How to Design with Freedom: Using Improv Techniques | Donalee Kennedy | Skillshare

How to Design with Freedom: Using Improv Techniques

Donalee Kennedy, Artist, Designer, Quilt maker

How to Design with Freedom: Using Improv Techniques

Donalee Kennedy, Artist, Designer, Quilt maker

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. #1-Intro to HOW to DESIGN with FREEDOM using IMPROV techniques.

    • 2. #2-Tools Supplies

    • 3. #3-Select Your Fabrics

    • 4. #4-Cut & Sew

    • 5. #5-The Back & Sandwich

    • 6. #6-Quilting

    • 7. #7-Binding your Art

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About This Class

It's so exciting for me to share with you a powerful, fun system of; improv machine piecing.  By designing this way, you will be allowing yourself the freedom of starting an art project without knowing exactly how it's going to look when finished.  No patterns and no two students work will look the same. 

We will be lead by the Elements of Design, and you will have complete control over colors, and fabric selection. We’ll make a funky and fun pot holder from start to finish. 

Once you understand this technique you can incorporate it into your next bed quilt, or wall hanging.


Meet Your Teacher

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Donalee Kennedy

Artist, Designer, Quilt maker


Hi! I'm Donalee Kennedy, a Bayfield Wisconsin & Columbus Ohio based artist, designer, quilt maker, and former silversmith who can't quite let go!  

My obsession with design goes back to when I started sewing as a child, thanks to Grandma, my Mom, and Home Economics!    I've been making things my whole life! When I share what I know and I see in the projects of my students "get it" the thrill is so fulfilling.  Follow along with my adventures at 

My mother always told me "You can do anything you put your mind to" and thank goodness I believed her!  It's true for you also!  

Fun facts: I love to sew costumes for my 2 grandkids and their 12 team members for the talent show each year. I'm the youngest of 5... See full profile

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