How to Design High Converting Landing Pages in Sketch for Beginners

Daniel Korpai, Product Designer

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12 Lessons (1h 47m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Elements of a successful landing page

    • 3. Finding inspirations

    • 4. Basics of using Sketch

    • 5. Installing plugins

    • 6. Creating color palette

    • 7. Choosing fonts

    • 8. Designing the landing page

    • 9. Designing for mobile

    • 10. Class project

    • 11. Finishing

    • 12. Bonus: Dribbble workflow

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Project Description

For the class project I want you to apply the design process we used during this class.

You can choose from different options depending on what you prefer the most. 

If you already have a product or service:
If you already have a product or service you can create a new landing page design for it in order to get most customers and increase conversions.

If you have and idea for an awesome app or service:
In case you have a great idea for an awesome app or service you can also design a landing page for it to measure people’s interest.

If you're a freelancer:
In case you’d like to update your portfolio you can redesign your homepage or if you have a newsletter can you design a landing page in order to get more subscribers.

Plan B:
Finally if you just like to focus only on the visual parts you can use the same project brief like we did during this course and create a new landing page for ShowTrackr with using the same texts and images.

I also attached the source files of the project we completed during this course, so you can study the details even better.

Feel free to post anything, even if it's work-in-progress or you think it's not perfect yet. I'll be here and help you the best way I can. Let's design together and I can't wait to see your projects! :) 

Student Projects

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