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How to Design Chiseled Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Overview of the class

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Creating Frame

    • 4. Adding color

    • 5. Creating 3D Look

    • 6. Creating Seemless Pattern

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About This Class

In this class, you are going to learn how to design a nice looking chiseled text effect in Adobe Illustrator. I will show you step by step on how to create the class assignment from scratch. I will share with you the basic idea and some tips to make your designing process easier and better.

Also, you will learn how to make a 3d looking text as well as adding a pattern to your custom text. If you want to learn how to design this chiseled text effect, this is the perfect class for you

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview of the class: Hello and thank you for taking, not discuss My name's Dagestani. I'm a freelance graphic designer, and I publish we click tutorials here on skin share, so be sure to follow me by clicking this button to receive or some graphic design classes in this class. You're going to learn how to design A nice looking hisself takes effect in Adobe Illustrator. I will show you step by step or now to create the class assignment from scratch we share with you and the basic idea and some tips to make your designing process if you're and better. Also, you will learn in the class how to make a three D looking takes as well. That's adding a pattern, your custom checks if you want to learn how to design this, he said. Effect. This is a perfect last for you. I'm excited to help you improve your designing skills. If you already see you in the next video 2. Introduction: Hello. And welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you that the signs that we are going to do in this class and also I'm going to give you some ideas for ah hour. She said that takes effect Pretoria. And I'm basically the takes effect. What I mean about this is that we're going toe design A, um he said the fact manually. All right, It's not, um, you know, like a layer FX in a dog, a foot shop or ah, simple graphics specific. We're going to do it manually, but the result is quite good, and ah, are some So I'm not gonna regret it doing it, man money. Okay. And also, I'm gonna show you Ah, uh, in in a couple of minutes the other designs that we are going to do aside from this one this hour, like our base project, and we can go on and improved this with the other stains in FX. All right, but first, let me show you some examples. Upper East side effects here in adobe, just in Google. I mean, some examples so far, he said the fake and you could see some examples off this type of takes. Uh, you can see right there these, um, people, he said, and some basic ideas how you can do that. But what we're going to do is quite different. And I think this was quite hard when you do it manually. For example, this one, no door, of course it's doable. And if you have some, if you have long patients, you know you can do this. All right. But what we're going to do is quite different from that. And, yes, I'm giving you some, you know, showing some inspiration and what you would notice when in Ah Kee cell is like there's two sides off it in a letter and just think of, Ah, the letters off, like wood or something like that that you're going toe. He said it. You know, there's are two sides, one in the shadow and when in ah, light night area or something like that Oneness on the shadow area. And then there's a light, something like that. And, uh, it's see something. Mother, this once a good example of how far he said. Of course, we can do that swell, but it takes time, you know, toe build the letters from this. So we're going to do it. We're gonna do the, you know, the easiest way to create our own. He said the takes effect. All right. Also, you goto interests and look for some You know, she said effect takes right there. All right, some key, third examples. It's a pretty nice Yes. You can do this in Adobe Fort Shop. Yeah, I think I have done something like this when I was starting out in a double a fortune, Of course. The baby then in boss, you know, something like that. But we're going to do it in fourth ship in the state are another example, right? And I don't have any points. You can goto fun square on that. Come and ah, you can look for, um, geometry sense. Geometric, for instance, actually composed off shapes that the based on ah, shapes so you can see, like, shapes off circle lines. Something like that. So better to use a geometric sense for this kind off example. All right, for this, I quit for our projects. Okay, Let's go back to Adobe Illustrator. And this is the first decided that we're going to do and then After that, you can You can add more sample. You can make it look like a three D or something like that. I mean, the, uh Ah, yes. Ah, Manipulation off. You know the shadow. I'm gonna show you that later. And, uh, after that you can do something like you can add textures on your ah, on your diesel decks. You can see right here. I used a and they are gonna pattern. And, uh, I'm gonna show you that later. How a how you can create a day agonal pattern in Adobe Illustrator. But the basically the will start from here where I'm going to show you the step by step. It's actually quite simple, you know, it looks complicated, but actually it's not. And if there are some, of course, there are some points that you can use. That's already She said Diesel formed something like that. But, you know, this one's quite different. It is a Manuel, and, uh, it's quite the art. Something like that. And yeah, that's for the solo. For this video introduction video in the in the upcoming video. In the next video, we're going to start doing our first design. All right, So the solar industry you in another one 3. Creating Frame: Hello. And welcome back in the 70 over. Gonna start designing our case. That takes effect here in Adobe Illustrator. Right. And before we start, I'm gonna share with you the takes, the phone, the form that I'm gonna use for this one. I'm going to use a premium one, but that you can use any form that we have on your machine or ah, computer. But like I said in the last video, it's better if you use engimatic sense. And I You found something like this one is a generous grotesque. It seems a nice, um, you met the incense fun. And, uh, this is the example that one you can find it right here on foursquare. All that come all right. No, I'm going to use a, um, abrade phone for our example. And, uh, I believe this is the one that I use for the examples. Okay, so I'm going to start with ah, brain regular font style. Okay, so maybe the same thing with you and then at me. Pull up right here. It's actually handed with the points. If you want to know the exact size fun size off my takes 150 points and the regular right. You may want to add some talking for these. So you have something spacing when you're takes on your letters. Okay, so let's do it. Um, first, I'm gonna add a, uh I'm gonna make it look like a bull front side. Okay, So I'm gonna up in maybe in a span in first, I'm gonna make it, like type and then create outlines, All right? Or a shift control. Oh, for on windows. It's like that. And then we're gonna add a stroke. And then until it looks like a bull, they maybe about about then, yeah. Explain with me about then. All right. And then let's go. Toe object Explained appearance. I have to do it several times to show the ah, this, um, fly out menu right here and then until you see this lines. No, it's OK to ah, Combine everything on the shapes. Goto, pathfinder, click on United. It's like that and it will become a, uh, if we go combined shapes. All right. It's not inevitable, but combined ships. And if you can't see your find Eric and Goto window and then that's fine. There, right here. Or a shift control F nine. All right. And then maybe he began a adjust. The spacing of this you can select. You can, right, click and group, and then you can move some of these. All right, Now, you when you are satisfied, satisfied? Video takes it's duplicated just like that. And then we're gonna swept the field. The stroke. You think that? All right. And the first copy would be our stroke later for our background. I'm gonna show you that later. But for now, let's open our appearance panel. I'm gonna open my properties ninth year, and then I'm gonna click on stroke. We need toe put keystroke in the, uh, inside. All right. A line stroke inside. It's like that. And then minuto Ah, and more weight for our stone until we see, like, a white letters on our design right here. It's like a small letter right there between the black Tex. Something about seven point seems fine with me. Okay. And then let me zoom in at me, but it bucket bucket right here. All right, now, in selling our dicks, our shape, it's not that thanks anymore. It's ah, shapes. Now, now, let's, um Goto object and expand it again. All right? No, As you can see, it's not the stroke. Animal is now. Feel alright? Once you have that, all you have to do is just swap it to make it stroke. All right? And this will be our frame for our chiseled effect. OK, now we can work on this one. All right? Just make sure that you close those open. Ah, but since your idea, we can join that using our their ex election. Just select those two and then control gay. So close that path and we can find on the other letters as well or shapes. Also this one. Yes, Press control Gay. It's once already closed. So we don't have toe on this one on the edge on the right, Sanjay. And find a light here. Now let's zoom out. We can see our frame for our T shirt. Kissel defect next week we are going to do is we're gonna use our mental get your pen tool , and then I'm gonna He started doing the lion's right here against you. All right. That's what we're we are going to do. Yes, of a straight line And make sure that on your, uh have you snap the point? All right, Make sure you're saying that it's not the point I'm gonna zoom mean. And then I'm gonna start adding some my straight line idea and then feeling during office, do you want Oh, I start all over again under control key, and then click on the canvas. You just have toe great. That straight line in the age are on the corner, our letters or shapes. And also on this one right here in the corners. When you're control KP want to start all over again control, and then click It's command on the computer. All right. I'm done putting some lines and, uh, frequency. These things basically will make our the same look like planes again. See underside. Yes, I remember adding the lines on the corners of the letters, as I did right here. And some of the lines. Definitely. I'm gonna remove them, but the skin see right here means escalated like planes so you can add so we can add the letters. Are the holders different planes? Right here? It's on the example. All right. It's like, you know, the other sides have lights and then the other side has some shadows. But it's a simple idea. I just mean that the have to be like that. But you can see the ah, the chiseled effect going on using those lines. Okay. And, ah, in the circle. Yes, I make no four lines. And yes, it will be enough. So we can separate some the some of the colors, but I think it's an option. Okay. And then once you laid out all the lines, it's about time for us to cooler. I want to sign. All right. I'm gonna Yes. Ah, happy this one. Make sure that your the stroke says that you are going to use the same of this one. The one that I use that used right here. It's actually one point. And then, uh, three squares. I have to point. So I'm gonna change it to one point. Only one still point. Yes, like that. All right. And, uh, it's up to you. If you want to make me corners. I think this one or rounded corner, it's an option. But in case you wanted your again necessarily on the on the letters, including those lines. Yes, I like this first letter and then go to stroke, and then you can see right here. He considered the corner my meter, Join around, join. And also the wrong top fuel on the ground up. All right, that's against your daughter. You can play with the same things right here. But now we just leave it like that, Mr Ewing. All right. And then we're gonna use our ship builder, tool toe, select the individual, uh, planes. That's why you re created those lines so we can separate them, and I'm gonna show you. So when you start with the letter R right here, get your ship builder tool and then only have to do is just I sell, it explains. And when you saying that it will become, like a one shape already. All right, so I just skip selecting. I'm gonna make this street if you want to combine those parts. All right, Mimi separate this one. The separate. Just click on the different planes. All right. Make sure he said like everything so we can apply the colors individually. All right. Now, for example, we're done. Um, we're going to start gold rings when ascendancy After we are making planes. The age s You have this kind off ugly ages. And that's where were going toe start anything. The stroke, legal stroke. And then right here you have of yourself around up or, um, don't join. It seems to me around Join with the name of the those ugly And, yes, as you can see right there. So, after you used the shipbuilder, it'll say, like everything. Go, Deora, um, appearance panel if you don't have the properties and then click on stroke and then changed to ah, around join. All right. Yes. Around Join. 4. Adding color: Now we're ready. Toe call on this one. No, we can Ah, Soleil, this one that I'm gonna meet the goal or Ah, this orange. You're saying that and ah, my eye dropper will pick up all the ah, say things off the, uh, where where? I'm going to copy. Okay. So that's why I told you that you need toe change the stroke with the same video or, uh, your letters, because it will copy everything off my eyedropper. Okay, so bring something. If my my color palette I saw and say three, three points if I'm going toe, use my eyedropper tool, it will apply. Also, destroy weight off three points, which is I don't want I only want one point. So I'm gonna make sure that that's like your, uh, color palette changing the white No one. I mean, one point. Yes, that's what I have on my, uh, my frame letters. So again, I'm gonna select this one. Get my eyedropper tool. You're saying that and then if I want oh, select another pains. I'm gonna hold my control key or command key on my keyboard toe switch the eyedropper tool toe station tool. So I'm gonna select this one idea release my release may control the key, and then I drop and then on the darker part and say, I'm gonna select this one, and I want to select multiple planes. I'm gonna hold my shift key. Does that make? I want to point shapes, all right. And maybe somewhere right here and here. So right here. And then I'm gonna hydra apparatus my keyboard. And then I dropped the scholar just like that. All right. And then I'm gonna select this small letter in the middle, you know, changed to call or to white. Just wait and then sit together. Planes again on the machine. Fki do you think that? All right. And then again, maybe I'm going to select this white. I wanted to make it look like a charcoal. Or I guess I didn't change in the corner of this one this wet cold or I'm gonna make it dark. Extent off light, like God light, Dark. So I'm gonna make it pure block. Yes, like that. And then select again. This letter are using me. Had I dropped all like that and I have a rich black color. All right, so it doesn't basically. Then I'm gonna do it one more time on this letter E. So let me move the scholar palette right there. And then again, I'm gonna so like everything using my and then I'm gonna use my ship builder tool, and then select individual planes to make it the shape. All right, just click everything unless you want. You want toe, join all the planes right here. Just click and drag. For example, I'm gonna join this three planes strength here. I'm gonna glee and drug to make it one. It's like that, but I don't want it. So I'm gonna just do in the meanwhile playing straight year like everything in three planes that you have when you're insane and then sell it again. Open European spanning. Really going to stroke. And then ah, click on drowned Join. You think that remove those Agni ages? All right, Now we consider individual, so make sure that ah, the corners came the time trying to do right years just, you know, on the top, like a light color. And then on the dark side on the decide, it's like a darker color. Some destiny. Basic idea What I'm trying to do right here. And I'm gonna cynic and may get me eyedropper tone first and then holding Make my control key. I'm going to select this one. So this one All right, so we are done in our verse. Ah, frame right here. And then what we're going to do next is by adding a, uh um macron stroke against you right here. It's against the Iaw. A think background stoke. And there. And that's what we are going toe. That's why we create a separate, uh, shapes. That's why we created the copy off this one. And we're going toe. Put it behind. So far, we're takes. All right, are sheeps. So I'm gonna first, I'm gonna group it, controlled g, and then it gets to begin. First, uh, I'm gonna grow up this first individual letters. All right? So next summer, yet we're gonna put that where background in the book of these letters. So yes, all your chief and then ah, drug and shift. Hold your shift key. Yes. Like that. All right. I think I think I'm missing this one. The big one right here. So I'm gonna I did this one. All right? Now we're gonna select the attacks. It's open our later spanning. And, uh, so actually right here. So we're going to add a stroke so we can see the ah, the struggle. Now, where our shapes. So I hope in your properties or a piano spun in, you can use up click on this one, a new stroke and then on stroke, please. Let's see. Let's see. 10 points. Yeah. 10 point. Seems fine with me. It's not rich block. So I'm gonna Sunday that again change store director that gets block. And just like that. All right, we are done with our cases. Takes effect. And in the next video, some we're gonna add more styles for our cheese and effect. And that, by the way, I forgot to mention the colors. In case you are curious about the corners that I used. So the orange one, the ISS F 26 C one a. And then the scholar, it's Ah, baby. Toto. 32 All right, if you in case you want to follow along with me, that's the, uh, colors that I use. All right, so the soul for this video guys and a in the upcoming video, we're gonna add some styles. All right, so this on and, uh, for you in another one 5. Creating 3D Look: Hello. In the welcome back in, distributed over going toe Continue designing our Kissel takes effect. And in this video we're going toe make it look like a three d, as you can see right right here on my example X And this one is actually very simple to go . We're going toe money played the stroke on our takes or our object to make it look like a three d You can see right here. All right. And I hope you guys saved your design from the other video, and I'm gonna pull out some, um I'm gonna pull out mine on design here that I created from the last video. And as you can see, it's quite different from what I created because this one example locating it, you know, before and this one I just added some lines CNC on the efforts and don't have any line. This one I created on the last video, I added some lines. All right, but under the same, you know, it's a sub two hour. You guys are the your achy said the fact that the anyway we're going toe add a three D live here using our on the first design that we, uh we need the strong one. All right, so if it's ah group, Yes, uh, and broke it. It's like that right? Click And Andrew. All right. And then ah, if I select this one, it's against your thesis. The design that way I did from the last video, and we're gonna make it look like a three d. All right, so let's do it. But the efforts in tow select some of the, uh we start with the letter R, and then I'm gonna view I'm gonna go to view and then show my, uh, main gains May rulers show rulers. I'm doing that. And then I'm gonna put up a some guy. Maybe about right here. This were the, uh, three D or Shadow. We look Well, I start again, see, right there and then also on the bottom modern part. I'm gonna add another guide. Maybe about about something like that. All right. And then I'm going to select the, uh, the letter from the book. Let me say like this one first, so I can see right this So right here on this one, And then I'm gonna use my cable Dato don't. All right, then. A morbid. And then I'm gonna swap the stroke toe. Feel you think that. All right, maybe into and just the the guides So you can go to view again, um, on longer used lung guides. So you again a movie? Be some are about right here. Okay. And then also this one. You think that and then you can hide. You can luck by raising al control. Same colon so you won't be able. Don't move the guys. All right, So this is the 1st 1 The first step we bring down the the Shadow or the stroke. It was a stroke of al ago. Now it's a field, all right. And then we're gonna create some lines using our bendel get your pen tool, and then we're gonna I'm gonna zoom mean, make sure that the it's not the point is enable not toe on that snapped a pixel. All right, make sure it's snapped point. So it's easy for us to select a point, and then you start from there. Okay? So I'm gonna find that anger, and then in other point right here, it's like that I don't have to close ups I don't have to close that right now at me. Do it again. Is that right here and then here, Okay. And then I'm gonna add another stroke about it, say, and that area right there about right here and then here. Okay, I gonna guess you go over right here on this area, Another point right here and I'm here, and then I'm gonna close the bath. It's like, that is quite Macy s, actually in the front, right? But im gonna put it at the bottom. That letter are so we can hide that. Maybe about, uh, about right here. It's like that. Get your a second old and still selected cynic. The letter R on your ship, just like those two. And then open your that's finder and then select the your night. It's like that, and it will be a one shape right now. Okay, It's against he. That's basically the idea toe look like us. Ah, three d or something like that. Okay. And there's something like and into and just right here, you can see there's some slight lines in this area that I don't want toe show. Amy should have ingested more to the left. So one show, right, Matheis, actually, And see what we can do right there. All right. And yes, I moved it to the left and then using my had their exhortation told, I'm gonna just fix it in a minute. All right? So, for example, you are done putting some lines, and then you already, um, unite all the shapes You can zoom in so you can see closely that that is not actually on the exact You know, we don't want this kind off corner. So you have to fix that. You see, in the next election, don't unit to zoom in there feeling for this so you can see the point and then, you know, make it look like a nice right there. Something like that. Okay. And then you go to another another gardeners, it's against. See, You know, even we select the I snapped a point on demonstrators not helping us by positioning nicely . Maybe we're selecting the the wrong point. All right, So this this is what you have to do when you are done uniting the shapes in the, uh, the ships that you created using the Pantone. All right. It's like that. That's basically how easy to create this kind off trendy looking. And that's what I did there on the example. All right. And I'm gonna show you one more time so you guys can see what I'm doing. An eight year gonna select the letter e on my layers panel. I think the nether e feeling that and then use your cable battle and they make sure you're flip it, slap it the feel and then the stroke. It's like that so we can see it nicely. No, it seems finding me, maybe one more move on yet? Yes. Ah, it's alright and am going doing the same thing like I did on the using the Bendel. So I'm gonna They can I d year also right here. I'm gonna go over on this edge of snap e Another point right here. And then Now this one, The idea is just toe make a point first, and then we're gonna add that later. All right? And then we're gonna close this path. You think that, right? Uh, we can, actually you know, I start, uh, maybe I'm gonna senate. Oh, back first selected layer and then put it somewhere right here, just like that. All right. And then my list is selected. We can select the that their e holding may control to select that letter e. And then the ah, weird letter in that we created a second here in my layers panel Goto Pathfinder, click on your right. Now it's one object. Then zoom in so we can drink this shape using our Dan ex election daughter. All right, so that's my letter e right here. And I'm gonna do we three more times, and I'm gonna pass for about this video. All right? I'm gonna time lapse this watching me, OK, so I'm gonna do it right now. All right? I'm done. And, ah, Tuscan CIA created the three d looking effect and just copy the net. There are still have a consistent consistency on the letter are right here. And also the other. Oh, I just make it an even bigger where the 1st 1st design that I created. It's against the right here on the example. But that's the simple effect. Simple steps that we can use to great to make to make our design look like a three d. Some effect right there. And I hope you guys both some of your designs and I hope to see some of your ah, decent takes effect. And this is not the last video, right? We're gonna create a Yeah, It's like a tax texture or pattern for our some parts right here. And that's what we're going to do in the next video. Okay, so that's all and see you in another one. 6. Creating Seemless Pattern: Hello. And welcome back in this final video, we're going toe. Great. A pattern text tour for our digital takes effect. All right, now, let's go to find and then click new. Make sure you have the, uh, Seema document 500 by 500 pixels. All right, And then control are to see your rulers because we're going to add a guides for our document. Yes, Um, pick and drug when the guides are on the ruler and then drop it on the edge of the art bird . That's what I'm doing right here. Okay. And then once you're done, get your line segment on. Just click and hold your shift and dragged down. So I have a straight line open European span in, and then the center, 10 points. All right, let's deal with should be longer on your, uh, one bird. And then, um, what they did Something like a 0.5 degrees. Should be a something longer on our return art bird. And then they get the right deal. Should be It should see some intersect should the inter second age and then duplicated holder out and then drug on the average. Something like that, and then the release When you see the interstate. That's the reason why we used the guides and then use their vending blend tool us quick ones and then on the other line, have a another lying on the sender. And then we're going to add more, uh, lines. All right. Should be at number seven or nine or 11 as long as it's a number. All right. Seems I'm fine with me. The that's on the it's on the center of the cardboard. Make another shape using your square to click on the welcome in at least 500 the Seamus Only or Samos your, ah, heartburn. They violated by providing a fix since. And then you're aligned Tool. Make sure your century it's like that. All right. And then, cynic, our lines were going toe expanded. Gotto go to object, expand the parents and it dodo these several times. And then you say this is a window. Yes, we're going okay. And then one more time to make it a feel CNC Right now it's a feeling that a stroke, right? And then so like everything. Then goto a pathfinder and then taken trap. Yes, Like that. All right, and then we're ready. Toe. Great. It That's our pattern or been You're slacking spanning? Yes, click and drug 80 year. And then we confess this one. If it's a perfect aligned. Okay, then they see the pattern. Take that to apply the pattern when our, uh, shape and seems perfect. No jagged lines. So we're done with this one, and we're gonna put it on now. Our document, once you are done with the pattern just like everything using your selection, daughter, and, uh, make sure that it's align perfectly right. So, like, this pattern, and then we're gonna they get to our region in heartburn right here. And then we're gonna make this is smaller besides, Toby. So let's hold our shifty toe, make it smaller, scale it down about this size, Maybe about not certify Big sells something like that. And then we're gonna get to our, like, responding. Just click and drug and data. Okay, Now let's Celik our design. It's up to you where you want to put in the pattern. You can set it somewhere. Maybe this or reinsured this. Um uh, red right here. I'm gonna select this red. All right. And you can. Actually. So, like everything in the Bidwell, or you can guess Noto select. And then same appearance, all right? And it was like everything that the same color. And that's the problem with the using that it was selling everything, including the ah, the palate. So what we have to do is some a cynic. Let's hide the planet first so we won't be able to see that I'm gonna create a new layer and then put it right year and then hide. It's like that, Okay? And also, I guess, this one. No, he's not gonna me hide that, all right? And then we're gonna zo mean and then I'm gonna make sure that everything is not the group . So against select this in one drop that so this one on group so we can see in the middle shape you can see all right. And then I'm gonna silic won goto select seem appearance right there. Okay, I mean, just selected on the Reds on the Celtics, and then we're gonna copy this and based in front Troisi and then control if all right, so you can see there's a copy already and again, it's ah sending that one. And just to show you, we can go to layers And then let's see if you have a copy and just click on the and so many shape right there, Right. But don't worry. Don't have to worry on that on the shapes like that, because we're going to group them now. We selected every red straight year, Yes. Select on the pattern. And just like that, it will apply everything. Now we can skated the size of this pattern, and you can rotate it according toe. So how? Where design? First we can scale it. Click on my skeletal publicly conduct. Make sure you uncheck the transform object. As you can see, it's also scaling so And take that and then make sure the transformed patterns only selected and then and check the on uniform or only enable the uniform. Make sure you check the preview so we can see what we're doing. And then using your keyboard arrow down or up, you can skill the, uh, with this of this pattern. All right, maybe 63% seems fine with me. And the one more, maybe 65 on go back to 63%. All right, and then click on OK, and I see selected, we can ah, attention. The angle of this pattern can go toe effect, distort and transform that its form right. And then just click on preview. We're going toe and take the a transform objects. And then on this angle, we can play the, uh, setting. All right, fancy. It's moving 23 degrees. All right, maybe in consecutive bit off. It's like that 19 Greece nine degree seems fine with me and then click on OK. And ah, we can group it control g so we can select this individual. All right, so that's basically our pattern. That's a nice butter in for our Jason takes effect. And of course, you can remove those thick line in there if it's ah bother you. All right, since ah, perfect with me. So I guess that's all for this video on this last video abs class. And I hope you guys are Let me something from this class. And if you have any course, breast joins are problem in the project. Yes. Ah, let me know and let me open up some science and my data. Let me open the other another filed the original file right there. Okay, so I pair guys, I learned something from slash. We started from doing a key celled, and then you make them look like a three d. And then finally, we created a ah, a little bit Text your or pattern on our T celled. Thanks. Effect. And, of course, can do this on all the letters. Yes, for, you know, practice, Jurgen. Ah, that every word or every letter. I mean, and then just try to make them fizzled. Uh, effect. So we don't have chocolate again and again? Yes. You know, Kate, every letter and then save them. Use it when you need it, right? And, yeah, make sure that usually you mentoring sense. It's really, really good doing this. So the sort for this video, I hope to see some of your science and see you in an address.