How to Design & Record Course Content for SkillShare | Kara Ferreira | Skillshare

How to Design & Record Course Content for SkillShare

Kara Ferreira, Websites for Creatives & Coaches

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Designing Your Course Slides

    • 3. Introduction to Recording

    • 4. Using Zoom to Record

    • 5. Wrapping Up


About This Class

In this course, I'll show you how to create and record online course content for SkillShare without any additional software expenses. I'll walk you through a simple outlining process, show you how to design out slides, and record your content all using free software.

If you've been hanging out on SkillShare for a while and think you have something to contribute, here's how you can do it without investing in any fancy software! You can also apply this to pitch deck design and if needed, record your pitch presentation.

We'll cover:

  • How to plan your online course
  • How to design slides using free tools
  • How to record your course content using free tools


1. Introduction: Hi there. This is care from a long, wonderful I am the owner of an online design shop where I primarily work with women entrepreneurs to launch their websites and their online businesses. But did they have a little bit of a different course for us? I want to show you how you can actually record your own content and uploaded to skill share . Um, for free. You don't need fancy software to do it. Everything I use is free. So in this course, I will show you how to design your your deck. If you wanted to have slides for your online course on school share, or if you need to do a pitch deck, the same skills would apply. So I'll tell you how. Toe, um, create a deck using free design tools and there's too little get into. And then I'll show you two ways to record your video lessons for free. So let's just dive into it so that you can also be on school. Share 2. Designing Your Course Slides: all right, So what I do when I go about creating an online course is I just create. It's very simple outline on my bullet. Point out what things if I you have a slide show what things will go onto the slide and then I have additional text that are No, it's about the things that I'm going to say. So whatever your topic of expertise is, think about what you usually walk people through. What do you have to teach and has condense it down into an outline, and usually it can be helpful. Just toe. Get it all out there many, many bullet points and then organize it if your brain works a bit differently than you could maybe organized as you go. But the goal is really to get all of the information, all the pieces that you need into an outline and then break it down into the adjustable chunks. Once you have that, you'll likely want to have some sort of slides, depending on what you're teaching for me in the sculpture courses. A lot of times I'm teaching you as I go by bringing you over my shoulder and showing you my screen If you have a different skill set, you might be doing mawr. Just power point slides. Um, and there are two ways create those that it'll look nice and professional. We'll see. I have here an example of a slide that was created in Can va. I'll show you how to do that and then also how to create them in Power point. So there's two ways to go about it. First option Power point. Most computers come with a version of Power Point, and now they actually have great design tools. So you'll see now that I am showing you what it looks like when you open up just a blink power point presentation and you'll see now they have these templates for you. One that I actually like a lot is this parcel. I'm not sure if it shows up first for everyone or if it just shows up that way for me because I use it all of the time. But if you click on that, you can change your color scheme. Um, I'm gonna go ahead and choose this one. I do like that color a lot, um, create and here at your title test title course by test person. All right. No need to add a new slide. You can choose a bunch of different options like this and here before saying we're doing sort of my health course how to do a detox. Now, you can do bullet points of your well, it one bullet to bullet, three bullet for testing text here. Basically, you'll be put again the information that you have it from your outline into here. But the nice thing that power point I'm gonna delete this section delete is that they do have this sort of, um, you know, sort of set templates that you can use their very easy to fill out. Um, if you want to insert an image, you can do that by going here. So I'm gonna add one that I have up here. So all you do is you shrink that and you'll see now what it did is it actually gave me all these suggestions. Um and so these are different stylized options. You can actually go ahead and it'll move your text. So this is one option. That option is doesn't work very well. Honestly, this one probably looks the best, so it actually will give you different formatting options. And the more you go through when you add your different text and company ing images, the more variation and options this will give you and what you could end up with, um, is something I could show you. So this is a completed deck that I did create using this exact same. You'll see the colors are similar or the styling is similar. So, actually, you go through these slides, you'll see I actually have that same mug. So this is what I creating basically Onley using the suggestions and even this was a suggestion from Power Point. So as you go through, it'll give you different options that won't be able to create a very professional looking slide presentation. So that's in power point. The other option that I mentioned is can va. So Canada is a free software tool that you can sign up for. You do have to have an account for it, and so I'm gonna go ahead and pull up. Can va. All right, I'm gonna make myself smaller now, in can va once you have an account and I actually do have a paid account, but you can do it with a free account in a free account. What you'll do is you'll sign in and you'll have these options to creative design. Um, presentation is again. Probably here because I use it quite a lot, but you'll find presentation of its not readily available. You can kind of go through here to find what you want, but again, you want presentation. So once presentation comes up, you'll see Over here there are a ton of different options you can go through here. Ah, lot of these are free. Some of them you have to pay to use. But most of them are free. So you can go ahead and click on one that you like. So say we like this one. It actually gives you all these different options, and you can customize those as you want. So here in Canada, if this is my title page, you can alter this text testing title. If you actually don't like that font, you can go ahead and choose another one. By coming up here, you can change the color of this section by coming up here so you can really make it your own. Um, this image agency is hiding behind something. You can upload your own images if you'd like by coming. Oh, down, toe up loads upload an image to see, like this better round removed that one and we'll see what they basically had done. There is They had done this and then you can go position backward backward, And that's basically how they had had it. So again, this is very raw from this. Illustrating how you would use this to do it. Um, you can add a new page by clicking here 222 templates. And you can say you want to use that one. Click it and drag it over at a new page. Say you don't want to discover in order so you're ready for this one. Click it, drag it over and again. Any of these pieces are then edible. You can change the fund. You can type in here and add your own text if you have less. Texan was there, you to move it. You can then click and drag it up. So this is a piece of art that you could. Then you could delete it if you want. Um, so you have lots of options. But this basically gives you the ability to create a very nicely designed custom decks so that when you have your online course designed out, it looks very professional, and it will give you that sort of extra Arab authority so that the two options that you have you can design your deck in either can Va or Power Point. So can Vercoutre canvas or Power Point. Both are free, and you can really make some nice slides using those programs. 3. Introduction to Recording: all right, So once you have your slides, you're likely going to want to record them to create some sort of video content so you can guide people through the slides as part of your online course. Now again, there are two ways that you can do this using free software. The first zoom. Many of you are probably familiar with Zoom um, that you do zoom calls on, and you can actually do your recording using the free plan. The second is called Loom, and that's actually I'm using because and skill share, they really want you to have small, very short sections. So Loom is great for grabbing small clips of videos. Zoom is better for doing longer video. So if you want to do one longer online course where the video itself is 20 minutes or longer, Zuma's maybe the way to go. If you need tohave shorter pieces, like often school share courses have, then Lou might be a great opportunity for you, so I'm gonna dive into both of those two things in the next sections. We're gonna do zoom first, so check back in in a second 4. Using Zoom to Record: Now we're gonna dive into how to record your videos using Zoom. As I mentioned, I use loom for my school share courses for my courses that are self hosted on well and wonderful. And on my health, coaching psych with the pill I used Zoom. So these videos you see there on YouTube now, we'll get into that later. But they're all recorded using Zoom. So I'll show you how you go about doing that. So I only have the free account. You can see when you log again. It looks like this and all you need to dio this schedule a meeting, schedule, a new meeting. You can call this online course section one. Set it for a time in the future. It doesn't have to be exact because it doesn't really matter. I'm depending on how long it to be. You might change this, but one is a good one. Hour is a good sort of maximum. If you have the free plan, that's the largest amount you can dio. So if you have a longer course, all you would need to do is divide up your content into, you know, 2 45 minute sections. Um I usually don't require this meeting password. Um, and the important piece here is record the meeting automatically on the local computer. So once you click this and you save it now, once you start this meeting, it is automatically going to be recording, and that's great, because you're gonna get your content. The one thing you didn't remember, though, is once you click that it's going to start recording. So if you don't have good editing software, you want to make sure that you have everything teed up and you're ready to go. As soon as you hit that button, so will happen. Then you'll do your zoom meeting as you're used to seeing you'll be just you on the screen . It will record. You could do a screen share of your presentation so you can record all of that, and I'll show you that in a second. Actually, you can record your presentation, and once you exit out, it's going to, um, it will have the will start processing the video recording and saving it onto your computer . So, by way of example, will do start this meeting. I think it's again toe launches. I'm using this other recording software you'll see here. It's already recording, so you won't be quick. Start your video up. It can't. Sorry, because I'm on Lumet won't let me use the video, but you would use your video and then when you're able to you going to share? Sure screen. And that's how you will pull up your presentation to show everyone. So this is my screen. But if I had my presentation up, this is what will be in the zoom recording. Um, when I'm all done with the zoom, all you need to do is exit out and meeting for all. And you see this is it saying you have a recording that needs to be converted before viewing? It'll then finished converting this and I will ask where you want to be saved. I usually want it, um, in my best top of sorts right there. But that way you have your recording. This is this is it. That's my video recording. You can also get audio only. So that is how you would go about doing the recording of your online course in Zoom. Remember that you need to take that box at the very end that you want to record on the host computer. You want to be ready to pull up everything right when you launch the meeting Because unless you have the editing software to really edit the video afterwards, you're gonna be just running weight. In there. You'll share your screen, which I wasn't able to show you because my cameras being used for loom right now and then at the end of everything. What you believe. Presentation. Share your screen. You will be able Teoh, then exit out of Zoom, and it will automatically start converting that video and saving it onto your computer. So that's how you'll do it in Zoom next up, we'll do him. 5. Wrapping Up: So there you have it. A very simple way for you to design on your decks, using either Power Point or can Va and then to recorder content using either zoom or loom. I'm using these free tools. You're able to create what you need to contribute to skill share or to do a pitch presentation. Hopefully, you enjoyed this, and I hope you'll upload your decks that we can all see it. All right. Thank you.