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How to Cut Your Own Bangs and Style Your Hair

teacher avatar Rebekah Buck, Be Confident in your own hair

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Side Bangs

    • 3. Styling Your Hair

    • 4. Finishing Up

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About This Class

Welcome to Haircuts at Home: How to Cut Your Own Bangs and Style Your Hair.

I designed this course for women with no hair experience who also want to save time, money and hassle. 

In this class I will teach you how to cut 'side swept bangs' followed up by the really pretty hairstyle - Beach Waves. 

This haircut is perfect for little girls to grown women and any beginner at home hairstylist with no experience at all! I will teach you everything you need to know as simply as I can, one step at a time. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rebekah Buck

Be Confident in your own hair


Hi my name is Bekah,

I have been cutting hair for 10+ years and I just found out that I love to teach people my greatest passion, cutting and styling hair! I can't wait to share everything I know with you!

I want to help families all over the world save money, time, and (sometimes) stress of having to go and get a hair cut. I grew up in a large family and know it can be really stressful for those with large and small families to pile up in the car and head to the nearest location to get their haircut - not to mention it can cost a lot!

As an at home Hair Stylist, it is my goal to help you save money, time, and learn a valuable skill cutting hair right from your own home. For some it can seem really intimidating but it really isn't, I know from personal experience. I... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everybody. This is Bekoe with haircuts at home today, I'm gonna be teaching you how to cut your own bangs. We're gonna be doing side sweat bangs. I'm also gonna be teaching you how to do my go to hairstyle. It's kind of like beachy waves or loose curls, so we're going to jump right in. Thanks for joining me, and I'll see you there. 2. Side Bangs: All right, everybody. So we're going to starting out with our side swept bangs, the things that you're gonna need to cut your own hair. I would suggest having some clips so you can clip your hair up, out of the way so you don't cut any of your hair. You're gonna need obviously a comb, and you're gonna need your just straight shears, and you can use your texturizing shears. Do you know I'm not gonna be cutting a huge amount of banks into my hair so you can use thes though there texturizing shares if you need to texturizing or feather your bank so they're not laying super thick on your face. So if you need those, you can have those. Um, so we're gonna jump right in already. So when cut your side swept bangs, you can kind of see I already have them there. So I'm gonna walk you through the process on how to cut them into your hairline if you don't already have existing bangs. So basically what you're gonna dio is you're going to create a triangle section at your hairline. So I try to do that really quick and I'll show you guys what it looks like. So you wanted to kind of come or start at the end of your iro on your face, you're gonna create a line. So there is my first line. I'm not going super far back into my hairline. If I was, it would look more like this. So I would start at my part wherever it waas, I might cut it in. So that's if you were gonna have really, really exaggerated bangs. And the triangle point is starting about right here, so a little bit further at my hair line. So I'm just gonna be starting right here where they can have already exist. I'm gonna be trimming a lot. Let's get that straight and then are kind of cut it in half because their side swept bang so you can complete the triangle on this side. So I've created a triangle at my heroine. So that's what it looks like. It's not a perfect triangle. I'm not going super far into my hairline again. So that's where I'm gonna be pulling out, and I'm gonna be cutting mine in half because this is where I like to have my part. All right, so then we're gonna actually be cutting the things that we've sectioned out. And this is where you can just kind make sure that everything is really good and even longhairs air cool, out of the way. Ready. So they're the banks that I'm gonna be cutting now. What I do when I'm cutting my own bangs on myself is I kind of just use my finger as a guy , my fingers to create the day, a signal that you want to have side swept. It's falling just to frame your face. You're gonna measure what you want to cut. I usually start mine just right at my eyebrow. So all of this is gonna be coming off. And so I just keep my for years at a diagonal, and when I just cut it cross, be careful not to cut yourself, So I'm gonna move it. All right, so there are my sides, but thanks. So then what I do is I go through again and I texturizing them. You're just gonna be point cutting just a little bit at the ends. So it's not super blunt and think that's where your texturizing shares can come in. If you want to. I do this because it's a little bit easier for me. You can do whatever works for you. All right, So there are my side swept bangs, their text arised. I like to kind of pull my hair forward so that I can see how it looks laying with the rest of my hair cut. So I'm pretty happy with that. I'm also just right now I'm gonna pull this turn it in half, gonna pull this top section up, I'm gonna pull it straight up, and then I'm just gonna texturizing that a little bit point cutting so that it doesn't lay super harsh. Only days. All right, so there we go. There are my sights, but banks. So next we're gonna be doing the beachy waves or the style. So I will show you guys waiting for that, you know? See you there. 3. Styling Your Hair: everybody's. So what? We're gonna be learning how to do beachy waves or loose curls, so some of the things that you're going to need it I am using a hair straightener, a two inch hair straightener to do the loose curls. You guys can also use, uh, 1.5 inch, uh, curling iron. Or you can use a two inch curling iron in, depending on how big or small you want era waves to be, um, some hair prep that you guys want to have. I have dried my hair already, but before I used a blowout in thermal protection spray, and it also has a conditioning treatment in it just so that it just that it protects your hair it can protect. I think this one is up to 400 degrees. I have my curling iron set at 3 95 or my straightener said it's a 95 so this is really important. I just want to kind of pause and say that using thermal protection and using proper products in your hair when you're blow drying when you're straightening curling anything, you really need to have proper protection so that you're not damaging your hair and it helps really well with split ends. So just kind of by this wasn't too expensive. It was like, maybe $3 for this bottle. And it takes a little bit for me to go through because I'm not doing my hair every single day, So invest in it. It doesn't have to be super expensive, but invest in getting a good product that you can use for your hair when you're styling it . And then sorry, that was a long one. And then you're just gonna want to use some hair spray so that it can hold the look for as long as you want it to already. So I have section my hair up, out of the way, and I'm going to just let you guys can see it. I'm gonna just divide it in the back of them, bring it forward. So Mari straightener is all hot and ready to go. So I'm going to start at the fright here, and you're just gonna bring a section forward and you're just gonna twist your iron back away from your face and you're just going to keep going through the hair. You only have to twist it once, and that will make that. So you're just gonna lose that out of the way? You don't need to do anything with it. And you're just gonna keep going, just taking sections two inches in thickness. So let it matches your It's not too much for your hair straightener. You're just gonna keep moving all the way back? Well, a smoke that's going office, just moisture coming out of my hair. That's why you should use your your products just to make sure that your hair is okay. So on the bottom section, I twist everything back away from my face and I will show you when we get to the upper sections. I like to I like to kind of go back and forth with putting things away from my face, curling away from my face and called curling towards my face just because it gives a more natural curl effect. But for the bottom, like training away just because it's a little bit thicker of section than the rest of them . Right? So it doesn't need to be perfect just because you kind of want Colonel. Looks like you've been seabreeze. You were at the beach and breeze went through your hair spray that one like having it fall a little bit. Just so it's not super Curly. All right, so then I'm going to drop down another section, and again, it doesn't have to be perfect. I'm just kind of kind of comb through it a little bit. Well, get on race, curl throughout. You don't have any knots in my hair ready. So here, I'll show you in this section. I like Teoh curls, some of them forward, and some of them back give it a little bit more of a natural look. So this is where I'm crewing it forward way have to do it. I think I've never actually counted. Yeah, you're just gonna turn your rod for your flat iron once away from there, I OK, so it's kind of like doing a curl in a ribbon with scissors, except you're actually twisting at once. You can go through if you feel like some Scot's air less croup and others do it again, can it doesn't have to be perfect. I'm going to spray this one. Listen, hair spray. I use a finishing list and it's a comb through. So It's not a super heavy hold just cause I don't like my hair to be crusty. There's that section and then we're gonna continue with this last section on top. So this one again, I kind of do more everything. All of the girls going away from my face because it's the last section and the layers on the top of my haircut right now are significantly shorter than the rest of my hair. 4. Finishing Up: - that section. All right? I was gonna spray this top section again, all right? And then this part you guys can just mess with it. How you want it to me again. It doesn't have to be perfect. Supposed to look like your hair was whipped around by the salty sea breeze. So just kind of playing with the curls a little bit. You can pull him a little bit, so they're not super curly of me, too. There we go, guys. It's really that simple. It took a really long time, though, for me to get the hand of I'm actually twisting the hair. There was a lot of moments wherever clinic or I cook my ears. So be careful with that. But that is a beachy wave or a loose, cruel style. Super simple from here. If I wanted to, I could put grades in there. I could pin it back half up half down. So it's really just what you feel comfortable with what you feel confident in and yeah, so I hope you guys enjoy that. I hope it was helpful. I hope you got a lot from the bang trimming that can always be difficult I've definitely had quite a few bang mishaps where I have trimmed him too short. But this is the beachy wave. These air sites. What bank? So I didn't thank you so much for watching. And I'll see you guys next time.