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How to Design a 2-Page Sales Flier in InDesign

teacher avatar Fred Jung, Graphic Designer and Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create a New Document

    • 3. View view of Tools and Palettes

    • 4. Basic Typography

    • 5. Importing Images

    • 6. Shapes and Gradients

    • 7. Layout

    • 8. Export Final PDF

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About This Class

Adobe InDesign is the primary tool for graphic designers for layout. If you are a beginning graphic designer or even a small business owner that wants to do his/her own design work, Indesign is a must. I will teach all the basics by designing a one page flier.

You need to have access to Adobe Indesign and basic computer skills. You can get a free 30-day  trial for Adobe InDesign at or sign up for the Creative Cloud depending on your budget.

  • Creating a new document and making changes to settings¬†
  • Learning the basic tools in toolbar and some palettes.
  • Basic Typography
  • Adding content and images
  • Shapes and colors
  • Layout on a grid
  • Create final PDF

Meet Your Teacher

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Fred Jung

Graphic Designer and Photographer


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1. Introduction: Adobe. A design has been industry standard for past 20 years for desktop publishing and typesetting, as a graph reserved is what tools are use. Maras Fred Young and I have been a grab is on a Web designer and retire over over 20 years . In this lesson, I'll be teaching how to do a two page sales for using in design. If you're a graph desire that's starting out or she's your career, more small businesses watch or north wanted to your graph design. This course is for you. Within his eyes, you could do print work like brochures, sales wires, business cards, posters, books, booklets, catalogues, everything else in that room. So did designs for, you know, one of farmers for his courses. In a copy of Invisible, You get free trial from adobe dot com for 30 days. Or did you just signed up for Adobe in design the president's budget? So please check out the critics. Everyone say hello somewhere. I'm paid intern. Okay, I'm paid intern. Let's begin with bullet points as you work so hard on last night. In his course, you be creating a new document. Learn how to use the tools and pallets, basic typography, importing inmates and re sizing them and change your settings, creating shapes ingredients. They learn to do basic layout using a grid. Then finally, you create a final. Pdf. Do you be printed or to be uploaded to the website? So thank you, Unpaid intern. Now let's start this course. 2. Create a New Document: Hello. Welcome to second video. We'll teach you how to create new document, and we're on the settings and creating your document. So this is a design. These files are. Don't worry around. These old father had open going open old find. Click on one of these So the creamy document now says he is buttery Here. It's creating new document. You click on a bun and open a new dialog box. Create a document. Take a little while. Okay. Legacy years pikers. Players are old measurement that's using no using more, having used to diesel like newspapers and things like that. So what? I use pikers having these practices, calling him over 20 years. Let's go two inches now. Sells flowers. Use a letter size, which is a standard size so it half by 11.5 wide. My lemon is as long as that letter sized. You want to use this orientation? One where those vertical we get this horizontal right here. See? So he's getting a vertical. We've been a toothpaste flyer, so page will be two pages facing pages. This is when you want to have like, um, multi page Don't like a book or booklet, brochure or peaches Air literally facing each other but a sales flyer. We want to do that because they're not facing channel. Be back to back on a page. So starting a page one and this is columns these little lines here I said, the design control combs. These lines here are invisible. Afford a guidelines I hope you're designing. They are gonna show up in a print. So do 12 and the column gooders they 0.16 67 inches. That's the default, and I just keep it afford. These are margins outer this with the outer measurements to safe zones. So you can like looking altogether. This a link Bon may want to seem to see all the same 0.16 inches moving up. You can see it goes all the auctions same time you were down the auctions in time so I would make the top marginal little bigger and a bottle bigger for sales where that's a likable. So the top a little bit slowly, bigger, like a wrong. This much in a bomb to is the bottom right here. So make this soon fire, so that will be the nice margin. So this is a good settings. Don't worry about bleeding Slug. These are likely know when things go off, you want to show like images off. So I mean, like, a lot easier way would bleed on for a print product. You wanna have them bleed like either vange off. So things booth over here when you make images go off. But with these margins, you want text or important, which is to be in this margins. When I will see if soon you can, we just go quickly off. What are they trying to put too much stuff in the margins? Let's go ahead and press create. So this is your new document. Here's a patient's that puts one and teach to these air like your master patients. None means that the like is nothing on a page of master ticket at elements still in occupation. Have it partition a little later lesson for that one. So you can go make new pages. You create the master a full here a three. Thanks for letting us have two pages. We're here. So this new document so as usual, ways created your dog. If you want to see if it first First file Seaver's upon the skill share flair seals lawyer one which I kept. Well, slower case. No, not that one really cares. Would it be like this in design CC 2 19 document and he perceived. And I have a new document to make yourselves fire. 3. View view of Tools and Palettes: Hello. Welcome to our next video or teach you some of the tools of in design is worth pallets and a control panel. So it's begin the lesson. This is our to bar here. This is where our tools are now. These are important. So this 1st 2 will be a primary tool called The Spear of Destiny. We only boring. It's called the selection tool. Impressive, even a selected by support clicking on it. So it's a black arrow. You move things around with pals around here like that, and I can move shapes and document all L. Miss Green moved to sell us. Use this card the rectangular frame tool. Make a shape quick. What images? Until it's that's just create a new one. Kids go over here to the color palette, this seat a square. This is for like the field color and the sea is little square with a little great really. Click on it is the outline far color. Let's make the inside a different color. Speaking black and second show. You click on the tool, the Spear of Destiny, and I can move these things around. Okay, Gasser sizes. If you click on the edge and you Krista shift. But you can resize it proportionately and shipped back down again. If you don't press a ship one, you can poor quarters and just do any sure shape. I know that. So that's just rest. The main tool. And this here is a spear of destiny to, or the direct selection tools will be born again. So click here. This could also move around with them. Spear of Destiny Tool Laurie. Click on the edge societies making, like pull it out the that or you can go 1/4 and distorted like this. You do all sorts of things, This thing pretty cool. Useful Tool has more applications literal, but it's a basic tool with within Mr Lead this tool. I wouldn't use this page to weaken Jesus supplies or page within the document. Today, using a document will be have 11. If you have one page that's different, others, like eight inches by 11. You can use this tool, but I want to show it's too advanced. Only use a cap tool. I really is that contact collector. We'll use them. But here's a text tool. This is your primary tool. Second click and drag to text box Say this is a text blocks you can only see. So let me just men fly in, reduces magnifying glass and may getting close to the tool. See also another waken do It is the view Zoom in. Good include sir you can see is command equal sign or command my *** and zoom out. So you do command equal isn't a Mac and get closer or command. So Jackson signings do make out. That's how you do imagine vacations or you can let go here. And if it pays a window, see if it's in a window we're after. Size is 100% size, and I use this tool the hand tool that the done. We says Tool, handle. You can move the document or whatever. Old around doesn't affect the elements small like you want to like. You're like here. Like we're serious. I don't want to, like, do these tools here. That's a hand tool. Just moving around. It doesn't affect the doctor itself is just part of the orientation off the view. So and you can like click on this gritty do eclipse tool and oval or press shift circle. You click it again. Have a polygon tool. We seize the hexagon or click once you can show with height I wouldn't know that Exhibit number sizes We get octagon or so carrying. See, now we're not to Dawn Octagon. Super a year. Make it black. So these are little tools here. There is a great in tool. That's a great until I So this is one is great and feather. I don't use this melon much. You have a color than these. Air feather a feather, the edges. All right. I use the eye job tool of units like the color work. So what were you? A sample of a color? Because you don't know. I use the eye job guys, upper tooling and such a tool Working ahead to tools. Let's go there. So these are a little general idea. The tools this transform tool you again make it here, become bigger. You can rotate it around because the drug section two also Jews. That's something I don't know. Why does a transform to one direction, tool or spear of destiny can do the same thing. So let's just go here. It's just a little overview of the tools 4. Basic Typography: Okay, Sanel, let's go to photography. So if you want to, like do a sales for your products was too low. Product title. Let's call it home. Red dress. You can go clear. This is a control panel. You can control this fonts here and and the weight size that's for us. User. Nice father. I like. It's only fun list. I took grotesque. Let's make it bold. I'm a troll. Poisons good. It's a good science work so you can see the black. Let me just make before. So this is your title of our products. Let's make it like a different color. Like here's a color pants washes. Stick of red. Okay, little body copy. It's been a black. Make it, um, medium size. Make it smaller. Two points, 10 point size. Say, Like this dress. No couple age. This dress is 37 inches long, fits up to a forage cost. 100% cut Ah, made in China. Evans. Lot size for products with my other job. Our prize Prat has a specific item number, so put that number in years of like C W level nine and then the price dollar sign 29 93 So this helps you. You're doing sales where? I don't know if you have an inventory and ask here you but either for that scheme, you number here, let's make it board. So here's a new thing, Carrie. So this is a leading we Concrete's a leading, so it's not spaceships. More heart you no longer see because space agility well, yes, low in my was good. This space, we'll support you space after this is a space after getting a little add to it and then we speak something means seal was a little more than of the, um, kind of got letting. That's why do a new paragraph. You put little space between paragraphs. That's what space after does. So you so different partners are more space between them. Why do a space after see, with the space above space bugs you make a little further. So before this has space and better this or space typography and then we'll have the title . That's great. New color. Spring sales Lawyer No. One sells flowers is a small dog. You don't have to money that funds it becomes a readable picked. Two different funds has many different ways because you don't have the on busy. So here are exact for product is an active protest. So for main title I, Reza Sarah fun because it looks nice for titles. Let's go with, um, to cancel years. It'll be Cazalot. So make it big making. Um, there's orientation here in our product would be left. The line will make the center okay. Yes. Mixes board so to ourselves, form of this title. This is the our product windows, So I want teacher now Styles could be uses married seven times. So since this will be like our product name, I'll go here called paragraph styles. That's crazy style based on this. So they like new paragraph. Let's call it cooler name. This is actual greats, you know, kind of bold that so I could hear apply to selections that this time will be the product name. These are actual breeze I want to get into. It was like this basic characters. You can change all these tabs. You know, we wanted a little tapping spacing. Let's do a space before I 0.65. This is the space above here as well. Space and I won't go to of foreigners and scoopers. Okay, it's now looking like click here and see like a woman's pleaded dress and we'll see here. Probably because apart. Look, See? Now it's the same says that makes it so powerful. You could do a seem attributes and this one and you're going here, let me show you something. You can change the size here. You see, it changes here, both of them leading to sing in those tire you can choose the colors the L C M yellow, pink Let's go to rent. So this is so why this? Well, you should be using card lifestyles. Know your documents. It is the body copy says Go create new paragraph sound with a body coffee It's called by class election. So there's nobody here. So nobody and is your character cells. This is when you want cheese style. So they within the same paragraph we'll have a Harvard turn. So this a paragraph. This is a whole paragraph with a separate from this. No, What we see is plus on because I made this bold. Well, this is medium. So that's why I was, like, confused. If you want to reset it, you're clear. Override and everything's now back to be in the same pond tires and buy a copy. Only this bull. This is highly this thing because created. It's called Bold and we're creating characters out called You Guessed It Bold, Both gold. So apply selection the cease, the same paragraphs they can do like other words to his bold See, just I can hide this. This great doesn't mess you up this command semicolon seeking command so we can see like it's bold Now it's hardest. Things always go in. The bullet is changing color a little bit. Just illustration. It's called home. Jesus, dark blue, See? Sees dark blue. Get rid of it too. Must not go back home like this. Is this a bold again? You go here Pulled the press preview. Sorry, prosecutors and see them change the city red. It's going blue. Okay, that's still a subhead for our snow supplier. It's called clothing to say fund. There's less school park name. I'm gonna make it like bold italic. Gonna make a little bigger. Not shoes. No, I just black Still read outs. Go. Let's create new color for this nuclear swatch. Let's make it orange. You see, I slider is going to get a color Samuel orange color. There's done. So that's this one is called this a subhead. New So head I will keep trying to capitalize in Second Little, but there goes so class section. So there is some. Here's our funds will spring. This is boring and this is our child's. Let's make her tiles rescue a nice color. Make this right as well. Let's make it Nukaga cell through plant selection. So these are false is our basic typography and learning a paragraph style of the character styles. So this is this lesson. 5. Importing Images: Hello again. Now we reached a part of lesson of importing images into in design that is, that you can just important many different of images you could do. Veteran pessimism, Illustrator Logo's illustrations. You can import photographs in our epistle based images. This help enhances Thea the layout. So is any our flyer, your store or flying age? Our own personal logo were store level, so let's import the logo of the so slider. So let's take that. You just click and drag second. Go to this. My fuller click on my own personal Louisville rises Dragon onto in design like this and all method take bring image into design. So put us right here. Just drop it right and then Carrie Smith films on the way is your illustration This little rough because viewing is they can choose hiding. You can make you like good quality images. So what I want tip will display. We looked at the quality of the images you're displaying. You put high chlorine display and I'll show you as you look distresses box a little bit. Promise, Like doing The high quality view is that sometimes it slows down in design, so let's go for that images. No way in the import emissions is the going here place or Apple Day. They go into your folder art. Choose this beautiful model. Now it clicks into of the Boston was silent. It's not beautiful. Mona's young paid intern. Unpaid intern. Oh, who, anyway, let's not Let's undo this. Misplaced this intern right here so you can do many things within minutes. You can resize it. Using the spear of destiny. You press shift command and then you bring done. It brings the size so it should command it could get a court, and no resized image already sells flare. These my images have have await background on like this. We could do like sceneries well, but usually a first sales where you would go on a white background. So it's 21 more image for this one race year. And so I said, the two million judgment voice. So again I can like I can resize it like this command and shift quarters in. Well, it could make the box. Just grab it and doing it cooler. This so the prophet says I want to value when they go into object, have a good feeling Haven't fit the frame proportionally or for the content proportionally or fit The friend frame is the box We're here. It's just different proportionally. So this is the box with the frame. See if you're in the proper against you can see that the white blocks at the bear So far we're overlooking my first time Is I credible Outline caught a clipping path and for a shop I can teach you that in full of later. But all my images like to put a clipping fan Mrs. I learnt the removes a white background So let me show you how to do a clipping tack. Go click here on object Going on the clipping path Option they choose the clipping back now Lol Amazing how clip of bath When I could images I couldn't to create my own clipping back Soon's through full sharp pair and death warm has preview You can see I mean, this outline criticized a lot for a shop. The camp was that images overlap each other like this. So that's how I do images importing images 6. Shapes and Gradients: these shapes and sizes, shapes, ingredients. Let's work on that more correcting. Here. It's called ingredient time. So there's a greeting palette with the great until we know linear created or radio lives. Just, ah, straight line like this, from white to black like that. We can change the colors here in ingredient so you can go to the color palette, and so that's kind of cool orange. Bring it to this side. Click on the little box that replaces color becomes orange and you compress the white with a different current. Likes a yellow and bring role here, and they have great like this. You see the green taking licks. Choose that direction ingredient Goossen like up and down for a shift. If it straight up and down, we're going to go this way Or it can go diagonal. Really go away. Yes, I do agree that this or you could make the great and be radio, which is like a circular which is more geared towards your lips. So created there. Accidents. Imagine indicative the shapes, and I like Brownell until it is the online you click on Black Seal outta line here sees lions here moving from Heidi's guidelines. I go on extra high free measures, have a better view of the images, and I can increase the point size up to here in the control panel. Make a thicker. So that's how you do those images so you can do many different things. You can make out of line chains to like thin lines to dash lines. You do all sorts of things in this one. Sure, so this had to shapes and images and as the end of this listen. 7. Layout: for a little video of for layout of the sales where now it is little squares. Here is the color power chose for a sales where the mesh, my luego Soviet golden orange or red and black. I don't do any too many colors because you keep it consistent. A consistent looking because, says a brand for your business. So keep on a closing there. Color talent. Let's start our design. So what they would do with a purple level you see, like my grid system is up. 12 Columns 123456789 10 11 12 With the girl between, sometimes local between dinner, you need only sleeve to this call work. It was still early stage. There's no reason not to. Okay, so this sound here we get closer. I can see like I created a little color action. This severe your contact information on your website, your telephone number, and made it email as well, and have a little greedy in a shooting under a deal. Agreed in that the bomb. I want this view of both pages, and I want to show you that your make us be on both pages use a master page. So here's May Master. So first I just gravity's both guys and not cut him. I really like up works. Caught it. I go until the master in the pace and police this a place it right? Exactly. I had this A master Ah, ball Page will have this at the bottom of peace if you go to away Page one, you see is here, and I can click on it and page to also has it so just move out so you can see page to hers The the contact information and page one also as same. Exactly. You can click on it. So that's a good thing. Has I use your master patients were here. The master, the bully Messi's lawyer A here has your master to the local here. You know, Put this little design around here right here. Just that Should I had no experience flares. Let's put that title right here. Keep that Senator, This is your header. Is Louis little too big? Closed Smoller? You said moving. What? The doctor was a bleed. You always want to bleed off the page. You don't want to go to the edge because when you're printing and what will we be exactly? And you would have someone who always space ceiling pull until you off. So when a printer doesn't line up pays exactly, it will still be the constable over the edge. Now I do like a little special fair. So may say something here. I low drop shadow Toso Go affects. I'm going to draw upset. You can see it's little too darn hard to see and this is the angle seeking showing was junk shirt over here that's regular closer here. See most my always a little different things. Most guys is the best thing you screen. Do anything. Document the target anyways. The colors on schools employ their passing on. Make a lot learn to be more readable. So there you go. You decide. You make that a little smaller. Let's show we have a little shells of this. So it's that little sure that's very good for drop show Spring. Sure, let's take a look that's a little too small. It's but the spring shells. But bigger has ah, Tiger stylist with a little bit bigger. So this he's letters. You know what it is? Can you tell us now. Spring still, Swire gonna have a little element here to show the date. But right here in the top corner, just a little bit severe ahead. You always foot spring sales for in order to be a march tells 19 logo it is designed. I mean, that's good. Header solar shingles flying on the same Because this is the head you do. Everyone is on want and for the covers or for a four page, I'll have to reality and cynical. You're attractive people attentions. I just have the model. You can see the clipping path. What should our videos in your head? This meals elements so good without the cupping bath, It's sort of clicking pair. You see this Big white? Let's hear clicking that back on. And I got a little description here for next year. Keeper is okay if she moves over on the grid because image is a little more forgiving. So it was Put us here, line up with the grid. Those good can do good design. Galactic rid. Let's put the unpainted turn right here. Yeah, go put this little description right here as well. Not this trail is a little bear no pun intended. It's a lot bigger. Cure agrees. It was have like a little cola or a little little bubble for jewelry sale. Still to be the star burger Noble already. But so here and have a lot. Of course, it'll has Perego style as well, so it's less of a jewelry sale. Curious and for all month, this will be our first page. Always just too long is a cell. You have a little voice days and not too crowded just to get people attention. Let's go to Ph too. Can you just give a design out here? No, no, no tougher here. Well, it's tough. Here's the subhead jewelry. Was his jewelry sale participatory here? Now what I love about this 12 column grid is you can do layouts work every four stuff ago across 3 to 6. Making Jenny Dylan Collins 18 Columns, 15 counts. I'm forgetting 12. So here you could have, like four lines go cause equal size or three arms so we can do like three irons. Go across equally very like a 1234 calls. Now give us three I am across. Then let's put these guy here there. Find here. 60. All three go across equally. Winstrol Grown Grid, but isn't textbooks don't line up properly. So where lots of prop exposes, Probably the crosses. A clicking on three home cruelty here and says here, land type edges and a lot of them all up. You can do with images, too, but we'll be too high. So let's not do that. No, I got thes columns here. Diesel necklaces. This four second do like four across equal sized. Let's go here, run here We weren t three columns here again. Your circle. You want to keep a lined up a line? Tough dishes like that straight down. Love it. You know, I wouldn't want to brace it to have a little more. And business. Let's make this Bristol bigger. That's a good one. More column We're going to hear. I went to school here. Seclude over here. I was going here New. This little door now are seeking like we re in your layouts, different ways. You see, it's not even equal anymore, but still, it z pretty organized to give us a little more emphasis. This is a more important bracelet. We can make a man more record this is the real glass will make history across. It's this guy a little bit smaller. We didn't have a little here, so now it's become more dominant shape cooking. Oh, those to detect edges. She's covering this, guys. You can go here and moved to the front or period. Let's do layers here, but really one layer. Let's do in our layer. I didn't call their tombs of two layers. We can pull like text on the second layer, including this one here. So will be a bold India's. That's degree says Asia Layers, canister links. Talent shows your images used. This is J. B 372 GBC. Ansari is your theater five? Okay, then doing like this cause testimonial Qiming so that guys like were sear fund. We should you'd be consistent. So let's just go, Chris, tell small you make this Cazalot like the other one is going to be cancel on. And for this person does the testimony name wasn't this castle on Can is on semi bold italic. You can see how nice it looks. Kates and last was that little satisfaction guarantee when the seller let's make the satisfaction because the left of Warren's a lot of left. Put it there. Let's use it again. We want to keep the consistent. So make this because lan Gold 35 okay, preview. All right, so the color totally have floor. That's easy. Read right. It's just plus. I mean, something's not right. So it was clear. Legal rights. Go back. Here is where clear, oversized. Everything's with some. It just has been removed. Let's make this 20. It is good. So here's our Sills Flyer cage one page two. So next lesson will make a PdF. 8. Export Final PDF: now at the end, our sell flowers Don't know. Sorry to G O to create PdF for this file. Now the present. What you put on do with us since your printer you create a high resolution pdf, which includes crop marks and bleed in registration marks. Or if you just goto uploaded to the website as a pdf Computing down was electric. You export the pdf. What? Firmly Pdf. So it's still a principia First high resolution pdf to be center printer. So just for I was done, all the links were here. You can see that leaves no missing links. Okay, it looks fine. Won't make sure looks good. So far, so good. Look, see no errors. That means is the where is in a pre flight pre flip man. You just know, Eric, that's good. Was when you don't wanna have errors when you make a pdf. So let's go down to the file export because sales for your print se spear print CVE presets in the DUI export window. So high quality print. This is what you want for. Ah, print Pdf. So you will all the pages. Okay. When I love you, it's in here compression. He's always thief. Potential tour kill 303 100 DPR 300 Pissed bridge is fine for rescue majestic cities For him, this is all good. Marx you want the crop works. You want the registration marks? You know it's page information. Co bars are so important. New, please marks. You do want to have bleed so clearly Eight of an inch Put 1 to 5 bleed. We will receive 18 74 Bleak means always lt here with this color will be printed if you include the pdf this fine output color conversions. Fine, then security. You need that. So let's go create PDF Export year process information. You can cook in the back on task in Washington process Pdf The process that led to look your pdf So this is your print, PDF. So the sales for opens high results seals wire. As you can see, that this crowbar serious was worried. Prewar Cut the file where it gets printed. Two seconds. He's very good. High quarry. Well, I just a little more off here. It was already going. Whole information paid. So this is where the high resolution for looks for into may, so good to go so close this foil. Let's create off pdf for the Web. So here's beer for a Web. It's poured. It's is for dish web. Can you do? Where is a preset? All the pages, of course. Let me Ah ri hyperlinks on my fireball because of higher likes seeking. Click on a link. Clear 100 fifties foreign. I'll go to Arjuna. She's is a lawyer. Small file Senior Christian. Only 200 pixels Bridge, no marks. You don't really just wanted to say size of the fire itself? No, please. So it's good and export this. See progress careerist Done. Take a look. This is when curious to see. Here is our flair for the wear so you can upload. This flyer is 11 downloaded from your website. So this is a word. Pdf, this is how you do. Pdf's for your foil. So this is done or lesson is done. So this is where you do it? A friend Pdf. You know what? Pdf So thank you for your time.