How to Design & Print Your Own Wrapping Paper (Part 2) | Hanny Agustine | Skillshare

How to Design & Print Your Own Wrapping Paper (Part 2)

Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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10 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction & What Will You Learn

    • 3. Prepare Pattern

    • 4. Coloring Pattern

    • 5. Change Layer to Smart Object

    • 6. What is Repeat Pattern

    • 7. Create Pattern in Photoshop

    • 8. Create Repeat Pattern in Photoshop

    • 9. Change Background Color & Save File

    • 10. Print It ! Your Turn Now!


About This Class


Do you feel bored with the available wrapping paper design in store ? Why we should buy and not make our own design wrapping paper ? Oh yes, Christmas and New Year are coming shortly, month full of gift giving to your love one. If you can draw with pen, now you can design and print your own Wrapping Paper.

In this topic, there are 2 classes Part 1 and Part 2, so the video in each class will be short to save your learning time.

This is Part 2 Class, I recommend you to enroll Part 1 Class first for preparing your hand-drawing pattern for your Wrapping Paper, then you can continue to this class.

Joining the 2 classes, you will learn :

  1. Draw pattern with pen (Part 1)
  2. Transfer your hand drawing to Photoshop (Part 2)
  3. Coloring in Photoshop (Part 2)
  4. Design Repeat Pattern in Photoshop (Part 2)
  5. Print it ! or Sell it ! (Part 2)

This class needs a very basic skill in Photoshop, only coloring and creating a repeat pattern. Everybody can join this class. What you need is only pen, paper and happy face :)

In Part 1 Class, I also provide Drawing Practice 1, 2 and 3 sheet that you can print.  You can use those flower and leaf patterns as a variety of your Wrapping Paper design.

I also explain how to create a repeat pattern in Photoshop, so you can make any design that you wish for your Wrapping Paper.


So, after join this class .... Don't buy wrapping paper in the shop anymore :). You can print your personal hand drawing wrapping paper by yourself now ! 

However, as a Teacher, I really need feedback on my class, so please encourage me to make another useful class for you - my dear students, and I would love to have your support to be in Skillshare's trending page soon by giving your LIKE, WRITE A REVIEW AND SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT SOON. 

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ENROLL NOW and see you inside the class.

Happy Wrapping a Gift,