How to Crush Job Interviews and Land Your Dream Job!

Greg Langstaff, Certified Resume Strategist. Fun Guy.

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11 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Secret to Interviewing Like a Pro

    • 3. A Little Research Goes a Long Way

    • 4. Professional Interview Etiquette

    • 5. Predicting Interview Questions

    • 6. Nailing Interview Answers

    • 7. Answering Common Tricky Questions

    • 8. Questions to Ask Your Interviewers

    • 9. Phone Interview and Video Interview Tips

    • 10. Top 10 Interview Hacks

    • 11. Final Advice


About This Class

Let's be honest.

Interviewing is stressful, nerve wracking, and super awkward. But if we want to land a job and advance in our careers, they are all but inevitable. 

As a Former Recruiter and a Hiring Manager with 10+ years experience, I'm sharing everything I know about interviewing in this course so we can turn you into a pro... and instead of spending a whole decade on it like I did, it'll take you less than an hour!

If you complete this entire course, I promise to: 

  • Show you how to be impressive, memorable, and hireable by teaching you how to structure your interview answers with a proven, easy-to-use method
  • Teach you how to answer some of the most common tricky questions like… "Tell us about yourself," and "What’s your biggest weakness?"
  • Prepare you for whatever they throw at you as I teach you how to predict what questions are going to be asked
  • Make sure you’re not caught unawares by teaching you what research you need to do on the company before you walk into your interview
  • Help you present yourself as a true professional by covering some updated interview etiquette
  • Turn you into a dynamic interview superstar by covering tips for phone interviews and video interview
  • Get you on my level by giving you my top 10 interview hacks!

Whether you've got a big interview coming up that you need to capitalize on, or you're just brushing up on your skills, this class is for you!