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How to Design Vector Scenery Icons In Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Overview of the class

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. What is vector art

    • 4. Tips for good illustrative Icons

    • 5. Illustration Styles

    • 6. Ideas/ Inspiration

    • 7. Basic shapes

    • 8. Design tutorial

    • 9. Adding texture

    • 10. Final

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Meet Your Teacher

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview of the class: Hello and thank you for checking out. Discuss. My name's just Tony. I'm a freelance graphic designer and I publish Rick Ledgett Orioles here on skin shirt. So be sure to follow me. Make me in this button to receive or some graphic design classes in this class. You're going to learn how to decide a vector. Seen any icon in Adobe straight or, I mean, sure, you step by step on how to create the class assignment from scratch. I'm sure we do the basic idea off simplifying shapes to make our designing passes easier and better. If you want to illustrate their own seeing any icons, this is a perfect last for you. So if you want to improve your designing skills, see you in the next video. 2. Introduction: Hey, guys. Welcome toe. How to create flat scenery, icons with basic shapes, meanings in your stony In this class of Michel with you may steps in a process off, illustrating a flat scenery icons. We will talk about everything you need to know from sketch to finished design. Um, if you haven't, if you haven't done any installation before you think and the administrator we show you how easy to create an illustration using basic shapes. And later in the class, I will show you how to use the basic shapes together with the simple tools here in administrator. All right, So I'm now let me show you my sample, The signs for this class. Okay, So let me Highness layer these foreign signs that I created for this class. Yes. Ah, simple installation sample off scenery. I couldn't icons. Okay, um and then later we show you a how I created are how I had sign one of this. Maybe this one. I'm gonna show you using the basic shapes you can create this simple designs, okay? And almost most of them. And you say simple tools in a straight or like rectangle to around in the jungle. and it's told. And I'm sure you may basic steps and, uh, may thought process for creating and saints. Okay. And now some of my favorite tools in Adobe Illustrator. Okay, so that's all for this introduction video and see you in another one. 3. What is vector art: welcome. Before we start designing our class project factor. Seen any icons? Let me explain to you what this in vector art or vector illustration. Vector art is a form of digital are treated by paths, lines, points and shapes that, based on mathematical formulas in vector art or illustration, there are vector data that can help us to scale our design without losing its quality or resolution. The popular programs for vector art are but the administrator like what I'm using right now . Adobe. I mean, I'm sorry, the Fendi designer in the CorelDraw. You can create the vector art in both shop as well, using its basic shapes and parts. But for me, I prefer the natural program for vector the adobe in the strait or okay. Some artists combine. They combined 40 shop administrator. They create parts and shapes in the street or in and colors in texture in Fort Shop. For this last, we will be using mainly on the straight or for our seen any icons. And I love using the the Adobe Illustrator because the simple truth is that I can use 90 year, you know, unlike the other before church over there, like their like hundreds off, but in straight. Or you can focus me new and some basic tourists and then mental and some shipbuilder tool and the scent. You know, that's basically what you're going to use when you are in the state or right. So sometimes I also do that they don't my vector design in illustrator and then, um, exported. I expert using the I actually just drug it toe 40 shop and then called her there or adding some texture. And, uh, maybe I'm gonna wait another class about it. But for now, we're going to focus in creating our victor design. Right? So the soul for this video and, um, see you in another one. 4. Tips for good illustrative Icons: Welcome back in this video, I'm going to give you some tips for scenery icons. There are three things you need to remember when designing a scenery icons. The 1st 1 is capturing the characteristics of a place or seen one of the important things right. This one is very important. Like a normal icon Design. Your scenery icon should be recognizable. These installation icons don't work like simple icons use for more my phones, but it shouldn't be nice. I'm gonna swell eventing someone sizes. Okay, So I'm gonna show you some example like this one at me, but it right here, even if we zoom out or view it, the smaller size should be nice about it. Right? So how we can achieve that by getting the characteristics of the ah scenery? Okay. And we still if you're familiar with Japan or, you know, Japanese are called for. You know what these are All right. So that's the 1st 1 ensured that captured the characteristics of a place or seen okay in the the next one should be. Let's leaving the descent elements. Okay, this is self explanatory. We don't want our icons to look. BC as much as possible. Don't put much more than forming elements in your icons. Make in science look balanced, like one big element with the door. Three small design elements vary the sizes and only use the important ones from your reference. Okay, So if you have a photograph, I just speak on in the important ones that that you think is necessary and should be a recognizable in just one look, you know, something like that. All right. And then the 3rd 1 the final one, I use basic shapes. So, you know, if you follow, follow me for quite some time. You know that I love using basic ships. You know, one of some of my tutorials say I am going to e in current your toe. Use basic shapes because, um, I don't think that, you know, amazing shapes are for her norms. No, no. The most of my designs. Basically our basic shapes and, uh, with the help of mental and some toning straight here. So your basic shapes for icon designs for seen any icons? Um, this is I can design that budget design or a full blown instruction If you want your design . Me a detailed so super dating, then you may want to make a really big size restriction. And that for ah, singing for a not for icons. Okay, um, for this magic, try to simplify things by using basic shapes that available in Adobe Illustrator. We don't need to show every detail of the reference makes make it simple. Just again the important part of the image and saying it with simple ships. Okay, so those are the three things you need to go and get this in mind and see you in another video in the next video. 5. Illustration Styles: Hey, guys, Welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you the different styles that you can do in your scenery icons, All right. And for for this class, I'm gonna give you some freedom to create what kind of styles that you want for your scenery icons. You can go say I let me show you. I can go. The lion administration have a class about that line in the street shown, by the way, and you can do something like this, You know, this one? The ah, fewer lines only, but you can see you can recognize it. It's like the day I got up there, Got a force right here. Some trees, some clouds right there. You know, it's still, um, recognizable. Right? So I guess by using the lines can, um you know, um, you can send the image off our toe Truly oneto express in your artwork. Right. So that's the line instruction. You can do that in your seeing eye. Conceptual on before this one on the side. Ah, again on lines. But, uh, really nice Aren't wanted here without the syrup girl, you know, making it icon. He making a Nikon. So those are something some points off line installation for our scenery. Icons. That's the first style. And you can do the the normal one. The flat. Ah, designs where you usually do flat design. And for the 1st 2 examples of my I've seen the dragons. Ah, you made me use some amazing shapes and, uh, simple tools to create this in the administrator. And these are my, uh, class assignments glass products for this class. And later I'm gonna show you how I created this one, right? And another example for the flat design would be something like this without the syrup kill . Um, you see that the even just a normal shapes you can create a nice and interesting artwork. I in the scenery, right without the circle right there. But off course you can make a few girls are to create an ankle in for this Ah, scenery. I had the same. So it doesn't a 2nd 1 The flat design and, uh, also you can go minimalist style where you can do just doing simple design and the interpreting some elements with the basic shapes in mind. For example, this temple, I think I don't know where I get the image. But I douche, I mean, uh, share with you later, uh, for this one idea and just created with a simple line and then, like a triangle right there for these. It's very simple. And I'm gonna show you some example later. Also, this one in the minimalist style. Very simple in Ah, and you can see the amazing thing that I want toe share with you with this icon. So this one is a minimally so you can use which everyone kind of I stand for your eye gone . I'm gonna give you some freedom to inside which are stand that you want And another example Last example would be adding taste your idea Although it's not we're not gonna focus on this one, but I'll show you a video How I created the text Your for this This one with the steep on The fact that I put on top of the, uh, elements are the icons and then put it Ah ah, using a preset takes your for mother administrator in green idea. Okay. And then this one using the gradient effect also wants the same 90 year. But this one I used the A gradient. And this one using the background with the, um, solid color, you can see united this accommodation of corner from yellow toe orange scholar right there and finding it. This one is someone one a man. Well, uh, takes your manually input those stapled using the brush tool, I mean, the brush tool and then some staple brush rushes that I use. I'm gonna upload that later so you can download it in the American used on your, uh, your own design. I am manually created. Does, um, takes you right here? I brush them. So these are examples of the I states that you can do You can do the man while or you gonna go. I mean, when do the flat design right year or you're going toe minimally style. I can do in the taste your So there are many stands that you can do that out for this class . We're going to focus on the flat design. Okay, so we're gonna I'm gonna show you how I created this one using them, making shapes, of course. So the soil for this video and yeah, at me. Ah, show you in upcoming videos. How I saying something like this So the soil and see you in the next one 6. Ideas/ Inspiration: Now you know about the important things about scenery. I quints. It's about timeto find the subject for our class project. In this video, I'm going toe show you how to find a perfect subject for our class assignment. Remember these remember deficient icon design. We want something recognizable hit by the first look we don't want toe. We don't want to genetic scene as much as possible. Pick something like a popular landmark or to respond but still up to you. This is just an example, right for seeing any So you want to have a difficult time finding a four to reference. But I feel unwto make an icon for any scenery in your backyard. You know? It's okay. You're right. Ah, it's up to you. I'm just giving you some ideas, like, you know, landmarks and, um, story spots are easily ah, toe if he isn't toe industry because there are Ah, there are the characteristics are really Ah, Maybe they're so easy toe to create them. So first I'm gonna show you my a reference image. It's for my class projects for my class, Paddick examples. And then later I will share with you when and yet cool singer images. Okay, so for the subjects for the game, Yes, for my projects for this. So I use the first you need to think what, um, place you want to me where you want toe go. All right. So it will help you if you write down three places that you want to visit this year. Like for me, I wanna goto Japan, Korea, and maybe one country in Europe. Um, maybe, um, on their own. France maybe. But so first, I'm gonna look for Japan, uh, Japanese to response. So I go get that. And then I came up in these results. CNC These are very popular landmarks and tourist spots. The Mont Fuji and this stain idea, I think this Ah, this one is a shrine. Something like that. So I go with them and then look forward. Most popular landmarks, All right. And then let's go. But I saved them. And also this one, as you can see on my example, like here, that's the one they used right and nose over these. I think they used these. Yeah, right. This one. And for this one somewhere, I think. Right here. Right. That's the one I use for this one for these. I don't remember where I get it, but I think also go get right. Oh, yeah. So that's ah, how I get my ideas for my subject. And again, you want to use the popular landmarks or tourist spots. So it's easy for us, you know, to illustrate them. And it's recognizable, but again, still up to you You want to use this, And if you don't see or find any good references on Google, Uh, I have a good site on that. I am visit all the time and I need the reference it's called. The photos were artists that got that UK You can visit the site and you can find diferente cool. Immediate. Usually I think Michigan. This one is for, you know, for painting that you can Ah, I guess Use or painting. And then, uh, Cindy gallery. You see what they have right here So you can use these as your reference for your scenery. Icons? Yes, a sample, you know. But like I said a while ago that there you can write down 33 places that you want to visit and then make a bank wins for those places. You know, the pick the tourist spots or landmarks of those countries and then make it make anti gun. Right. So in this site, decide it's called the photos for For what? It's for artists. That one. That UK, the ever times off images from different places. This one looks really cold, I guess. I think I'm gonna create a Nikon for these one on this. See this one? Yeah. Like the lighthouse? Yeah, I guess I'm gonna create something. This one I'm gonna post. Ah, my assignment got Spajic. All right, So yeah, Yes. Ah. Think of the place that you want to be Easy. Look, were there to response there scenery, popular sceneries and then making I can for them. Okay, So the song for this video, guys. And if you have any questions? Yes, let me know, and I'm gonna answer Lee, we didn't 24 hours once I saw them. All right, So the salt for this video and see you in another one 7. Basic shapes: Hey, guys. So welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you how I simplify things and how how I use the basic shapes off the other based administrator. And I guess this is the most important videos of this class where I'm gonna share with you my insights and, uh, my thought process when I'm doing a artwork or design. Okay, so let's start with the simple one. I use mainly for my designs, the basic shapes, the rectangle tool around, other tangled. And it's told polygon and I startled. And aside from that, I also used the shape builder toll and ah, also D no, not that one. The free transform tool. Or press the other e. And you can see the shortcut. Target letter? Sure, kitty on every toes. All right. So those who mainly the tools that I used when a great design and, uh, if you don't have the rounded tangle the option, for example, if you have the a tangled and in case you want toe make the corner surrounded Ah, you can basically just select this point and then just doing that. All right. Now you can make the cornice surrounded, but I feel using. If you're using the Adobe illustrator CS six against. You don't have this kind of option. Um, what you can do is you can goto FX and, um, a fake I style ice round corners and an idea you can see the ah, you can make the corners. Ah, rounded. So this is what you should use if you don't have this kind of option where you can make the cornice around. Okay. And I also used the ah Pathfinder. I love using the Pathfinder. That's why I love using the on the administrator or because the rules are very simple and easy to use. You know, I love using the finder. Let me change in that poll, or so we can see there is soul. Okay. And you get me a whole Let me make this dangle around the corner. You can make a hole from these may praising this one. Minus friend? Yes. Like that. Okay, it's ah, there sewing, right? Better me and get the, uh, shape, my dear. And yet on the all right, then we can send it to a friend by going toe, object an inch, bring the front, or send um, bring forward. You have the option. Bring to front means the top layer bring forward just once the of the layer stuff. Okay. All right. Now this hold right there by using the Pathfinder. Now, how I'm going toe simplify things, for example, me of a sample photo and say mountain. Um, instead of using the, um, mental, Although you spend all I know how to stem cores instead of doing this. But I normally do and get the startle quicken drug, and then press the down arrow to remove to reduce the corners or up arrow to add more corners. And then you can pressure control key and then drug. And then you can change the, uh, this time of your triangle, our star. Okay, now let me in a moment. The other corners. Same sign in tow. Changed this something. You're saying that All right. No, we're going to create a mountain, right? So I'm asking you, uh, I'm going to remember first some points because they are too for six points. Expensive right here. I'm going to remove those. So bending this option will make easy for me. So and I'm gonna get my uncle point a little. Oh, no, not more point. I'm sorry. A little more points total. Yes. Click on the point. And to remove that just like that. And then I'm gonna get my uncle point all. And this is what I love using this tool because I can draw a straight line. And then later, when I'm editing, I can make this corner bend something like that. Just like that, you know, so easy, right? So easy instead off. You know, uh, tracing the mountain hands and tryingto make a perfect triangle using a mental. That's ah, this Ah, quite hard. You know, tryingto does this. I'm thinking that. But if you go in the startle and just get the dragon one thing Your shifty toe constrain area. Nice ally in a dragon saying that your move told, Make it hold your, uh, alky on your own saying that and then you can remove using your little more point. You can remove those points and who are fine. Don't thing that and then can make another shape because a month for yes, a, uh, flat up minus friend. You've seen the pathfinder if you don't have it doing goto ah view but, uh, finder on a window. Sorry. Uh, right here. Pathfinder or a shift control F nine or a shift command F nine and then minus front. It's like that. That's my man. That that's my mountain. Mundane. Just Ah, a couple of seconds. That's how I simplify stuff, you know? And, uh but there is, Let's say, uh and there some. Ah, how I don't this naked. I'm gonna show you how many steps and basically I just, you know, trying toe visualize the design with it is it's ah, it's skeleton, you know, on the outline. And that makes me that makes ah designed for me. Easy. So that's how I, uh, I see. Ah, this temple like a line and then another triangle triangle, for example. I'm gonna do it right here. You know, create a line straight line. And then my appearance, Panin, I'm gonna add some strokes. Like on Let's say 10 points so much maybe yes, five. They make it longer. Okay. And then, um, it's again using my triangle. Yes, I already have it. So we don't have a great one. It's like God on exchange the caller toe blocks. We have a same corner and then using our convert on your point of view, you think that creating a rectangle for the body off the dis temple and then it's duplicating this triangle hunger lt. And then shift, duplicate and then scale it underside on your health. I just like that. And then it's ah, repeat the process. The thing that s so I see stuff. That's how I, uh um Simplify thinks for me and make the design easy. Of course, in the flat, flat design, you know, it's a different one if you are. If we are talking about the here Ah, something like a needle didn't one. Okay, so that's basically how I simply my stuff. And then, ah, I mentioned a while ago you see the shape builder tool, and there's something that I don't want toe part to be part of the disciple sample in this area. Yes, I like everything. Get your ship builder tool or a shift em. And then, if you want oh, remove that on your foot. As you can see, there's a minus minus sign when my anger or in my, uh, courser I mean, just click on that. And if you want. Oh, uh, enjoying everything right here on this triangle. Yes. Ah, click and drag right here and everything will be ah, joined. Just like that. It's now one shape. Okay, But of course, the past plaster one would be the fact finder By combining everything unite, unite all the shapes. OK, so that's how I simply buy stuff. And, um, let me know, Grace, if you have any questions and I'm gonna answer it, there's something that you want to learn. Um or you want me to add on this Oculus? It's let me know, OK? And the daemon tutorial would be on the next one. So So that's it for this video. And I hope you learned something and that's you in another one. 8. Design tutorial: Hey, guys, I Welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you the how I designed this one. And you can see I have a reverence right here on my left side and the ah ah, the finished design on my right side and on the same terror is my sketch. So I have something to follow. You can do this as well. You can just ah, take a picture of your design and then put it on the administrator. Okay, so let's start. You can follow along with me you see in your life segmental Yes. Click and drag right here holding your shift key. So canto constrained a straight line. Okay. And then I can change this ice on. Let's say for this 1 25 points and then we can use our uncle point tool so we can bend. This is straight line. Yes. Like that. All right. We don't have toe get exactly what we have on our photo reference. Just ah, you know, we can get the basic idea Basic shapes off the example Image. That's what I'm trying toe. Go right here. And, um, secular shape. Still, I let's say maybe not so much Ben, and I can judge it on your, uh, the way you can see your design. And then that's duplicated. Holding your, uh, alky and then drug. And then Shefki so do in duplicate straight line, make it smaller, hold euro out and then on the side skated down, All right, And then you see or ah, keyboard arrow up or down. And then for the smaller one, make sure it's only 20 points. Stay. So this Saad the, um, first part now the says one would be the straight lines that we have right here on the foundation of this. Ah, I'm gonna have a what they got into better. Yeah. And if you get our nine segmental on your shift key to constrain the straight line again, we can make the smaller SISE off at least maybe 16 points. All right, we will do the, uh, one side first. So and then we can duplicate it. So it says, you mean Nissa move it up a little. And then, um, it's Roy. Smaller circles. Sure not not Siragusa. But the line using our line segment told again on the shifty on so many things to me. So maybe five points and press enter on your keyboard. Now we can duplicate it. I we can do another one. This don't other one right here. Uh, this 26 more than one again with the same reads off five points and you can use your directory control, click on a point and then on drug to make it a little longer. And then do another one. We can just duplicate it when you're it's like that. And that's our first foundation. The landmark. We can group that control g and then when they're out and shifty as well. So we can duplicate it. All right. Very simple. And then we can, Yes, a zoom out so we can see our a reference image. Okay, You cannot turn off of the, uh and I France. Also, unless your escape so you can see where you are right now and then, um, get these long rectangle shape. Flip the stroke toe, fill color now. Ah, let me adjust. These, uh, first design and ah, yeah, it's just things According to where ah, um shape Dennis do. Is that the story? A, uh, tangle toe finish up this landmark. Okay, so this amazingly our first design for this. When? And we can get group this so we can do the water done below. So this druggie and then, you know, you opened up your layer span, and so that's going toe Hide this one inside that and luck rain data. And now, just to get our rectangle told you were going toe plate a rectangle for our see right here and has changed the color changing the cooler toe one b 6662 Okay. And, ah, let's get our lips stole. We're going to create a circle. This will be the, uh, Hungary off our Ah, my gun. Okay. And then I'm gonna flick that color, and I let me do it again. Should be, uh this should be no feel. And in black feel a block. A stroke. I mean, Nissa changed the points. Are these struck with toe Liston position in the 90 year and then we can ah, use our shape miller tool to remove those excess shape on our rectangle. So select these two elements. Get your ship builder tool, and then hold your alky and your keyboard and the script on there. Now we can just remove. Those are excess one. All right. And then you can change the corner of this stroke toe. Uh, any cooler for now. Then we're gonna change in tow. White again. All right. And then Ah, let's see. We're going to create the trees. And this one. These trees are easy to great. Just ah, company of circles escaped a circle and then flavored to color and then distinct the gold or toe green You can cap in mine. 062619 Just like that. And then it's duplicated several times. Should be getting smaller hopes. Um, hold your old and then, shiv, this one should be smaller. And then you're going toe have been doing breast again. Create at least fourth year girls getting some more there on the end and then unite these circles. Then let's get the rectangle told we're going toe that the ah circles about something right here and then Finnegan minus friend. It's like that and this will be our trees, my dear, it's OK. And then that's basically how I created by my trees bursting for than the simple idea. Okay. And then next, I'm gonna repeat the same process for the other side for the right side. Okay? And when you are done with the trees, it's about time toe design. Our mountains like this and we are going toe use a mental for these, okay? And I don't know how to spend, so it's actually very easy. You just click and then pull and then make a point again and then pull again. You know, something like this one. So click drug somewhere, right here, lead drug and then one more time. Make a point again. Now the point. Fine. And then then you are somewhat at the back of this. See ideal and then close the path, right? And then you can It's ah, put it right here. The Malcolm D c. Maybe a 90 year. Okay, then it zoom in so we can see the shape and began claim. Clean it up, right? Right now. So yeah, I say this. Ah, it's knowing that later, my time, Let's get the corner first for this one, and I'm gonna. But it on the bottom, the trees, it's like that. And then and say, I'm gonna use my ship builder tool to remove this excess. Ah, shape my data. All right. And then it's Ah, do more Ah mahn things. And don't worry about the color. I'm gonna blow a sources file where I'm gonna, um, share with you on my color palette for this artwork. And you can copy the exact corner that I used or you can use your own Goler. Okay, so next we're going toe enable all the layers so we can see all the artwork that I have done and then arranged them, Uh, your ah, their stock and then on and off the sketch layer so we can see where you're at right now. And then after that, we're going toe copy. This is stroke circle Stroke control, see? And then control f so it will pace in the front and then on, let's put it at the the mark, it will be our background color. And they were going toe fleet the stroke and feel so we have the greenest d but macron go lower and then this and dropped. He's a blue collar. It's ah for a c b, d d. And then that will be our sky. And then our our final design would be the sun. Hi Theory the nicer I'm blending modes. It's actually a much of our ellipse and obsessed cereals. We're going to create our circle first on your shift key Constantini perfect circle. And then that it's I dropped, Scholar. I'm gonna position it nicely right here. And it's actually already, uh, on a soft light when the landing moon, so flight. And then, um, the cooler is f one ve in a 98 And then now this, Put it back toe, multiply Oregon, usually self light. Overly. It's up to what kindof result that you want toe use. And then when you are satisfied with that, you just have to duplicate it. Uh, control C and control on me no place in the back and then scale it up. Hold your shifty, All right. And I don't want to know about the transparency because it's going to work like a magic right here. So we're going toe hit the process again. Control C control be and then scale it up a little About a little bigger in the last one. At least, I guess for copies of this single All right, and then one more time. Control C control D to pace at the back. Skin it up on their shifty in the once you have all the for Syria calls me the transparency of a soft light or a multiply. Let's a select all of this for ellipses, and then we're going toe. Also, select the stroke with a bigger one circle, be the stroke and then using our shape builder tool, we're going toe name of those excess shapes By holding our alky on your keyboard. Just click and drag in there and everything will be removed or ah, cut out. And then it's a select this outline circle going toe saying it to the front, my holding or control shift and square bracket close square bracket so everything will be ah covered. Okay, so this is basically all one of the design, and what we're missing right now is the shadows on the waters. So, um, that's what we're going to do this but a shadow in the water right here and using it around in the tangle. I mean, me making at least three copies of these. Then let's change. The color should be ah, Dr Corder, and then send toe. Make it like a multiply on the transparency. When you change the vending mode to multiply, it will become a darker color. So it's dumping it that I'm just dragging my, uh holding me out and then drug to duplicate that seven copies. And when it's done, you can guess Ah, make it into a Pathfinder, unite and then said the planning moments to multiply and then put it on your design and justice according to your our toward and just like that. And it should be at the bank of the landmark 72 Ancient. The position. Select this one. It seems our luck. So let's unlock that, then. Is it getting it on the front and then Ah, yes, Don't begin the shadows. It's ah, put it on the right layer and then duplicated. And the final step is by changing the polar off the outline of this I stroke changing toe white color and, uh, we're done. We're going to hide the schedules and some references so we can see the they finally outcome of our design. So Ah, that's it, guys. I open guys and then something, and I hope you follow along with me and let me show. Let me know if you have any questions? And I wanna see some of your designs. What? The designs. You came up with Mitt Eoraha's class assignment, so dispose it in the discussion of this class, and so you in another video. 9. Adding texture: Hello. And welcome back in this bonus video, I'm gonna show you how to add a text. You're when you're seeing very icon. All right, so I'm gonna show you how I add the textures on my design. So make sure you duplicate that so we can compare the texture and the without takes your design. Okay. And, um, first, heinously minuto, duplicate the background item or background the element by pressing the control, See, and then control f toe base in the front. There are many ways that we can do the taste your but we're going to apply the takes your for all over the, uh, design. Right. And now you can do it, man. Money. Now press take control. Uh, shift and then close square about it and tow. Bring to the front, and then make sure it's under on the layer a circle, a stroke and then go to effect. Thanks. You're and then green. Here, you can see like, ah, different styles and options or type for your, uh, green. You can see the intensity, How much you want. It takes your to appear on your design. The contrast you can play with this ice lighters and you would see the, you know, the results. And, uh, also the grain type. They say yes off regular and then going the spring girls and mostly used, stapled, right. And then just click on OK, And it will apply when you're, uh, um circle or your background. You need to open the door in Spanish panel so you can adjust the the effect the text, or you can play with the blending modes multiply, lighten, but that mostly used multiply for these. And then, of course, lower capacity don't want too much. Uh, thanks. You're when you're insane. Something like, you know, between 40 to 70. Something like that. All right, so does the person. This the 1st 1? Um, you can do this on the individual element on your design, or you can just make a copy of a background and then put it on the top off the layers stop and then at the, um, Green to think getting effect. All right, And then one more time Let's do Ah, another one. This one is a man. Well, um, and when they step for adding a staple defect, you need a brush for this in Ah, I stapled brush. I'm gonna upload so you can get it. But the But we're going. I'm going to show you first. It's Ah, draw inside by clicking this one. And then you received this. A boundary. That's when the corners off your shape. Okay, so when you click that draw inside everything that you draw me stay on that shape. Okay? So something like this, you can brush, and then it will not go outside of that The shape if you draw insights like I'm asking, you know, but this one. So we guess which I like 90% I do all the time so you can select the brush steeple brush and apply it to your design. Okay, so that's the basic idea off the throw inside, and they're using a brush, and we can apply it to our design. Just make sure that you click on drone normal when you're done, so you can move the shape again, okay? And you can double click that. And you would select the, uh, the brush stroke individually and ended them. And this one I like everything. And then let's open the transparency again. No word on the capacity of the brushstrokes. All right? It's not so strong. Then play with the bending months again. That's basically how you are the text, your some manual step for your design. So let's try this on our design. Select the, uh, shaped like one. This mountain. Make sure you're setting the, uh, color the feel cooler, and then draw inside just like that. Make sure you and select any shape, get airbrushed, own, and then select the, uh, rush. I will prefer no feel from this brush. Yes, I stroke only and then started brushing. Okay? Yes, like that. You know, we don't have toe. Feel everything right here. Yes, one sided. Ah, thanks to her. And I don't populate on the other side. Okay, so this nice thinks you're right there. Say, yeah, it's ah, steeple the brush. Then throw normal like that so you can get out. Get out of that drop inside, Alright. Ah, yes, it is very nice if you put the Manuel Um thanks to our okay. And then this Add one more idea on the, uh uh What the right here on the sea or something like that. Throw inside, you don't brush and then put it into a stroke color stroke, get the brush and then draw again. Yes, a brush on this, Uh, this one is very simple and very fast compared. Toa you know the other things. I thing? Yes, this one you can, you know, custom ice where you want your thanks. Your top play, right? And like the 11 shape only where you put on top and then, you know, adding the thanks tour. Okay, so let's ah, had sending this, um, the shape and select dia blue shaped so we can select only in brush strokes. And then for your lending mode, select name on the place where you can see the nice steep on the fact that were down the opacity. 66% seems fine. All right, so that's ah. Then the simple how you can add b takes your on your design, and you can repeat that on all the elements off your finger dragons. Okay. Knowing it's a pretty good idea. And I'm gonna show you 11 way to add your Ah, thanks. You're by using a grade and this one's kind onto the same on the 1st 1 that we need where we put the, um, design on the element on top and then adding ingredients so again and you need toe control , see, in control F pace in the front. And then I'm bringing in the front by pressing control shift and, um, close are Let's go to Brocket. All right, in the against, I think can't find it right here. The one toe mess up my hair many years. So I'm gonna find it and bring it. Some are right here. Okay. You think that make sure it's under on the a stroke. White stroke open ingredient planet. Just click on this one, or you can click and drag the scholar on the head on the end of this lighter, the white gold or should be 0% capacity. And the other one should be Ah, Dr Corder. That's why I click and drag and put it Put it on the end of this lighter so I can edit the color. You think that Ah, a little darker, you know. And when you're ready, you can apply the ah effect again takes your degrading take store on this region. This just an option for you guys. If you want to add the reagent effect takes your click on OK, and you would see right there and again you can play with the lending modes, multiply seems the best. And then, uh, matching with the capacity someday with capacity. And if you're not satisfied with the position off your region, yes, click and slide your again your ah, reagent. And just like that, we have a nice urination of text. Your on our scenery I gone so that suggest that's how you add a takes your on your senior dragon. So I hope you guys learn something from this and, uh, and see you in another video. 10. Final: welcome back. And this is the end of the class. And, uh, I hope you guys learn something from this class, and I want to see some of your designs. And again don't go over. Ah, overdo things or overcomplicate things. Just do the simple stuff. Tried to seem to buy things and try toe conveyed a message with the simple shapes. And I'm pretty sure that you will go along. You will go a long way. My doing that may doing using the simple shapes and simplifying stuff. Right? So that's all. And I want to see some of your designs presupposing the description of this class and, uh, that's all for this video. And ah, let me see some of the designs and see you in another glass.