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How to Design a Trending Social Media Post using Free Tool

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson

    • 3. Design Tutorial

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About This Class

This class is designed for everyone who wants to start posting a trending image on social media. Social media is very powerful to promote your business. Image posting is the key to get a lot of attentions on social media. Having a well-designed image post, your post could end up in different places in the world and promote you and your business.

One of the keys to a trending post is a well-designed image and that's what you are going to learn in this class. Aside from that. I'm going to share with you a free tool to use to create your own stunning design.
Even you if you don't have an experience in design, i"m sure you will enjoy this class. So enroll now and let's get started.

You will learn in this class the basic concept in design to get you up and running.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking out. Discuss this class is about designing a trendy social media post. As you know, social media is a very powerful right now. You can make your Facebook post trending overnight and helps you grow a fine base. One of the keys to a training post is a well designed image, and that's what you are going to learn in this class. Aside from that, I'm going to share with you a free tool to use to greater only standing design. Even if you don't have an experience in design, I'm sure you will enjoy this glass. So you know now and let's get started. 2. Lesson: hello and welcome toe. How to design a trendy social major post using free tools. This class is requested by you, one of my students on the skill share he posted on one of my classes and asked if I could do a design class about Social Media post. So here it is. You can also request a topic that you want me toe cover by boasting on this glass or on the other classes that you are involved in. Okay, So, social media, good post or anything like expiration and goat post is very popular right now in social media like Facebook, Mr Graham and interest, Image Post is the best type of both that you could have if you want of good interruptions with your friends or friends because it attracts a lot of potential. Also in image post, you can put anything, find image and inspirational goat a poem are saying another thing about good image. Post case. It is good boasts it could spend on social media, you know, it could be trending So one of the bridge that that I subscribed He's from both sides. Yes, and we can see some of these both here you can see here. That's 1300 plus years. That's a lot. And then we find 4000 interactions with the funds. And, uh so that's what we are going toe talk about in this glass house post. How to design in trending spending Most okay, so let's go to our next one with the dose. And don't off posting an image designing an image on social media. But before you post anything right now on Facebook, you may want toe check this simple Get first. This is this not a roll, just a guide. You can bake it. But before baking the guide, you should have this in your mind. And before designing your image, you need to ask yourself first, ask yourself if you want to highlight that design or conveying the techs. Just a reminder that the typo typographical post like a tight design is different. Something like this. Okay, What we are going to cover in this class is the basic design for social media to convey the text or thoughts for the post. For this type design, it's different. Okay, we're not going to cover. This may be another glasses about topography. Okay, So it starts with the start with our lesson. First is the of course contrast. If you have a dark background, put a light ticks or light for ground In a good example, is from of course, both Sanchez we have here in the top No one that I showed you here. You get the 1000 years. Saw a good example here because it has a dark drug background in life takes It's a great common in the design. You should not be contrast. Don't do something. Make this one. That's, uh you know, not really. I'm not saying this. Not a good sign. But, you know, I want to say something, and if you want your father was traded, then you need to highlight your takes. Okay, so I have some examples here. I assure you, like this one simple image with Dex a dark in the background and then night and takes Now, Aiken, clearly read it. Okay, so don't don't go. Something like this one, this one. You know, I didn't dark in the background and they didn't change the color. It's horrible example. If you're thinking about the contrasts, if you have a white white background a little white background here and then that takes still not very appealing. It's not really instructive. So you need door. I think something thes, really. You know, doesn't back in your your, uh, sergeant size. No gate contrast. His Tinkoff contracts mean you're designing something. Then we have the typography there in credibility off. Next. The example Here he's person. I'm gonna show you the bad checks, but, uh, like the same here and then always really horrible. I'm going to see it on my Facebook. I'm going to read it. Seriously. I'm gonna pass it on a I'm gonna scroll down, not going toe it. It hurts my It hurts my eyes, you know? And that one. I like Justin here. Comic sense. I don't I don't know. He is going is going to work. But the city either one. And now it's much better now I get everything. I'm going to read it. It's not advisable to use the, uh, thanks on your visible post because a lot of people scrolling, scrolling down. They want to see a lot of other women, gays or whatever. So it's not the visible, but, you know, you can find a good script. That is really readable. Yes. I'm gonna zoom out here that maybe I'm gonna I'm gonna see it on my Facebook. Me, I can read it. And then, uh, there's another contrasts with that. You have to have a script and then a sensory. I mean, the Sedef. Okay. And it's the third lesson. The 3rd 1 This placement optics, this one is ready. Pretty Goldman India Image post. So I always find the negative space in your design in your image. Later, I'm gonna show you I designed in our demo demo video. So, for example, here, dancing on this guy, this our negative space. Okay, this hour means I mean element of the image this one saw. We can put our takes in here. What? You see, we can You can see the text at the same time. We can see the image. That's a beauty off finding and negative space in your image. No, not just you know, I want o show. Also the beauty of the image. Find it appropriate image for your post where you can put your in your book. You can put your, uh, takes the same time you can show the image. Okay, so about the contrasts. Well, I forgot it. And under good example, he's from Pops Barton on Facebook. They ever really seen going for us here? Some reason. I don't know that it's not going to load it. The simplicity of this post just a simple fix. In a month, nothing else could be what? The sheaves? Because they're really conveyed, uh, thoughts of the takes. They all under post something like this. There's no background image, just think takes here and then a white background. There's no background image I know here simple. This one's really long, but fund our country. It's still readable. That's up to you, does in there. They I think that So that's all for this video. And then in the next video, we are going toe design our our image most using a free tool, and that's all for this video. Open their something new and see you in the next one 3. Design Tutorial: Hello and welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you a demonstration of how to use the free tool called Can va. You can use this canvas for your so should make a post like a expression and post are any good or whatever you want toe both in your in your social media alone. So right now, if you haven't signed up, it's a free tool is called Canada. You can go toe triple double with that gun. About that from on the Persepolis. I'm not affiliated with this website. Just I like this website. If you don't have a report shop, you can still you can still design. Okay, so in my dashboard on top, you can see the different that mentions the popular ones. And then on the bottom appear a other designs that you have designed before it will show up here on the bottom. And this is what we are going to do. Just simple image decks. Okay, a major sports. I mean, I click on this plus or click on this more it will show on the scientists. Are the dimensions softly different documents like here on the popular design types needs category. Absolution, media poster, Facebook and thats ones are the popular ones. If you browse if you scroll down, you can see the Social Media Post for Tweeter interest time there Happy Easter and then for documents, U. S. Letter a four letter head magazine and resume your certificates so they have the different sizes for blogging. I usually use the e book, and they came down because I sometimes they have a right. PdF some e books and then I used Discover King Uncover what kind If you're on to what bad and then for marketing many of the estate Flyer business card. If you integrate here, it's a pre told you can. You should try this. You don't have any in graphic software is told in your computer. And the good thing about here, it's easy to use this kind of Okay, So first, let's select the social media. If if I over my mouse, you see the so I says here dimensions. It's 800 by 100 pixels. I'm going to click it. It will open in a new tab. I'm using a groom. I asked my brother, and I better. This is our canvas. This white space. Okay on the left have signed me of some dubs here. We have search layouts elements, takes background in the political nature. I'm gonna talk about it for now. We have a blank canvas. If you want great a preset layouts, you can select this one. And if I over my mouse, you can see there's a dollar sign. It means you're going to obey for the guest, the guitar. Here, the image. Also in this one, you have to pay for this image. But there's also a three like this one says it's free. Okay, so you can select Wish one here for free. You can use anything. Let's say, for example, I'm gonna click on this free between put on my canvas like that. Okay. If they don't want toe by this one, unhappy Joyce just did this. That I can start, you know, designing on my own. And if I want my own image, I can goto uploads and then upload. Click on upload image and you can upload your image and then put it here. Let's say I already have some image here. I want Oh, what it here for? Just for example, I'm gonna this one to be here. And then there's are four circles on this corner. Means you can scale it down or scale it up. You can decisive, but only on this boundary. Okay, Even if I make it training big C on this side, it's gonna you just read the outside of the boundary. Okay? So I'm gonna get this Yes. Praising my village key on my keyboard like that. Okay, so first I got a great our own. Gonna create a year image pose for the media. But first, if you want find your own goat. You can goto brainy code that from no one that I used that I'm going to use NATO. I came back to here. I'm gonna just you mountain mountain image. Then press enter. I think that I see No, you can see different free here. Here. But this one is $1. You can buy that You really one that or you can go toe splash I'm site and don't know some free image NEDA. And here we condone on some image here from especially at home. It's free for commercial use. Have done a lot of good images here. Also on picks a baby. Let's check out may other classes about three grabbing designs. I put all the I, uh, solution where you can get three high resolution in Yes, and other. And I think you're saying sources for this one. I'm gonna wish one today. So I have here I can check out my other post. Essentially, year this the mountain directed. I'm gonna find that one. I think this one gonna sadness. And by the way, if you want toe want to remove everything, you're just just click and drug on top of this canvas and then best like that like that, you deleted every single element. Better now we can start from the scratch. Click on it. Scaling up Boris ice. Something like this. Oh, maybe I'm gonna put the with the mounting on the site. The principle of thirds. Okay. Thank you. Thank this one and then gonna, Then next I'm goingto create a boundary or a border can go toe elements and then find the freakin shapes. And here we have a rectangle, or I mean the square. I'm gonna click on it. I think that I can precise it, something like this, and you can see we have a right back out. We can change that. And you're on top. You can see the options here, a click on it And then here Transparency. I can never down the transparency and for and intention the gold or back take on this corner Caller. Good luck, South do I'm gonna send the luck and position in here like that. Didn't bigger again. Yes. Transparency. Our down your capacity. You, Wendell, I like your takes. You really want to make a little and me 60 to 80? You And they promised 50. And now I want to put me on. Thanks. Here. I mean, I want to put the techs here. I'm gonna get lying from brainy coat. I'm going to use this one. There's come. There's come from the heart and not from the brain by the DJ. I'm gonna type it out. I'm going toe fix going now. We have some choices here. There's a lot of them. You can design any type here you want. Oh, things are preset. Just click what you want. You're saying for this one candy twin load up on your canvas, but I don't want it. So I'm gonna ability gonna get the on a heading. I think that and then I'm gonna here are not be here, you know, like, uh, copy. Uh, I'm gonna bite you, dear. There's come from the heart. Okay, so I'm gonna select all control a Then I'm gonna cynically caller fight. Like I said, we have been background. You need a night. Thanks. I think that next I'm gonna pop up the sizes 140. That's so much I'm gonna ever done. Thank you. Still six like this. If you want to add some border here, I think we can have something like this one. This one. This is the one that I used on my here on this design. I'm gonna cling on it, and then it will load here. So first we need doing this up percent on a I saw here like that. And then now weekend preciseness according doing a science. Our square do that. Okay, now it's up to you. If you want changed, the border ensured that. I mean, you click on it on top here, you would see the other options. I can click on discolor then senate like that. Uh, before before they changed. I think they changed it yesterday, I guess because last time I checked this when you still it on element, the options are actually on the side. Okay? Not on this stuff. They change it, I think, yesterday. But anyway, so that's how we create a simple image post for social media. And if you want Oh, baby. Gonna Let's finish our damn. So I'm gonna another takes this one on a little bit of body takes. I'm gonna, uh, drug and put it here. There are two options off putting a design from this. I'm the stubbed toe to our canvas. You can click on it or target. Okay. So I'm gonna time control a to select that X. Then I'm gonna changed the Golder. Right? Okay, then click on this is based here. Don't play that. And then this unit on the center I think that and we have created they seem for image post for our social media. It's pretty thing point, isn't it? Okay, so I you value alone and I hope to see some of your designs. So to see some of your image designs, we start from the Senate thing. A layout on image, everyone or goto other sites that you can get a high quality image, splash and then put it takes a border if you want. Oh, or if you don't want the border, you can delete this, or I'm gonna put it here and then if you want yeah, quotation marks can get here damn fun. Some teams, this one put it here and then changed to call her. All right, let's see. It's pretty small. Let's make it bigger date like that, right? And then the other one, we can make sure you're saying the boundary I'm going to hold my alky on your keyboard And then, Okay, so that's how we carried the rotation. So the Salt fantasy video And I hope you learn something new from this class, and I don't forget both your design. That's the only way you will learn not only by watching this but, you know, creating or following the class demo. I mean the class project. And like what I did here again, maybe I'm gonna close this thing. And until it oil and then also this image, I'm gonna delete that and then whosoever post your design a great from Richard sign from the scratch and tryto remember all the steps that I did. So that's all for this video. I planned something and feel next class.