How to Design A Metallic Logo/Text In Photoshop | Anirban Bose | Skillshare

How to Design A Metallic Logo/Text In Photoshop

Anirban Bose, Behold The Designer With Mithril Hammer!

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Design Metallic Logos or Text in Photoshop

    • Your First Assignment

    • Applying Text Effects

    • Setting The Background

    • Saves and Examples


About This Class

Designing a custom logo in Photoshop tutorial will really help anyone who is new to Photoshop and wants to design a logo. Its easy and a great way to explore once creativity in designing logos.
Once you go through the tutorial you will see for yourself that in no time you can also do it.
You can even use your own creativity and add some tweaks according to your ideas.
In no time you will be making logos like professionals.

Don't forget to explore your creativity too.

In this tutorial you will learn how to :

1.Create a background to support the style

2.Create a logo or text and add metal finish to it

3.Save the effect in style and use it for future projects.

If you need any help reach out to me via the discussions section or add me on Facebook. Your reviews will help me make more such tutorials.

Go ahead, Enroll Now. 

Anirban Bose





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Anirban Bose

Behold The Designer With Mithril Hammer!

Hello Folks,

I am a Photographer, risk-taker, music blogger, hand letterer and independent Art Director. Doing at the nexus of beauty and computer science to answer design problems with honest solutions. I'm fueled by craft beer, hip-hop and tortilla chips.

I love to experiment with design a lot and My favorite tools are:

Adobe Creative Suite Deviantart Indesign Secrets Picmarkr Visual Css Tools Icon Finder Pagecrush

But again, I love to mix and match. I am here to learn ...

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