linked below or it will be in the resource section of this course. Do import. Then we can just drag and drop them into unity. So yeah, I got one of my free characters over here. When is the Forrester and in real greatest, most story about the zombie running after the Forrester and the first will try and kill the zombie with his ex and under some evil dragon dropped a zombie and let's resize them so they look a little bit larger. Looks like we saw us to place them on the market as well. This little bit, they're almost there. List him flesh on the marker and let's make them bigger. So the zombie I'm gonna make him around two times bigger and skill. The first let's make him about five times bigger. Okay, lets speaking loved before more or less Eyes off the Saami terms the fight. OK, so now in order for this to work, we need to make Zombie a child of the zombie target and the free character forest a child of the dragon. So before we this is out less, add a little bit of animation to our Forrester. If you click on first and in the enemy, the clip look for lumbering and the 1st 1 and with a zombie. Before you select him onto our target, you go to rig and animation depth legacy. And after that, you can drag and drop him on to our target. So let's this if all this works, okay, and they can see two targets we got a forester with straight talk is way out of zombie. And you got a zombie who looks like he's hungry, just like you. You want some Nando's? Nando's? Give me Nan knows this guy looks pretty scary. All right? And then just go back to our first just get the Stargate right? And gives them turning on turning his back on his army. Yes, a confident is. Yeah. Look, though shall not pass. Evils Omi. Okay, so that is it for this lecture in the next lecture. What we're gonna do is we're going to any meet our targets. What buttons? We're gonna add some virtual buttons using for four years and that will animate our targets . Okay. Thank you for watching it. 8. SECTION 2 Lecture 12 - Video on Wall Augmented Reality: Hey, guys. And welcome back. So this section, we're going to put a video on a war in augmented reality. So, first of all, we need to open up unity in administrates the mode. The reason for this is because important video into unity sometimes may not work if you're not in administrative mode, So go ahead and open up the previous project that we had. And now you remember, does on me and the first state in the previous section. So what I want you to do is to delete the striker model of year and smart. Yeah, and what you're left with is our dragon. So what we can do now is you can overlay a video onto this mark over here. In order to do this, we need to first import off video into unity. So go to assets important asset. And look for any video that you like to import into unity. Just make sure it's a very short video. Around 5 to 10 seconds. I'm gonna import one of my old videos. This may take a while depending on the speed of your computer. Okay, So we should have our video imported into unity before we import it, we're gonna first acute. So right click Taken to the object. That's great. It in the shape of a TV. Let's create it in the shape of a screen. Okay, good. Save your project seven. Scene is made this little bit McDonough. Now what we do is we had our video texture into the Cube. Now, if you try and play this, it won't run because we haven't added the script for to run the movie. So in order to play the movie, we need a script called Play Class. This is when I wrote myself will be included in the resource section of this course, but let's take a look at what to call this. You can even take this out yourself. It's impossible. We call it a class That's the name of a class we have available called movie Texture. We call it moved. Texture and NBC get component gender, the materials that mean texture, and we assign that to move texture. Then you see me if they should play, and then we look the video simple. Is it? Like I said, this will be in a recent section of this course or in the description below. So exit this and then we're gonna try this on to o object. Now remove texture, Selectors. Little doubt over here and select your video. So, before we run our A our program, we first need to make sure that that is under a camera. And then we got a camera over here and a dragon talk it. Also make sure your cube is a child off the Jagan target and on the movie texture. Make sure we selected the video. I selected another one that's already important. For some reason, unity becomes unresponsive. Really important videos. I'm not sure if this case were just mind or if it's in general. So I'm just gonna use this video for now. So all this is just click play, Look for a target. And there we have our video. Now you can see our video. This is a video that I made while a long time ago where I used in Audrina to detect a force since the resistor. So you can see you can import your videos into unity as well as before you, and display that in augmented reality. Now, an application of this is where you can stick it people into you'll, and then you have the video playing onto your war. Let's make this a little bit bigger that should be lessened big. That's almost the size of the computer monitor. Now, if you put a lot of effort into this, you can duplicate your screen onto a augmented reality surface. So an application of this is that you can make a augmented reality business card or is for a are advertising as well as for gangs. So in future elections were going to be working on using the leap motion. Maybe some margarine integration. A small game using buttons and animations were pretty simple. Our business card and we're gonna look at smart terrain. Okay, so the food senior in the next lecture. Thank you for watching. 9. SECTION 2 Lecture 13 - Implementing an Augmented Reality Virtual Button in Vuforia: Hey, guys. And welcome back. So in this election commission, how to use social buttons in before area. So if I pick over here with my push a button that some people rotate Okay, so let's get started. Okay, So let's go to step number one, which is open your old project. Okay, So the first step is to open up the scene in the last lecture. So in the previous elections, we imported our air camera as well as our targets. Now, you can either use the dragon target or you can import these stones into unity. In order to do that, go to Fauria developed target manager, and you can add a target as well done before. If you're not sure how to do it, you can check out my previous videos. So via added my stone state TV's on a dollar did database and imported it into unity. This is what you have before. So what? Dragon delegates elected. You can go to image target and select stones. And this will bring up your new markka. Next is omitted. We imported in the previous videos. We drag and drop onto our market. Let's just place him around and rotating of it in place. And then we can make him Vega. I'm going to make him 1.2 pictures on Be a devil of the Training Target and Lester name in zombie press play. And let's see if it works. Just make sure your Webcams connected, Okay? As you can see, Don't Marker was only is distraught marker and it is working perfectly. If you're not sure how to do this, please check out my previous elections. The step one wants to download Target marker. Step two is to download Zombie, and now we go to Step two D. We re add a virtual button, do our code go over to before your brief, perhaps go to virtual button and drag Russell parking into our hierarchy and make sure virtual button is a child off the driving down it. Okay, so go to assets, scripts and less cretinous script. We're gonna create a cease shop script and call it Fear Script, otherwise known as social button script. Double click on script, dental open up into mono developed. So the first thing you need to do is too important for your library to our script, and then we consensual. Eight devotional button event handler. We're gonna create a game object called Phoebe button object. This is private variable. So for now, we don't need for it updates. So we're gonna delete that for now, in void Start, you're going to look for our virtual button, and this button will rotate our zombie. Now select the string over here and let's rename of social button to do that. Did somebody but And then we add the register event handler for social barking behavior. So once we have it initialized, what we can do is we can create the function for one button press and unbutton released to find out whether or not it's working well, put the debug to console. So before we can run it together to place a button on the market, let's make it a little bit bigger. Now, for this to work, the button has to be on the market and not on the edge of the marker. Advice don't work. Okay, So before we finish off, let's just change his name to Phoebe script and in safe this compelling coat. Once you got that, drag your script to your dragon target. You should see the script appearing over yet. Now you can go ahead and see if our virtual button works. As you can see, a button says Breast and not breast whenever you touch it. Okay, so that's so almost there. So five Easter at a three D object to a virtual button so we can decide that still size of a button. And now we're gonna add a cube overly onto a voice call button. Three Dick editor. The object and, he says, is to decide the official button. We can make the Cube HL of virtual button next week. Annette's, um three D takes to it. It's right. Click through the object three text, and then you're gonna step throaty to somebody or just wrote it. We can change, the colors will trade, and then she get down to size to fit the button. Let's take a look at high links. No, what we can do is we get editor a script, and we can make it through the zombie, so go back to the previous script that we're walking on. So now what we do is we have to grow the game objects for Zombie, and then we send our game object to available, called Zombie. Now, when you press a button, it must rotate the zombie. So let's go ahead and write court for that. Great. A new victim. This going similar to the one we've done, you know, rotate script. Make it three. Let's see what happens. Vineyard on a script, as you can see, are some b is now rotating using a virtual pet. Okay, so that is it for this lecture off the engine Schools. Please don't forget, likes, describe and share. I'll see you in the next video they give her watching. 10. SECTION 2 Lecture 15 - Review Lecture: Hey, guys, congratulations on making it this far in this course. If you have integrations, please don't be afraid to ask questions. We have a Q and A discussion area of discourse, and I'll be glad to answer any of the questions that you have. Also, if you haven't already, please leave a review I would really appreciate if you take the time and effort. It does help students who are deciding on taking the schools based on your experience, and it also makes my day. Okay, So what are further view? Let's continue what discourse in the next election. 11. SECTION 2 Lecture 16 - Leap Motion AR Tutorial: Hey, guys. And welcome back. So in this lecture, we're gonna be integrating leap motion, Would Fauria to create something really cool. So what we're going to create is a pixel drawer in treaty using our camera as well as a leap motion controller. Now, if you don't have a leap motion controller, I suggest you get one. You get one fairly cheap for on less than $100. So if you have one can just fall along with this lecture. But if you do, let's get started. So first of all, we need to download the elite motion STK to go over to leap motion that come and if you scroll down, you can look and see what the real emotion is Now the Leap motion controller was used mostly for desktop applications, but for now it has moved more towards virtual reality applications but will use it for augmented reality. Okay, so in order to dollar the escape, we first go over to develop it at league motion that come for slash get started and download the or in beta download doesn't help you to get started with the basics off. Setting up your device as you can see that the motion is has ah whole bracket that gave used what? The Oculus rift as well as the issue survive. Now, if you don't have a don't stress, we're just gonna be holding hours up. You can also attached to a Google cardboard if you want to. So once you've downloaded that, move over to getting the unity assets for lead motion. So for that you need to go to developer. That leap motion had come forth less unity Hash 100 and then you need to download the Unity Co. Assets. The current version is forward on five. You may have a little bit in $20 that you can download the detection examples. There are other examples that you can use, but we'll stick with the detection. Example. This is because our pinch painting example is in this model of the year, so go ahead and download that, and then, if you haven't already, make sure you have the correct marker. So in before you go to target manager clicking, that's and then make sure you have the stones target because that's what we will be using. You can use the zombie or dragons if you want really want to? But for now, I suggest using stones because it is a high rating. Okay, so let's get started. $40. Everything important into unity. I'm sure you know. Know what to do that by now. If you're not sure how to do that, please refer to my previous videos in the series. Okay, So open up your new project and qualitatively motion on school before you're gonna save a scene and make sure you imported the leap motion and leap motion modules. So for you to work unity importantly, motion first, and then leap motion modules. And don't forget over for your asset. The first of all, we're gonna go to leap motion modules, detection examples scenes and pinch draw demo That should bring up the basic stuff over here. They should bring up examples. Now, What you can do is make sure yours the scale off your hands are a little big. If there were small, then you won't be able to see the hands very clearly. So I put my skill as 444 You can make it as large as you want it. Or depending on the field of view for camera. So this is what you should have at the moment. You can test it out and see that it all works perfectly. You can throw something in media. Okay, so let's take this to augmented reality. First of all, what we do is we coated before your prefect's putting on a camera. And then we put in our image. No, under here. Kyra, we had a license key that you can get over here on the lessons. Venjah. The website is development of Florida. Come both slash dog measure License manager licence listing details and then you can place it into APP license key Over here. You want to activate your that's database as yet before we should activate it, go to image target and then undid. Obviously, that's and then when select all stones, you can select some B or dragons, as we did in the previous lecture, but will stick for stones for me because it has a high detection rating than the previous ones. So that's more or less what we need to get singling. Make sure your weapon is connected. Let's click the play button to see what works, and it's been ce it works perfectly, though. My hand, I think, doesn't look that great. What's really cool is that you can turn this around and then edit your painting in three D if in a change color. 12. SECTION 2 Lecture 17 - Vuforia Text Recognition: Hey guys, and welcome back. So in this lecture, we're going to be performing text recognition using before a and in unity. So let's get started going to before you and we're going to select off pre Phelps the first with the little me camera going to pre fabs and we good important air camera as well A sticks recognition preferred Now on the air camera. Don't forget to enter in your license key on the text recognition. We need a word list. Now you may not see anything in the wordless at the moment In order to get your word, let's go to library for the calm articles, Training decks Recognition guide. And over here you can see the default will escape before Yeah, that'll give you a zip, which is which extracts to a text file. Or you can look for a V w l file to the V W l fell. You can import from the euphoria sample every we shall be in my kit up repository so important for your core assets. And now you don't to import everything because it might corrupt you before you go down and look for just the VW. L fell right over there on the streaming assets important. And now you can go to a wordless and select before your English word. And it was that you don't have. You can tap it over here. So the worst is we're gonna be detecting a table chair and bit. So what will happen is that when we detect the words, it will automatically display the three d object off the word we associated with it. So let's rename these words that's called a bid would deal Would and J would. Now this application will be very useful if using it as a learning aid. So you show a few cue cards, and as you looked through the air glasses or your app, you'll be able to associate that word with the object. Let's put all our words as a child off text recognition. Make it white list. Using the full time mode to that basically looks for black words on white background. And then we're gonna write bit Duplin chair as well for the worst that we want to detect and make sure we have a max emptiness detection of three stepping bid and let's just move it out of the way. Make sure you move the parent out of the way. Okay, We can adjust the with Israel and height, and we do the same for the other objects. Just make sure you to save the scene. We're gonna call it text recognition before we did. At first, we need to ginger would under the wood to pit. And that's the word that got a date. And we do the same for table in check, basically telling for for your what were going to look for so wanted for either J table or it. Let's see it was seeing way can add a cube and make it a child off the bed would for us to see the Q. Let's scale it up and move it over a bit that they want to be just going to justify all algorithm looks before it. Just make sure you got your words ready. You can either let them out in pink or would and make sure they large enough so we can detect it with a camera. As you can see, we have the cube hovering just off the wood, so that means we have detected our would. So now what we have to do now is we have to find three objects off a bit J and table and associate them with our text recognition words. You can go over to the SS store. I'm not gonna do that right now, But look for a free asset gold home stuff, you can download that and and look for Table Jane bid and then linked them do your words. No, we're just gonna just the size off our would get a little bit getting met up in size. We're gonna move over all stuff. I know it may seem that I'm going a bit fast. This is all my nothing the stuff. And I'm sure you can align and resize a three d object by yourself. It can get quite monotonous moving around the object. So I'm just going to make things a little bit faster. If you're not sure how to follow, then you can flow around this video using the controls down below. If you want to sit through this video and watch how it's how I associate the treaty objects to the words, you can stay for the selection, but otherwise, if you want to move on to the next lecture. Then by all means, you can continue. So as you can see it that it's detecting all three objects and we just need to associate a three D object with the last word, which is chair. Make sure you keep your three d object A child off off your word Always the text recognition on displayed and what you can also do is use the road it script that we created in the previous lectures and you can add it to all three D objects. Now, this will just make it a little bit more fancy. Interested all our three D objects when they are detected from the wood. Okay, So as you can see, we've managed dicked three bits of text and we managed to associate three objects to them. Now the applications are countless. You can make an app that can translate words, and it can also create an app that teaches people how to speak a different language using three D object in augmented reality. Okay, so that is it from me. I'll see in the next lecture and thank you for watching. Please don't forget to like describing she 13. SECTION 2 Lecture 18 - Vuforia Smart Terrain: Hey, guys. And welcome back. Okay, so in this lecture, we're going to perform a smart during operation in unity. Okay, so let's get start. So, first of all, we're going to go to before you good to pre fabs, and then we can import our They are camera. Oh, image target as well is our smart terrain, Prefect. This is rearranged him and delete the main camera. Import your a pleasant ski from the four develop oversight. We're gonna select specific dog instead of first of it, and then we're going to select primary surface. Then let's activate our test database, which you should already have activated. We change our units, do 100 for skill get Let's move over the image, Doggett. And now image dog. It will be the stones one that we use in the previous video enable smartening. And then we're going to go to Smart Doreen and I don't think there's anything that you have to activate over here, you know, show how to get the key and that's database. Please refer to my previous lectures. Let's add a three D c. A. And added to our image Davitt, he's gonna line little bit Now, if you click play, you'll start to see all the mash buys around. And while you're running it, it'll start scanning the area and start looking for the treaty objects within the scene. If you take out the object, you can see how our CIA vanishes behind the previously detected through the object. Critical. Right? So before he has an algorithm called Smarter in which mass at your surfaces in treaty. So any object that you have there, it's created treaty mesh, and you can use that for detecting objects in a scene. Okay, so now we can just make this a little bit more fancy. We're gonna add are somebody from the previous videos that we had and some little monsters just to add a little deaf to our Dorial. All of these assets will be in my guitar repository and you'll find it in the link down below or in the resource section of this course. So I'm just gonna move these things around, and then we can an M King click play. So let's detective objects gets he's smarter and activates. And we can admit something mapping out our environment. We can introduce our treaty object again and you can see it's good to measure around our frame. What's cool about this is that you can see that I was. Three D objects are two D characters are vanishing behind the frame. If you didn't have smarter, bring it to still be there. So it's pretty cool how the months has vanished behind the three D mesh. You can still see that the scenes behind it, except for the months, is thank you for watching this lecture and I'll see in the next video. 14. SECTION 2 Lecture 20 - Cylinderical Target Detection in Vuforia AR and Unity: Hey, guys, welcome back. So in this lecture, we're gonna be creating a cylindrical target similar to this, and we're gonna be doing this in before AEA alongside unity. Okay, so let's get started. The first of all, we're going to be creating a new project called the START 11. The first of all, we're going to import over for your package. Do it assets. So while that is important, go over to before year that come, go to develop and in target Manager and we're going to create a cylindrical target. Let's go over to that database that the name of it. Make sure taxes and device could create. So underselling the click at Target, we're gonna click on cylinder. So try and get hold off a cylindrical object and measure the diameter and sidelined. So the one amusing is six, six and 20 and I'm gonna call that door ad. Okay, Can the tower target? And what you need to do is you need to upload an image off the target that you can use to go to upload, go to prose. And for this example we're going to import are stones Cylinder one is basically all still in the marker that it's wrapped around a cylindrical object. No, I've already uploaded this and have downloaded my target. All is now left for me to import it into forya. So once you've uploaded your images, go download database and it should download. I guess so. Back in unity, your before you should be imported. And then we've been import our cylindrical object of it that resist, mate. I have it under a different name. Okay, so first of all, we're going to let the main camera go to before you brief EDS A camera, and then we've been selected. Cylinder target, as opposed to image target. Now under air camera. Go to APP, Lisinski and copy the one that you've got from the full 40 developer with A If you're not sure how to do this, please refer to my previous lectures. So, first of all, we're going to load our database. Yours will be called Load Salada database and click. Activate as we've done before. Yeah. And the cylinder target. We're going to select database and then name off the targeted You've called it. So this is how it should more less look like. Let's add a CIA did and make it a child off the still in the target. We're gonna make it just a little bit bigger. Okay, so let's see if this thing works, there is perfect. And now, if you rotate your object, you should see this year rotate around your cylindrical object. Easy is that to get it working. Now, if you wanna be a bit fancy, you can add some particles. So for that, we're going to go over to the Unity Assets Store. We're gonna go over to particle systems and select free only now the one that I use, for example, is the water effects particles. Click on it and click import. It should be around a 1.5 megabyte file. Now, once imported, click on what FX particles Scene and Guinness Import are seeing into our project. This plane, we can delete good play and let's see what happens. And there you have it. Instant particles. Very simple and easy to use. What is school is how the treaty objects get hidden behind the image marker. It's sort of create a different kind of realism. Okay, so that is it for this lecture. Thank you for watching. And I'll seeing next lecture 15. SECTION 3 Lecture 21 - 2D Platform Game Demonstation: 16. SECTION 3 Lecture 23 - Unreal Engine 4 Demonstation: 17. SECTION 4 Lecture 24 - Vuforia 7 Unity 2017: Hey guys, and welcome back. So this lecture is an update to the course using the latest version affinity At the time of this recording, which is unity to the 17.3, you may also use all the versions of unity s prescribed in scores. I use unity 5.4 country as most of the lectures were quantities in this version and also gave the least problems. I know people have been having compatibility issues between euphoria and unity. Students encountered black or white screen student playback. There's also an issue with left of webcam stopping compatible. I believe that this latest version off unity teeny scenting victory will solve these common issues mainly because before your version, Sam, which is the latest version off for A at the time it's recording is baked right into unity Treaty STK. Hopefully as a result of this collaboration, the bugs should be sorted out. But if you should happen to encounter any of these issues during the course will use immunity to me. 17 and 47 I said just completing the course using unity 5.4 point three what before us explain to and they after migrating to the latest version off Unity. On top of this, please notify me off any issues you encounter in the discussion area and I'll after intercourse with videos to justice issues. So without further ado, let's get augmented reality working. Using the latest version, Unity 2030.3 and 47 We'll also developed a Hello world off a R, which is a floating air tube, to show that it works. So let's get started. The first you go to Google, step in unity, download and click on Unity Download. Or you can go to the unity website Unity Tree that come and then you can click. Get unity. This will take you to the Unity Store and you can choose the plan that you want to get started with. You can keep the free no one inside the feet personal version, and that will take you to this page, which is Donald Unity. Personal click. I agree and download installer, so once you got installing, you can prompt you to download assistant click save, and once you have it downloaded, you can go to installer, open it and click Next. I accept the terms and conditions. Now this is the most important step. Make sure that you have before your augmented reality checked. And if you have an android or IOS device, conflicted respective one. So I want to click and read because I do not have an IOS device and click next. You can specify where you wanted to be downloaded. I'm gonna go ahead with the default folder next, and it'll download unity and all the other packages that you specified. Once you ideas downloaded, you can open it up. You can open the STK. You can see the affinity to descend 2.3 zero F three. Let's go ahead and click new Pretty new project. We're going to call this hello world. They are and satisfied the location. You want to save the project to create project, and while it's opening, you can make sure that you have your webcam connected to your PC or laptop. It's a unity has opened up until it the main camera and save it as Hello, they are okay, so to import before your previously you had to download it from the Savoy Oversight. Now it's baiting into unity to dissenting 0.3. So you start off at game object. Look for four years, and date is that's adding an A R camera. It will prompt you to import for foreign assets and click import. And while that is happening, you can go over to the for your website and activate your license so you can go over to developer that before that come and for your locked in, go to develop and then license manager. Or you can go over to this. U R l I've already had some lessons is activated. You can click, get development. And this is the license key that you can use to activate your before your immunity makes you copy this. I will be changing this license key after creating the sexual. It's a go over to unity. Click on a camera, inspector. Okay, so now that your opportunity we need to activate for four years to go to file full sittings , good to place settings, and over here on the X are sittings. Make sure the foyer of mentality is activated. Exit Go to air camera open before your configuration. And it seemed a pleasant ski based over here. If you don't have the lesson, skin click adolescence and it'll take you to the same exact set to go over the game, object before your you're gonna add all in the stock. It we can increase the scale of it so that it's more visible and then add in our treaty object, which is came cube and see, that is quite big. So let's increase the size off our image and then just adjusted accordingly. Now you can use any image that you want. We used the image dog that's already activated in for you. Okay, So know what you have to do is critical Cube. Make it a child off image target. Also on the air camera. Go to open for configuration and make sure you have before your miles image database activated. You can add in your own image target therapies as shown in previous lectures. The phenomenal you'd be using this. Now this image can be found under editor before you go to for print image target. And if you go to rightly shown Explorer open image delegates open this PdF and now you'll see the image dogs that are compatible with this image database. Now, you can either print these pictures or you can display them on your phone. That is, just do tests whether your air is working or not. For now, we'll just display them on a PC and see if you get a few this distance. This works, so make sure cameras connected cameras working. And as you can see, we see our image target as well as our floating cube. Like I said, you can print this picture out. You can use on the business card or poster, or if you wanna save paper, you can just display it on your phone or tablet. Okay, that is it for me. Obey injured this lecture and hope this work for you in the latest version of unity and before you think you're watching and I'll see in the next lecture. 18. SECTION 4 Lecture 25 - Vuforia 7 Ground Plane: Hey, guys, and welcome back. So this lecture we can be creating our first Crown plane experience Now. Ground plane is a new feature from before a seven and can only be used in unity to me, 17.3 at the time of this recording. So before a ground plane for spot off smart terrain, which enables additional content to be placed on horizontal surfaces in the environment, such as floor and table tops. It supports a detection and tracking off horizontal surfaces and also enables you to place content in mid air using anchor points. This feature works similar to plain detection from Apple's market and Google's. Our core now ground plane allows developers to create a our experiences ranging from home furniture, shopping, APS, two games and digital visualizations. Now, a few things note is that they're very limited devices that support crumbling. As you can see here, you find the Lincoln description off all that supported devices. If your device is not listed here, then don't worry. We'll emulate the cramping feature by printing out a ground plane marker, and you can find us over here on the assets editor for print emulator, and then you can open this file. So aren't you to print space and later on a flat surface, such as a table, top or floor? Now we're gonna continue from our previous lecture video, which is the Hello a our project. I suggest that you check out that video shows you how to get started before seven in unity 2017.3 before moving on to this video. Okay, so let's get started. So make sure you got your camera. You can delete everything else in the project, go to open for a configuration, make sure Europe license keys they. And also, if you go to file both settings on the place settings, make sure before your augmented reality is checked It was that out of the way. Let's get started, Go to game object with the euphoria. Grantley in ground plane stage. If you zoom in, you may see something like a flat plane line is using this capsules to represent it for now . And each grid represents 100 centimeters in the real world. Now we need something to detect the plane. Go to game object before you ground plane and plain finder under plain finder run to add in our anchor. So we drag and drop cramping. Stage that over there, and we can have different blame indicators, which indicates where our plane is. We can use midday reference ground plane, which is a Sonya that amusing, or you can use this default plane next. We can add in our digital content on adding a castle. You see this quite last week in Skillet out this little bit. Let's see if our cramping is working and they have it, you can see that our castle is there. It's quite huge, and we can detect it without having to look at our market directly, like how we normally do it before you. I just killed on the schedule this a little bit and May despite 1.11 on the sea that works . Now you can see this Marco via this marker. Shows are ground plane, and it's our indicator. So if we move the speech, the plane moves with our emulated com plain, and we just need to align our castle without ground plane capsule apparent again. Instead of going to justice. Good, it's and then make it a child off the crumbling, and they have it now If you go do our essence store, you can download this bodyguard street in mild characters in dollar for free from their Sisto. And then you can drag and drop from measures into our hierarchy. May get a child, and then we can just resize it to the size of our castle. This is removed. That gets you. And there you have it. We have a bodyguard. It is shown on our Graham plane. And you don't even have to see all Marca goes groundlings handles all the striking for us. Okay, that is it for me. I hope you enjoy this lecture and I'll see in next election. 19. SECTION 4 Lecture 26 - Vuforia 7 Export to Android Build in Unity 2017: Hey, guys. And welcome back today we're gonna be exporting our unity before your seven APs to Android . I'm sure you guys must be excited. So ensure that you using unity 2017.3. What? Before your seven. I have all video and setting it up in the previous lecture where we showed you how to bold your hello a are up a symbol augmented reality after displays a cube on top of a marker And later you can adapt What I've learned Tropicals to your own android boats Ensure that when he installed unity 2017.3 that you checked and red support. Refer to the previous video download and install before seven If you haven't installed unity Tunis sent in by three and four a seven with Enright support This quite important. This package enable setting community for you too bold. You're a RS 200. Lastly, we implemented this tutorial in window stand and may not work on other operating systems. Okay, so let's get started. So step one, we need to install and art studio and dedicate to default locations. I have already installed these. It's pretty straightforward. So we just download in store followed instructions as you go along. And once you got this do installed, we can go to unity and then we can get it set up. We can go to edit, go to preferences, external tools. And this is where we link our android sdk and Jerry T. Let's click on the download links. Okay, so those links should take it to these two pages. So we're gonna download Android Studio over here to download and for job. You can click download over here. If you happy to sell your soul to the devil, you can click. I agree and download and receded for windows. So on the Java s development gets Donald Page click accept lessons and download windows Installer fell for Java. So once downloaded SK and Jerry T we confined our sdk location over here which is under sea . Uses your user name after data local android and STK for your GK You'll find it over here at C program files Java and J D. K make sure that you install today default locations. Okay, step do we're gonna go to Android Studio. So you're going away for interested with the loaded. So on the escape platforms and stole the android platform that your android phone operating system currently support. My phone's operating system is currently and marshmallow, so I'm gonna be selecting FBI level 23. If later you want to support more devices, you can select more. But it'll Donald more faster computer. So once downloaded, you can click OK and exit, 100 studio and our back immunity. We have a few settings that we need to change to get our ended after export to work. So from other sittings, we will change our color space from linear to cama. This is because compatible. If you changed Alenia, you might have an issue of you. Okay, then you go to identification so the peckish name will put it has come in for X y z and then the name of the application. So I just put my company name Olivia and then the name off the application which is hello a are pressure is all small letters were doing this Now advise it'll prompt us during the bolt and you go to configuration ensure that endre TV compatibility is inject as before does not currently support and TV and then finally on S r sittings make sure before you augmented reality is checked. Otherwise you won't see anything in augmented reality. Now, no immunity. Things may not work the first time, as expected and also be dealing with windows. So before we pull out up, we're gonna replace the Tools folder in Android sdk folder. But they replacing folder not only do this if holding does not work in the next step. So we're going to go to the folder seeing uses. You use the name AP Data, which is hidden, local and right. STK every name your current twofold to tools and anything after that so that entry doesn't pick it up. Okay, go to tools. Right Click on you're gonna rename this to tools. It's It's it's Knicks. And then we're gonna go to this link over here. This Dropbox, I'll have this link in the description in the resource section of this course as well. Go ahead and click Download. So once you've downloaded tools are 25 windows starts up, you can extract all of it and a copy of the stool folder into that SCK folder through a copy based. Okay, Now we can go back to unity, so we always stay. We can go ahead and pull out up, so we go to foul full sittings. If you're a clickable system to internal instead of cradle development, bill will be off. Bolt will specify way on savior epic A home saved as just a are that epic a click save, and then we cross our fingers and hope that it'll build up. Alternatively, you can choose the bold and ran. If you have a phone and tablet connected to a PC and have it in your sweet debug mode on the developer, options will stick to just pulling the A P K. Once it is both. You can go to the folder where the epic A is, and then you can compete over to your entry device, where you can find it easily and then install it. It gives you an unknown sources message, then follow instructions and dragon. If all went well, if you will be able to see your Air Cube on the target market for a if things don't work smoothly the first time, always struggling, then try restarting unity and then try again if you don't come right, and if getting errors trying searched with arrows on Google or unity forms. We'll find other people who have already encountered these areas before and if possibly solved these issues also, before you build your application and show that you, if you're a are working first immunity, Thank you for watching, and we'll see in the next video. 20. SECTION 4 Lecture 27 - Vuforia 7 3D Object Scanner: Hey, guys, and welcome back. Today we're going to be augmenting objects in the real world, as opposed to just scanning Marcus and overlaying objects onto them. It's a really cool feature off before you, so you can skin any object. But we will be skinning a small object such as a bunch. You can use an action figure, a mug plant or any small object lying around the house. Just make sure yes, efficient lighting while standing your object and just know that we're using before seven. Opportunity 2017.3. But you can do this with earlier versions of it in for you. So let's get started with for four years. Objects skin. The first of all, you'll need to download an ethical object scanner, and you can find the link in our kidnapped repository. So if you go to get up that come range et 09 before our course, the link will be in the discussion so you can go to files and then you can click download on the scanner and also download object scanning target BNG. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the APP from the for for your website at the time of this recording before you has only made an app for android devices. Unfortunately, once he's got this downloaded, you can go up it over to your android device where you can install and run it. But before you skin your object, make sure you download and print the sienna toggle marca. This work will be used in conjunction with the APP. While you scan your object it excess a reference and at scale to your object that you are scanning the crowd s vacancies in millimeters and you find it in the before air course. Now get up repository and the F files as well. So once you have downloaded these ingredients against Kenya object, try and get as many polygons again. It's fine if you skip a few, - then we need. Then we can test our skin to the object, go back and click pissed and you should see our three d object next to your object. And if you rotate and move it, this reference will also move along with it. Really cool. Right Next, Share that audio file. I'm gonna shave fire dropbox, which is easier, and then you can copy and paste or you can copy and paste from the location. A guard for special fourth object scanner slash object Rico minus school punch that OD. And this is a file that will import into off forever set and then download the package from there. OK, now, step two. We need to add object of it to a database. So go to the before a developer upset, which is developing before it come signing over there and develop and the target manager to NewCo via and click at database. I would call this bunch. If your type isn't device will create. Go with a bunch Doggett Prasetyo treaty object to the foul that be importing is called bunch that ODI report it and then click add it is gonna wait for target upload. So once stand processing in going click download database, Select Unity Editor and Click Download. You should let up with the fire like this minus cold punch that unity package And this is the file that we're going to import into unity. Okay, So, back in unity, we're gonna continue from our hello er up from the previous videos. If you're starting out fresh, just make sure you've got your air camera and an open before configuration. We've got our A p I License key. And also, if you go to file full sittings player settings that you got before your augmented reality selected. So now you can go ahead and import our three d object. Take him up and then you can select import If you still have image target from the previous lectures in delete it because we're gonna be using Object Target. Instead, go to game object, go to four year and then go to three D skin in San shit. An object target. Let's just skill down our target to one on a daily basis. We go to punch that ot and this will bring a power punch. Really object that you scanned in history skillet again. There are other settings you can set. Also, let's give them default for now. So we're gonna add in a small cube for reference. Dis ensured that our air marker is walking and then we can scale up and reposition into the corner before we click play, go to air camera, going to open before configuration. Actually look bunch ot the database and activated others. They don't work. Play and then hopefully we'll see our Treaty cube. Next. There are people French, and there you can see that cube still a bunch move around and dropped it. You can see that I keep follows. Okay, so now we have the basics out of the way. We can add some customization to our three D object marker to spice things up. So let's add some particle effects from our assets store. Go to the store, download and import particle ribbon, which is a free download Click import. Once it is downloaded and go to assets political riven by moon Flower, go to Prefect's and then you can drag and drop any one of these to our object Target. Make sure it's centered can just kill into position. And then finally, we can press play, and when a punch comes, be able to see a really cool particle effect. Really cool, right? And if we move it, our political system moves as well. You can try a different particle effects and see ritual works well with your object. Okay, so that it is for me both of your a rapid and discussion air of the schools is really great to see what objects you have scanned into your project. Thank you watching and we'll see in the next video 21. SECTION 5 Lecture 28 - Conclusion: Hey, guys. Congratulations on completing this course takes a lot to get to this point. And I'm really proud of you. So tell me, what is your favorite part of this course? Did you enjoy implementing all of the apps like the TD Cube or smarter rain? What is your favorite? Let me know in this discussion area off this course or in the comment section down below. And if you have any questions, I'll be glad to onto them. Also, if you haven't already, please leave a review off this course. It would really help me, as well as other students who want you and role in this course. So, like I said, it will bull a bigger community in augmented reality. And it will also make my day. So I really appreciate interview if you can. If you like to learn more from me, then check out my courses in PC design image processing, FDJ design. Audrey knows as well as fun and easy communication protocols. Okay with that's it. Thank you for watching. And I'll see in the next course just for now. 22. SECTION 5 Lecture 30 - (Course Update) Answering Questions Blank White Texture and Image Database : Hey, guys, and welcome back. So this is just an update lecture as well as to answer some of your questions. So just got to me that I did not upload the images for the iota database. So I've done that right now, and it's on the left, you and the basic a r APs, and you'll find the market images over here. The one we use the most is the stones image and in the ruler after used the chips image. Alternatively, you can create your own image, dealt with database, and you can do that in the void. Developer portal. You go to developer that for four years that come, and then you go over to develop and then target. Major. Make sure you also signed in. So as you can see after my variety off databases, and then you can add in your own safety, click at you. Type in whatever you want, so this will be a test database. Make sure your type is device create, and you can go to test, and this is where you can add your images as target. Sony click at Target, even at a single image, can also add a keyboard, Celinda or treaty object. So this is file good pros, and then we're gonna head over to our image files. The one we use is Stone's image. And for what you can edit, this five name could be stones. Click ahead. So over here, you can see we got all stones. Image Target, which is a tough type single image and has a rating R five stars. So this rating shows the detection rating. How well will the image be recognized? So the higher your rating or the higher your stars, the better and more easier before you can pick up your image and thus overlay your augmented reality app. If ever low rating, However, you will find it very difficult to detect your marker, and you won't see your augmented reality object over late on top of it. This is shows when it is active and the date that it is my last modified. They can just select this via and in Donald Database, a select unity editor, Henry for it to download clicks, a file and all this you can use instead off the Ayatollah database that we normally use so you can go ahead and create any image that you'd want over laid onto your augmented reality APS. So you're not really limited to just the stones. Okay, so moving onto the next question, most people were having troubles. What? Seeing white textures. Okay, so I personally haven't been able to recreate this problem. But if you do encounter white textures, this is the solution over here that you can go to. So Thomas came off with solution where you go to project editor, que ca image dog with textures. Database name in the project s a folder you can image, name, skilled, and then change the settings. So it says over your default and to t. So once you change the settings hit, apply, and then click an image in the hierarchy view and in the Inspector select database and your image target, and then you're done. So this is a solution that he found on the before you form. So if you having any problems with seeing a white image target and not seeing your stones database contract solution and save it works, I still don't come right. Then please let me know in the Q and a section of this course over here So whether you're taking my augmented relative calls all my i o top. Of course, the solution will still apply in both cases. Okay, so that is it for me. If you have any other questions, let me know. A lot of people are having the same problems. I'll try and create a similar video to this and updated course. What the solutions do the common problems. Also, if you not sure of anything, make sure you go onto after six over here, which is for for your update air camera issues. And over here you'll find some documentation off the common problems that I have addressed . So if you're getting any errors or any detection areas, please check this lecture and hopefully it will work for you. If not, get message me and I will try my best to help you. Thank you for washing and I'll see you next lecture 23. SECTION 6 Lecture 31 - Vuforia AR Cube for Vuforia SDK 6: Hey, guys, and welcome back. So in this luxury, we're going to be creating the hello world off augmented reality, which is an A R cube. So let's get started like you. And then we go over to project name and let's distract the name off your project. We're gonna call hours a are underscored cube on school. Hello, world or H W Great project. So for this tutorial we're gonna be using for for your 6.2 to make sure you don't get any errands, make sure you use the same version important for four year into assets in this drag and drop and then click import. Now that we have imported activate our A our camera. So go over to this link. I'll have the link in resource section discourse or in the description below. And on my Twitter page will find do things. You'll find the Iota Unity package, which is the target manager, which is a package of targets. You can find it over here on the developer beach on before you, like any other, upload all of these pictures yourself, or you can just download the package today, provide my guitar. All of these images are all high rating between, say, have a higher chance of detection. So once you've downloaded all of it imported into your assets folder. So when we put our for a package for our Marcus and make sure you also have your a p i d. Ready, let's they can drop our camera as the laser image target. Also ensure that you have deleted your main camera of Isis will cause conflicts. Now let's copy and paste our a pleasant ski. You can do this by going over there for a developer website and placing it into our app Lisinski within the before your configuration box. I know that I will be changing this apply since G after this tutorial. So now we're gonna load our data. Please make sure it's activated. Everything else can remain default. Go to image target. Make sure it's not a child off the camera and under image target, select stones or whatever targets were detected. Let's create a cube. All I do now is skills cube, something that can be seen very easily by all camera. Can you lift it up a little bit and then we should have more or less everything that We need to get this thing running. Make sure you save a scene, and I'm gonna be saving it as a our hello world. Do make sure your cube is a child of the me. Stop it. Now. We should be ready to play and you can see our marker. It's detected and a cube is displayed in augmented reality. They're depending on angle off your marker. You may or may not hit the target presidency. It works quite well even at applique angles. And as you can see, it is quite robust. Okay, So, as an exercise for this lecture, I want you to create your own Hello, old cube in opening that reality so you can overlay any object. And it does not have to be a cute, And then you can post a picture of it and put the link down to it in discussion below or in the CUNY section. I'd love to see what you guys come up with. Okay, That is it for the section they give watching and I'll see in the next election